Catching Up With Recent Comebacks: ASTRO|Wendy|Chanyeol|Kim Sejeong & Kang Seung Yoon

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great!

Over February and March, I was in a zone where my physical energy wasn’t in sync with my to-do list. Hence I had to prioritize certain things over others. Thankfully my workload has reduced, so I’m gradually getting back into the groove of multitasking. On that note, it’s time for some well-deserved music reviews. Before I get into the main subject of this post, allow me to make a shameless plug😅. If you’re into Lifestyle and fashion blogging, kindly check out my lovely friend Lauritta with this link 👉🏽 She does her best to post every week, and her content is genuinely relatable. You get affordable fashion ideas + excellent advice from her life experiences. So please click the link and show her some love from me. Thank you💋.

(Please note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while checking out each artist.)

Alright, I am starting with ASTRO. They released their 2nd album, All Yours, on April 5th. First, I’m going to check out the title track – “ONE”, and move on to share my thoughts on the album.

The music video’s visuals are very fitting for such an upbeat track. I love the outfits and distinctive styling for each member. They all look lovely. On first listen, the rap and pre-chorus sections are what truly got my attention. Overall, “ONE” is a sweet, feel-good song. However, would I say that I am 100% vibing with this song after my first listen? Not exactly, but I could still see myself listening to it once in a while.

This album got me feeling a bit conflicted. After a full listen, it’s pretty evident that this is a pop/EDM-based record. All ten songs are good because I could play them in the background and jam out while completing other tasks. However, as much as I enjoy these songs now, I’m also someone who quickly gets bored with the typical pop genre. Hence I was pretty confused. After going through the album a good FOUR times🤦‍♀️, I decided to enjoy the vocals, energy and production that I love, and when I’m bored of any track, it can be skipped or deleted from my playlists. On that note, my ultimate favourite track is “Dear my universe”, and my rating for All Yours by ASTRO is 8/10.

Let’s move on to Red Velvet’s WENDY. Her solo debut was on April 5th with the mini-album, Like Water. I’ll check out the title track first and then share my thoughts briefly on the album.

The visuals for this music video are enchanting, and Wendy has such a beautiful voice. “Like Water” is my zone; I LOVE IT. There’s something very captivating about this style of music. It’s soothing and perfect for my daily consumption. The instrumental, vocal quality and overall production on this track are excellent. 100% Playlist worthy.

This EP is such a blissful experience. I felt so much peace while going through each song. Wendy’s Vocals and the production quality!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I’ve always known how amazing she is as a vocalist, but she indeed came correct with this record. It’s such a perfect balance of R&B and Ballads. Like Water will be on repeat for a long time, and I am excited to see what the soloist – WENDY brings in the future. My ultimate picks on this mini-album are “Like Water” & “Why Can’t You Love Me?”. My rating is 10/10.

Next is CHANYEOL of EXO. He released a new single titled “Tomorrow” on April 6th as part of the SM STATION project.

Okay, the guitar intro and his voice got me in love, and I want to enjoy every second of this feeling + he looks so good. I love the black/white and animated visuals. There’s isn’t much to say than “Tomorrow” is right up my alley, and I can play this song on repeat and never get tired of it. So yea, 100% playlist worthy in my book.

Now unto KIM SEJEONG. She released her 2nd mini-album, I’m, on March 29th. Per usual, I’ll react to the title track – “Warning (feat. lilBOI)” first and follow up with my opinions on the album.

Sejeong looks good, and I love the colourful/playful scheme of this music video. lilBOI’s rap flowed into the song perfectly, but I wish he had more time. Also, Sejeong is so adorable. I love “Warning”; It has a catchy melody.

The playful vibe of this EP is addictive, + Sejeong’s lovely voice makes it even better. My ultimate favourite songs are “Let’s Go Home” and “Warning”. I’m is a beautiful mini-album with five equally captivating songs. I added them all to my playlists and will be revisiting them often. Good job KIM SEJEONG. It’s a 10/10 from me.

To close, I have Kang Seung Yoon of WINNER. I’ve been itching for my baby’s comeback as a solo artist, and finally, I can indulge. On March 29th, Seung Yoon released his 1st album, Page. Let’s check out the title track – “IYAH”, and enjoy this well-deserved album. I’m hoping this incorporates some rock elements like his previous solos.

Yessss!!!! I got what I wanted. The instrumental intro is a delightful melody to my ears + I love the set for the music video, It feels very homely. Okay, hear me out, right now, R. Kelly is not one I mess with, but there’s a particular section in “If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time” that sounds similar to the intro for “IYAH”. It’s just amazing to hear how a few tweaks in chords can create a new song, a different vibe but still ignite some nostalgia of something you’ve once heard. I just felt like pointing that out but let’s move on. The message for this song is beautiful and relatable. Awwww, the music video is so lovely and well-directed. Okay, I got emotional at the end when the choir came in. I LOVE THIS SONG. You’ve come so far, Kang Seung Yoon. I’m so proud😥. 

This record blessed me with Kang Seung Yoon‘s incredible vocals and wonderful instrumentalization back to back. All twelve songs are on point, + the production is top-notch. I love that the album has a good balance of different genres/vibes. That way, everyone is bound to find at least one or more songs that fit their taste. It’s hard for me to pick a favourite track right now because they’re all great. So my rating for Page is 10/10.

That’s all I have for this post; I hope you all enjoyed reading this review. I’ll meet you all soon😊.

WINNER – Remember: Kpop Album Review

WINNER just released their 3rd full album – Remember, and I am ready!!!. The title track for this album is also called “Remember”

I already reviewed their pre-release track “Hold”, and I also included a profile for WINNER in that post. If you haven’t read that post, use this link 👉🏼 WINNER – Hold: Music Review

(Please note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to each song.)

Reaction to Title Track/Official MV:

  • I have a feeling that this is going to be a sentimental music video.
  • Awww, the video started with them watching their logo intro for their debut album 2014 S/S.😭😭😭
  • It’s been a beautiful journey since 2014 and WINNER has come so far.
  • Even though the fans won’t be seeing four of them together for a while due to their compulsory military service, I’m sure that everyone will continue to show their support while eagerly waiting for their next comeback.
  • I have been with them since they were Team A, so I ain’t going nowhere. WINNER Fighting!!!!
  • We have Mino with his smooth rapping style to start off this song.
  • Thankfully, I have English captions.
  • Awww they’re watching clips from their debut era. This is going to make me cry.
  • As always, WINNER is giving off a very classy vibe with the suits.
  • All the past concerts and performances. It’s good to look back and appreciate the growth process. I love them so much.
  • Seungyoon with blue hair is gorgeous.
  • I love the soft piano instrumental they used. It’s really soothing.
  • Seungyoon’s voice always gets me in my feels, but the way Jinwoo came in, plus that rhythm, switch up. I think his part is my favourite so far.
  • Yesss… Jinwoo, show them that you’ve got vocals for days. I love that he’s more confident in his vocal abilities now.
  • Jinwoo from Team A or early WINNER days will feel ecstatic looking at this current era’s Jinwoo. My baby is all grown up.
  • Something about rappers singing never fails to get me in my feels. Mino’s vocal tone is lovely.
  • “Remember” is giving me “Empty” era feels but in a more mature way. I’m sure that was done intentionally since they’re looking back to their beginnings.
  • I love that “ah ah ah ah ah” that is being used as background vocals during some sections.
  • I just saw a glimpse of Seunghoon’s single shot and boy is he looking fine.
  • The beat during Seunghoon’s first solo section is a bit groovy.
  • Seunghoon looks good with blonde hair.
  • The background vocals and layering for this track are excellent.
  • Awww they just showed a clip of their reactions when they won WIN: Who is Next? My heart.😭😭😭
  • So many memories.
  • Yess… Seungyoon, bless me with your amazing vocals.
  • I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I am getting emotional.
  • I love the bond that WINNER has a group. The boys are like family to each other, and I feel so happy supporting them.
  • “Remember” is a beautiful and nostalgic song. The lyrics are perfect, and it’s a lovely gift to their fans.
  • I am so excited to check out the full album now.
  • Fun fact: Before WINNER, I never listened to albums, I only looked for the title tracks or songs that caught my attention randomly on radio, in stores or restaurants. 2014 S/S was the first album I ever listened to from beginning to end, and I immediately fell in love with diving into full bodies of work instead of just going with the promoted tracks.
  • I had to take a quick break just to recommend this song to my friend, and She loves it.

Album Review:img_4542

Here is the album sampler – 

  1. Remember – I’m just going to take in this song a few more times before moving on. Let’s let it simmer.
  2. Dduk (JINU SOLO) – Jinwoo’s part in “Remember” truly impressed me; hence I am excited about his track. I love the soft keyboard start. He sounds amazing. His soft vocal tone has always been beautiful, but he’s really standing out in this comeback. Okay, things sped up a little bit, but it’s still a ballad. He’s vocal runs, and falsetto is impressive. I know he released his first single last year, but I’m going to need YG Entertainment to give him an album once he comes back. This song has me in my feels. Plus, if you’re my constant reader, you should know how I feel about R&B/ballads. “Dduk” is right up my alley. The voice layering during the second verse was such an excellent decision production-wise. It sounds like Seungyoon’s voice in the background. I love the song progression, there isn’t any dull moment.
  3. Hold – I already reviewed this one. The link is at the beginning of this post. I still enjoy this song just like the first time. “Hold” is a BOP x 10000000.💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
  4. Just dance – This is another upbeat one, and I love the clapping. “Come, baby, just shake it, like a mad man.” This is already a groove. Mino rapping style is so distinctive. Ooooh… Seungyoon did not come to play on this song. Those vocal runs… damn. The name for this song is very fitting. It makes you move💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼. I am living for the horns they included in the instrumental. Mino’s rap tends to be groovy and smooth, while Seunghoon’s rap is bouncy and sounds more like a soliloquy. “Tonight, tonight, tonight…dance, dance, dance”, so beautiful. I love how they slow things down towards the end and then bring back the groovy beat with some EDM entry for the finishing. SO WELL-PRODUCED. Seungyoon’s high notes are incredible.
  5. My bad – Nice start with the guitar, and then Mino comes in. He is serenading me with his voice. Then we have Jinwoo next, and he sounds perfect. I have listened to WINNER for long, so I can quickly tell who is singing each part. Seungyoon’s falsetto section is pure eargasm. Lord, these boys are trying to kill me, but I ain’t complaining. I love the soft beat drop for the chorus. “My bad” is a chill head-bobbing type of song. Seunghoon’s rap comes in at the right moment in every WINNER song. His style and energy showcase his zeal and passion for music. The chorus is catchy, and the vocal runs towards the end make it even better.
  6. Teaser – I almost thought Mino was saying, “bitch, I’m sorry… bitch, I’m high.” I had to check the lyrics quickly, and that’s not what he’s saying.😂😂😂 WAIT… WAIT A DAMN MINUTE, THIS IS 🔥🔥🔥. It has the classic R&B/Hip-hop sound, which I enjoy. I need to restart this song. I can see myself grooving to this in a car on some lit night because the beat goes hard. Also, the harmonization during the chorus is so beautiful. I love how they sing this part – “baby you, you, you, you…” Hmmm, this album is solid as expected from WINNER. “Teaser” is a body-rolling kind of song, and that’s precisely what I am doing now. All the boys brought their A+ game on this one, and the production is exceptional.
  7. Well – Okay, WINNER, I hear you loud and clear. They’re telling us to eat well, sleep well, rest, well, and stay well. The beat for Mino’s verse slightly reminds me of “IMMATURE” from their EP – EXIT: E. Maybe it’s because both songs have some rock elements. The build-up into the chorus with drums is epic. This another great song on the album and I am already dancing. Oooh, I love the little chant they did at the end of the chorus, so cute. The killing points of the songs for me are the drums and the background vocals on each verse. They slow things down for a while, and I’m sure they’re going to take us back to the heavy drums soon. Yess… I was right. I LOVE THIS SONG. Plus, the lyrics are heartfelt.
  8. Serenade (HOONY SOLO) – Yess, my baby, has a solo track. Is it just me, or does this remind anyone of a song by BIG BANG? I can’t place it right now, but I know what I’m talking about. I’ll stop forcing my brain to remember, let’s focus on Seunghoon. I love the soft piano intro, and then the instrumental grows stronger as the song progresses. His energy is fantastic. This one makes me want to jump. WAIT… I feel like I have heard this exact song somewhere before. Yess!!! I remember now, Seunghoon performed this song during the 2014 Melon Music Awards. No wonder it sounded familiar, my ears didn’t fail me. Also, the other song it reminds me of is G-DRAGON’s “Crooked”. LOL, I feel so relieved after figuring things out😂😂😂. I love the “singing, singing” part. This has always been a catchy song, and I am thrilled that he finally released it officially. I love the call and response technique. I also enjoy how synthesized the beat sounds. This another perfect dance track on this album.💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
  9. Empty (4 ver.) – This is going to get me emotional again. These last four songs are updated versions of their debut tracks. We are going back to 2014 S/S. “Empty” has always been my ultimate fave from WINNER. I’m not going to bother going into much details with the remaining songs. My favourite parts from “Empty” are the continuous finger clicks, the falsetto chorus and Seunghoon’s rap section. Yes, thank God, Seungyoon took over that falsetto run at the end because that is the climax of this song for me. It’s so smooth and soothing. This was the song that made WINNER monster rookies.
  10. Don’t flirt (4 ver.) – I loved watching their live performances of this song. It was the most adorable thing to see. I can hear that their voices have matured, and Jinwoo’s vocal technique is so much better now because he is the highlight of “Don’t Flirt” for me. Another part of this track I enjoy is when they go, “oh, oh, oh, don’t joke…oh, oh, oh, I’m not joking.” Plus, the counted claps or clicks during that section add a sweet flavour. I feel like they did something new to the beat, but it still sounds great. I also enjoy the ending of “Don’t Flirt” a lot. It’s catchy, and I usually sing along.
  11. Color ring (4 ver.) – This was such an underrated masterpiece when it first came out, so I hope it gets the attention it deserves this time around. The simple guitar instrumental is really calming. Seungyoon wrote “Color Ring”, and I love him extra for that. I just pictured the music video and damn, the nostalgia hit me hard with this one. The music video was perfect. They definitely added new elements to the instrumentals for these new versions, but they’re very subtle changes.
  12. Different (4 ver.) – This was another ultimate favourite of mine. Such a lovely song with great lyrics. My favourite part of this song is the chorus. I love singing along with them. The verse for “Different” is soft, and then the chorus comes in and uplifts you. The rap sections in this song are excellent. Seungyoon kills the bridge section every time, and I love it when he brings out that raw rocker tone. Mino’s little solo at the end is also captivating.

Final Thoughts:

This review is coming out so late in the day because I was really exhausted earlier on. However, I feel energized now, thanks to WINNER. So I am going to go ahead and work on another post before going to bed.

No WINNER album has ever disappointed me and thankfully, Remember is not an exception. Personally, I felt for a long time that nothing new could touch 2014 S/S, but this album is up there with their debut release. Great job boys, I sincerely enjoyed every moment. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Also, I came to Canada in 2013 and WINNER has accompanied me since then. A big thank you to these amazing human beings that have continuously comforted me with their music.

Jinwoo has reported for his military service, so we won’t be seeing him for a while. I wish him all the best. The boys mentioned in their V Live that the remaining three members are already working on their solo projects. So we will be getting music even though all four are not together at the moment.

My rating for WINNER’s 3rd full album – Remember is a solid 10/10.

WINNER – Hold: Kpop Music Review

WINNER just dropped their pre-release single titled “Hold”. This new track is a tease for their upcoming 3rd full album – Remember. img_4334Before providing a profile for this group, allow me to share my personal relationship with them. I got into Kdramas and Kpop in 2013. Hence WINNER, along with INFINITE, were my first groups. I remember watching the survival program, WIN: Who Is Next. Back then, they had five members and were known as Team A. I watched all their shows, interviews and listened to every track they released. Basically, I was seriously committed. But in 2016, my bias Teahyun left the group, and I remember feeling so sad. Like legit, I cried, and my roommates were laughing at me for crying over a Kpop group. But to me, it was painful to see one member leave because I was with them throughout their journey. I still continued to support WINNER, but it was never the same. I feel their sound and vibe changed a bit. I was a bit thrown off at first, but after some time, I got used to it. Also, my experience with WINNER made it quite hard for me to devote my time to newer groups because I was scared😂😂😂. Thankfully I am over it now. Currently, I do have a few other groups that I am really dedicated to.

Sorry for my long rant, I just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys. Alright, here is a profile for WINNER –img_4332WINNER is a South Korean boy group that was formed by YG Entertainment in 2013 through the survival program WIN: Who Is Next. They debuted in 2014 with a full studio album titled 2014 S/S. Their debut claimed the number one spot on Gaon Album Chart and Billboard World Album Chart. They were officially named “Monster Rookies”. WINNER was initially made up of five members, but Taehyun left in November 2016 due to health issues. Now only four members remain – Jinwoo, Seunghoon, Mino and Seungyoon. This upcoming album marks WINNERS’ last comeback before the members start their mandatory military service.

(Please note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to this song.)

Reaction to Official MV:

  • I like what I heard from their teaser, so I am excited to see how this song turns out.
  • Also, the fact that this features AKMU’s Lee Su-hyun is a plus for me.
  • Is she going to sing as well, or is she just featuring in the video?
  • I already gave a thumbs up to the music video even before watching because they’re my babies.
  • WINNER is such a goofy group, I love them, and I like this green hair on Seungyoon.
  • I love the intro beat, it sounds like a very funky xylophone.
  • So Su-hyun is their little sister?
  • Okay, the beat sure goes hard, and l live for Mino’s raps. He always sounds bouncy and on point.
  • Why are they all trying to get her phone??? What is she hiding?
  • Oooh, how I missed Seungyoon’s voice.
  • I love the build-up that happens right before the chorus.
  • Also, the lyrics for that section are quite catchy – “1 sec.. 2 sec.. 3 sec.. (Brrrr). 1 year.. 2 years.. 3 years.. (Brrrr).” I love the melody.
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 These dorks can never be serious. Their dancing during the chorus is killing me.
  • Also, “Hold” has already proven itself as a BOP.
  • I am already grooving hard💃💃💃. “na na.. na na na na!!!”
  • Are they making fun of Su-hyun because she is in love? Lmao, annoying beings.
  • They are the typical overprotective and annoying older brothers.
  • Seungyoon looks even more heavenly in black hair. He is my current bias, by the way. My maknae leader.
  • I love his rocker style vocals, it’s so distinctive and beautiful.
  • I’m dead😂😂😂😂. What’s wrong with these boys. The butt dancing has me shook.😶😶😶
  • What did they drink before shooting this music video??? LOL.
  • I really love this song.
  • Did they just scare Su-hyun’s boyfriend away with all their theatricals? And they are so happy about him leaving.
  • LMAO, this music video is killing me. All members of WINNER are adorable, I can’t deal.😍😍😍
  • “Hold” is definitely a 10/10. It is going on my playlist, and I am so excited for the full album now.

Blue. D (Feat. MINO Of WINNER) – NOBODY: Kpop Music Review

This is a new artist, and I know nothing about her. So this will mark my first impression and our future relationship😊😊. Blue. D made her official debut with the single – “NOBODY” on the 1st of December. The track features MINO of WINNER. I have a special relationship with the kpop group – WINNER, but I’ll save that story for later. img_1900As of now, there is not much information on this singer. All I could find is that she is currently signed to YGX Entertainment, which is a subsidiary label under YG Entertainment. Her birth name is Jeon Ho-Yeon, and she is 19 years old. Anyways I am sure that I can find out more about her with time, but for now, let us check out her music.

(Note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to this song.)

Reaction to Official MV for NOBODY:

  • She has a very unique look.
  • Her voice is good so far. She has excellent control.
  • I love the aesthetics of the music video. Very intriguing. Almost like inception with different versions of Blue.D while zooming out from each frame.
  • Nice touch with the finger-snapping.
  • The groovy beat during the chorus section definitely got my attention.
  • Ooooh, I am actually enjoying this. I LIKE.
  • I just love how groovy the beat is.
  • I am already dancing to the song💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼.
  • I am impressed. I honestly was not expecting much.
  • Oh, quite dramatic with the gunshot and flat heart sounds.
  • Does this mean she killed her lover, or he just died somehow? Maybe it signifies a breakup?
  • Yesss MINO. I love how he raps. His style is quite distinct.
  • So MINO’s section comes in and ends with a gunshot.
  • I am living for these visuals. So now, instead of zooming out from each frame, the camera is zooming into new scenes. NICE.
  • So basically, this song is about Blue. D stating that nobody can replace the feeling she has for that particular person that happens to be dead? OR not with her any longer?
  • I am a bit confused about the storyline, but it does not matter much to me. I am just going to continue grooving to the song.
  • Okay so there is another video where I can actually see MINO, so I am going to check that out –
  • Blue. D has a lovely voice, and her control is impressive. She has the potential to become big if appropriately managed. I am rooting for her.
  • Lmao MINO just came out of nowhere in this video. Where did he jump out from😂😂😂😂? Editing on fleek.🤣🤣
  • I love both videos. The visuals are all stunning, and both artists sound great together.
  • Now unto the acoustic version –
  • I am going to go ahead and subscribe to her official YouTube channel now. That way, I can check out all her videos later when I have enough time.
  • I really enjoyed listening to “NOBODY” by Blue.D, so my rating for this song is 10/10.
  • I will be looking forward to more activities and releases from her.