Let’s Get Into Some Korean Jazz Music With The BLANK Shop’s Album💿- ‘Tailor’

Since I have been away for a while, I decided to give an album recommendation for this week instead of one song. My chosen album is Tailor by The BLANK Shop.

Yun Seok Cheol, also known as The BLANK Shop, is a South Korean jazz pianist and composer. He gained popularity in the Korean jazz scene after participating in various national jazz competitions. His first album – Growth, was released in December 2009. He collaborated with two other artists – Jung Sang Yi (bassist) & Kim Yong Jin (drummer), and they were known as SC Yun’s Trio. Yun Seok Cheol’s current label is Antenna. His latest record – Tailor, is a jazz feast that features various singers like Wonpil (DAY6), Yerin Baek, Sunwoojunga, 10cm, Ha Heonjin, CADEJO, Lee Jin Ah, and Hello Ga-Young.

I love the sound and overall vibe of this album so much. My rating for it is a bulletproof 10/10. Tailor is refreshing and different from what Korean mainstream music has to offer. It is the perfect relaxation kit that everyone deserves. Ever since I discovered this album, no day has gone by without listening to at least one track. That’s how much I enjoy this jazz feast from The BLANK Shop. Also, the variation of voices on this record is another exquisite aspect. Each artist that Yun Seok Cheol worked with brought a unique and beautiful attribute into the mix. Although I enjoy listening to all fourteen songs, the ones I replay the most are – “AmoneThat’sCapone” – “How can I live without love” – “Lazy mornings – “LAN escape” “Mold in closet” & – “What I can’t do”

I hope you all take some time to check out Tailor by The BLANK Shop because it is outstanding. Plus, if you’re someone who is into jazz music, this is specifically designed for you. Trust me, because I feel this is one of the best records I have stumbled on this year. 

Until my next post, continue to have a beautiful day, everyone💕💕💕.

Get Groovy with Chancellor’s AUTOMATIC (Feat. Babylon, twlv, MOON, BIBI, & Jiselle)

This week’s chosen song is “AUTOMATIC” by Chancellor, Babylon, twlv, MOON, BIBI, and Jiselle. What a stellar collaboration because every artist on this track is a solid vocalist.

I fell in love with “AUTOMATIC” from the first listen. This song’s sultry vibe is right up my alley + the perfect balance of male/female R&B voices hits home for me. Every artist brought spice to “AUTOMATIC”. Though, when MOON came in, something about how she said – “I’m a savage” took the song to a whole other level. Then BIBI followed up with more vibes, and Jiselle gave a sweet closing. I seriously wouldn’t substitute or remove any artist on this track but the LADIES!!! definitely brought their A++++++ dynamic SAUCE!!! to this one.

I needed to take in some good vibes lately, and this song came through on repeat. So I hope you all enjoy listening to it as well.💕💕💕

Manikarnika – Vijayi Bhava: Song Of The Week

The song that I have been going back to a lot this week is “Vijayi Bhava” by Shankar Mahadevan. It is one of the soundtracks from the Bollywood film – Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi.

To my new readers that find this recommendation odd, don’t worry. It’s quite familiar for me to divert out of my norm😂. I have showcased a few of my favourite Bollywood songs on this blog previously. I often watch Indian films, and I love their soundtracks, so feel free to check out my previous recommendations with these links:

Mission Kashmir – BUMBRO: Song Of The Week

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I genuinely enjoy “Vijayi Bhava” because of the glorious feeling it gives off. The choral singing + the drums make this song. I got goosebumps when I first heard the chorus. After taking in the beauty of “Vijayi Bhava”, I went ahead to listen to the full soundtrack album, which was equally splendid. I can’t wait to watch the movie. If you’re interested, Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi is available with English subtitles on Dramanice.

Now since I couldn’t find any English lyric videos on YouTube, I did a screen recording to help you all understand “Vijayi Bhava” –

Take A Sip Of CHAI’s Alright🍵: Song Of The Week

The song I’m sharing with you all this week is from the beautiful artist – CHAI“Alright” is my favourite track from her 2019 single album titled Give and Take.

Crystal Yi, also known as Lee Soo-Jung, is a Korean-American singer born in 1993. She goes by the stage name CHAI and is currently signed to Antenna Music. In 2016, CHAI flew into Korea to participate in the fifth season of K-pop Star and emerged as the winner. After the show, she returned to the States and completed her senior year of University. On June 19th of 2019, CHAI officially debuted with the single album – Give and Take. A few people might recognize this singer from the song “Oh My Angel”, an original soundtrack for the Korean series – Angel’s Last Mission: Love.

“Alright” is a chill song, and that’s one of the main reasons I enjoy listening to it. Take the relaxing vibe + CHAI’s beautiful voice and the reassuring message that everything will be okay; What else is needed? It truly has it all.

I usually leave this song on replay while working at home or right before going to bed. I even listen to it while on the bus. It’s a very peaceful track, so I hope you all find some comfort in it as well. Also, feel free to check out more songs from CHAI because she has the voice of an angel.


John Park – March Lover & Thought Of You: Songs Of The Week

This week I have three songs to share with you all. They are some of my favourite records from John Park.

John Andrew Park, known by the stage name John Park, is a Korean-American singer born on September 13th, 1998. He is currently managed by Music Farm Entertainment. John Park’s official debut was on February 22nd, 2012, with the album – Knock. He was one of the semi-finalists on the ninth season of American idol and finished as the runner-up on the second season of Superstar K (Korean audition program).

My first recommendation is “March Lover”

I can’t remember how I discovered John Park, but I absolutely adore his deep and rich voice. This song was released in 2020 as a single, and I live for its jazzy vibe. “March Lover” is quite upbeat but still a chill groove. Whenever I need to relax, this is one of the records I always reach out for. So I hope you all enjoy it as well.

Next up is the single album – Thought Of You, which has two songs –

I stumbled on “Thought of You” first, but once I heard “Higher”, I knew this single album was a must for my playlist. John Park’s tone and the melody for these records are pure bliss. There is never a time when I can just play both songs once and move on. I somehow end up listening to them on repeat. Hence why I think a good number of people will enjoy both songs.

Woo!!, it feels good to be back to posting. That’s all for this post, so take care, everyone💓💓💓.

The Rose – Black Rose: Song Of The Week

I finally decided on my song for this week. It’s The Rose’s latest single titled “Black Rose”

For a short profile on this band, use this link 👉🏼 The Rose – Dawn: Album Recommendation.

The Rose released this song on Sunday. I don’t think they plan to promote since some members are off for their mandatory military service. All the same, I am delighted to hear something new from them. I missed their beautiful voices so much. “Black Rose” is a chill and soulful song. It makes me sad, but at the same time, I feel comforted. I love the message that everything will okay, so don’t be afraid. Also, Black Rose is the fandom name, which makes this song extra special. I pray that the boys stay healthy and continue to strive for their dream because they are super talented.

I hope you all enjoy listening to this song as well. If you will like to keep up with The Rose’s activities, here are their new official platforms:

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/therosesound/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/TheRoseSound

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/therosesound

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtAVRsk51HikP2jrVHCWb7Q

Shi Shi – Come Away: Song Of The Week

My most played song of this week “Come Away” by Shi Shi, which is also an original soundtrack for the 2019 Taiwanese TV series – Someday Or One Day.

A profile for this singer is available with this link 👉🏼 Shi Shi – Someday or One day: Song Of The Week

I recently went back to watch my favourite scenes from Someday Or One Day, and this time around, “Come Away” really stood out to me. Since the beginning of this week, I have been replaying this song. I adore the mellow tempo and comforting feeling I get when listening to it. Plus, Shi Shi’s voice always soothes me, so I can’t resist going back every day.

I hope you all enjoy listening to this song as well, and if anyone hasn’t seen Someday Or One Day, you need to check it out immediately. It is such an excellent drama. I already have a two-part review available on this blog but be warned of spoilers:

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