Darren Chen and Leon Zhang For Our Street Style’s Themed Shoot – ‘He Came from the Portrait’

(Please Note: none of these images are mine. I got them from official magazine websites and social media sites.)

Recently Darren Chen posted some pictures on his Weibo, and he looks good💋. img_0823img_0825img_0826img_0828img_0827img_0824

He also posed for Our Street Style’s themed shoot titled ‘He Came from the Portrait’ –img_0996-1

Darren Chen has two upcoming dramas slotted for this year – ‘Yu Zhao Ling’ and ‘My Unicorn Girl’. Both shows have not announced a release date, but ‘My Unicorn Girl’ has started promotions with a teaser and official posters.

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Synopsis for ‘My Unicorn Girl’: Sang Tian is an aspiring figure skater. On the day she turns 18, she vows to her family that she will be accepted to the same university that her mother once attended. To get in, she must pass a test, which she – an exceptionally competent skater and student – expects to ace. However, things do not go according to plan, and she fails the exam. Undaunted, Sang Tian decides not to give up. In desperation, she dresses as a male ice hockey player and joins in a trial match for the college team. She unexpectedly shines and is selected as part of the men’s ice hockey program. Things get even more complicated for her when she realizes that Wen Bing, a young man she has crossed swords with in the past, is also part of the team. Worse still, she finds she must share a dormitory with him, and struggles to keep her true identity a secret. On the ice, Sang Tian and Wen Bing prove to be the catalysts for their team’s newfound success, and the team finds itself in with a shot at the championship. As the two students start to get to know one another, they develop mutual respect for one another…but could that one day turn to love? (source – MyDramaList)


The next feature on this post is, of course, Leon Zhang. He also posed for Our Street Style in the themed shoot titled ‘He Came from the Portrait.’ I absolutely love the fusion of modern and traditional elements for his outfit. img_0787img_0784img_0785img_0783img_0782Leon Zhang has three upcoming dramas slotted for this year – ‘Together’ – ‘Player’ and ‘Tears in Heaven’. None of these shows have a set release date.

I have been waiting for ‘Tears in Heaven’ in years. I still don’t believe that they will let that drama out of the dungeon this year, but I have my fingers crossed for it to finally premiere.

My Pictorial|Poster Faves: #ClassyMen – Thursday RollCall

(Please Note: none of these images are mine. I got them from official magazine websites and social media sites.)

First off is Kim Soo Hyun. These are recent photos that were released by his new management – Gold Medalist Agency:img_8542img_8544

Bonus: Fashion_The King_01


Up next is the Chinese actor Ding Yuxi for VogueMeimg_8608img_8606



Third on this list is Gong Yoo for La Mer Cosmeticsimg_8266img_8261img_8260



To round up this post, I have the Chinese actor Ma Tianyu for Our Street Style Magazine –img_8619img_8618img_8617

My Pictorial|Poster Faves: Shen Yue’s Exclusive

Recently most of the images that caught my attention were from the Chinese actress, Shen Yue. So I decided to create an exclusive post for her instead of placing her pictures among other posts I have planned.

(Please note: none of the images are mine, I got them from official websites and social media sites.)

First on Shen Yue’s showcase is her look for the “Like China” 2020 Television Arts Vanguard Awards. She is a blue pastel artwork in this set of photos. Her gorgeous gown is from SeleneChow.img_3048img_3049img_3050


Bringing in some radiance is her recent photos for Our Street Style. img_3129img_3128Her innocent look is so adorable.img_2721


img_3119img_3197img_3120Shen Yue stuns in YE’S by YESIR for a CCTV Chinese New Year program. How can one be so beautiful and angelic? White and cream complement her skin tone very well.


Last on this list is her latest photoshoot for BLUEVISON’s February Issue. img_3084img_3083img_3086img_3087img_3085