On September 10th, Mamamoo released a new digital single titled “WANNA BE MYSELF“, and of course, I’m here to check it out.

(Please note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to this song.)

Reaction to Official MV:

  • They are all stunning. I still can’t pick a bias in Mamamoo because these four ladies serve beauty and talent equally.
  • The soft echoing effect they used for the intro is intriguing.
  • The music video has lovely colours.
  • The vocals!!! They give the best vocal delivery in every song.
  • I love how the instrumental switches up for each lady’s come in.
  • It looks like everyone has there designated colours. Wheein got pale green, Solar has nude-ish pink, Hwasa’s is blue, and Moonbyul got yellow & red with hot green.
  • I love the retro chorus. Plus, the bass beat during that section is perfect.
  • Wheein’s falsetto notes during the chorus are enchanting.
  • Okay, this is a BOP with a great message about loving yourself and being original.
  • Their outfits are simple but very fitting for each member.
  • Nice switch up by making Solar took the falsetto notes in the second chorus.
  • That brief guitar riff before the bridge is pure bliss. I LOVE the production on this track. It is well-thought-out.
  • Yes, the vocal intensity towards the end plus the drums is the perfect closing touch.
  • “WANNA BE MYSELF” is a CF song. The ladies of Mamamoo are the new brand ambassadors for ANDAR. They made this song and MV to model some clothes from ANDAR.
  • There’s nothing more to say, this song is playlist worthy, and it gets a 10/10 from me.
  • Mamamoo has done it again. They never disappoint.

Hwa Sa – LMN: Song Of The Week

My chosen song for this week is “LMN” by Hwa Sa. img_1787Ahn Hye-jin, popularly known as Hwa Sa, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and rapper born on July 23rd, 1995. She is also a member of the girl group Mamamoo that is currently managed by RBW. Hwa Sa made her solo debut on February 13th, 2019, with the digital single – “Twit” and then released her first EP – Maria on June 29th of this year. “LMN” is one of the songs on this new EP.

This is one of the most brilliant songs I have heard in a long while. Even the word ‘beautiful’ does not do this song justice. Hwa Sa’s voice gave me chills throughout. Plus, the lyrics are very poetic. Overall, the music video and production for “LMN” gets a 10/10 as pure art. I have been replaying this song, and I just can’t get enough of it. So I hope you all enjoy listening to it as well.

Music Reviews Compilation: NU’EST|BVNDIT|TXT| KIM WOO SEOK|PUNCH

As promised, my second part of the missed review compilation.

(Please note – This is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to each song.)

“I’m In Trouble” by Nu’estimg_7434Reaction to Official MV:

  • I love the way this song started, and the beat is groovy.
  • This is my first time listening to Nu’est, and I love their vibe.
  • I’ve known about them for a long time, but I never had the opportunity to pay enough attention to them.
  • Finally, I am here now and very ready.
  • Their vocalists are outstanding.
  • I love how their different vocal tones blend so well together.
  • Some of the members seem familiar to me, but I don’t know where I’ve seen them.
  • The music video set is beautiful.
  • I love the melody for the chorus, and the choreography is slick and on point.
  • The instrumental is a whole mood, and I enjoyed how they implemented more bass towards the end.
  • I love this song.
  • My rating for “I’m In Trouble” is definitely a 10/10.
  • Alright, time to check out their 8th mini-album – The Nocturne.
  • The EP has six songs, and all are equally amazing. I didn’t feel disappointed with anyone.
  • I appreciate that they included some slower songs that showcased more of their vocal ability.
  • I think I just found a new group to add to my long list of faves.
  • My rating for NU’EST’s 8th mini-album – The Nocturne is a solid 10/10.


“JUNGLE” by BVNDITimg_7429Reaction to Official MV:

  • I loved their pre-release single “Children”, and I had plans to check out BVNDIT’s album but never got to it.🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Anyways, I’m here now, so let’s start with their title track.
  • Damn, that deep voice came out of nowhere. Who is the first singer?
  • I love the huskier voices and raspy tones I am hearing from these girls.
  • I’ve noticed something recently. Almost every kpop group is adapting the heavy electronic/trap sound.
  • It absolutely works for some, but it also feels off for most groups.
  • Plus, as someone who reacts to a good number of these artists, it does get quite repetitive for me.
  • This is not a direct comment towards this song by BVNDIT but rather an observation on the current trend in Korean idol music.
  •  The beat drop for the chorus is good. I love how the drums give off the vibe of a marching band.
  • I have seen some of this video’s settings in Jessi’s MV for”Who Dat B.”
  • They probably filmed at the same location and the visuals are stunning.
  • The beat got intense for the bridge, and the dance break was a great touch.
  • “JUNGLE” is an excellent song for BVNDIT because it showcased the girl’s vocal power, and their energy was perfect.
  • My rating for it is 8.5/10 because even though I hear all the remarkable qualities, it’s not a song that I see myself playing often.
  • Now I’m going to check out their 2nd mini-album – Carnival.
  • This EP has five songs. “Children” and somehow “Come and Get It” are the ones that caught my attention.
  • So my rating for BVNDIT’s 2nd mini-album – Carnival is an 8/10.


“Can’t You See Me?” by TXTimg_7427Reaction to Official MV:

  • Another first time listen.
  • They’re from Big Hit Entertainment… okay.
  • This group certainly has incredible vocalists. I am enjoying the soft vocal runs and background harmonization.
  • Their choreography is in sync.
  • The instrumental progression is fantastic, and the way the beat switched up after the chorus was pure 🔥🔥🔥.
  • The vocals are making me love the song more.
  • Honestly, “Can’t You See Me” is not my usual vibe, but I’m actually in love with it.
  • At first, I was like, ehhh, maybe this is not my arena. Then it came to just simply appreciating talent because TXT has that.
  • Why are they throwing tomatoes and berries everywhere?
  • Lmao and next thing, the house is on fire.😂😂😂
  • Hmmm… I’m kind of stuck between a nine or ten for this one. Okay, I’ll give it a 9/10 for now.
  • I know they also released a mini-album titled The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY. I’m going to check it out now.
  • This EP has six songs, and just from the first track, I’m impressed.
  • Wow!!!, the falsetto is insane on “Fairy of Shampoo” Plus the jazz elements are right up my alley.
  • My rating for The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY is a bulletproof 10/10.
  • Lol, I actually had two songs from their The Dream Chapter: MAGIC album on my playlist. I tend to find songs randomly on Spotify, but I’m going to take my time and check out more songs from TXT.


“Red Moon” by Kim Woo Seok

img_7425Reaction to Official MV:

  • I have no idea who he is, but I was intrigued by the teaser images and videos.
  • I did a little research, and I found out that he is part of UP10TION and also finished second on Produce x 101. Was also a part of X1, which has already disbanded.
  • Now let’s check his solo debut song.
  • Alright right off the bat, he has a fantastic set of pipes and is a talented dancer.
  • Also, I do see the visuals. Kim Woo Seok is good looking.
  • The beat is fat on this song, and I am living for it. I SMELL A BOP.
  • The choreography is slick and fitting for this kind of sultry sound.
  • That chorus, the music video visuals, his voice and moves just slapped me hard in the face at the same time.
  • I AM OFFICIALLY A FAN. Nothing can change my mind at this point.
  • His outfits are also well coordinated. Big ups to his stylist.
  • Wow, MY GUY, chill with the hip sways.
  • Sexy songs are my regular babies, so yes I LIKE “Red Moon”
  • The section right after the chorus, where he says, “yeah, yeah, yeah…” should be made illegal.
  • This music video is stunning. Most notably, the tent scene where Kim Woo Seok is dressed in full black under the chandelier.
  • Wait, the breakdown is insane. This is too good, and the vocals are also incredible.
  • I hear all the background harmonization and vocal runs. Kim Woo Seok is smooth on this song.
  • This is another bulletproof 10/10 from me. Time to check out the album titled 1ST DESIRE [GREED].
  • This EP has seven songs, and right from the first track, I SMELL TEMPTATION.
  • Kim Woo Seok seems to be out for my head, and since this vibe is what I love the most, I can’t help but fall for his voice.
  • I’m getting my groove on here.💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 1ST DESIRE [GREED] gets a solid 10/10.


img_7413Reaction to “Say Yes” by Punch (Feat. MoonByul of MAMAMOO):

  • Oh, I was not expecting this to be a remix of her soundtrack from the Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.
  • That drama was so heartbreaking, and I got to appreciate IU more as an actress while watching it. Also, Lee Joon Gi is one of my top Korean actors, hence why I wouldn’t mind getting a second season.
  • MoonByul sings so well, and I love her deep, rapping voice.
  • “oh, oh, oh, …I need you…Love is true.”
  • This is one of my favourite OSTs, and both artists are doing great with their harmonization.
  • I will be adding this version to my playlist, and of course, “Say Yes” gets a 10/10 from me.

Reaction to “Say hello” by Punch:

  • I love the piano opening.
  • I hope this song soothes me because I just read some frustrating and annoying news that made my spirit boil.😤
  • Punch sounds flawless as always, and I love the slight modulations that she’s doing within one verse.
  • The breathy notes during the chorus are beautiful.
  • This song makes for such an easy listen.
  • Ballads really help calm me down, and for that reason, I’m glad that I’m reviewing this now.
  • I love the vocal layering. It’s done so well, and the instrumental progression really supports Punch’s voice.
  • A sweet ending with the fading keyboard notes.
  • This felt really short, but everything about “Say hello” is soothing and smooth.
  • I love that I could see Punch in the studio, and the vocals were not heavily processed on this track, which explains why I could hear all her breathy notes properly.
  • My rating for it this song is definitely 10/10.

Final Thoughts: 

I enjoyed writing this review, and I also discovered some new talents to follow, so I’m off to go check them out now before I forget again.😂😂😂

What do you all think of the songs I reviewed?

Solar – Spit It Out: Music Review

Earlier today, Solar released her solo debut single album titled Spit It Out. I thought this was going to be a full album because of the initial teaser image, but it’s actually just a digital single. img_4978Kim Yong-sun, popularly known as Solar, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and leader of the girl group – Mamamoo. She was born on February 21st, 1991.

(Please note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to this song.)

Reaction to Official MV:

  • Right of the bat, the visuals are impressive.
  • Yes, I have English captions.
  • I love the beat during the intro with her dancers. I thought that was the start of the track but nope.
  • The actual song begins quite abruptly.
  • I am living for the choreography. It’s so fluid and interactive.
  • I hope they bring back that beat from the intro. It was great.
  • I love the sultry vocal tone that Solar is using for this song.
  • Nice touch with the short guitar riff entry into each verse
  • So far, the instrumental for this mostly includes drum beats and that constant note on the guitar.
  • Solar is stunning, and this hair colour is doing her major justice.
  • This song gets better and better as it progresses. I like it.
  • I love the use of silence right before the chorus. Such a perfect way to lure your listener.
  • The chorus is lit, and “Spit it out” is officially a BOP.
  • At first, I was skeptical, but I am genuinely feeling this tune. Great job, Solar👏👏👏.
  • All her outfits and makeup are on point. She is beautiful.
  • Okay, this verse after the chorus is giving me strong Spanish vibes. Starting from the lyrics – “Sin prisa pero sin pausa,” to the guitar and then that section’s choreography.
  • I love this music video. Simple setting, but the lighting and filming technique make it suitable.
  • I am living for that silence and her “Set a fire, fire, fire” that comes right before the chorus.
  • Once again, this chorus. Whoa!!!… it is classic.💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
  • Oooh, sis decided to slow things down. Now I’m body rolling 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼.
  • Yesss, Solar, show them!!!!
  • The beat and everything about the slow breakdown screams pure excellence. Solar did not come to play with this debut single.
  • Sis is killing it.
  • Oh, that perfect use of silence again, and she looks great with the bald look.
  • Yesss.. my chorus is back. Party after party things people!!!!💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
  • I don’t care what anyone thinks. “Spit it out” by Solar gets a solid 10/10 from me.
  • Now I am off to play this song to my heart’s content.

Solar x Kassy – A Song From The Past: Music Review


I have a lot to catch up on. I have to complete music and drama reviews, variety show discussions/recaps and a winter playlist. Hopefully, I can get everything done by Sunday. To begin the marathon, let’s check out Solar and Kassy’s latest collaboration. The teaser poster for their new song caught my attention, so I made a note to check it out once I have enough time. I already know Solar from Mamamoo, but I do not know much about Kassy.

I did a little research on her and here is what I found – Kim So Yeon, known by the stage name Kassy is a South Korean singer and rapper. She debuted in 2015 and in 2016, she participated in the hip hop survival reality show – Unpretty Rapstar 3. So far, she has released two extended plays and a good number of singles. She is currently managed by Nextar Entertainment.

Okay, on January 16th, Solar x Kassy released a digital single titled “A song from the past”

(Note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to this song.)


Reaction to Live Version Video:

  • I already love the melody.
  • Kassy has a beautiful voice, and I know that Solar is going to sound great.
  • They are both stunning ladies, and I love this hair colour on Solar.
  • Wait, I just got chills. The subtle instrumental switch-up and Kassy’s breathy notes during their entry to the chorus section is so good.
  • The chorus section is my favourite part of this song.
  • Yes, to the heavenly harmonies.
  • Lol Solar cannot be serious for too long, I guess.
  • Love her happy vibes even when singing an emotional ballad.
  • Oooo, more harmonies.💓💓
  • I need to check out more of Kassy’s songs because her voice keeps on giving me goosebumps.
  • The high notes in this song are not too climactic, but they are very efficient and stable.
  • Wait a minute… Did they just subtly modulate on me? I was not expecting a modulation at this point, and it was done so quickly.
  • I am enjoying this song.
  • Yes… Solar come in with those chilling high notes.
  • Also, the way she smoothly switches back into her lower register is impressive.
  • Awwww, they ended in harmony… SO BEAUTIFUL.
  • I said it. Solar cannot hold back her happy vibes.
  • Immediately they stopped singing, she started laughing. I can’t deal.🤦‍♀️😂😂😂
  • I am going to have a second listen before giving my rating.
  • Although I do not have the English translation now, this song gives me some sense of peace.
  • I could see myself listening to just the instrumental of this track because it has a very soothing and lovely melody.
  • WOW. Solar and Kassy effortlessly nailed every second of this track.
  • I checked out the English translation, and the lyrics are so comforting.
  • I also watched their actual live performance on Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook:
  • Their voices go so well together.
  • I am in love, this is for sure, going on my playlist.
  • So my rating for “A song from the past” by Solar x Kassy is 10/10.



Mamamoo is a South Korean girl group managed by RBW(Rainbow Bridge World). The group consists of four members – Solar, Hwasa, Wheein and Moonbyul. They officially debuted in 2014 with the digital single “Mr. Ambigious.” So far, including their latest release, the group has three studio albums, nine EPs and eighteen singles. They have also been featured by other artists and have a good number of soundtracks for Korean dramas. I absolutely adore this group. I fell in love with their jazz concepts, and I have been following their activities ever since they debuted. img_1503Mamamoo just released their third studio album titled reality in BLACK. It has eleven songs and “HIP” is the title track.

(This is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to the songs.)

Reaction to Official MV/Title Track:

  • Okay, time to do this.
  • The beat is groovy right from the start.
  • Ahhh, Hwasa is really a big girl crush.
  • They all look gorgeous, and I would not mind rocking most of the outfits that each member had on.
  • As always, the queens are serving vocals.
  • I was not too sure about this concept, but so far, it is working.
  • Yesss… Moonbyul’s deep voice always gets me.
  • This song has a retro kind of feel, and I am here for it.
  • The choreography is impressive.
  • When I first saw the teaser for this song, my thought was that I might not enjoy it, but boy was I wrong.
  • Mamamoo nailed this concept.
  • The instrumental is what made this track for me. It is bouncy and really catchy.
  • I admire them for giving some attention to our dying planet. Global warming and climate change are real. SAVE OUR PLANET.
  • Also, Hwasa addressed all the airport fashion critics.
  • Apparently, the music video shows what the members of Mamamoo would have been if they were not the Mamamoo we all know today. Sort of like a different dimension.
  • I am going to listen to this a few more times before giving my final thoughts.
  • “HIP” is definitely not their usual vocal power song. I enjoyed listening to it. It is catchy, but not top on my list from Mamamoo.
  • This concept is very different from all their previous releases. I think they rocked it. I love that Mamamoo is always willing to try something different.
  • Here is a live session video I found –
  • Time to check out the other ten songs.

Album Review: img_1414Before I get started, here is a sample of the album for anyone who has not listened to it yet.

  1. Destiny – The beginning sounds like an intro for an Old West film. I love the mysterious feel that their voices are giving off. I was not expecting the fast beat to come in. Yesss… this is the vocal touch that I was missing on “HIP.” And although the song style switches up a lot, I still enjoyed it. “Destiny” is the perfect opening song for this album because if the first song is this good, then imagine how the rest are going to sound. I have to listen to this track again. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL. The guitar on this is impressive. Okay, so apparently this was their final stage single for the show Queendom. I have not seen Queendom, but with all the awesome songs coming from this show, I might as well check it out.
  2. Universe – I always enjoy songs that have good drums. Mamamoo’s vocals💕💕… no words to explain. “Universe” is an upbeat RnB track. I say this because the singing parts have the typical RnB touch, but the beat sounds like something I could hear on a rap song. This is another excellent song on the album. Yes, to the background notes, so good.
  3. Ten Nights – Okay, this sounds like a ballad. I got chills from the calm way the song started, and their voices sound so soft. The high notes, Damn. Mamamoo is such a vocal powerhouse. They never fail to impress me every single time. Their harmonization just took me by surprise. I love this song. OMG WHAT????… the high notes will be the death of me. This is a perfect ballad. Although I wonder why it was placed at this point in the album. Because everything so far has been a bit upbeat but then “Ten Nights” comes in as if things are about to slow down for a while, but “HIP” is definitely not a slowdown. Maybe when I read the English translations for each song, I might understand why. OMG, so Moonbyul also sings on this and hits some notes. This group is super talented.
  4. HIP – I still love it. A perfect dance song.
  5. 4x4ever – This is one energetic track. The instrumental in this is epic, it makes me want to march into a battlefield. “4x4ever” is a BOP, and it could also be a title track. This song is powerful. I love how the instrumental switched up for Moonbyul’s rap section, and she killed it. They all sound great on this, as always. I am not even going to talk about their high notes any longer because I have been blown away into another universe. I am really enjoying this album, but this song, along with “Destiny,” are my favourites so far.
  6. Better – This is more chill compared to the last two tracks. The melody for “Better” is very catchy. Wheein is blessed with the voice. Oooh, the modulation on this is perfect. I really enjoyed listening to this song. Another favourite. It is chill and groovy. I need to hear it again.
  7. Hello Mama – There are some songs that just automatically give me winter feels, and this is one of such. The very calm and emotional vibe is perfect for this season. I love the falsetto singing on this. Also, the instrumental is beautiful. Anything classical influenced always touches me. Yesss, to harmonization done perfectly well. I need to read the English translation for this song. “Hello Mama” soothes me, I LOVE.
  8. ZzZz – Okay, we are back to upbeat songs. This is another bouncy track. The falsettos are so good. This is such a cute and feel-good song, very playful. I am already dancing to this 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼. “shimmy shimmy shimmy… “, I absolutely love this song.
  9. rEALITY – This is also another good song on the album, but it took me about a minute to really get into the groove. They also sound good on this, so there is no point in even discussing that. I really love Hwasa’s part –“I’m fine, it hurts.” Unfortunately, this might be really low on my list if I were to rank this album. It is a great track, but not one that I might listen to a lot.
  10. High Tension – I love the chorus, the vocal runs during that section are impressive. Also, Moonbyul’s rap is incredible. The way she always manages to perfectly blend a rap section into very different songs is quite remarkable. It took me a few seconds to get into the groove of this track, but I am actually enjoying it. This is another groovy BOP.
  11. I’m Your Fan – And the last song almost sounds like a cartoon opening in the beginning, Lol. The switch up that happened at 0.47 seconds into the song kind of took me off guard. The chorus really sounds like something I will hear on a kid’s show, which is not bad becuse I do enjoy watching cartoons. Hmmm, I honestly do not know how to feel about this song. I mean, it is cute but not something that I see myself listening to.

Final Thoughts: 

As I mentioned earlier, when I first saw the teaser images/videos for this comeback, I was not too sure about what to expect (I will insert the teaser images at the end of this post for anyone interested). But overall, I really enjoyed listening to reality in BLACK. It is a great album, the girls sounded amazing in each song. The only song that is a no for me is “I’m Your Fan.” There was just something off about the song to me. I feel they could have used another song to end this album. Maybe “rEALITY” could have been the closing track because although I did not enjoy it as much as the other songs, it still has good stand out points.

Anyways I really love this new album from Mamamoo, so my rating for reality in BLACK is 9/10. I will be adding all the songs except “I’m Your Fan” to my personal playlist.

Here are the teaser images –

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My Summer Playlist

It has officially been summer for a while now and just like I did during winter with My Winter Playlist, I have created a summer playlist. On a regular, my favourite genres of music are RnB, soul, neo-soul, hip-hop, but occasionally I do dabble into trap, country and rock. During summer, I practically listen to anything, so far as it is groovy and upbeat.

So here is my summer playlist created for you all to enjoy, and as always I added short previews for each song.

#. Mamamoo – gogobebeimg_3448

I absolutely adore Mamamoo, not just for their music but also for their quirky personalities. They are a fantastic group, and I always look forward to their comebacks. If you do not listen to Mamamoo already, you should because they are a vocal powerhouse that never disappoints on both upbeat and ballad tracks.

#. LAY – Badimg_3456

I already mentioned the EP – Honey by Lay in a previous post. If you have not read that post already, go check it out – Song Of The Week: LAY – HONEY. ‘Bad’ is my second favourite song from the EP, and I have been listening to it on repeat. So hopefully, you all enjoy it like I do.

#. WayV – Take Offimg_3464

WayV was the group I wrote about in my most recent star showcase. If you have not read that post already, here is the link – Star Showcase: WayV. They are currently my favourite male pop group. “TakeOff” is a great upbeat song, and so I had to have it on this playlist.

#. I.O.I – Whatta Manimg_3465

I discovered I.O.I’s version of “Whatta Man” while searching for the original by Salt ‘N’ Pepa. Usually, I am very skeptical about remakes, but this was done so well, and I like that they brought their own originality to the piece. I hope you all enjoy listening to this song and also check the original version by Salt ‘N’ Pepa if you have not heard to it before.

#. MOMOLAND – BAAMimg_3476

So far, this is the only song from MOMOLAND that I have listened to. This is because I do not really enjoy overly cute concepts. But once in a while, I make an exception for amazing songs like “BAAM”. My favourite part of the song is definitely the rap section.

#. BTOB – Blowin’ Upimg_3483

I LOVE BTOB. They are currently on the top of my list for Korean boy bands. Every single member brings something unique to the group. Their rappers are amazing, but my main man is Ilhoon. Also, this is another vocal powerhouse because all of the vocalists could be mains. Their voices are so beautiful. I groove a lot to “Blowin’ Up”, so it has to be on this playlist.

#. VaVa, Ty., Nina Wang – My New Swagimg_3471

I am so glad that this song was featured as a soundtrack for Crazy Rich Asians. I would have been missing out on a rare gem if I did not watch that movie. It is a perfect case of the old and new coming together to form a fantastic blend. The entire song scream genius. Of course, I love VaVa and Ty.’s rap, but Nina Wang blessed my ears with the Chinese opera section, that for me is the best part of this song. Also, it has a great beat, so what else do I need in a song? Pure Perfection.

#. Ailee – Room Shakerimg_3439

Ailee did not come to play with anyone on her recent album: butterFLY. “Room Shaker” is such a great party song. She is such a vocal queen, and I am always here for her. Currently, she is having issues promoting her album, but I sincerely hope that everything works out well for her because she deserves the best.

#. G.Soul – Youimg_3445

Honestly, Korean agencies need to manage and promote their solo artists better because people keep on missing out on such gems. I am okay with the fact that he left JYP Entertainment to join H1GHR MUSIC. Other similar artists like Crush, Dean, Sam Kim, Zion.T are out there, but he seemed so hidden (sorry I just had to rant a little). I am glad that I discovered him because he is a beautiful vocalist.


No words can describe the epicness of this song. I am so sad that I cannot find it on Spotify but no worries, I will just continue listening to it on YouTube. Fair warning: the music video for this song is quite graphic, you will also get a notice before the video starts. With that said, let me just state the fact that BANG YONGGUK is AMAZING. The beat on this goes hard🔥🔥. Guys, please listen to this song in 8d, I promise that you will love it even more.

#. NCT 127 – Simon Saysimg_3443

Most people tend to feel that NCT 127’s music is too trippy, but I personally think that their sound is very futuristic. Once I hear a song from any NCT group, I can tell that it is them because of how distinct their music style is. Sometimes it takes me a few listens to really get into the groove of the song, but after then, it becomes a steady bop. I love “Simon Says”. This song never fails to energize me, and I find myself playing it on repeat for a long time.

#. Triple H – Feelimg_3481

I was really into this group, and I am so sad about the messed-up situation that went down. But that will not stop me from enjoying their music. I love every single song that Triple H released, but for this playlist, I decided to stick with “Feel” because it never fails to hype me up.

#. SUNMI – Heroineimg_3473

The first song I ever heard from Sunmi was “Full Moon”, and I have been in love with her music since then. I decided to add “Heroine”to this playlist because of how perfect it is for a summer road trip. It is such a perfect sing-along song.

#. ITZY – DALLA DALLAimg_3447

For me,”DALLA DALLA” is the perfect balance between the cute Vs. the hardcore concept. I really love it and plus it promotes an essential message, which is to love yourself and that it is okay to be different. All the members of the group really shined throughout the song, and I am looking forward to checking out their comeback song “ICY”.

#. EXO – Ko Ko Bopimg_3475

Summer is not officially summer without EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop”. I really love when Kpop songs add in some trap or EDM elements because it guarantees a sick beat. Anyways, EXO never disappoints, and this is just one of their long list of songs that are perfect for summer.

#. CHUNG HA – Gotta Goimg_3450

Chung Ha was born to be a star. She just has something about her that draws in the viewer’s attention. “Gotta Go” is my favourite song from her. The chorus for this song is very addictive, so I always attempt to sing along.

#. KARD – RUMORimg_3446

K.A.R.D is the best group to play during summer. Almost all their songs have that standard summer groove vibe to it, and even their latest release “BOMB BOMB” is lit. I showcased it recently as a song of the week, check out that post here – Song Of The Week: K.A.R.D – BOMB BOMB.”RUMOUR”made this playlist because I wanted to go with a more laid back tune from them.

#. Gen Hoshino – Family Songimg_3485

This is another great road trip song or a perfect tune to end a gathering with friends. I discovered this song from the Japanese drama: Overprotected Kohoko. The song speaks about wishing happiness and smiles to everyone and praying that such feelings last for a long time in their lives. Even though they might be feeling sad now, it is only a bridge to their coming joy. I hope you all enjoy listening to this song, and I wish that everyone reading this post will have a reason to smile for a long time.

#. Millic, Fanxy Child – Paradiseimg_3480

This is one of the grooviest songs I have heard in the longest time. I just cannot help but to sing along to the chorus and also attempt to mouth some of Penomeco’s part because his verse is straight FIRE. Millic did his thing with the production of this song. Also, the other members of Fanxy Child (Crush, Dean and Zico) brought their A-game. In conclusion, the entire song is TOO GOOD.

#. Jackson Wang – Papillonimg_3440

Aite Aite Aite Aite Aite, You got me feeling like a, Feeling like a Papillon. Only one word can be used to describe this song – LIT🔥🔥. Jackson just has this deep voice that does wonders for my ears, and he blessed me with this song. So that is all I have to say, NEXT.

#. Bii – Be Your Lightimg_3466

AWWW BII. I already spoke about my love for Bii in my first ever star showcase on this blog. Here is the link to that if you want to check it out – Star Showcase: BII. I just love the progression of this song. It starts off very soft with just Bii singing, but then you get a full choir for the chorus. That perfect build-up creates a hopeful feeling. Bii’s vocals on “Be Your Light” is beautiful, he always gives me the best music. I might be doing a short review of his latest album, so keep an eye out for that post.

#. Jay Park, Cha Cha Malone – Featureimg_3477

Every playlist to me must have at least one or two impressive RnB tracks for it be complete. And who else could provide that perfect song? “Feature”by Jay Park & Cha Cha Malone is such a smooth song, and both singers served vocals on this track. So I hope you guys enjoy it.

#. HA SUNG WOON – BLUEimg_3467

While reviewing the drama Her Private Life, I mentioned that “Think of You” by Ha Sung Woon is one of my favourite OSTs. I also stated that although I did not know much about him, he is a great singer. So recently, while doing a little research on him, I discovered “BLUE.” It is a great song, so I just had to have it on this playlist.

#. DEAN – Bonnie & Clydeimg_3492

This song is such a masterpiece. Dean always releases excellent music, and that is why the music video for “Bonnie & Clyde” deserves way more views than it has currently. He is a vocal king, so people need to stop taking naps on his music and fully get on the Dean train.


Now I know I listed hip-hop as one of my favourite genres, but honestly, I was not always into rap music. I just could never get into the grove of Western hip-hop. I only started listening to rap music after I discovered the Korean hip-hop scene. And then from there, I was able to find one or two American rap artists that actually suits my taste. This song “EUNG FREESTYLE” is on the top of my list for Korean hip-hop songs.

#. SOMI – BIRTHDAYimg_3454

SOMI really did great on this song. For a debut song, it actually slays. I really love whenever she says “oops, you’re not invited, yea you’re not invited”. I also think the bridge towards the end of the song is lovely. Even though I do not really follow her, I am happy that she was finally able to debut. I hope you all enjoy listening to “BIRTHDAY” as much as I do.

#. DAY6 – I Waitimg_3437

Day6 is definitely one of my top Korean bands, and “I Wait” is a very addictive song. I love how the song starts out with a very soft tone and then keeps building up towards the powerful chorus. That just made the entire track more appealing to hear. Also, Day6 has an impressive set of vocalists. I really feel that they are an underrated group and totally deserve more exposure. I hope that with time, more people will discover them because they make fantastic music.

#. HEIZE, Dean – Shut Up & Grooveimg_3484

Here is another addictive song. After hearing it for the first time, the chorus was stuck in my head for days. I found myself singing “shut up & groove” EVERYWHERE I WENT TO😂. For real, the song goes hard. Heize is a fantastic artist, and of course, Dean always slays me with his vocals. So yes, it has to be on my summer playlist.

#. BAEKHYUN – UN Villageimg_3438

Okay BAEKHYUN, I see you. This song just makes me do that grovy sway from left to right while nodding and snapping my fingers. Like for real, this song is legitly too good. The music video should have more views by now but who knows what drug YouTube is on again😒. Anyways I really love “UN Village”, it is a beautiful song, and the album: CITY LIGHTS gets an A+ from me. Excellent solo debut.

#. Taemin – Want img_3441

Are words even needed to describe the awesomeness that is LEE TAEMIN? He is a full, packaged artist. From his dancing to his voice and even his looks. He gets a solid 100% in all departments, JUST SAYING. “WANT” is another one of his great releases. Also, the video for this song is pure art, plus the choreography💕. Like DAMN, HE DID THAT.

#. BOBBY – HOLUP!img_3469

Another song that goes hard. Bobby is an amazing rapper, and he really did great on this song. “HOLUP!” is such a party song. I love that included the other IKON members in this track. You can hear their voices towards the end of the song.

#. Red Velvet – RBB (Really Bad Boy)img_3472

I might not be the biggest fangirl of Red Velvet, but I still love them. And I also know that a good number of people feel that their songs are not always the best, but I am not of their opinion. I really really love all the songs they have released so far including their lastest comeback song “Zimzalabim”. It is definitely not my favourite song from them, but it is still good. Anyways I chose “Really Bad Boy” for this playlist because I have been listening to it on repeat.

#. BLACKPINK – Don’t Know What To Do img_3444

This is the ultimate summer song. “Don’t Know What To Do” is actually my favourite song from their latest album: Kill This Love. I have to render some well-deserved praise to Rose and Jisoo because they both sound beautiful on this track. I also enjoy listening to “Kick It” and funny enough the title track “Kill This Love” is not my go-to on the album.

#. Simon Dominic, ONE, G2, BewhY – Who You?img_3468

I need ONE to release more music. I am glad that he decided to leave YG Entertainment and has plans to set up his own one-person agency. At least now, he can focus more on his music. I still love Jung Jae Won the actor, but I have been missing One the rapper for way too long. Anyways, Simon Dominic, G2 and BewhY also went in on this track, everyone brought their A-game. Try listening to this song with a speaker because the beat on the chorus section is legit🔥🔥. Also if you guys have not watched Show Me The Money, then go check it out because it is actually a cool show.

#. Eric Nam – Honestlyimg_3478

As always, Eric Nam brought his perfect vocals and blessed me with a great summer song. My best part of “Honestly”is the section right before the chorus, he just sounds beautiful. No words can describe what his voice does for me. I hope you all enjoy listening to this song.

#. Gallant, Tablo, Eric Nam – Cave Me Inimg_3479

Yesss, another song with Eric Nam. His voice on this is so smooth. In fact, the entire song is too groovy. Gallant did well when choosing artists to feature on this track. Also the genius rapper Tablo. His verse is so real on this song. The choice of words in all his songs are always so brilliant. It makes me feel like he is reciting a poem.

#. Lu Han – On Fire img_3470

Okay, we are heading over to China again. Random thought – I feel Luhan and Bii look alike in a way. Back to the main topic – Luhan brought the heat on this song, it is a complete BOP. I am glad that all the Chinese members that left EXO have been doing well for themselves. Luhan has been killing both the music and the acting game, and I wish him more success.

#. TVXQ – The Chance of Loveimg_3474

The OGs, TVXQ. They are just two, but they sound better and even dance better than most groups with a vast number of members. “The Chance of Love” is an excellent song from them. That “oooh oooh oooh” is so soothing to my ears and the rest of the song also showcases impressive vocals. So I just had to have it on my summer playlist.

#. Jun. K – THINK ABOUT YOUimg_3449

Like I mentioned already, every playlist to me must have at least one or two impressive RnB tracks for it be complete. And here is my second top on the list after ‘Feature’ by Jay Park & Cha Cha Malone. Jun. K snatched my wig and threw it all the way to Mars with this song. Vocals, dance and visuals, everything was 100%. My favourite section of this song is the bridge, he really took it up to another level there. The music video for “THINK ABOUT YOU” definitely deserves more than 4.2 million views. People need to stop sleeping on such incredible artists.

#. Song Bingyang – U Make Me Strongimg_3487

This is such a beautiful song from Song Bingyang. I discovered it while watching the Chinese Drama: Moonshine and Valentine, which I listed as one of my top 10 dramas for 2018. If you will like to see that post, here is the link – MY TOP 10 DRAMAS FOR 2018. “U Make Me Strong” is a great song with an excellent beat as well and it always gives me an uplifting feeling whenever I listen to it. So I decided to end my summer playlist with this song.

Of course, there are many other summer songs, but these listed songs were chosen according to my personal preference. Also, I am sorry about the length of this post. I had way too many songs in mind, and I just could not shorten it be less than this listed 40.

Feel free to leave me your own summer song suggestions in the comment section. Also If you were intrigued by the previews and would like to hear the full versions, here is a link to the YouTube playlist I created – YouTube Summer Playlist

Till my next post, take care.