Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version): My thoughts on Episode 10 – FINALE

I am back from my long break. I had to wash my hair, eat and relax a little. Now it is time to watch the finale –Screenshot (218)

  • Okay, so the housemates will have to call whoever they want to confess to.
  • Final date between Willliam and Kai Wen. I feel Kai Wen is now more comfortable around him.
  • The episodes keep getting longer and longer. I just realized this one goes on for two hours. I mean, I understand that it is the finale but WOW.
  • I think Zheng Xuan has come to the realization that he might not be getting a confession from anyone.
  • Awww Kai Wen, do not cry.
  • Fair enough for Qi Jun and William to shake hands. The competition is about to end, so they can be friends.
  • Love the heart to heart conversation going on in this episode.
  • Awww Qi Jun was so cute during his ten minutes conversation with Kai Wen. He was stuttering.
  • This episode is quite emotional. I really wish all the housemates could end up with someone.😒😒
  • Only Chen Yi Chen gets to meet up with three ladies. He might seem lucky to some, but he is not happy about this situation. At least he was more straightforward during his conversation with Wu Pei.
  • Poor Wu Pei. She is actually crying. I am so sad 😞, but I like how she handled the conversation. You did your best, Wu Pei.
  • I love how Wu Pei and Zhang Tian both wished Chen Yi Chen the best regardless of who he picks as his final choice.
  • What Victoria said about wanting Yi Chen to make a decision and not evade is interesting. I felt that Yi Chen had to step back because he does not seem ready for commitment, but now I kind of understand how making a decision could help him. Maybe that could be his first move towards growth.
  • I will admit that the continuous pursuit from Zhengru, Wu Pei and William was kind of frustrating at some point, but I also admire their courage to go heads on for what they want. Regardless of what the outcome might be, they decided to remain positive. So kudos to them for that.πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
  • I love their energy during the last dinner. At least they joked around a little.
  • Confession Time – 
  • The panel has to write than their predictions as usual. LOL, these people are killing me hereπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. They are so funny.
  • First Up is William. First of all, he looks great in that suit, and I know that he will call Kai Wen, but I have a strong feeling she will not accept his confession.
  • And, of course, he called Kai Wen. I love that he does not pressure her but rather assures her of his support no matter who she chooses.
  • Next up is Qi Jun. He is for sure going to call Kai Wen, and he might be receiving a callback.
  • Yes, he called Kai Wen. He is crying, and I am so sorry for laughing at first. I know how emotional such a moment can be, but I just did not expect him to start crying. Awww Jun Jun.
  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I cannot deal with this panel. Please, can I have all members back for a third season? They are so hilarious.🀣🀣🀣🀣
  • Ooooh, it is time to see who Kai Wen calls. I feel she is going to call Jun Jun, but what about my dear William. Okay… πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯ – Yessss, I knew it. She chose Qi jun. I knew she held more affections for him.Screenshot (236)
  • I feel bad for William, but he gave his best till the end. So no regrets. I sincerely hope that he finds someone perfect for him. Good luck, William.
  • Next up is Zheng Xuan. He called Zhengru, but I know she will end up calling Chen Yi Chen.
  • Oh Damn, she just refused him straight up. Wow, that was hard to watch. I feel hurt.
  • No worries, Zheng Xuan. You will meet your perfect half someday.Screenshot (238)
  • And of course, Zhengru called Yi Chen. My gut tells me that she will not be getting a call back from him.
  • Awww it is Wu Pei’s turn. I really love her, and even though she might not get a call back from Yi Chen, I know she will be alright.
  •  Now unto Zhang Tian, who I know will definitely call Chen Yi Chen and also has the highest possibility of receiving a call back from him. Yes, I was right. She called Yi Chen.
  • Finally, it is time for Yi Chen to step forward. This show is so dramatic, I know he does not have a car but did they really have to make him runπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Anyways Yi Chen called… πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯ – ZHANG TIAN.Screenshot (246)
  • Yi Chen’s call to turn down Wu Pei’s confession was more heartfelt than when he rejected Zhengru. I feel he definitely connected with her, but just not in a romantic way. I wish they could still be friends. All the best to Wu Pei. Screenshot (240).png
  • I adore everyone that participated in this second season of Heart Signal. So I wish happiness to every single housemate.
  • HAHAHA HAHAHA, Poor Chao Yue guessed it all wrong. She was actually crying.And of course, Zheng Kai is the champion for this season. He had the most heart signal stones by the end of the show. CongratulationsπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰Screenshot (243).png
  • Oh WOW, the cast and panel actually got to meet. YESSS, I was really hoping for this. But where are the other four housemates?
  • Rainie is cute. She is so excited about meeting her Jun Jun in person.
  • It is nice to know that the housemates stay in touch even after the show ended.Screenshot (247).png

Final Thoughts: 

The panel members really made this show for me. The interactions between them were exciting and cute. Their discussions and commentaries were very insightful. They had a lot of hilarious moments. Zheng Kai’s comedic timing was perfect. Also, his continuous bickering with Victoria was always fun to see. Chao Yue was savage and on point with all her commentaries. I related with her energy on a spiritual level. Rainie was so cute with how she awed at all the romantic and thoughtful moments between the housemates. Du Hai Tao did a really fantastic job as the host. He was able to get everyone engaged in ongoing discussions. Liu Xuan was also an excellent addition to this season. He really had a lot of educative inputs that helped the panel and viewers better understand the behaviour of the housemates.

Concerning the show itself, I do have a few regrets. Personally, I think they wasted way too much time on dramatizing the situation-ships in the house. There was not enough one on one meetings between housemates, but instead, we got a lot of awkward and intense triangle moments.

All the same, I truly enjoyed watching this show. I think Heart Signal allowed all the housemates to know more about themselves by interacting with others. And I am glad that some housemates showcased growth by the end of the show. I hope they hold on to all the lessons learned from this little experience and apply them whenever the need arises. This has been a journey. I really want to follow up with the cast to know how they are doing currently because I got attached to everyone.

I hope you all enjoyed watching it as well. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section, and if anyone still needs the link to the English subbed episodes of this show, here it is: Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version) on Viki

Until my next post, take care. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version): My thoughts on Episode 9

The housemates will be going on their last date in this episode, so let us see how things go down –

  • I wish they coupled them up based on who the housemates regularly text, but I guess they want to give everyone an opportunity.
  • The location for Yi Chen and Zhengru’s date is beautiful.Their time together was fun, but I honestly do not think Yi Chen is the right person for Zhengru. Yes, they laugh a lot together, but their conversations are always on the surface or just focused on him. Nothing really in-depth, like when she is with Zheng Xuan. This is just my observation.
  • I really admire how straightforward Zhengru is. She came out straight and told Yi Chen that by trying to please everyone and keeping things in balance, he has already hurt the person who keeps waiting for his attention.
  • At this point, Yi Chen is still in the process of maturing into being his true self, so I personally feel that a relationship might not be the best option now. He needs to work on himself more.
  • Next is Wu Pei and Zheng Xuan. This is also their second date together.
  • I am with Chao Yue. I love that Zheng Xuan is straightforward. No need to pretend, just say how you feel and move on.
  • The locations they arranged for the dates are stunning. I would love to visit every single one. Screenshot (228)Screenshot (229)
  • Even though Wu Pei and Zheng Xuan did not get to go out with the person they had hoped for, they were still cordial and genuinely had fun.
  • Hmmm, Bungee jumping. I cannot swim, so I do not know how to feel when being thrown over a large pool of water. If it was just the height, I could manage, but height plus a river is a no-no until I learn how to swim.
  • Wu Pei is so amazing. She is always present and attentive no matter who she goes out with. She is a great person to hang out with.
  • HAHA HAHAHA, Rainie switches camps so much –
  • Zheng Xuan keeps scoring points because of how thoughtful he is.
  • I absolutely loved Wu Pei ad Zheng Xuan’s date. Very casual and relaxing.Screenshot (230).png
  • So among all the housemates, William is the only one who went on a date with the person he wanted.
  • Zhang Tian and Qi Jun are next. I am dying to see how this goes.
  • Ooo, I miss doing tie-dye. I majored in visual arts during high school, so it was something I had to learn.
  • Okay, back to the show. Zhang Tian and Qi Jun’s date was okay, they are so not interested in each other, but they had funny moments together. I just wish they were more open to having fun instead of only talking about who interests them in the Signal House.
  • LOL, Chao Yue killed me when she said, “A good job is not easy to find… A boyfriend can be found anytime”. She kind of has a point, but I feel there should be a balance when you are fully ready to settle down.
  • πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ The conversation on if the boyfriend is dirt poor and has charisma is TOO funny. I let out yet another sarcastic comment _ “who will his charisma help… will I eat charisma for breakfast?”
  • This does not mean I base everything on money, it honestly depends on the situation and why my partner is suddenly financially incapable. But on a serious note, I have to see him put in some effort. Basically, do not just sit down and be lazy at home and expect me to do everything because I love you. NO, I CANNOT LIVE LIKE THAT.
  • Okay, it is time for William and Kai Wen’s date.
  • William definitely looks younger in casual clothes.
  • William and Kai Wen’s date was cute. Also, I really like what he said about them not becoming distant just because she likes someone else. They could still be friends. William is such a nice guy. He has shown significant growth throughout his stay in the Signal House.Screenshot (231)
  • Texting Result –Screenshot (233).png

– Zhang Tian, Wu Pei and Zhengru all texted Yi Chen.

– William and Kai Wen sent text messages to each other.

– Qi Jun sent a text to Kai Wen.

– Zheng Xuan sent a text to Wu Pei.

– Yi Chen sent a text to Zhengru.

  • I was really disappointed that Yi Chen did not stand his ground, but okay. Also, Wu Pei still stubbornly chose Yi Chen, OKAY NEXT EPISODE PLEASE.πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Just one episode left.

I get to see the last confession. I can see a lot of crying faces in the preview for episode ten. This has been a journey, and I am really anticipating how it will end. Screenshot (235).png

Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version): My thoughts on Episode 8

Watching shows can be really tiring.  They are exciting, but I get so drained from staring at my laptop for a long time. Anyways, I am determined, so here are my thoughts on episode eight of Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version).

  • Zheng Kai is so extra. I live for his momentsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Also, his bickering with Victoria is a nice plus for me.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Screenshot (210).pngScreenshot (213).png
  • The situation-ship between Yi Chen, Zhang Tian and Zhengru brings so many emotions for me. Sometimes, it annoys me. Other times, it frustrates me, but in this episode, it amuses me. I am honestly over all of them at this point.
  • So I noticed that they refer to Zhengru as Pearl a lot in the show, so I might just start calling her Pearl.
  • I love Pearl’s coat.I admire Pearl’s boldness.
  • As for Chen Yi Chen, I understand his personality, but I am going to need him to start setting up some boundaries to prevent misunderstandings.
  • AWWW, that is so nice of Zheng Xuan. He is actually baking a cake for Pearl’s birthday. So sweet.
  • Lol Zheng Xuan and his sister are so cute. Classic sibling relationship.
  • The cheesy lines in this show are just something else. I get chills.
  • The edits for Heart Signal 2 are exciting and fun.
  • So this episode shows more moments between Yi Chen and Zhang Tian.
  • Okay, I am still not used to calling her Pearl, so I’ll just switch back to Zhengru and be consistent with it. I love that all the housemates came together to celebrate her birthday. Almost everyone in the house brought their own little contribution and gift. Nice.
  • Zheng Xuan is so thoughtful.
  • LOL, even the panel cannot deal with how cheesy the housemates are –Screenshot (205)Screenshot (217)
  • Can someone give me a music box as a present also? I suddenly want one
  • Finally, Yi Chen admits that he is not good at saying no. I understand the struggle of wanting to please everyone. But dear, what do you want? Yi Chen has to pick one or pick none. That is the only way to have his peace of mind. Qi Jun gave him the best advice.
  • I love how the panel touched on what might have caused Yi Chen to develop the habit of trying to please everyone. Personally, I feel with age and experience, such a trait can be outgrown. Life will make him understand that he can never please everyone, no matter how hard he tries.
  • I have a perfect slang for Yi Chen. It is πŸ‘‰πŸΌ “I cannot come and kill myself,” meaning I do as I can, and I will always do what gives me peace of mind. I live and embrace this slang daily.
  • Yesss, Zhengru is finally paying attention to Zheng Xuan. I love how open and straightforward they were during the date. They could also be a solid pairing, but who knows?Screenshot (219).png
  •  I love the panel’s discussion about ageing. The different viewpoints are quite impressive to hear.
  • Oh nice, the housemates will be going on a travel date.
  • The ladies get to pick a first and second choice for who they would like to go on a date with and the panel has to guess it.
  • Here are the panel’s predictions:Screenshot (221).pngScreenshot (220).pngScreenshot (222).png
  • Final result – Screenshot (223).png
  • Zhang Tian’s second choice was quite shocking, but I think she chose Qi Jun to avoid any kind of conflict or jealousy from Yi Chen.
  • Lmao, I was just as shocked as the panel members when Wu Pei’s second choice was revealed. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? 😲😲 I assumed her second choice would be William.
  • The ads are so random and out of place. I feel they could have left all the advertising for the hosts and just let the segment in the Signal House flow naturally.
  • WOW, this is actually the last date. I really want to see how it goes.
  • The location for Wu Pei and Zheng Xuan’s date is quite stunning. I would love to try that shouting fountain. Sign me up.

I love the deep conversation that went down in this episode. It was very insightful, I truly enjoyed watching. Now I am excited to see how the other dates turn out. See you all tomorrow with the remaining episodes.Screenshot (224).png


Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version): My thoughts on Episode 7

I have been seriously contemplating whether to continue my recap for this show or just watch the remaining episodes on my own. But since I already started, it is only fair that I keep posting.

I plan on watching two episodes today and then finishing the rest tomorrow.

So it is time to let you all know my thoughts on the seventh episode of Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version). I hope that this episode shows some significant development because I am getting tired of watching almost all the ladies go after one person. Screenshot (201)

  • I missed the jovial panel. So happy to be watching again.
  • I have a better understanding of Chen Yi Chen’s predicament now. He wants to follow his heart, but at the same time, he is worried about hurting the other two ladies.
  • My advice for him will be to call both Wu Pei and Zhengru individually and have a good and straight forward conversation with them. Do not just drop hints, let them know straight up but politely that you are not interested in them like that. As an introvert, I can really relate with his fear of not wanting to hurt their feelings, but at some point, the truth has to be said.
  • Great advice from Yi Chen’s friend.πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
  • What the panel said about being single for a long time is very accurate. But I also believe that when you are emotionally ready and have the right partner by your side, things will flow naturally.
  • This show has a good selection of background music.
  • LOL, I just gave out the most sarcastic comment. Zhengru walks in and clearly, sees Yi Chen cooking, but she still goes ahead to ask him if he is cooking. And what came out from my mouth was, “No, he is not cooking, he is frying himself.” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • William is so cute. He is my favourite housemate. Also, for some reason, I feel William and Yi Chen could be good friends.
  • I wish everyone could pair up with someone by the end of the show. But all the same, I sincerely hope that all the housemates get to meet their perfect half someday.
  • Zhengru….. He invited only you for a reason, why are you taking plus two on your outing with Zheng Xuan?
  • The banter between the panel members makes this show even better.
  • I think it will be very disrespectful to Yi Chen if all these girls are only coming after him because of his looks. I hope that is not the case because even as a viewer, I can see that there is more to him than just being handsome and tall.
  • William is a good catch, but I feel he does not really connect much with any of the ladies in the Signal House.
  • With the question of would you force it or let nature take its course? – Personally, I always try my best at first, but once I notice that the other party is not putting in the same effort, I casually take a step back and just let nature take its course. I cannot continuously give attention to someone who refuses to reciprocate.
  • The panel made good points today. Do not date someone solely because they are kind, it does not last, and I know from my personal experience. Ask yourself the most crucial question – do you like this person? OR are you attracted to them in any way?
  • I just noticed that I have not seen much of Wu Pei this episode.
  •  Zheng Kai’s victory shout after winning the bet on who Zhengru was going to text was so hilarious.
  • Texting Result –Screenshot (203).png

– Chen Yi Chen and Zhang Tian texted each other.

– Kai Wen and Qi Jun texted each other.

– Zhengru and Zheng Xuan texted each other.

– William sent a text to Kai Wen.

– Wu Pei sent a text to Yi Chen.

  • This episode seemed like a filler. There was not much one on one interactions, but I still enjoyed watching.

The preview for episode eight promises a lot of exciting moments. So I am looking forward to it.

Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version): My thoughts on Episode 6

For this episode, the girls will be taking charge of the dates. I am excited to see how things turn out.

Screenshot (171)

  • I love the cafe that Wu Pei chose for her date with Yi Chen. I am not the biggest fan of pets, but I admit that the concept of having a pet cafe is cute.
  • I still feel that Yi Chen is not suited for Wu Pei. He likes her as a person, but there is nothing more than that coming from him. Yes, they have things in common, and they do get along well. But if his heart is not fully there, then what is the point?
  • If Yi Chen was really interested in Wu Pei, then I will be all for it because she is a charming and genuine person.
  • I love that Wu Pei has become more straight forward recently. It is a great character trait, but it can also hurt her if she does not get the desired results. All the same, Wu Pei and Yi Chen’s date was lovely.img_1274Screenshot (177)
  • The difference is so evident when Yi Chen is with Zhang Tian. He becomes more attentive and interactive. That shows that his interest is there, and he is fully present.
  • Zhang Tian and Yi Chen’s date was fitting for them. They are adorable together.Screenshot (183)Screenshot (179)Screenshot (184)
  • At the beginning of the show, I was more focused on pairing the housemates up. But recently, I have decided to lay back and just see how everyone progresses. I want to look at everything that happens with a more open mind.
  • Kai Wen looked really good in this episode. She and Qi Jun are cute and comfortable with each other. The interactions during their date felt very natural. Screenshot (186).pngScreenshot (188).pngScreenshot (187)
  • Kai Wen and Qi Jun’s date might actually be my favourite. It gave off a very relaxing vibe. They were not trying too hard, but rather just enjoying their time together.
  • Side Talk based on Qi Jun and Kai Wen’s conversation – A lot of people cannot be alone, they always feel the need to be attached to someone. That someone might be a friend or their partner. For sure, spending time with others is terrific if you are with the right crowd, but I think it is also good to learn how to be comfortable with being alone for a while. Most notably, with relationships, because most people act like being single for a few weeks is going to kill them.
  • Anyways, this entire episode was full of memes because of the reactions from the panel members. They were tormented with all the sweet moments.
  • Damn, I cannot believe Zhengru did not choose Huang Zheng Xuan. Why do they all go for someone who is clearly not available? So now what happens to William and Zheng Xuan?
  • Victoria’s laugh from winning the bet on who Zhengru was going to choose for her date took me outπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. She now has five heart signal stones.
  • For anyone wondering, the heart signal stones are awarded to members of the panel if they make the right predictions for the text messages.
  • Yi Chen was also very interactive on his date with Zhengru, and I love the first place she took him to. It was stunning, and now I want to go somewhere similar.Screenshot (195)Zhengru is really cute and funny. I understand her worries about being the last person to enter the house and feeling like she is now interfering with already set connections.
  •  I think the main reason why three out of the four girls are into Yi Chen is not just because he is good looking but also because he is attentive, gentle and laid back. So maybe that makes him very easy to get along with. This is just my guess.
  • Also, Yi Chen is in a tight spot. By the end of all three dates, he looked drained and conflicted. I guess being liked by so many people has put pressure on him, but he needs to decide fast instead of going along with all three ladies.
  • Texting Results – Screenshot (197).png

– Zhang Tian, Wu Pei and Zhengru all texted Yi Chen.

– Yi Chen sent a text message to Zhang Tian.

– Kai Wen and Qi Jun sent text messages to each other.

– William sent a text to Kai Wen.

– Zheng Xuan sent a text to Zhengru.

  • Seriously at this point, the love triangle and love pentagon going on are becoming tiring to watch.Screenshot (198)Screenshot (199)

This episode seemed way longer than usual, but it was really insightful. I have four episodes left, and at this point, I am not really concerned about who ends up together. I just want to see how they all grow as the show progresses.

That is all for this post. The English subbed version of this show is accessible with this link: Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version) on Viki

Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version): My thoughts on Episode 5

It is time to let you all know my thoughts on the fifth episode of Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version). Let us see how the new housemate shakes things up.

Screenshot (99)

  • Jia Lun is not on the panel for this episode.
  • I really love Wu Pei’s new haircut. She is so pretty.
  • Wu Pei, Zhang Tian and Kai Wen all have different fashion styles, but they are all equally pretty and elegant.
  • Girl’s hangout – while talking about their dates with the boys, I could definitely tell that Zhang Tian was marking her territory. She wanted the other ladies to know that she and Yi Chen are a perfect pair. There were a lot of subtle remarks going on between her and Wu Pei. I liked how Wu Pei replied to all of Zhang Tian’s attempts to markdown Yi Chen as her own. No one should be put down for loving someone younger. It is not a crime.Screenshot (169).png
  • I find it funny that they sent the boys on a secret date with the new girl. Might as well be discreet to avoid tension from the current ladies in the house.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚img_1268
  • We have a new housemate – Pan Zhengru (Pearl). She is beautiful and has a really soft voice. She is an event planner. I think all the housemates have great jobs. The meeting between her and the boys started out very quiet and awkward, but thankfully Zheng Xuan was able to start up a conversation, and others joined in at some point.img_1271img_1269
  • Victoria and Zheng Kai are so cute. I live for their funny moments together on the panel.
  • The adverts thrown in between the show are awkwardly placed, and they feel even more out of place when the housemates do it.
  • Zhang Tian was really on the defence in this episode. The girl is making sure that no one takes her manπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. But I feel the main reason why Yi Chen is not as enthusiastic as before is because of her previous movie date with Zheng Xuan.
  • When they decided that the loser of the game was going to play truth or dare, I was internally screaming NOOOOOO, PLEASE DO NOT. Truth or Dare is a dangerous game.
  • Anytime Wu Pei is on screen, I cannot help but stare at her eyes. I do not know why, LOL.
  •  Zhengru’s answer during the game shows that she is willing to open up about her weaknesses but also works on improving herself. Also, I feel that Zheng Xuan might be interested in her
  •  My predictions for this episode’s texts were as follows –

– Yi Chen and Zhang Tian will send text messages to each other.

– Zhengru and Zheng Xuan will also send text messages to each other.

– Wu Pei will send a text message to Yi Chen.

– Qi Jun will definitely send a text message to Kai Wen.

– William will also send a text message to Kaiwen.

– Hmm, Kai Wen is a difficult one. I feel she might text William.

  • Okay, so there is a new rule concerning the sending of text messages. Apparently, the housemates can only send messages but will not receive any. I am still a bit confused about how this rule will work, but this decision was made to help reduce the pressure.
  • The panel’s predictions were the same as mine.
  • Final Result – Screenshot (173).png

– Yi Chen and Zhang Tian sent text messages to each other.

– Zhengru and Zheng Xuan sent text messages to each other.

– Wu Pei sent a text to Yi Chen.

– Qi Jun and Kai Wen sent text messages to each other.

– William sent a text to Kaiwen.

  • Kai Wen keeps on confusing me. Her signals are weird.
  • I have said this many times already, but here I go again. William and Wu Pei need to change their strategy.

It seems the ladies get to asks the guys out on dates for the next episodes. I am kind of excited about that. Also, the love triangles are about to get even more heated than before. Screenshot (175)Screenshot (176)That is all I have for this post, loves. The English subbed version of the show is available with this link: Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version) on Viki

Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version): My thoughts on Episode 4

Here are my thoughts on the fourth episode of Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version):

  • We still have Jia Lun on the panel, so that means he is a permanent addition.
  • Huang Zheng Xuan and Zhang Tian really do get along well. Right from when he first entered the house, they started chatting very quickly. Yi Chen will have to put in more effort from now on because Zheng Xuan is coming on strong.
  • This show can be quite awkward to watch because of the tension between the male housemates. Of course, we always had William Vs. Qi Jun to deal with, but now it looks like Yi Chen and Zheng Xuan are also at that stage. These men need to calm down because my heart and eyes cannot take these awkward situations any longerπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.Screenshot (95)
  • It was lovely of Qi Jun to wait for Kai Wen before eating. Good move, he has definitely stepped up his game. Now can someone please help my sad babies, Yi Chen and WilliamπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
  • So it looks like in this episode, they were given the freedom to go out with whoever they want. Nice
  • The casts of the panel are always on point with their comments. I agree with what Raine said about Kai Wen, she seems to fit well with both William and Qi Jun. In the end, it will all depend on who she chooses, but I feel she likes Qi Jun more. I also agree with what they said about blending the personalities of both guys to create the perfect balance of approach towards Kai Wen.
  • LOL, everyone on the panel is so funny, but as I mentioned in my last post, Zheng Kai just gets me with his commentary and jokes all the time.
  • Thank you, Wu Pei, for helping William, and Yi Chen relax a little. Honestly, Wu Pei is a gem. She sings and plays the ukelele so beautifully. I really wish she and William could go for each otherπŸ˜₯.
  • Text Messaging Results – Screenshot (96)

– Qi Jun and Kai Wen texted each other.

– William texted Kai Wen.

– Wu Pei sent a text to William.

– Chen Yi Chen sent a text to Wu Pei.

– Zhang Tian sent a text to Chen Yi Chen.

– Huang Zheng Xuan sent a text to Zhang Tian.

  • I expected some of the results, so it was not too surprising to me.

This episode was definitely intense. There were a lot of awkward moments and jealousy hovering around the Signal House. From the preview, I can see that Wu Pei has a new look, and I love it.Screenshot (97)

Also, the next episode will have a new housemate to add more heat. I am looking forward to that because I know that IT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWNπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.Screenshot (99).png

Just in case anyone still needs a link to the English subbed version of the show, here it is: Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version) on Viki

That is it for this post. Take care, everyoneπŸ’•πŸ’•.

Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version): My thoughts on Episode 3

Hello, HelloπŸ€—

I am back with my thoughts on the third episode of Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version). It is time to find out who that mystery man is and what he has to offer.


  • So we have an extra panellist. According to Viki’s subtitles, he is a guest. I wonder if he is going to be a permanent addition because we need someone to keep balance with the number of housemates in the Signal House. So our new panellist is Jia Lun.img_0696
  • Our new housemate is Huang Zheng Xuan. My first impression – He seems to be easy-going and relaxed. He is also confident and easily adapts with his new environment. img_0699
  • Zheng Kai is honestly so silly. Him trying to imitate Zheng Xuan was so hilarious.
  • Kai Wen is always so smiley. I love that about her, but I must admit that it confuses me sometimes. I cannot pinpoint who exactly she is going for because she seems pretty okay with both William and Qi Jun.
  • If I were to go on a date, I would start with what William and Wu Pei did. Basically, outdoor activity and then lunch or dinner depending on the time. Then I would go on a boat ride just like Yi Chen, and Zhang Tian did.
  • So definitely my favourite dates were that of  – William & Wu Pei and Yi Chen & Zhang Tian.
  • I will always say this – Yi Chen and Zhang Tian are already a fixed couple to me. They are cute, adorable and very fitting for each other, so there is not much to discuss for them. I loved how simple, romantic and relaxing their date was.
  • William and Wu Pei actually seem like a good match. They are both around the same age and seem to understand each other. I never really pictured them together, but I do see a possibility if they try.
  • The other two dates were okay, but I have do not have much to say about them.
  • So my predictions for this episode’s texts were as follows –

– Yi Chen and Zhang Tian will definitely send text messages to each other.

– Qi Jun and Kai Wen will also send text messages to each other.

– Zheng Xuan will send a text to Wu Pei.

– William might stubbornly still send a text to Kai Wen.

– Wu Pei might text William (fingers crossed on this one).

  • The actual results –img_0716

 – Yi Chen and Zhang Tian texted each other.

– Qi Jun and Kai Wen also texted each other.

– William sent a text to Wu Pei.

– Zheng Xuan and Wu Pei texted each other.

  • I am glad that William texted Wu Pei, but I am sad that he did not get a textπŸ˜₯. I seem to have a soft spot for William recently. He is a great guy, so he just needs to meet someone who truly understands him.
  • Also, I really love William’s message to Wu Pei. He said, “life is short, why not be greedy sometimes?”. That really says a lot because, as an introvert, I understand what he means. Sometimes we give up so much for others and end up neglecting our own desires. Now that is not to say that we should go overboard and feed into all our desires but simply just learn to maintain the right balance between personal satisfaction and pleasing others.
  • Finally, Wu Pei is on a good comeback with two text messages in this episode. Good for her.

I am really looking forward to what the next episodes will bring, and I also know that we are going to have another female housemate to equal them out.


So that is it, guys. Just in case anyone still needs it, here is a link to the English subbed version of the show: Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version) on Viki

Until my post, take care πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•