Missed Reviews Compilation – Part 1

I have been quite busy, so I couldn’t review most of the songs that got released lately. Now here is a list of the recent releases that I truly enjoyed –

BIBI – Restless: img_3355 This is such a soothing song to listen to. BIBI has a unique tone, and she always makes the most lovely tracks. So I highly recommended “Restless” to anyone who needs some chill music to help them relax. Plus, the music video is beautiful, and BIBI is so adorable.


Vince Feat. Zion.T – EMERGENCY:img_3357 I actually planned to check this out because of Zion.T. I really do not know much about Vince, he seems to be a new artist. I could only find two songs on his Spotify account, and I am already in love with his sound. Vince has the classic Korean sexy R&B vibe, so if that is your arena, you will enjoy his songs. Here is his other song titled “MENNAL” –


SECHSKIES EP – ALL FOR YOU: img_3358 I am so happy that they are back. I adore the sound of older Kpop groups. They always give off a nostalgic and sweet feel. Plus, their songs are also very catchy. This new EP has five songs. The title track is also called “ALL FOR YOU”. I enjoyed listening to all five songs. My favourites are – “ALL FOR YOU” & -“MEANINGLESS”. Here is a sample of the EP –


HYUKOH EP – through love:img_3361 HYUKOH always impresses with their music, so I had to check out their latest album. I recently featured their old song “TOMBOY” as my song for this week. To check out that post, use this link 👉🏼 HYUKOH – TOMBOY: Song Of The Week. This new album has six songs, and it is quite different from their usual sound. It has more instrumental solos and less lyrical sections. The songs made me feel like I was lying in an open field while staring at the sun. They sound very trancelike and give off a sense of serenity. I added the entire album to my playlist because just selecting a few songs will cause me to miss out on the full experience. HYUKOH’s through love is another good recommendation for some good relaxation time.


Lee Seung Chul – I will give you all:img_3118 I saw Park Bo-gum in the teaser, so I decided to check it out, but I stayed for the singer’s beautiful voice. This song is an OST for a webtoon called The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. This is my first time listening to anything from Lee Seung Chul, but I plan to check out more of his songs later. He is an older singer, so his control of this classic ballad sound is impeccable. If you are a ballad lover like me, you will really enjoy listening to this song. The instrumental for this track also has some rock elements, so if you like that, this is for you. 


Baek Ji Woong – A Weary Night: img_3218_original I love the deep voice of this singer, and I cannot wait to check out more of his songs. “A Weary Night” is another beautiful ballad. It is the classic slow song accompanied by a keyboard and orchestra. Such songs might seem simple, but what really makes or mars it is the singer’s ability. Baek Ji Woong has a compelling and calming tone, so I was captivated right from his first note. He is really talented. I love discovering new artists to add to my long list of faves.





HYUKOH – TOMBOY: Song Of The Week


The song I am sharing with you all this week is “TOMBOY” by HYUKOH. img_3317HYUKOH is a South Korean Indie band formed in 2014. The group consists of four members – Oh Hyuk (leader/singer/guitarist), Im Dong-geon (bassist), Lim Hyun-Jae (guitarist) and Lee In-woo (drummer). They are currently signed to DooRooDooRoo Artist Company. HYUKOH, along with DAY6 and The Rose, are my favourite bands from South Korea as of now. img_3316

This song was produced by Car, the garden and Oh Hyuk. It is from the band’s 2017 album titled 23.

From the very first time I heard this song, I got a very nostalgic and sad vibe from it. Even without reading the English translation, I could feel some underlying anger and drive. It is one of those songs that I could replay for hours whenever it comes on. Plus, the power in Oh hyuk’s voice always gets me emotional. I enjoy listening to him sing and then when the band comes together, it is just complete bliss for me. They are so talented and very unique. Although this is not a lively song, I still recommend it because it makes for a beautiful listen and talks about life. So I hope you guys enjoy listening to “TOMBOY”.

Here is the English translation for this song –

[Verse 1]
I was awkward with the love my mom always showed
Maybe that’s why things are always so hard
Even inside the greed that I was afraid to lose
There is a small beauty

[Verse 2]
I’m happy right now, so I’m nervous
Because the sea is always calm before the storm
Because don’t want to be set on fire and burn quickly
I’m cheering for love

The young us
Are too naive to count the rings of trees
Blind, by bright lights, fading away

[Verse 3]
Sad adults always only walk backwards
You, who just passed your Terrible Twenty, look bored
Because don’t want to be set on fire and burn quickly
We’re cheering for love

The young us
Are too naive to count the rings of trees
Blind, by bright lights, fading away

[Verse 4]
Yea, I didn’t know well back then
We only have common about the difference
Matured, you fell off first
Now, I resemble with you

The young us
Are too naive to count the rings of trees
Blind, by bright lights, fading away

(source: Genius Lyrics)

Okay, this is for anyone interesting in diving more into HYUKOH’s music. On the 30th of last month, they released a new album titled through love. I really want to review it, but I haven’t had enough time due to school. I’ll probably check it out this weekend.

That is all I have for this post, guys. Take care💕💕💕