#CoupleTypeOfHangout: Real-Life Couples Only💋

This post will highlight some of my favourite recent photoshoots from real-life celebrity couples.

(Please Note: none of these images are mine. I got them from official magazine websites and social media sites.)

First off is Chen Zihan and her husband, Dai Xiangyu, for Different Side Magazine. They both look fabulous, and I love the sensual but relaxed vibe of this shoot –

Up next is Max Zhang and his lovely wife Ada Choi for Pioneer Magazine. I adore the classy aura of their photos –

Following up is another married couple – Jiang Chao and Madina Mehmet for MARS Fashion. The colours and scenery for their photoshoot are beautiful –

Last on this stunning list of couples is Shawn Duo and Laurinda Ho for Grazia China. They are just adorable together –

My Pictorial|Poster Faves: A Song Weilong and Zhang Ruoyun Exclusive

It’s been quite hectic recently. I have been trying to get settled into school, which led to not having much time for my blog. Moving forward, I’ll do my best to post whenever I’m free, but for today, you all get to enjoy the first pictorial of the weekend.

(Please Note: none of these images are mine. I got them from official magazine websites and social media sites.)

First off is Song Weilong, who covered one of the late 2020 Issues for GRAZIA China. The short-hair was working wonders for him. He is stunning –

Following up is Zhang Ruoyun for 出色WSJ. China – November 2020 Issue –

Ultimate Girl-crush😍 – Ni Ni for Gucci & GRAZIA Magazine

I have a major girl crush on Ni Ni. She is so pretty, and since I currently have a good number of her pictures on my phone, why don’t I bless my blog a little bit.

(Please Note: none of these images are mine. I got them from official magazine websites and social media sites.)

First off are pictures from her recent photoshoot with Gucci – 

img_6269img_6268img_6267I love the pink coat. It really compliments Ni Ni’s skin tone, and her long flowy hair is beautiful. The sun is out, and she is glowing!!!


The next set is her cover photos for GRAZIA China – Issue #457img_6536img_6544img_6543She be looking like a bougie cat lady in these photos.😂img_6537img_6541img_6542

Ni Ni currently has two upcoming dramas –

  • Together (2020) is a drama about the fight against COVID-19. I don’t think I want to watch this one because the struggle is still fresh. However, I might change my mind.🤷🏽‍♀️img_6574
  • My Best Friend’s Story (2021) is a drama set in 20th century Shanghai. It is about the deep friendship between two women and how they support each other through hard times in life. I am looking forward to this one because it also stars Cecilia Liu. Here are some stills that have been released by the production company –

img_6165img_6166img_6167I was so thrilled when I heard the casting news because I previously did an exclusive of my pictorial faves with these two ladies, 👉🏼My Pictorial|Poster Faves: Cecilia Liu and Ni Ni Exclusive.  Also, I think they might have picked them for the roles because of this interaction on the red carpet 👇🏽adc4401b-a607-4d1d-9fec-69f5a4bf25a6-7110-0000049079ecc451I can’t wait to watch My Best Friend’s Story because I feel Cecilia Liu and Ni Ni will do an incredible job together.

My Pictorial|Poster Faves: The Ladies Are Serving It Cold

This post is dedicated to the women who recently made me go WOW!!!😳😳😳 She’s so pretty.

(Please Note: none of the images are mine. I got them from official websites and social media sites.)

It’s no surprise to have Shin Min Ah as my cover photo because she serves looks left, right and center all the time. She recently sat for an interview with COSMOPOLITAN Korea, so here are my favourite pictures from the shoot.img_4781img_4782

img_4779Her cheeks and facial structure are too perfect. I’m literally fangirling😂.


Next on this list is another person who never fails to slay my existence. The one, the only… Qi Wei. The Chinese actress and singer recently teased a few photos for a new single, and she looks bomb.img_4631img_4633_originalimg_4632


Up next is Korean actress Han So Hee. She is currently starring in the JTBC drama – The World of the Married. I have seen a few clips of that series, and the intensity is real. I don’t plan to watch it because this kind of marriage cheating plot drives me crazy, so I’ll only see the last episode when it’s done airing.

img_4790img_4791Han So Hee recently talked about her character during an interview with GRAZIA. She is truly a beauty, and I love the way her flowy hair shapes her face.


Moving on to Chinese actress Sandra Ma, another simple but gorgeous lady. I first saw her in Love Me, If You Dare alongside Wallace Huo, and she made me love her. That was such a good series, please go check it out if you haven’t watched it. It is available on Viki. My second drama from her was Oh My General, which was such a nice switch up and very hilarious.

img_4561img_4560These are her cover photos for Trendsheath China – April Issue.


The second to last on this list is the Korean actress Shin Ye Eun. She stars in the ongoing KBS2 drama – Meow, the Secret Boy. I am currently watching this series, and it’s quite okay. I like the less dramatic and relaxing atmosphere of the story. Plus, the cat is cute.img_4793

img_4795These are Shin Ye Eun’s recent photos for GRAZIA. She is such an adorable actress, I like the shape of her eyes. I believe she has the potential to grow her craft with the right projects.


And finally, my baby. Chinese actress Shen Yue for POSHPOSH.img_4488

img_4492img_4489She is another adorable actress, and although I haven’t been able to see her recent works, my first drama from her – A Love So Beautiful will always have a place in my heart. I love all her editorial photos, she’s effortlessly beautiful.

Just for fun, here are the posters for every drama I mentioned –