Jackson Wang x Galantis – Pretty Please: Music Review

Earlier today, Jackson Wang released a new single titled “Pretty Please”

(Please note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to this song.)

Reaction to Official MV:

  • Thankfully Jackson has blessed me with English captions.
  • This music video feels like a short film.
  • Ooo, excellent beat.
  • I LOVE the vibe of this MV. It’s classy and sort of vintage.
  • Plus, the way Jackson is following that lady reminds me of Michael Jackson’s -“The Way You Make Me Feel”
  • It interesting to see that they choreographed every little movement.
  • So Jackson is a wolf, and that’s why they mentioned wolves earlier in the video.
  • Lol, he even did the Michael’s kick dance.😂 I LOVE THIS.
  • Jackson Wang is a great dancer and also a good actor. He’s been impressing me with these recent cinematic music videos.
  • So this was all a dream? Was he sitting in that restaurant the entire time?
  • Am I the only one that feels this story is connected to “100 Ways” because the female actress is the same. 
  • It is nice that he got the inspiration for this music video from classic Hong Kong movies. The visuals were well thought out, and the final product is beautiful.
  • Now I’m going to listen to the song without the visuals before giving my final opinion.
  • The production is incredible, and Jackson’s voice is charming.
  • Although it’s not something I can listen to any time, I do love this song.
  • Therefore “Pretty Please” gets a 10/10 from me.

GOT7 – CRASH & BURN: Song Of The Week

My chosen song for this week is “Crash & Burn” by GOT7.

Dance performance –

This was one of my favourite songs when I reviewed GOT7’s tenth EP – Call My Name. “Crash & Burn” is my go-to body roll song, and it always puts me in good spirits. I also chose it because I wanted to stick with an upbeat vibe this week. I really love this song’s choreography, hence why I included a dance performance video for you all. Plus, BamBam’s center parts are a visual blessing for all eyes.😍

I hope you all enjoy listening to this song as well. If anyone wants to read my review for GOT7’s tenth EP – Call My Name, use this link 👉🏼 GOT7 – CALL MY NAME: Album Review.



GOT7 – DYE: Album Review

Yesterday GOT7 released their 11th EP titled DYE. It has six songs including the title track “NOT BY THE MOON” 

There are also four extra tracks, but those are only available on the physical CDs. Here is the full tracklist for this comeback – img_4897I already have a short profile for GOT7. Use this link 👉🏼 GOT7 – CALL MY NAME: Album Review

(Please note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exacts thoughts while listening to each song.)

Reaction to Title Track/Official MV:

  • It opens up with us entering a circus or theatre tent.
  • I like the visuals for the music video.
  • Oh, so this is going to be a smooth R&B groove with some hip-hop influence… Okay.
  • I like the melody.
  • BamBam is always a vibe with white hair.
  • The choreography is sharp. I am enjoying this.
  • From what I’ve seen so far, I can tell that there’s a theme for the theatrical scenes, but I can’t figure it out.
  • The room they’re dancing in looks like a Greek/Roman museum because of the carved statues and interior design.
  • I don’t know how I feel about the chorus yet. Maybe the second drop will sound better to me.
  • That aside, JB and Yugyeom did great with the vocals during the chorus.
  • There is a consistent drumbeat that runs throughout the song, and I like it.
  • I love how Mark came in with his rap. Very smooth
  • The choreography is solid. Every member is killing the moves.
  • I like it when the dancing scene switched to them dressed in black and white standing on that pillared podium. I think those outfits are my favourites.
  • I see a lot of Roman-inspired visuals, and I know it means something.
  • I like the chorus now that I have heard it the second time. It might be my favourite section of this song.
  • The background vocals and layering on this song are very soothing.
  • Yesss JB hit me with vocals.
  • Also, Yugyeon, with that final high note was epic.
  • Everyone is serving looks and talent as always, but JB came for my heart in this comeback.
  • Oh, what does the horse carriage scene at the end mean??
  • I know I am missing out on the subliminal messages in the music video, but I do like “NOT BY THE MOON”
  • Another good song from GOT7.
  • Before I move on, I have to look up the interpretation of the visuals.
  • So this song is inspired by act 2: scene 2 of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. In that play, there is a scene where Romeo professes his undying love to Juliet while swearing on the moon, and she warns him not to swear by the moon because of its ever changing nature.
  • Aside from the title reference, there were other hints made to Romeo and Juliet in the music video. For one, them staring at the balcony represents Romeo waiting for Juliet, and I think the pigeons are a sign of exchanged letters between the lovers.
  • Also, the little bottle that appears during the first chorus mirrors the poison that the lovebirds drank, and the white coffins signify their death.
  • Even GOT7’s outfits fit the period setting of Romeo and Juliet.
  • The track order for the EP also follows the story of Romeo and Juliet. If you’ve ever read Romeo and Juliet, you will get what I mean but if you haven’t here is my little breakdown –

    – “AURA” (this is the first encounter)

    – “CRAZY” (the intense feeling of love)

    – “NOT BY THE MOON” (a confession of love and the hint of danger)

    – “LOVE YOU BETTER” (willingness to give up everything and put love first)

    – “TRUST MY LOVE” (fighting to keep your relationship no matter what, hence they must trust each other)

    – “POISON” (this, of course, implies death)

  • Okay, now that we all understand the concept, let’s go ahead and check out the remaining songs.

Album Review: img_4899Here is the album sampler –

  1. AURA – I like how this starts with some soft vocal runs. Right before the chorus, the instrumental seems distorted, and I love the build-up effect it creates. From the little English lyrics, I think this is about a first meeting that feels like deja vu because of the strong attraction towards that certain someone. The vocal sections on this are so good. I like the melody for the chorus and the way they say the word “aura.” I also like how the beat drops whenever they say aura. The rap sections are chill and perfect for the tempo of this song. I appreciate the electronic breakdown for the bridge because it’s groovy. I have noticed a significant EDM influence on a majority of GOT7’s songs. It’s an continuous theme. I truly enjoyed this song, it took me a while to get into it, but it’s a grower. “AURA” is playlist worthy.
  2. CRAZY – That distorted sound again. I guess we are getting R&B bobs throughout this EP, and I don’t mind. I am living for the soft starts, smooth vocals and groovy raps. I LOVVEEEE the chorus. “CRAZY” is for sure, going on my playlist, and it’s my favourite from all three songs I have heard. I love the bouncy but calm feel of the beat. The vocals on this are absolutely a blessing to my ears. I want to close my eyes and thoroughly enjoy this song because it’s that good.
  3. NOT BY THE MOON – Yea, this hits better listening to it the second time, and the chorus is undoubtedly my favourite part. “NOT BY THE MOON” also follows the chill and bouncy vibe that I have been getting from the previous songs. I like this EP. At first, I was skeptical, but I am officially in love with this era’s vibe.
  4. LOVE YOU BETTER – Nice touch with the finger-snapping and once again, the vocals are high-quality. That quick falsetto entry was perfect. “LOVE YOU BETTER” makes me want to do a little shoulder shimmy-shimmy dance, Lol. I love how they sing this part 👉🏼 “Yea, I need you in my life. I want you for my whole life.” It’s so beautiful. The chorus is delicate and soothing. I like how they rapped in unison, the harmonization between their different tones is perfect. Another chill but groovy track and I am savouring every second.
  5. TRUST MY LOVE – The beat on this one is very catchy, and it reminds me of something, but I can’t place it right now. Yesss Jackson come in with that deep voice. Is it just me that hears some Latin influence??? Or are my ears playing tricks on me??? Anyways, “TRUST MY LOVE” is a bit different sounding in comparison to other songs, but it still follows the same chill vibe. I think for me, this song is more on the hip-hop side than R&B. I still like it, but I might have to give it a few more listens to really love it.
  6. POISON – Alright, last track, what do you have for me?? I hear some whistling, and this is also more on the hip-hop spectrum. Jackson’s voice is so distinct; hence I can easily pick him out. Oooh, this is a BOP💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼. I think I just discovered another favourite. Yesss, this is a LIT and excellent way to close this album. I’m just going to enjoy myself because this goes hard but still in a chill type of way. GOT7 ain’t playing. Was that JB on that high note towards the end?? Also, those vocal runs for the closing are pure eargasm. My head has been bouncing since this song started. I need to listen to it again. “POISON” is playlist worthy.

Final Thoughts:

As I mentioned earlier, I was quite skeptical when I first heard the title track, but mid-way through this review, I came to appreciate DYE’s sound. I love how they kept things chill and soothing but still went hard. I love the Romeo and Juliet concept, and I can’t wait to read all the lyric translations for the B-side tracks. I genuinely found something intriguing in each song, so I can say that GOT7 impressed me with this EP. I believe everyone can find at least one song they truly like among all six tracks. As of now, my favourites songs are – “POISON” – “CRAZY” and – “NOT BY THE MOON”

My rating for GOT7’s eleventh EP – DYE is 10/10. As always, I will continue to look forward to new releases from this talented group. 

If you’ve listened to this EP, what are your thoughts?


GOT7 – CALL MY NAME: Album Review

I was seriously contemplating whether to write this review or not. At first, I was like, maybe I could review just the title track and music video. But I might as well do it all.

GOT7 is a South Korean Boy band managed by JYP Entertainment. The group consists of seven members – JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom. They officially debuted in 2014 with their first EP: Got It?. I hardly keep up with GOT7’s comebacks. And although I only listen to title tracks or singles from the members, I can tell that they are talented. From now on, I will try to keep up with their comebacks. I do not follow too many Kpop groups. There are so many of them and keeping up with all is unrealistic. Even with the few I know, I still feel like it is a lot to juggle. I am a multifandom kind of girl, but I have my limits.

Anyways GOT7 just released their tenth EP titled Call My Name. This extended play has six songs with “You Calling My Name” as the title track.

(This is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to the songs.)

Reaction to Official MV/Title Track:

  • This does not necessarily deserve mention, but I love the heartbeat sound at the beginning.
  • Shoutout to the opening scene with the member in the middle connecting his feet to other members. The way the scene was shot is quite intriguing. Is that JB in the middle? I am not sure.
  • Yesss, BamBam. Even though I do not religiously follow them, I can have a bias😊. He is looking good.
  • I am here for the chill choreography going on.
  • I love how mature and sensual this song sounds.
  • The leather suits are sleek. Excellent choice of outfits, they all look great.
  • Also another excellent decision on not having crazy hair colours. You can never go wrong with black or brown for a mature concept. 
  • WHAT??? I was not expecting such a chorus. It is different.
  • The beat for the chorus is the perfect kind of groovy.
  • After the chorus section, the tempo of the song definitely goes up a bit.
  • As always, Jackson comes hitting me with an impressive rap part.
  • There is something different about the second chorus section. It slightly has a different vibe. I think this is due to the instrumentalization, something has been added in.
  • I admire the simplicity of the music video. It allows more focus to be on the members and the choreography.
  • I just witnessed a slow side to side hip swing. What is that?😂😂😂😂
  • The vocalist all sound great, but Jinyoung stole my heart in this one.
  • The hip swing is still killing me😂😂😂😂. LMAO, I cannot deal.
  • I also love Youngjae parts, especially when he sings, “call out my name, nal bulleo jwo.”
  • I absolutely adore the adlibs and background vocal towards the end of the track.
  • Okay, okay… this is a song that I can listen to on repeat. It is perfect, I love it… I LOVE the mature concept. So “You Calling My Name” is for sure, going on my personal playlist.
  • Before I check out the other songs, I have to watch this music video again on the highest volume.
  • After a few more listens, I noticed that this song has a disco vibe, and I AM OFFICIALLY A DISCO BALL.💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
  • Also, while listening to the chorus, I felt it reminded me of another song, and I finally figured it out. The style is similar to “How Long” by Charlie Puth, which is also a fantastic song.

Album Review:20191104000044_[GOT7]Call My Name_COVER

Before I get started, here is a sample of the EP for anyone who has not listened to it yet.

  1. You Calling My Name – Replayed it a few more times, it is such a smooth track.
  2. Pray – I love how this started. I already know it is going to be good. I love whoever started the song (I had to confirm, and of course, it is Jinyoung). The intense EDM beat that came in before the chorus threw me off a bit… I did not expect the song to take that route. Mark and Jackson are killing me with their deep voices💕💕. Also, the vocals on “Pray” are clear and fitting to the song. I feel this is a song that some people might not really enjoy from the first listen because of how complex it is. I enjoyed listening to it from my first go, but I had to replay it a few times to truly appreciate the sound.
  3. Now or Never – The beginning beat is giving me classic pop vibes. This EP definitely has an electronic vibe, and I am genuinely enjoying the sound. I have to check for who produced this… so DJ Jonas Blues produced this song (I do not know much about him). But I must say that I was not expecting this sound for the two tracks I have listened to so far. I also hear some Carribean influence on the instrumental, and that makes it feel like a song that should have been released during summer. I am 50/50 on “Now or Never.” It is a lovely song, they all sound great, I love the piano exit but… Hmmm.
  4. THURSDAY – I love the harmonization going on here, and Jackson’s voice really compliments this song. The instrumental on this is so groovy. The vocalists are giving me life. For some reason, “THURSDAY” feels too short, I needed more time with it. This is a great track, I absolutely love it. So far, my favourite is still the title track.
  5. Run Away – Okay… Yesss, I am here for this sound. That first beat and note quickly got my attention. I love that “really wanna, really wanna, really wanna, really wanna talk to you.” I just live for when lyrics have the same rhythmic flow as the beat. This also has that electronic feel, but it not as intense like “Pray.” The vocals on this are pure bliss to my ears. I am already dancing to this track. This might be one of my best songs on the EP. HOLD UP… they did it again, the lyrics followed the beat pattern exactly ( I had to check for who sang the rhythmic parts towards the end, turns out it is Mark and BamBam). I truly enjoyed listening to “Run Away.”
  6. Crash & Burn – I like the start. Once again, the intense EDM, which I am used to now. The chorus is really catchy, “Till I crash and burn… Na eojireowo eojireowo, Moeritsoge neo. Till I crash and burn”. I love the instrumental distortion that happens before the pre-chorus section. The bass during the chorus goes hard. Ooooh, the high notes towards the end are too good. This is another favourite for me on the album. LOVE IT. “Crash & Burn” is a legit body roll song.

Final Thoughts: 

Overall this was a great album. There were a few times when I was caught of guard. The electronic vibe for the entire EP is definitely not what I was expecting, but I actually really enjoyed it. My favourites are “You Calling My Name,” “Run Away,” and “Crash & Burn.” This is my ranking –

  1. You Calling My Name
  2. Crash & Burn
  3. Run Away
  4. Pray
  6. Now or Never

I just feel “Now or Never” did not do much for me. I do not know why because I really do appreciate the instrumental and vocals on the song, but I am just not too impressed with the overall composition. Funny thing is, it might turn out to be another person’s favourite. That is the thing about music, everyone has different taste.

My rating for GOT7’s tenth EP – Call My Name is 9/10.

I am looking forward to more songs from GOT7. If anyone reading this post has never listened to a song from them, go check them out. Here is one of my favourites as a recommendation –

I sincerely hope that you all are enjoying my series of album reviews because I plan to start checking out more artists out of my usual favourites.

Till my next post, take care.