Han Geng and Celina Jade’s Couple Shoot For Dior
Han Geng and Celina Jade's Couple Shoot For Dior photo 0
This pair always gives me life with their photoshoots, and also their current one with Dior is not an exemption. They look attractive with each other. 🤩 🤩
Chinese Celebrities Show Out For The 2021 Harper’s BAZAAR Icon Night
Chinese Celebrities Show Out For The 2021 Harper's BAZAAR Icon Night photo 0
Yet another set of pictures that I’& rsquo; ve been itching to share, as well as I am so delighted for my recently found spare time. Chinese stars
Chinese Celebrities Glam Out for #TencentVideoAll-StarNight 2020
I do my finest to resist posting two pictorial favorites on the same day, but I couldn’& rsquo; t hold back after seeing all the stunning images of