Hello everyone🤗🤗🤗

Recently this site has been undergoing some minor updates, and there have been a few glitches behind the scene.

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but from Monday to late yesterday, most of the images on the blog suddenly became very blurry. Also, a few videos were off time, and some comments disappeared. Thankfully, we were able to restore the quality of the images, but we couldn’t retrieve the deleted comments. If your comment is among the deleted ones, I am so sorry about that. Just know that since I replied, I did read them.

I am still working on getting all the videos back to the right timing, so if you find a video or audio that isn’t working correctly, please bring it to my notice, and it will be fixed immediately.

Thank you all.💕💕💕

Manga Rock Shut Down

Hello everyone,

From the title, you can already tell what this post is about.

Now, Why Do I Care?

Well, because they were my number one go-to site. I also use Tappytoon and WEBTOON, but Manga Rock was a staple site for me. I also have a few webtoon reviews that I am currently working on, and I planned to use links from Manga Rock. Lastly, I recently used a link from their website on my blog, so I feel the need to inform my readers about the shutdown. To know why they are shutting down, check out this link – Reasons for Manga Rock’s Shut Down

To support their redemption plan, I will no longer link illegal manga pirating sites on my blog.  I understand that the original writers put a lot of time, dedication and passion into their work, and it is unfair that they are continually being ripped off. So with my little platform, I am trying to support their hard work. Honestly, as a reader, it is somewhat unpleasant to pay for every single manga I read, but when I think of how much the writers are loosing due to pirating, I also feel bad. So I will not link such sites to my blog any longer. Now according to Manga Rock, their systems will still be running for a while even after the shutdown. So you can still finish anything you are reading before it all disappears.Screenshot (52)Screenshot (53)

Sorry for any inconvenience caused to my readers, but once they get back with their new site, which will be known as MR Comics, I will be back to adding the available links that I can find. For now, I plan to find other legal manga sites that will not cost me much because I am sure that most of them will require payment.

So that is guys, just some little update.


Drama Snacked Facebook Page

Hello everyone,

I recently created a Facebook page for this blog. I am going to be very consistent in posting over there. Here is the link 👉🏼 Drama Snacked Official Facebook Page

What to expect from the Facebook Page:

  • Snippets of dramas that I am currently watching.
  • Reasons for dropping a drama that I might have planned or promised to review.
  • News on upcoming drama reviews or any other specials.
  • Clips of how the entire reviewing process goes down for me. (Honestly, this one might be interesting for you all to see)
  • You could also use this platform to chat with me if you want to.
  • And if anyone is interested, I could great a group on the page for us to discuss upcoming and ongoing dramas

Basically, anything related to Drama Snacked will be available on the Facebook page. So please go check it out, kindly leave a like and follow the page.

Thank you 😊

I Am Back

Hey guys

So I had to take some weeks off blogging to focus on school, but I have next week free, so here I am. I will be making a good number of posts this coming week and schedule as many as I can for the upcoming weeks. This semester has been quite hectic, and I just cannot wait for it to end. That way, I can have more time to myself, but I am also not looking forward to the final exams. On that note, please stay tuned because a few overdue reviews are coming up.

Personal Update

Hello guys,

So recently I haven’t been able to post as frequently as I would have loved to, because I fell ill. I caught a cold, and I have been experiencing severe headaches. This is very normal for me around this time of the year because of how cold it gets towards January. But all is well now because I feel better, and I’m ready to complete and schedule all my drafts. So please look forward to my upcoming posts.

Also, I have officially resumed school, so I might skip a few weeks of posting due to assignments, midterms or final exams. But I will be trying to make at least 2-3 posts each week. To my fellow students, good luck to you as you begin this new school year. Hopefully, we all finish it with grace and success.

Till my next post, take care and make sure you stay warm.