Golden – Hate Everything: Song Of The Week

Throughout this week, I have been going back to “Hate Everything” by Golden, so it had to be featured.


Kim Ji Hyun is a South Korean singer-songwriter born on June 16th, 1988. He debuted as an R&B/Soul soloist in 2015 with the EP – Coming Home. At that time, he was signed to JYP Entertainment and known as G.Soul. After leaving JYP in 2017, he signed with H1ghr Music and later changed his stage name to Golden in 2019.

“Hate Everything” is actually the title track of his first EP under the name Golden. This song has two versions – English and Korean. I listen to the English variant more.

His voice on this song is pure bliss. Honestly, Golden is one of the most beautiful/powerful voices in the K-r&b scene. Plus, the emotion he pours into each song is just incredible. I absolutely love the lyrics for “Hate Everything” because they are very relatable and touching. Thankfully with the English version, international listeners can understand everything at once, and the Korean one is basically a direct translation.

I hope you all enjoy listening to this song. If anyone wants something more lively from Golden, try listening to the full EP, which is also titled Hate Everything. You all are bound to enjoy at least two or more tracks on it. Apart from the Korean version of “Hate Everything”, all other songs are in English. If I was to describe this EP, I would call it a ‘Soul Healer’ and rating wise, it gets a solid 10/10 from me.


Here is the EP on Spotify –

Chen Linong – This is How I Feel You: Song Of The Week

The song I have been going back to a lot throughout this week is “This Is How I Feel You” by Chen Linong.


Chen Linong is a Taiwanese singer and actor. He was born on October 3rd, 2000, which makes him 20 this year. He participated in the Chinese audition program – Idol Producer, and debuted as a member of the resulting boy group known as Nine Percent. The contract for Nine Percent officially ended on October 6th of 2018, and all the members moved on to there respective groups or solo careers. Although Chen Linong had released a few singles and featured on some OSTs, his official solo debut was on May 29th of 2020. He released a full-length album titled 格格不入(Out 0f Place). This record has twelve songs including the title track “This Is How I Feel You”

I remember seeing the MV teaser for “This Is How I Feel You” on twitter, and I took a screenshot. I listened to the song a week after it dropped, and I was utterly wowed by the power of Chen Linong’s voice. I have never listened to him sing before. I did like a few of his pictures on twitter, but I don’t follow his music career religiously. So imagine the disappointment I felt when I realized that I had been neglecting such a gem🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️. Therefore I embarked on my research until I found the full album on Spotify.

“This Is How I Feel You” is a beautiful song, and when I first heard it, I got goosebumps. It starts out slow and gradually progresses into this intense guitar instrumental before fading out again. The other eleven songs on the album are equally amazing. It has a mix of ballads, pop and R&B music, and I have never skipped a track when listening to the full album. That’s how impressive Chen Linong’s debut is for me. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Here are the other songs from 格格不入(Out 0f Place) that have official music videos:

“Unsure” (Features Lala Hsu ) –

“Taste Of Summer” –

“Lost In You” –

“Unmask” –

“Masterpiece” (Features Hailee Steinfeld)

And here is the full-length album for anyone interested –

I hope you all enjoy listening to “This Is How I Feel You” by Chen Linong. Take care, everyone.💕💕💕

LAY – Lit: Song Of The Week

This week’s song is coming to you all earlier than usual because I skipped last week. I have been listening to “Lit” by LAY a lot, so I’m sticking with it.

I remember being super excited about LAY’s new album. I even reviewed the pre-release single “Jade” 👉🏼 LAY – Jade: Music Review, but the timing for the album release didn’t work with my school schedule. All the same, I listened to the EP – LIT on my own, and I absolutely love it. It gets a 10/10 from me because I genuinely enjoyed the modern and traditional instrument/beat fusion. LAY sounded incredible on every track, and the overall production for the album was flawless. I can’t even pick favourites because I vibe to every song equally. The title-track “Lit” is such an energetic and groovy tune. Plus, the music video and choreography is on A++++++ level.  LAY did not come to play.👏👏👏👏👏

I hope you all enjoy listening to “Lit” by LAY. For anyone interested, here is the EP – LIT on Spotify:

The Rose – Dawn: Album Recommendation

I Initially wanted to make this a song of the week post, but because I have been listening to this EP a lot recently, I couldn’t pick just one song. I love all the songs on The Rose’s second mini-album – Dawn, hence why I decided to make an album recommendation instead. 16402744_1146987525399874_1946048165734708927_oThe Rose is a South Korean band managed by J&Star Company. The group has four members: Kim Woo-sung, Park Do-Joon, Lee Ha-Joon and Lee Jae-hyeong. They made their official debut on August 3rd, 2017, with the digital single – “Sorry”. Before their mainstream appearance, they were already an indie group that wrote their own music while posting covers of songs on YouTube. When asked why they are called ‘The Rose’, Woo-sung said that it is a name to show that music can be like the beauty of flowers and also like the sharpness of thorns. The fandom name for this band is Black Rose.

Before I talk about their music, let me get something off my chest. The Rose currently has a lawsuit filed against their agency, J&Star Company. Apparently, the company has been enforcing unreasonable schedules, and there have been problems regarding payments since their debut. For these reasons, the boys want to terminate their contract. J&Star Company refuted all their claims and announced the decision to sue the boys for violation of contract terms and defamation of character. From my personal experience of being into Kpop for about seven years now, I smell a fat lie, and it’s not from The Rose. Most Korean talent agencies are messed up. All I hope for is that the boys get through this ordeal successfully and find a better space to create their music. If you will like to read more details about this case, use these links – The Rose Request Termination of Contract.  👉🏼 J&Star Company Refutes Band’s Claims

Now back to the primary purpose of this post. The second mini-album – Dawn has four songs + an instrumental for the title track – “She’s In The Rain”


  1. I Don’t Know You:
  2. She’s In The Rain: Lyric Video – Live Version –
  3. Take Me Down:
  4. Insomnia:

Every song on this EP is beautiful and very touching. This band’s vocalists are amazing. My bias is Woo-sung because his voice gives me major chills every time. He has such a distinctive soulful tone that soothes me. I hope you all enjoy listening to Dawn by The Rose as much as I do. 💕💕💕

English Lyrics:

“I Don’t Kow You”

I don’t know you
But you make me wonder who you are
With the loose jeans
And a casual hairdo
I want to know you

I don’t know you
You smile without saying anything
Sometimes the words I say
Are granted
Just want to know you

Do you want me
Like I just wanna know you girl
Your mysterious smile
Makes me wonder

I don’t know you
A compass pointing only to you
A small full-stop of
To stump your body
Let me travel you

Do you want me
Your lover who will never change
Even your bitterness
Makes me obsessed (Source – 👉🏼 Color Coded Lyrics)

“She’s In The Rain”

Do you hear me
a gloomy day covered in gray fog
I’m afraid I’m blind now
I’ve lost interest in everything

Do you hear me
As I walked down the street, I saw a different way
I turned around and found no one
The dreams I’ve been after, I follow them

I’m dying inside
I wanna think that it’s a lie why why
Even if I shout there is no answer
A flood of loneliness
In the rain rain rain

She’s in the rain
When I look at how beautiful you are
Time stops
It’s hard to even open my eyes now
No whoa, she’s in the rain

Do you hear me
Even if you’re hurt, you don’t show it
I’m so scared of seeing the end
In your eyes, I can see the emptiness

She’s dying inside
She wants to think that it’s a lie why why
Even if I call her, she’s not answering
A shower of rain
In the rain rain rain

She’s in the rain
When I look at how beautiful you are
Time stops
It’s hard to even open my eyes now
No whoa she’s in the rain

In my memory
Your traces spread
As if the rain has soaked them up
I lose track of where to go
In your tears
Of frozen reality

She’s in the rain
You wanna hurt yourself I’ll stay with you
You wanna make yourself go through the pain
It’s better to be held than holding on
No whoa

We’re in the rain
In this falling rain
I fill the scattered you
So I could see how beautiful you are
No whoa we’re in the rain (Source – 👉🏼 Color Coded Lyrics)

“Take Me Down” 

Lonely you are
Your scars that are growing
The door to your heart is closed
You try to force it
Like a kid
But it’s already too late

You won’t be able to turn
Back in the time that you abandoned
I wanna say goodbye
I’m letting go off all of the regrets
I’m erasing them in my head
I just wanna say goodbye

Take me now
Please undo my chain of pain
If I can scape
Like the fire that is growing bigger

Can you take me down?
I’m under cold rain again
If I can avoid it
Like being dull
Can you take me down?

Rough way of speaking
Our view that’s changing
like a seasonal flow
A dark tattoo
My carved mistake
It’s already too late

On the edge of a dark heart
Even the lost memories
I just wanna say goodbye
I can’t just stand there
In a cold heart
I just wanna say goodbye

Take me now
Please undo my chain of pain
If I can scape
like the fire that is growing bigger

Can you take me down?
I’m under cold rain again
If I can avoid it
Like being dull
Can you take me down?

Oh take me now
Please undo my chain of pain
If I can scape
Like the fire that is growing bigger

Can you take me down?
I’m under cold rain again
If I can avoid it
I become dull
Can you take me down? (Source – 👉🏼 Color Coded Lyrics)


I wish you told me
“Hold on to me”
I’ll be reluctant
To turn back

The memory that I thought I’d forgotten
It devours me
Where are you now

Just go away
Stay here in my heart
Just go away
Stay here in my heart

I don’t know me
I’m standing somewhere in the shaking ground
It’s just that I already
Passed you

I can’t sleep
Grab onto me
I can’t sleep
I’m going back

I know I’m stupid
What can I do about that?
I have so many things
I couldn’t do

I close my eyes and count the stars,
I still can’t sleep
Why are you still here

Just go away
Stay here in my heart
Just go away
Stay here in my heart

I don’t know me
I’m standing somewhere in the shaking ground
It’s just that I already
Passed you, I can’t sleep

I’m left alone, time goes by, time goes by.
I can’t stop thinking about you.
Even if it’s a nightmare or a dream,
I want to see you

Just go away
You’re standing in my heart.
Just go away
Just go away

I don’t know me
I’m standing somewhere in the shaking ground.
It’s just that I already.
Passed you

I can’t sleep
Grab onto me
I can’t sleep
I’m going back

I can’t sleep
What can I do about that?
I can’t sleep
It’s only you

I know it’s over
I guess it’ll be fine (Source – 👉🏼 Color Coded Lyrics)




Victoria Song Poses For Her First Solo Album

Victoria Song is finally set to release her 1st solo album, and I am thrilled about this news. Seriously, I have been waiting for her to give us more music ever since she dropped “roof on fire” I love that song, and she brought solid choreography on that one.

This new album is self-titled – VICTORIA, and it will be released on May 19th. She has dropped some teasers. So that’s what I will be sharing with you all in this post.

(Please Note: none of these images are mine. I got them from official websites and social media sites.)

Let’s start with her first set of teaser images – img_6177img_6181img_6182

img_6183She is gorgeous, and I love that she isn’t afraid to be goofy.


Now here are the album concept photos – img_6185

I noticed that the images spell out her name. Honestly, I don’t know what to expect, but I feel Victoria is going to deliver fiercely.  Hence I am so excited about this album.

While waiting for the 19th, her old song – “roof on fire” will be on repeat. I know they took down the official music video from YouTube, but I was able to find a fan audio-video for you all –

Is anyone else excited about getting new music from Victoria Song????


PARK WON – all of my life: Song Of The Week

The song I have been listening to repeatedly this week is “all of my life” by PARK WON.


Park Won is a South Korean singer-songwriter. From 2011 to 2015, he was part of a duo act known as One More Chance. Currently, he works as a solo act.

I discovered this song late last year, and I immediately fell in love with PARK WON’s voice. I tend to stumble upon such gems randomly on Spotify. I am thrilled that I know this artist now because PARK WON’s emotional power and delivery is truly impeccable. He sounds like an angel on this song. The lyrics are really touching, so I hope you all enjoy listening to “all of my life” as much as I do.

Now because I was about to recommend this track to you all, I decided to check out the full EP for it, and I was even more amazed. PARK WON released the EP – OM on July 27th, 2017. There are four equally beautiful songs on there, but I gravitate more towards “all of my life” and “DOWN” –

HYNN – Bad Love: Song Of The Week

I didn’t give a song last week, therefore even though this is coming late, I don’t want to miss it.

My chosen song for this week is “Bad Love” by HYNN.


Park Hye-won, known by the stage HYNN, is a South Korean ballad singer born on January 15th, 1998. In 2016, she participated in the audition show – Superstar K and finished in the top three. HYNN is currently signed to New Order Entertainment, and she debuted in 2018 with the single “Let Me Out”

I decided to stick with something mellow because I’ve been in a chill mood lately. Plus, HYNN is such a phenomenal vocalist, and she brought to life every note she sang in this song. There is an iconic and beautiful high note when she sings “No, No, No, No… No, No, No, No… Bad Love” towards the end of the song. That note never fails to amaze me. She is really powerful, and I can’t wait to dive more into her discography.

I hope you all enjoy listening to “Bad Love” as much as I do.💕💕💕

Here is some extra content from HYNN if you’re interested –

Earlier this year, on March 31st, she released a new album titled When I tell you goodbye. I couldn’t review it because I was preoccupied with school at that time.

Finally!!! Paul Kim Is Releasing Part Two Of His Maum Album 😄🎊🎊😄

On April 10th, Paul Kim released a schedule and a one-minute preview video on YouTube for his upcoming EP. This EP is actually part two of his 2nd full-length album titled Maum or Heart, and it is set to drop on April 22nd. It will have five songs – “Hero” “But I’ll Miss You” “Overload”“Holiday” and – “The Reason For My Spring” img_4681

There will be a music video for every track, and he already released the first song “Overload” on April 13th. This song is also known as “Katalk”

The lyrics for “Overload” are very relatable, and I love the quirky and weird music video. I will save my detailed thoughts for when I write my album review.

Before I advance further, allow me to introduce this artist to those who might not know him.img_4627 Kim Tae-hyeong, popularly known as Paul Kim, is a South Korean singer-songwriter signed to Neuron Music. He debuted in 2014 with the single – “Would You Like Some Coffee?” He was born on February 11th, 1988, which makes him 32 years old internationally. I discovered him through his soundtracks for South Korean dramas, and he instantly became one of my top male vocalists. So far he has released one full-length album in two parts – The Road in 2017 and Tunnel in 2018, Two EPs – Song Diary and Her both in 2016, His ongoing second full-length album in two parts – Maum, Part 1 in 2019 and Maum, Part 2 set for April 22nd, 2020. He also has a good number of singles/collaborations, and his latest OST is “So Long” from Hotel del Luna. I absolutely love that OST, it is so beautiful.

Here is a live performance of the Hotel del Luna OST –

Back to the primary purpose of this post. The first part of Paul Kim’s second full-length album was released on October 7th, 2019, but I discovered it when I reacted to the follow-up single “Big Heart” on November 29th, 2019. If you want to read that review, use this link 👉🏼 Paul Kim – Big Heart: Music Review  

I fell utterly in love with the solemn/hopeful vibe of that song, so I started snooping around until I stumbled upon Maum, Part 1, which also has that same feel. My ultimate favourite song on it is “Empty”, but I enjoy listening to the full EP regularly. Here are all the songs on Part 1 – 

New Day

Begin Again


Young and Selfish

Dear Me

From the one minute preview he released last week Friday, I feel that Maum, Part 2 is going to be on a more quirky and romantic side. I am really thrilled about hearing Paul Kim’s heavenly voice again, and I just love the sentimental nature of the Maum collection, it soothes me. img_4682Is anyone else as excited for Paul Kim’s comeback?

Lim Kim – MINJOKYO(ENTRANCE) & YELLOW: Songs Of The Week

My chosen songs for this week are “MINJOKYO(ENTRANCE)” and “YELLOW” by Lim Kim. These two songs are my favourite from Lim Kim’s album – GENERASIAN. Recently, I have been listening to this EP a lot.

Kim Ye-rim, popularly known as Lim Kim, is a South Korean singer and former member of the duo known as Togeworl. She became known through the talent show – Superstar K3. Lim Kim was signed to MYSTIC Entertainment, but after her contract expired in 2016, she left the company. In 2019, after taking a three-year hiatus, Lim Kim came back as a totally different artist. She first released the digital single “SAL-KI” and then went on to release the EP titled GENERASIAN. Lim Kim is currently not signed to any company, which means she is an independent artist.

I discovered Lim Kim through the song “Awoo” in 2016. She has a beautiful voice, so I was quite sad that she wasn’t releasing new music. Late last year, I decided to look her up, and that was when I got to hear her new EP. I remember being so confused and shocked because of how different she sounded.

Yess, Lim Kim has always had a unique sound, but this new Lim Kim is also a rapper. She now sounds very powerful and unapologetic as she uses her music to discuss female liberation. Plus, her lyrics debunks the stereotypical western views of East Asian women. I love that she is using her platform to talk about social issues.

Also, I genuinely appreciate the fusion of modern music with traditional instruments and dances. I am not Korean; hence I do not understand all the subliminal messages, but I could tell that Lim Kim was bent on making a statement. I am very proud of her for taking an unconventional approach with her comeback. Here is an interview that explains why she took a long break and the reason for her new music direction –

Check out the live stages for “YELLOW” and another good song on the album titled “YO-SOUL” 

Listening to the EP – GENERASIAN was a full-blown experience for me. It is definitely not mainstream music, but personally, I enjoy diving into unconventional sounds every now and then. So if you are like me, go check out this EP –

Tia Ray – More: Song Of The Week

Hello everyone, it is officially the last day of 2019 over where I live, but I am sure that most of you are already in 2020. All the same, My wish is that you all experience the very best in the new year.

So I actually want to recommend an entire album. I randomly discovered 1212 by Tia Ray about a week ago, and I been listening to it a lot. Now one of my favourite songs from the album is “More”, so I decided to choose it as my song for this week, but in all honesty, all the other five songs on this mini by Tia Ray are equally great. img_2502Tia Ray is a Chinese singer. She began her career as a background singer for other Chinese singers like Jane Zhang and Ma Tianyu. In 2013, she participated in The Voice China and officially debuted with a self-titled album after the competition. She is currently sighed to Warner Music Group. While researching her, I discovered that she sang my favourite OST – “Waiting For You” from the Chinese series Bloody Romance. I absolutely loved the opening theme of that drama, and the fact that I can now find it on Spotify is fantastic.

I love how soft and sultry she sounds in “More”. The instrumental is not too loud but very groovy, and the background vocals on this track are so beautiful. Tia Ray has a very captivating voice. Listening to her is like taking a journey into paradise. I hope you guys enjoy listening to this song as well and check out the other tracks with this playlist link 👉🏼 Tia Ray – 1212

Tia Ray has definitely caught my attention, so my radar is on and waiting for a new release. So far, she has released music videos for three songs on the 1212 album. They are as follows – “Time Wasn’t Right” – “Complicated” – “Looking Out For You”:



KAI (Jung Ki-yeol) – KAI IN KOREA

I know most people might click on this post, thinking that I am about to talk about EXO’s Kai, but please do not be mistaken. The person I am referring to in this post is Jung Ki-yeol, who also goes by the stage name Kai.

Kai is a South Korean singer and musical theatre actor. He has starred in Korean theatre productions of popular musicals like A Tale of Two Cities, The Three Musketeers and Phantom. Most people might recognize him as one of the panellists on the popular singing variety show King of Mask Singer. I discovered him through a performance video that was recommended on YouTube. I was so stunned once he started singing.

Here is the video that introduced me to Kai –

My primary purpose for this post is to recommend his latest album titled Kai In Korea. This album was released on the 29th of October, 2019. It has a total of eight songs.

I am so happy that I was finally able to find it on Spotify. It is such a beautiful album, and even though it might not be the style that a lot of people enjoy, I still felt the need to share. He showcases a classical singing style, which is so relaxing, so anyone should be able to enjoy at least one or two tracks on the album. I love all the songs, but my favourites are – “Bluebird” – “Missing Home” – Promise Me” and – “The Beautiful World.”

Here is a preview of what each song sounds like –

The album is also available on iTunes.

Right now, I am trying to see if I can find English translations for each song. And if I do find any, I will add it to this post as an edit. But even without understanding the lyrics, I really enjoyed listening to this album.

I simply wanted to share a good find with my readers, so I hope you all give Kai In Korea a listen. Also, stay warm because winter is officially here. The snow is going up inch by inch each day, so take care.💕💕