Is The Live-Action of ‘Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku’ Worth A Watch?

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku, also known as It’s Difficult to Love an Otaku, is a 2020 Japanese live-action film based on a manga written and illustrated by Fujita. The manga’s name is Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii.

Synopsis: Momose Narumi is a 26-year-old otaku who enjoys reading boys’ love manga but hides it from others. She begins work at a new company and meets her old childhood friend Nifuji Hirotaka. Hirotaka is handsome and good at his job, but he is also an otaku. After work, Narumi and Hirotaka talk about their otaku interests. Hirotaka asks her if they can date, telling her it will be nice. They begin their relationship but face many hardships and difficulties. (source – MyDramaList)

Expectations: I remember ranting about this movie late last year. It was a detailed post explaining my love for the source material and how I felt about the upcoming film 👉🏼 My Excitement Is Real – WOTAKOI: LOVE IS HARD FOR OTAKU is getting a live-action film. YESSS🎊🎊🎊.

(warning – spoilers ahead)


Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku released in February, and I just saw it last week. It took me a while to watch it mainly because I was waiting for subtitles and HD quality. It’s interesting to see one of my favourite manga/anime come to life. I think Saito Takumi and Takahata Mitsuki did okay considering how the director/scriptwriter crafted things.

Alright, there goes my sweet intro. Belt up people because things are about to get sour. I have seen the anime, bought and read the manga, which proves my commitment. Therefore, I am fully authorized to comment.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring myself to partake in or even slightly enjoy the musical aspect introduced in this live-action. I’m probably mistaken about the target audience, but the musical scenes felt random, cringe and lasted way too long. I enjoyed Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii since it had a certain maturity level due to the office setting and the characters’ age group. I also loved the weird/witty comedy. Thankfully, that was left intact.

Nonetheless, this film completely threw out the source material’s fire and left me watching what I couldn’t exactly wrap my head around. Ladies and Gentlemen, I must admit that I could not bring myself to sit through the entire movie at this juncture. The frustration and utter disappointment were too real. Actually, throughout this week, I have been contemplating whether to write this review. I’m only giving myself the go-ahead to break down some significant elements that ultimately caused this film to go left –

  1. The replacement/partial removal of essential characters like Koyanagi Hanako and Kabakura Taro – In my opinion, the director didn’t showcase enough of them. Instead, he gave us two other support roles that took all their lines/screen time from the manga. Also, these newly found second leads weren’t essential to the story’s development.
  2. The director did a lot of tossing around with the story – It felt like he placed the source material on a chopping board and failed to puzzle it back correctly. The storyline was oddly out of place and felt too rushed. Don’t get me wrong, I know the manga was fast-paced, but at least the story flowed. By taking away specific essential roles in the live-action and mix-matching the timeline of specific events, everything else came off quite sloppy, in my opinion.
  3. Odd story progression leads to missed opportunities for good character development – Take, for example, The No-Otaku date that Narumi and Hirotaka had. I think it came too early in the film. Hence, it failed to accomplish the same understanding and growth brought to their relationship in the manga/anime version.

I could go on, but I’m going to end things here. Overall, Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku did not do its source material justice in any shape or form. I highly doubt that anyone would watch this film and become intrigued enough to pick up the manga. Maybe I’m too picky, and some people enjoyed this live-action. WHO KNOWS? Still, for me, this film gets a 4.5/10. To better understand how I rate each drama or movie, click 👉🏼 Drama|Movie Rating Guide.

If anyone is still interested in watching this movie and forming their own opinion, it is available on Dramanice with English subtitles.

I Just Discovered My Favourite Web Comic Character Ever!!!

Honestly, I have not been this excited about a comic character in such a long time. I somehow stumbled on this webcomic titled ‘Beware Of The Villainess’, and I am utterly in love with the female lead. She is a certified girl crush. Her attitude and narrative give me life on a big scale. img_0801-1This webcomic tells the story of a unique villainess who has been reborn into the word of a novel to overthrow everything! Why? Because she could not stand by and watch the female lead get manipulated by all four shitty male leads. This is the story of a pragmatic villainess, Melissa Foddebrat, who intends to eradicate all the jackasses, the friendly heroine, Yuri, who is equally irritated at the said idiots, and a wolf named Nine that only yearns for the villainess.

Just from the synopsis alone, anyone can tell that is about to be a weird story and hands down, ‘Beware Of The Villainess’ is the most refreshing ‘reincarnation into a novel world’ comic that I have read. Our villainess, Melissa Foddebrat, is an odd and intriguing character. She does not intend to change her fate or impress any of the male leads. She simply wants to live her villainous life as she dims fit, and I am here for that mindset. She is smart and also not a damsel in distress. My new found favourite character ensures that anyone who looks down on her either gets a well-deserved beating or thunderous words of wisdom. 

This story even goes further to give us a nice and genuine heroine who is also not tolerant of cliche and annoying male leads. img_0883Another exciting factor is that the potential romantic interest for Melissa Foddebrat is not the typical prince or duke. Nine is an adorable and somewhat clingy wolf. 

Plus, the dialogues and facial expressions from the characters are really hilarious. The writer and illustrator surely have a unique sense of humour. Like for real just looks at these – 


Every narrative for this story is new and exciting to me, including the novel’s four male leads. On the surface, they all look dashing and perfect, but they are actually the most annoying folks on the planet. 

Kudos to the writer for taking a different route with a known story troupe and making it work like this. I will definitely continue reading ‘Beware Of The Villainess’

To avoid more spoilers, I will stop my rant here. If anyone is interested in this webcomic, head to the Tapas website or app. It is titled “Beware The Villainess’ on there. Now, like many other webcomics, this story is based on a Korean novel, but unfortunately, there is no translated version yet, hence why I do not have a link.

I hope everyone has a great start to their day. I will meet you all again in a few hours.💕💕💕


Meet The Most Frustrating Emperor Ever In Remarried Empress

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great. I have been emotionally low recently, but I’m starting to feel better now. Last week I started reading a manhwa called Remarried Empress, and I feel like exploding from anger.

This manhwa is based on an ongoing Korean web novel of the same name written by Alpha Tart.

Summary: Navier was the perfect Empress; however, the Emperor wanted a wife, not a colleague. So, he neglected her and placed a slave girl beside him. That was fine until Navier heard the Emperor promise the slave girl the Empress position. After many ups and downs, Navier decides to accept a divorce from the Emperor on the condition that she would be allowed to remarry.

I kept on seeing this manwha everywhere on Instagram, so I decided to check it out. Now the character I am about to rant on is the black-haired guy in the left image above. This is going to be like a first impression of the manhwa, but I’ve also started the novel with this link 👉🏼 You can read chapter 1 – 174 on that site. The manhwa is available on the WEBTOON app or website.

Now there might be a few spoilers from here on, so read at your own discretion.

Basically, in this story, there’s the Eastern Kingdom and the Western Kingdom. Navier was trained from a young age to be the Empress of the Eastern Kingdom. Also, she and her husband, Emperor Sovieshu, are childhood friends, but suddenly he brings home a slave girl called Rashta. He then instructs Navier’s ladies-in-waiting to cater to Rashta. Mind you, these women are all concubines or wives of high ranking noble families allowed to serve only the Empress. This was the number one red flag that made me realize that Sovieshu was out to disrespect Navier’s position as Empress.

On the other hand, we have Rashta, who enjoys using her innocent looks to play the victim and manipulate others around her. She is super annoying, and Sovieshu always falls for her ‘crocodile tears.’😒😒😒img_5578Personally, I feel that Emperor Sovieshu is someone who needs an ego boost regularly. Since our dear Navier isn’t the most expressive or submissive type, he requires an egg, which is Rashta, to make him feel in control. He expects Navier to be happy whenever he gifts her precious jewelry. The lady in question here is clearly from an affluent household. Hence buying her jewelry will not necessarily make her excited. Also, from the montage in chapter one, I can tell that Navier was trained to be practical and logical. So if Sovienshu wants her to show more emotions, shouldn’t he have tried to spend more personal time with her? Maybe start with casual conversations because true affection can’t be bought with expensive jewelry.

Now, I know this is just a story, but because these characters affect my emotions after every read, I AM HENCEFORTH TAKING IT PERSONAL. I have my bet on Sovieshu regretting his decision to divorce Navier. And by that time, Empress Navier will have herself a new and better man in Heinley, Emperor of the Western Kingdom. I won’t go into detail on how Navier and Heinley met because that would spoil the one beautiful part of this story. So if you haven’t started Remarried Empress, go check it out now because these two have chemistry😍. Also, read the novel to go further in the story.

I have a strong feeling that Sovieshu and Navier actually have some underlying feelings for each other. However, due to Emperor Sovieshu’s way of handling things, he will lose his wife. SO PLEASE PERMIT ME TO LAUGH AHEAD OF TIME.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

That’s all I have for this post guys, I’m stopping here to avoid giving too many spoilers. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on Remarried Empress if you’re reading it.

It’s been so long since I did something manga/webtoon focused on this blog, so maybe I’ll start doing more of these first impressions. Please continue to stay safe, everyone.💕💕💕

My Excitement Is Real – WOTAKOI: LOVE IS HARD FOR OTAKU is getting a live-action film. YESSS🎊🎊🎊

I am literally dancing right now. Nothing can spoil this excitement. 2020 where are you? Also, I need a season two for the Anime. Let’s go 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼img_1664Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku, also known as Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Fujita. It tells the story of a female office worker named Narumi, who hides her fujoshi lifestyle and her close friend Hirotaka. He is a handsome and capable company man who also happens to be a game otaku. The two reunite in the same company after not being in contact too often since middle school. They begin to date and might seem perfect for each other, but love is hard for an otaku.

For clarification, Fujoshi is a Japanese term for female fans of manga, anime or novels that feature male-male relationships. And Otaku is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests in particular aspects of popular culture to the point that it affects their social skills.

This rom-com was first published as a web series on Pixiv. Pixiv is a Japanese online community for artists to showcase their illustrations and get feedback via a rating and comment system. On the 6th of  November 2015, Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku got picked for a joint manga publication project between Ichijinsha and Pixiv. Ever since then, seven volumes of the manga have been released. In 2018, A-1 Pictures aired the anime adaption of the manga, and a live-action film will premiere in Japanese theatres on February 7th, 2020.

Here is a trailer of the anime for anyone interested – 

This is my favourite rom-com story. I watched the anime first, and I fell in love. So I went ahead to purchase the manga. I already read volumes 1-6. The English version comes with two volumes per book. So that is why you will see only three books in the image below. Once I have enough money, I plan to preorder the upcoming volumes because I am addicted, and I NEED MORE. Okay, I need to calm down. Where was I again?….  YES LIVE-ACTION FILM.

The live-action will star Takahata Mitsuki as Momose Narumi, Yamazaki Kento as Hirotaka Nifuji, Nanao as Koyanagi Hanako and Saito Takumi as Kabakura Tarou.img_2049

So far two trailers have been released –

As much as I am excited, I am also worried🤦‍♀️. What if it does not live up to my expectations. I truly enjoyed the anime, and it is one of those few that I could rewatch so many times. Also, the fact that I got a paper copy of the manga means that I am already too committed to this story. So if the live-action is messed up, I will be severely disappointed. From the trailers, I anticipate that it will be okay. Plus, Takahata Mitsuki is a great actress, so I have hope. Anyways, even though the movie does not turn out great, I am still pumped for its release.

Also, I am waiting for season two of the anime. There is no official date yet, and I feel the producers might need more time because currently there is not enough source material for a second season.

If you have seen the anime or read the manga for Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku, please leave your mini-review in the comment section. I would love to get various opinions on this story. That is all I have for this post, so bye for now.💕💕💕

My Favourite Webtoons

Hello, hello.

How is everyone doing? I hope you are all adapting well to the change of season. Please wear warm clothes to avoid catching a cold. Your health is important💕💕.

For today’s post, I will be sharing a few of my favourite webtoons/webcomics. I absolutely love reading webtoons. The fact that I can see the characters and scenes in colour really pleases me. I could spend hours reading different webtoons, so far as the chapters are available.

Currently, I have two comic apps that I regularly use – TappyToon and WEBTOON. Both apps allow logged-in users to save their favourite comics and also keep track of their reading progress. With TappyToon, the first few chapters are free, but the rest are locked and can only be opened with purchased tokens.  

WEBTOON, on the other hand, provides free access to all chapters expect you the reader feels the need to fast track. A few of the comics have what they call Fast Pass, and you will need to buy coins to read them. This is not compulsory to do unless you just cannot wait for the regular update time. Another bonus for WEBTOON is that some comics have lovely background scores attached to specific chapters, so that makes reading even more fun. 

Note: both apps do have desktop versions available.

Now in no particular ranking here is my webtoon/webcomic list –

  • SubZeroimg_0970

Summary: What would you sacrifice to save your family? How far would you go to protect your people? For Clove, the last princess of a near-extinct Dragon clan, the answer is unthinkable: MARRY your greatest sworn enemy to bring peace to your land – source: WEBTOON.

This is definitely one of the best webtoons out now. The art is impressive, and the background scores are beautiful and well suited to their assigned chapters.  From the summary, you can tell that it falls under the romance genre, but the storyline adds in the needed intensity that keeps the reader intrigued and always wanting more. So far, I have spent some coins to get the Fast Pass for this webtoon because the writer loves teasing me with cliffhangers. I really like Clove’s character. I admire that she is not just a damsel in distress but rather fights for herself and her people. SubZero is available on WEBTOON, and new chapters are posted every Monday.

  • Ghost Tellerimg_1004-e1570444384962.png

Summary: You think your ghost stories are scary? Try listening to these stories from the ghosts themselves – source: WEBTOON.

Another awesome webtoon. The concept of ghosts telling horror stories about humans is fresh, and it definitely makes this webtoon stand out from other horror-themed webtoons. I absolutely loved reading season one, and I am excited to get right into season 2. Although this is categorized as horror, I personally do not think there is anything super scary about it. So no worries, you will be able to sleep well after reading it 😂😂😂. The primary purpose of the storyline is to prove that some humans can be scarier than ghosts. Ghost Teller is available on WEBTOON, and new chapters are added every Sunday.

  • Age Mattersimg_0975

Summary: She’s a hopeless romantic who’s turning 30 – and is not super happy about it. He’s a reclusive billionaire who’s hired her to be his assistant – and he’s not too pleased about that either. Together they rewrite the rules of friendship, love, work and the BEST way to clean someone’s apartment – source: WEBTOON.

This webtoon is perfect for anyone who loves a good and well written, slow-paced romance story. Now when I say slow-paced, I do not mean the crawling and tiring kind. Basically, what I am trying to say is do not expect the lead characters to start dating by chapter twenty. It takes a while for them to get into the romantic phase of their relationship, but the chemistry and possibility can be felt from the first few chapters. Age Matters has excellent characters and some mystery to the storyline, so anyone can enjoy reading it. It is available on WEBTOON. Currently on hiatus but will be back on the 9th of October, which is tomorrow.

  • Light and Shadowimg_1011

Summary: It’s a rude insult when lowly and headstrong servant Edna comes to marry Duke Eli, instead of the noble daughter he expected. But the ambitious maid hides an even bigger secret behind her obvious ruse – one that could change the kingdom’s history. Can the two find freedom, redemption – and love – without drawing their swords on each other? – source: TappyToon.

This is one webcomic I always go back to read. I am obsessed with it. It is a regular romance and drama comic, but I admire the love and trust that develops between the lead characters. Warning – there are a few mature scenes in the beginning. I also love that we get a strong female character. So yes, when I have romance, a reasonable amount of drama and strong-willed characters, what else do I need. That is why I always go back to read it again and again. The complete chapters of Light and Shadow are available on TappyToon.

  • Freaking Romanceimg_1013.jpg

Summary: A sexy supernatural story about being out on your own. Imagine finding your dream apartment and discovering that your new place is haunted by a handsome spectral stranger from another dimension. Sure, HE can’t see you and YOU can’t touch him, but who said every relationship starts out perfect? – source: WEBTOON.

This almost reminds me of the Korean drama W: Two Worlds with the two different dimensions, but the only difference here is that they are both real humans. The art on this is stunning, and the colours really stand out. From the title, you can expect a weird romance story with funny but very relatable characters. From the chapters I have read, there is still a lot of mystery around why these two dimensions exist, so I am interested in finding out more. Freaking Romance is available on WEBTOON, and it is updated every Sunday.

  • Adelaideimg_0985

Summary: 17 years after her own reincarnation, Adelaide hears that a dimensional traveller has suddenly arrived at the imperial palace. Just the jolt of excitement my boring life needed, she thought! Attending the debutant ball to meet this new Susanne. Adelaide ends up making a deal with the handsome duke Felix: become his “fake” fiancee so he can keep the gold-digging Susanne away from him! As Felix warms to his companion. Can Adelaide win this battle for his heart? – source: TappyToon.

I have noticed that this storyline of reincarnation and being reborn in the past is quite rampant on TappyToon lately. But Adelaide happens to be the only one of such stories to have piqued my interest. I love Adelaide and how she handles things. She is so laid back, smart and fearless. This webcomic is categorized as romance, fantasy and comedy. It is a cute love story that guarantees a relaxing read. All released chapters are available on TappyToon, with new updates every Tuesday.

  • Purple Hyacinthimg_0978

Summary: Her ability to detect lies has made her an outstanding officer of the law. Despite being haunted by her inability to save the ones she loved from a gruesome fate many years ago. Now, she uses her powerful gift to defend the defenceless at any cost. Even if it means teaming up with a deadly assassin to fight evil in a world gone mad – source: WEBTOON.

This happens to be one of my recent discoveries. Even though I got into reading it quite late, I am glad I gave it a glance because it turned out to be a good webtoon. The background scores on this webtoon are pure genius. Kudos to the creators for putting in so much work. Also, the artwork on this is another masterpiece. This does not have many chapters out yet, but so far, it is a promising story to follow. Purple Hyacinth is categorized into the drama genre. It is available on WEBTOON and updates every Tuesday.

  • Rebirthimg_1008

Summary: What would you do if you are given a second chance to turn back time and relive your past? Would you repeat what you did in the past for fear of the butterfly effect? Or would you take a different course of action and let the future speak for itself? – source: WEBTOON.

I just started reading this. It seems to be a great fantasy/sci-fi series. This webtoon is centred on the survival of a family after some form of zombie apocalypse takes place. It is something different from my regular reads, but so far, I am enjoying it. I find it funny that I do not mind ghost stories, but zombies kind of creep me out. Anyways Rebirth is available on WEBTOON, and new chapters are added every Wednesday.

  • Imitationimg_0990

Summary: Rising sensation Maha joins the new girl group Tea Party, after videos of her imitating other singers go viral. Ryoc, a member of the boy band Shax, is skeptical of her talent at first for being a fake. But as they keep crossing paths in the hectic music industry, they soon become a couple that must hide their relationship from the prying eyes of fans and fellow idols. Can ‘imitation’ Maha find it in herself to become a real star? – source: TappyToon.

This centers around the life of Korean Popstars and how hard they have it maintaining romantic relationships. I have finished reading season one, and I am almost done reading the second season. I really pray that the relationship of the main couple stands firm through all the trails. Fighting!!!. Imitation has three seasons, but there is a side story still running for it, so new chapters are added every Thursday. Another great romantic-comedy, and it is available on TappyToon.

  • What’s Wrong with Secretary Kimimg_0987-e1570446294805.jpg

Summary: Handsome, loaded, and arrogant Young Joon is the VP of a major corporation. Miso has been his perfect secretary, practically legend for surviving her narcissistic boss for 9 long years. But now that she’s quitting, is there really nothing — or no one — that can stop her from walking away? – source: TappyToon.

I am sure that many people have seen the Korean drama version of this webtoon because It was quite popular.img_0988 I started reading the webtoon before the drama version was announced. I really enjoyed the drama. I think they picked good actors and did well in bringing the story to life. The webtoon is complete with all chapters available on TappyToon. So if you really loved the drama, you might want to check out the webtoon.

That is all I have for this post. I know not everyone who visits my blog is interested in webtoons, but I still wanted to share. I enjoy doing a lot of things, so why not reach out to others like me who love dipping their hands into so many things at once 😂😂😂😂.

This one is dedicated to my people who jump from dramas to anime then to webtoons/manga and finally chill with some good Kpop or Cpop. I SEE YOU ALL

So until my next post, take care 💖💖.


The Taming of the Shrew, also known as Taming the Tomboy, is a Korean webtoon written by Biai. It falls under the drama, historical, romance and shoujo genre. It has a total of forty-three chapters.

This is my first webtoon review on this blog, so I am going to make it short and straightforward.img_0438

Summary: Bianca, the daughter of a wealthy family, announces her desire to get married but is forbidden to do so on the condition that her cold and stubborn elder sister Katherina must be married first. Bianca then schemes up a plan to have someone seduce and propose to Katherina in less than a month. She chooses the playboy Petruchio for the job.

For those who might not know, this webtoon’s story is actually based on a play of the same name, which was written by William Shakespeare between 1590 and 1592. The original storyline is now considered to be quite controversial, but I will not go into detail on that. This webtoon is simply a non-controversial and fun version of the original play.

(Warning – spoilers ahead)

Overall this was a great read. The storyline was great, the characters had substance and were actually developed nicely. Another good trait of this webtoon was the excellent comedic timing. Also, when reading a webtoon, I really take note of the art because I might not be able to get to the end if I do not like the art style. So I was pleased with this webtoon because the art for it is stunning. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now onto the main characters:

Katherina – behind her cold and stubborn exterior, she is actually a really caring person. She is very straightforward, and I loved her savage replies to Petruchio whenever he tried to show off his skills. She is brave and goes for whatever she wants, but because of her selfless love for her sister, she decided at a young age to remain in the shadows and let Bianca have the spotlight.  Thankfully by the end of the webtoon, she deals with Bianca by letting her know that what she did was wrong and selfish.

Petruchio – the playboy who hopelessly lost to the game of love. He really thought it was going to be easy, but he fell in love with Katherina first. I wanted him to fall in love first so that he could have a test of his own medicine, but then it hits him even harder when he could not be with Katherina because of his past deeds (no need to worry, they still end up together). 

Bianca – The least she could have done was to get a proper man to court her sister, but I guess we needed Petruchio to fulfill the plot. Her jealousy, selfishness and fake attitude almost cost her to lose her fiancé. But I am glad that she apologized and changed her ways.

By the end of the webtoon, a few lessons should be noted –

  • Do not encourage bad behaviour, call it out before it gets too far. Katherina gave up a lot just to please her sister, but Bianca got more selfish as the years went by. It would have been better to discipline her on how to share the spotlight equally with her sister. This is why I loved it when Sir Lucentio broke off his engagement with Bianca after finding out that she paid Petruchio to seduce her sister.
  • Karma always hits. Your wrongdoings will catch up with you. Petruchio’s wayward ways came back to bite him when he finally found someone that he genuinely loved. In real life, we might not get a happy ending like Petruchio. So try to be kind to others because you never know who might pop up in your life again.
  • A mistake does not prevent you from redeeming yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, but what really matters is what actions we take when we realize our mistakes. Do we just cover them up or try to own up to it. This can be really hard because it takes a matured person to say sorry with ease.

I really enjoyed reading The Taming of the Shrew. Feel free to leave your opinion of the webtoon if you have read it. If you have not read it yet, then go check it out. I promise you a really delightful read.

My rating: 9/10img_0524






Manga Rock Shut Down

Hello everyone,

From the title, you can already tell what this post is about.

Now, Why Do I Care?

Well, because they were my number one go-to site. I also use Tappytoon and WEBTOON, but Manga Rock was a staple site for me. I also have a few webtoon reviews that I am currently working on, and I planned to use links from Manga Rock. Lastly, I recently used a link from their website on my blog, so I feel the need to inform my readers about the shutdown. To know why they are shutting down, check out this link – Reasons for Manga Rock’s Shut Down

To support their redemption plan, I will no longer link illegal manga pirating sites on my blog.  I understand that the original writers put a lot of time, dedication and passion into their work, and it is unfair that they are continually being ripped off. So with my little platform, I am trying to support their hard work. Honestly, as a reader, it is somewhat unpleasant to pay for every single manga I read, but when I think of how much the writers are loosing due to pirating, I also feel bad. So I will not link such sites to my blog any longer. Now according to Manga Rock, their systems will still be running for a while even after the shutdown. So you can still finish anything you are reading before it all disappears.Screenshot (52)Screenshot (53)

Sorry for any inconvenience caused to my readers, but once they get back with their new site, which will be known as MR Comics, I will be back to adding the available links that I can find. For now, I plan to find other legal manga sites that will not cost me much because I am sure that most of them will require payment.

So that is guys, just some little update.


The King’s Avatar (Quanzhi Gaoshou)

The King’s Avatar (Quanzhi Gaoshou) is a light novel written by Hu Dielan.tumblr_op4xuxSep11uaylcyo4_500Sypnosis: Ye Xiu, a professional e-sports player for the online game Glory. He is considered by others to be the best player in the game. However, due to some reasons, Ye Xiu is kicked out from his long term team and made to leave the pro-gaming scene. He later takes up a job as the night-shift manager at an internet cafe where he meets Chen Guo. She is the owner of the cafe and is also interested in forming a new e-sports team. While planning his return to the competitive scene, he keeps playing to develop his skills and find talented players for his team.

The main reason for my post today is to share my excitement💃🤗💃 for the current ongoing live-action series and the upcoming second season of the anime version for The King’s Avatar.

To prepare for the upcoming series, I started reading the English translation of the original novel – Quanzhi Gaoshou Full Novel

The anime version of The King’s Avatar was first released on April 7, 2017, by the Chinese internet streaming platform Tencent. It got a lot of attention and love internationally, and so three special episodes were released for fans on April 27, 2018. Currently, there is a season 2 of the anime series in works, and it was set to release this summer. Unfortunately, the release date has been pushed back a lot, so I am not sure if it has been released yet, but I am looking into that.7d5426972e9ad8ab0615155c68bd73cb So far, I have completed season 1 and the OVA (i.e. the three extra episodes), and I can guarantee that it was intriguing from start to finish. I loved 😍😍 everything about it, and that is why I am so excited to see season 2.

Here a link to the English subbed episodes of season 1: Quanzhi Gaoshou (2017)

Season 2 teaser/trailer:

– Season 2 concept trailer:

There is also an upcoming anime movie called The King’s Avatar Movie: For The Glory. It is set to premiere on August 16th of this year. It is a prequel to the storyline of season 1. The focus will be on Ye Xiu’s beginnings before he became the pro-player that we all know and love. I am also hyped 🙌🏼 for this. Hopefully, they stick to the announced date.The Kings Avatar Prequel Movie For The Glory – trailer 1:

– trailer 2:

– Behind the scenes:

Now for the live-action version. The main cast includes Yang Yang as Ye Xiu, Lai Yu Meng as Su Mu Cheng, Daisy Li as Tang Rou and Maggie Jiang as Chen Guo. It premiered yesterday and will run for 40 episodes. This series is also produced by Tencent. I loved Yang Yang in LOVE O2O, so I really hope that this version does not disappoint. yang yangHere is the trailer:

Episodes of the live-action can be found on NETFLIX and WeTV App with English subtitles.

Anyways, that is it for this post. I just felt the need to share how excited I am for all the upcoming and ongoing TKA projects.

So until my next post, take care.