My Pictorial|Poster Faves: Visual Kings

I planned not to post anything this weekend because I have to study for an upcoming test. But oh well… here I am😂.

I made one for the ladies, so of course, the guys have to follow suit. Here are the male celebrities that always serve looks no matter the concept or outfit assigned to them.

(Please note: none of the images are mine, I got them from official websites and social media sites.)

img_2778img_2782Deng Lun on the cover of Esquire China January 2020 Issue. I remember watching him for the first time in Because of Meeting You and I instantly fell in love. He is so good looking, and I love the way he talks.


img_2994img_2992img_2993Jeremy Jones Xu for Men’s Health China. Oh, he is healthy, alright🤭🤭🤭. My draw towards him tends to be on and off, depending on the drama or photo. He is definitely doing too much in these photos.🤩🤩


img_2920img_2922Seong Hwa’s teaser images for the latest albums from his group. While reacting to “Answer”, he was the first member that caught my attention. He is so beautiful and also has a lovely voice.


img_1829img_1828This is an older photoshoot of Ji Chang Wook from 1st Look Korea, but I could not resist adding it because he is hot.


img_2643Zhu Yi Long for Dragon TV’s New Year’s Eve celebration. He is one of my favourite Chinese actors, and I cannot wait for him to get a lead role in a very intriguing and romantic series. I have seen him as the lead in one romance show so far, but the storyline was not the best.


img_2407One of the pictures from the set released by Zhang Han’s studio at the end of last year. Orange looks beautiful on him.


img_2880img_2879The swag daddy himself, Jackson Wang, for the 2019 Weibo Awards Ceremony. He always slays in turtle neck shirts. He looks cute, though, with that pouty face in the second image.


img_2861img_2864Lee Min Ho was the actor that introduced me to Korean dramas, so he always has a place in my heart. I am looking forward to his upcoming show with Kim Go Eun.


img_2835img_2834Zhang Binbin for the 2019 China Literature Super IP Gala in Shanghai. For some reason, I have not seen any of his lead role dramas. Anyways he is a good actor and a handsome man to plus.


img_2776img_2889img_2891Han Geng, Kim Jaejoong and Tomohisa Yamashita have been friends for over a decade, and recently, they were the cover stars for COSMOPOLITAN China February Issue. I am very familiar with Yamapi and Jaejoong, but I am just getting to know Han Geng. All the same, they look great.


img_2153This is an older photo of Shawn Duo for COSMOPOLITAN China’s digital issue and his most recent shoot for Jaguar. Another one of my favourite Chinese actors. I absolutely love his smile.img_2892


img_2923img_2921Another ATEEZ member that caught my attention during my reaction. These are also teaser images, and I love Hong Joong’s edgy look.


And last on my list is Ma Tianyu. These are recent photos from a CCTV Little New Year gala recording he attended in Ningbo. I remember seeing him in Ice Fantasy, and I was so starstruck from his beauty. img_2896img_2894

My Pictorial|Poster Faves: Take A Second Look

I am enjoying coming up with names for each of these pictorial posts. It is so much fun😂😂😂😂. Basically, this set mostly includes photos and posters that have detailed and intriguing elements. Therefore they require more than one look to be genuinely appreciated.

(Please note: none of the images are mine, I got them from official websites and social media sites.)

img_2664img_2999img_2663Zhou Dongyu on the cover of the inaugural issue of MiniBAZAAR. She was photographed by Chen Man, and she looks like a winter pixie fairy. SO PRETTY.


img_2807img_2805img_2809img_2806Crystal Zhang poses as the Four Auspicious Beasts of Chinese mythology on the cover of FHM China. These images are so intriguing. I could stare at them all day.


img_2738img_2737Posters of main characters in the Chinese historical drama – Royal Nirvana. I love how it looks like a painting and their outfits flow into the black strokes.


img_2929img_2928img_2930img_2986Xiao Zhan looks intriguingly different on the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR China February 2020 Issue. He was photographed by Chen Man. He has now taken the record for the highest sales for a solo cover at 10million RMB in total sales value!


My Pictorial|Poster Faves: Visual Queens

There are celebrities that always wow me with their looks for editorial shoots. And this is not about beauty because I believe that everyone person is gorgeous in their own right. Instead, it is about their ability to nail every concept or outfit assigned to them. I am talking about fashion queens, the ones who always make a statement. I like to refer to such individuals as Visual Queens.

(Please note: none of the images are mine, I got them from official websites and social media sites.)

The first lady of all is Ni Ni. She nails every shoot I have seen her in. img_2459Ni Ni recently graced the cover of LEON China as the first female artist to take that spot in the ten-year history of the magazine.

img_2227img_2244img_2228She is stunning in this royal blue gown from Alex Perry during her attendance to iQiYi Scream Night 2020. She won the Award for Drama Actress of the Year with her most recent series – Love and Destiny.

img_2145Here she is again on the cover of NY Times Traver Magazine China. Honestly, most times, Ni Ni looks like a painting to me.


Next on this list is King Taeyeon. I have featured her a lot on my pictorial faves because she looks gorgeous in every photo. img_2773This is a teaser image for her upcoming repackaged album. I love the makeup look.

img_2908img_2909More teaser images for PURPOSE – The 2nd Album Repackage.


🥁🥁🥁 – the one and only Fang Bingbingimg_2814img_2815img_2817This are cover photos for the latest issue of Flaunt Magazine. I love the gothic, wet hair concept. She is rocking this look effortlessly.


img_2849img_2848img_2850Lee Seol is radiant in this sun beamed photoshoot for Allure Korea. Her expressions and poses are what draws attention to these images.


img_2867img_2862img_2863Shin Min Ah looks quite haunting and very pretty in these photos for DAZED Korea. img_2868

She has this unique look about her that I really adore, and she is a wonderful actress as well. img_2818


img_2685img_2684Japanese model Koki never fails to give her best in every shoot or cover she graces. These are cover photos for the inaugural issue of MiniBAZAAR.


And of course, even though I do not have many photos of her. I cannot leave out the gorgeous Song Hye Kyo, who practically stuns in everything she wears. b4f30a11-c787-42bb-a4fa-3f92c32e0242-8690-0000068ab74eab1cHer beauty is breathtaking.


img_2832img_2831img_2830Chinese pop star Naomi Wang Ju glitters in Nicole + Felicia for the Lifestyle Media Style Gala – Youture.

img_2194img_2193She loves her blinks. In this second photo, she is wearing Blurberry at the 2019 Sina Style Awards – Multiverse in Beijing.


And last on today’s list is mummy Victoria Song. img_2787img_2795img_2794Victoria for NEUFMODE MAGAZINE. You all know I am attracted to red, so these photos are very appealing to me. I love how fierce she looks.

And even when she has on softer makeup for her shoot with Chanel Beauty, Victoria still exudes grace and beauty. img_2797img_2796

My Pictorial|Poster Faves: Vault Release Edition

Sometimes when creating this kind of post, most pictures do not fit the chosen theme. So they remain on my phone for way too long. 2020 is here; therefore, it is time to let go.

Basically, this is a vault release of all photos that caught my attention but did not make a themed cut yet –

(Please note: none of the images are mine, I got them from official websites and social media sites.)

First on my list is the Chinese actress Crystal Zhang in MIKAEL D for Esquire China’s 16th Man At His Best Award. She looks stunning in this white gown. img_2406img_2119img_2118


img_2141Cecilia Boey for NeufMode Magazine. I featured some other photos from this shoot in my Red Signifies A Lot Edition. This is actually my favourite because of how colourful it is.


img_1813Han Ji Min looks really radiant in this shoot for HIGH CUT Korea.


img_2214Li Meng graces the Men’s Uno China December 2019 Issue. I adore this kind of flowy gowns a lot. 


img_2225img_2224Chang Chen’s look for iQiYi Scream Night 2020. He won the Award for Drama Actor of the year that night with his recent series – Love and Destiny. He caught me off guard in the right way. He looks so chiselled.


img_1830Korean actor and singer Chani looks good in this casual shoot. I am kind of unsure about the magazine this is for, but I think it is HIGH CUT Korea.


img_2136Deng Lun for the documentary variety show – Palace Museum. He looks angelic and innocent in this photo.


img_2851img_1825img_1824Seo Ji Hye always breathes elegance. She is one of the most beautiful women I have seen, and her fashion taste is also incredible.


img_2402img_2401Yuan Bingyan for a Tiffany & Co. event in Shanghai. Every little detail for this look certainly stands out. The makeup, jewelry, hairstyle and dress fit so well together.


img_2205img_2207Janice Man glows in her gorgeous gown for the closing ceremony of the 2nd Hainan Island International Film in Sanya.


img_2362img_2360Elaine Zhong in Chloe at the premiere of her film Liberation in Beijing. She is lovely in yellow.


img_2086Xuan Lu on the cover of ONCE Magazine. I love her smile.


img_2553img_2552Leo Luo updated his Weibo recently with a beautiful set of pictures. He looks good in white, and I am looking forward to all his dramas set for release this year.


img_2138Newlyweds Lin Chi-ling and Akira strike a few poses for the cover of COSMOPOLITAN China January 2020 Issue.


Someday Or One Day: Drama Review – Episode 1-7

Someday Or One Day is an ongoing Taiwanese drama that airs every Sunday. It started broadcasting on the 17th of November 2019. It is set to have thirteen episodes. img_1569Sypnosis: The year is 2019. Huang Yu Xuan pines for the love of her life, her long-time boyfriend, Wang Quan Sheng. She continually checks his social media pages, hoping he will call her, asking to get back together. But one fateful night, Huang Yu Xuan gets hit by a car. She regains consciousness and sees a man she believes to be Wang Quan Sheng sitting by her hospital bedside. She thinks she has finally been reunited with her beloved Wang Quan Sheng! But there’s a huge twist. She is no longer a 27-year-old woman but is now a high school student named Chen Yun Ru. The year is now 1998. And the man by her bedside is not her boyfriend, but a schoolmate named Li Zi Wei. Trapped in what appears to be the past, living another person’s life, she eventually comes to realize that the traffic “accident” that landed Huang Yu Xuan in the hospital may not have been an accident after all. And Chen Yun Ru’s own reasons for being hospitalized are also shrouded in mystery. (Source – Viki).

Use this link to access all released episodes of this drama 👉🏼 Someday or One Day with English Subtitles on Viki

Expectations: This was on my watchlist way before it started airing, so I do have very high hopes for it. The storyline seemed intriguing, and if executed properly, it could be an outstanding drama. Plus, Alice Ke is the lead actress, and her acting is standard, so I have a strong feeling that I will not be disappointed. My only fear is that it might fall to the same dragged-out pace issue that most Taiwanese series face, but I am willing to give it a shot.

(warning -spoilers ahead)


This drama definitely has all the elements of a well-written project. It showcases romance, suspense, comedy, twists and time-travel. The complexity keeps you intrigued and continuously wondering about what might be coming up next. What theories might be the correct one, and who is who exactly? I am genuinely enjoying every moment.

Before I begin to rant about my thoughts and the aspects that I love, let me discuss ONE thing that could be improved on. The pacing. A massive chunk of episodes one and five felt like fillers. Not a lot of essential details were presented, so in my opinion, it was quite slow. The overall pacing for this drama is okay, but I still think they could pick things up a bit more by reducing the length of some unimportant scenes. Ride more on the thrilling feel, or else people might feel that things are taking too long to unravel. Another thing, Taiwanese dramas tend to have these over-exaggerated characters that are put in to lighten up the mood. An excellent example of one in this show is Ah Tuo. I tend to love or dislike such characters depending on their scenes. So far, they have not shown much of him, so I have no thoughts about his role. Now unto the good stuff –

I am enjoying the OSTs. I absolutely love every song, so I had to add them all to my playlist. The short cameos that happened in the first episode were good. It was nice to see Joanne Tseng as Sunny, the fake animal whisperer. But she was correct about Jesus and 32, so maybe her radar is just faulty.😂😂

Alice Ke did not disappoint as always. She is an amazing actress. She did an outstanding job of portraying the vastly different emotions and expressions of Huang Yu Xuan and Chen Yu Run. All the other actors were also amazing because their interactions were really natural. I appreciate the comedic scenes. They were not much but definitely enough to help release the tension on wanting to know who the killer is. I also commend how forward the characters are with their feelings. Nothing was dragged out for too long. Issues that could have led to a fight or misunderstanding were dealt with immediately.  Perfect. I love watching mature shows like this.

After watching the first two episodes, I had a feeling that Wang Quan Sheng might actually be from the past, and you all should have seen my face when it was finally confirmed to be true. Which means all this while, Li Zi Wei was the one dating Huang Yu Xuan. Even though I had predicted it, it was still a bit surprising to see how it happened. My next guess is that maybe after the plane crash, Li Zi Wei’s soul returned to his original body that was probably in a coma all this while. From the beginning of the drama, I was interested in knowing what connected both timelines. Now, I can tell that it is the walkman that allows them to time travel. Also, the period spent in the past or future is not definite.

Okay, let me state clearly that I was not thrilled about having best friends fight over the same girl. I have mentioned a few times in previous posts that love triangles stress me. Thankfully things progressed differently with this drama, so I hope that they can make some changes to what happened in the past. Because Mo Jun Jie likes Chen Yun Ru, and Li Zi Wei likes Huang Yu Xuan. So I hope that both couples will get a chance to be together by the end of the drama. Also, it looks like Mo Jun Jie was jailed for the murder of Chen Yun Ru, but I do not believe that he killed her. The killer might be that class monitor that happens to be Huang Yu Xuan’s doctor in 2019. He is a whole lot of creepy, and the fact that he likely killed Cai Wen Rou is evidence. Furthermore, he stalks and hallucinates about Yun Ru… HE REALLY CREEPS ME OUT.

The friendship of the three from the past ended on a tragic note. One is jailed for the murder of another, and the surviving person suffered two severe accidents. I sincerely hope that this time travel can help resolve things. Also, one of the primary reasons why I want Yun Ru to live is because the girl was so depressed. I want her to come back and see that she was actually loved. At least Huang Yu Xuan has helped improve her relationship with the mom and brother. Although Mo Jun Jie still remains the only person who truly misses the real Chen Yun Ru.

With seven episodes, we are already halfway through the show. I wonder what will happen next. I think they might focus on changing the past and figuring out who the real killer is. The situation with Chen Yun Ru’s murder could be a lot more complicated than it seems. I have a feeling that there will be a twist, or at least I am hoping for one. Six more episodes, so I hope they keep up. Please do not disappoint me.

I will do my regular character analysis on my next review. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on Someday or One Day in the comment section.


Queen: Love and War: Drama Review – Episode 1-4

Queen: Love and War is an ongoing Korean historical drama that airs every Saturday and Sunday. It started broadcasting on December 14th of 2019, and it will have a total of sixteen episodes. Screenshot (9)Sypnosis: Kang Eun Bo is on a mission to find the person that murdered her twin sister. She vows to bring whoever it is to justice. But during the Joseon Dynasty era (1392-1910), the only woman with the power to order a manhunt for a murderer is the Queen. So Kang Eun Bo resolves to become Queen. To do so, she must first win the heart of King Lee Kyung. After entering the palace as a candidate for the position of queen, Kang Eun Bo discovers that winning the king’s favour will not be easy. The royal court is already filled with beautiful young women who hope to marry the king. But when the king suddenly realizes that he recognizes Kang Eun Bo from a dream, the two begin to form an unlikely bond.

English subbed episodes of this show are available on Viki 👉🏼 Queen: Love and War on Viki

My Expectations: I do not expect much from the series because I initially did not plan to watch it. Viki kept on promoting it, so I decided to check it out and know what the push was all about. My only prayer is that they will not make me spend hours watching sixteen episodes of the antagonists consistently winning and then give me a rushed finale. Please be good 🙏🏼🙏🏼

(warning – spoilers ahead)


Honestly, I will have to say that as of now, there is nothing special about this drama. It is pretty much the standard Sageuk formula with revenge, political fights and the constant kdrama cliche of childhood romance. The murder mystery is the only thing keeping me glued. The first two episodes were just there, but by the third one, the story started picking up.

Okay, let me backtrack a little bit. I absolutely love the one-minute intro for this drama, most notably the soundtrack that plays during that time. I was thoroughly entranced by it. I also love the costume colours. Historical series are always a beauty to watch because of the colours and elegance.

Now the timeline arrangement in the first few minutes of episode one was quite confusing, but I knew that there was going to be a flashback that will provide an explanation. So that was not much of an issue. One thing I noticed is that everyone related to the palace has a hidden agenda, and they are all scheming towards achieving their plans. A few still have their mask on (cough)😶 – Lee Jae Hwa. Even Eun Gi was aware that the girl the king met was her twin sister, but yet she went along with his assumption. It was still sad that she died, but she was also not truthful.

In the first two episodes, Lee Kyung came off as a very naive ruler. By openly showing his affection for a candidate before the final stage, he had already put her life in danger. Also, he made promises without making plans that ensured his word. Thankfully, he has learnt, and we can see him showcases his tricks and brains in court. I hope that he gets more people on his side soon and that he actually succeeds in protecting Eun Bo this time around. Another thing – the gunshot to the king’s head, did it actually go through or was it just a graze. I am trying not to question it, but that plotline is kind of questionable because I am not sure of how deep the injury was.

Anyways, I think Lee Jae Hwa might be the gunman that shot Eun Bo’s twin sister. He is sketchy, I do not like two-faced individuals. And I am so not looking forward to the love triangle that is about to go down. Love triangles drain my energy.

Lastly, am I the only one that feels like the synopsis for this drama does not exactly go in sync with the story that has been shown so far. It does not mention that Eun Bo’s twin sister was the queen. I guess that was left out to prevent spoilers, but it also goes on to state that the King is not interested in romance. Hmmm, and apparently he sees Eun Bo in his dreams. Is that not their memory together as children? This is not important, it is just something I noticed.

Character Analysis: I am going to touch on the characters that stood out to me so far, and I will address the others in due time.

  • Jin Se Yeon as Kang Eun Bo/Kang Eun Gi Screenshot (3)This is my third drama with Ji Se Yeon in a lead role. I previously saw her in The Bridal Mask and Doctor Stanger, but I still have not gotten a real taste of her acting skills. So far, she is doing a great job in this series, and her character seems very promising. As Eun Gi, she was soft-spoken and very gentle, but as Eun Bo, she has high energy and is quite street smart. Also, I think her connections with the investigation agency might be of great aid to her as queen. She will need all the support she can access. I admire the fact that she does not act rashly based on her doubts concerning the King. She actually investigates. I hope she stops believing everything that Baek Ja Yong tells her. He is using her to achieve his goals. I know this will be a cause for conflict at some point.


  • Kim Min Kyu as Lee KyungScreenshot (4)Yes he does start off a bit naive and weak. But if he continues to keep up and improve on the momentum from episodes three and four, he might turn out to be a solid character. I appreciate his zeal to rule his nation in the right way and serve his people as a ruler should. Unfortunately, with all the forces against him in court, there will be a long fight to achieve that ideal. I was so angry when they showed how he was threatened as a kid to sign the petition against Eun Bo’s father. That is just brutal, so his revenge should take up the same energy. Also, I think he signed the letter with the wrong character because Eun Bo kept on looking at it suspiciously, but we will see how things go. All the same, he needs to learn how to conceal his intentions more and start working towards getting trustworthy people to his side.


  • Do Sang Woo as Lee Jae HwaScreenshot (5)Like I already mentioned, I do not appreciate this character so far. Yes, he is kind to Eun Bo and always saves her, but the fact that he is plotting something unknown and pretends to be someone else really throws me off. What if he actually turns out to be the gunman that killed Eun Gi?… Ooo, the betrayal. Now he is already in love with Eun Bo, but she is going to be Queen. That will only cause him to want the throne more, which means he might not stay nice for too long. I know that some people already caught the “second lead syndrome,” but I am so not going down that lane. I can clearly see where this boat is sailing to. I hope he surprises me because, so far, I do not have a good impression of Lee Jae Hwa.


  • Uhm Hyo Sub as Baek Ja YongScreenshot (12)Starting out this drama, I had a feeling that he was not wholly trustworthy. This actor tends to take on villain roles, so I did not believe the act, but I still gave him the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, I was right. He is so manipulative. I think he was manipulating Eun Bo’s father as well, but there is no proof of that yet. He does not care for Eun Bo’s safety, all that matters is the power to make the change he desires. Why does he withhold the whole truth from her? He picks the parts that suit the narration to entice her, so annoying.


  • Jung Ae Ri as Queen Dowager Screenshot (6)Her character is kind of intriguing. She certainly was not pleased about Lee Kyung being alive. At the same time, she does things that may look like she supports the king. My opinion is that her agenda is to fight against the Queen’s clan. Basically, she is willing to do anything to stop the Kim clan from gaining more control in court. Even if it means killing her grandson, who holds blood relations with them. I am excited to see how her character evolves and what her actual intentions are.

Although Queen: Love and War did not provide a solid premiere, it does have the potential to get better. So I will be looking forward to more episodes.

What do you all think of the series so far?


My Pictorial|Poster Faves: Chinese Stunners Edition

I am back with a Chinese edition of my stunner themed pictorial faves –

(Please Note: none of the images are mine. I got them from official websites and social media sites.)

First on this list is the beautiful actress – Yang Mi. This was her second look for the 2019 Tencent Video All-Star Awardsimg_2509And here is her first look from that night –img_2524img_2525I love this outfit. The light pink colour looks so elegant on her.


img_2518img_2517Dilraba Dilmurat makes a  statement in Reem Acra for the 2019 Tencent Video All-Star Awards. I cannot wait to finally see her in Three Lives, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book. She is gorgeous.


img_2515img_2513Yang Yang is really rocking his short hair, and he looks good in this suit.


img_2538img_2539Wang An Yu at the Doki Popularity Stage during the 2019 Tencent Video All-Star Awards. He is currently starring in Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty.


img_2542img_2541img_2543Bambi Zhu glitters in Tarik Ediz for the 2019 Tencent Video All-Star Awards. Honestly, she has one of the most captivating eyes that I have seen, and she suits every colour put on her.


img_2555Chen Yuqi is sparkling in this photo. All these actresses are making me want to finally close my eyes and bye a bright red lipstick. I have never really been a fan of bright coloured lipsticks, but I will admit that red is an enchanting colour on everyone.


img_2365Jeremy Jones Xu stuns for the 2019 Bazaar Beauty Awards. Black hair definitely does him more justice.


img_2564img_2562img_2563Wang Yibo poses for Fantasy Westward Journey game. He was photographed by Chen Man. Once I saw this, I knew it was her work.


img_2212Leo Wu looks sharp in this black & white photo during an Emporio Amani event in Chengduimg_2198Once again serving looks during his attendance to the 26th Huading Awards in Macao.


And last on this list is Zhao Liying. She nailed her two looks for the 2019 Tencent Video All-Star Awards, but my favourite is the first one. She graced us in Dior for her second look –img_2534img_2533And then she stunned in Paulain at the beginning of the Awards. I absolutely love this new haircut on her. She is so pretty.img_2520img_2675img_2522img_2521


My Pictorial|Poster Faves: Korean Stunners Edition

I woke up way too early today, and since I had nothing important to prepare for,  I spent my morning looking for new intriguing pictures to share with you all. So here are the stunning photos that caught my attention this morning –

(Please Note: none of the images are mine. I got them from official websites and social media sites.)

First on my list is Taeyeon for Allure Korea – 

This particular photoshoot has a gorgeous and captivating set of images. I like how the makeup on Taeyeon was done.


img_2572img_2570Yeri’s teaser images for Red Velvet’s latest release are absolutely breathtaking. She is glowing. img_2569All the girls were giving me life with this comeback.


The one and only milky man – Lee Dong-Wook. He radiates beauty and grace in this photoshoot for NYLON Korea.


img_2581Moon Geun-young for VOGUE Korea December 2019 edition. This picture is striking.


img_2583img_2582Han Ye Seul serves fall season charm in this shoot for the September edition of Allure Korea.


img_2578Kim Seo Hyung stuns in black & white for VOGUE Korea. She looks snatched and fine.img_2609


img_2610Namgoong Min is as radiant as ever in this picture for COSMOPOLITAN Korean. Everything about this just oozes warmth.


img_2592Lee Sang Yoon is giving off mysterious vibes in this Allure photoshoot that also features his VIP co-star Jang Nara.img_2593


Jang Nara is fierce for Allure. She looks sensational in these set of photos.img_2589img_2591



My Pictorial|Poster Faves: Red Signifies A Lot

A colour that always gets my attention. I have had difficulty deciding on a favourite colour, but recently, I am beginning to realize that it might be RED.

Here are images with the colour red that recently caught my attention. (Please Note: none of the pictures are mine. I got them from official websites and social media sites.)

img_2235Qi Wei stuns for a variety show appearance with her husband, Nathan Lee. They deserve featured image for this post. She always looks great.img_2236


img_2112Chinese model/actress He Sui in Ralph & Russo for Esquire China’s 16th Man At His Best Award. This dress is actually pink & red, but the entire look is fire.🔥🔥


Cecilia Boey for NeufMode Magazine. She looks so intense in this shoot.


img_2210Daisy Dai for a Gentle Monster event in Beijing. I just love the red leather blouse on her. She is stunning.


Xiao Zhan attends a Vidal Sassoon product launch event in Shanghai. He is so handsome.


img_2469Bambi Zhu in Marchesa for the 2019 Robb Robert Best of the Best Gala. Her eyes are so beautiful.


img_2115Xing Fei during a Coach store opening in Beijing. Her soft smile with that red lipstick captured my heart. She is so adorable.img_2116


Hyomin for Haper’s BAZAAR Korea. She is so gorgeous.


img_2202Sunnee, a Thai singer based in China, takes the cover of the digital issue for Cosmopolitian China. I really do not know much about him, but I was intrigued by this photo.


img_2611img_2612Korean actress Kim Seo Hyung exudes beauty and intensity in her recent photoshoot with COSMOPOLITAN  Korea.


img_2385Ju Jingyi for an Emphasis Jewellery Christmas brand event in Shanghai. A perfect show of beauty and talent. I love her so much. img_2221

Ju Jingyi for 2020 iQiYi Scream Night. She got the Breakthrough Drama Actress of the Year Award for The Legend of White Snake.



The Oath of Love co-stars Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan stun as spokespersons for the 2020 Chinese New Year’s gala to be held on the 25th of January. I am so looking for their drama.

Guan Xiaotong glows in monsoori for the 11th Macau International Film Festival. I love her gown so much, it makes her look like a Greek goddess. img_2379img_2380



MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance to all my awesome readers. May your holidays be filled with joy and love, and I wish you all the best for 2020.

For this post, I will be sharing my top 10 Asian dramas that aired in 2019. I was seriously contemplating whether to make this list or not because I did not watch a lot of shows this year, and I am still trying to complete some.

My list will be based solely on the shows that I actually completed this year. And yes, I did finish more than ten, so it was still a bit difficult picking my top 10. Also, this is my opinion. If anyone feels that other dramas could be top 10 for 2019, leave your list in the comment section.

#Bonus – Kingdom

img_2321Crown Prince Lee Chang has been labelled a traitor by the Haewon Cho clan (the clan of the current Queen). Due to the political plot against him, he embarks upon a mission to investigate the spread of the mysterious undead plague that has beset the king and the nation’s southern provinces.

I enjoyed every moment of this drama. It was exciting, every scene captured my attention. This series is listed as a bonus because I am yet to finalize my feelings about the show. After all, we were left with a major cliff hanger by the end of season one. All the same, it was an excellent zombie-themed drama, and I am looking forward to the next part. I also wrote a review for the first season, so if you want to get a more detailed opinion, use this link 👉🏼 KINGDOM: Drama Review.

Now onto my official list –

#10. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

img_2324As Si Tu Mo’s graduation is nearing, she is confused about her future plans. She tries out all sorts of things but is still unable to make her own decisions. Her ordinary days are suddenly shaken up when she meets the genius Physics student Gu Wei Yi. The two accidentally end up living together.

This was a delightful drama to watch, but not anything utterly different from the regular college shows. I enjoyed it because it was a chill romance story and the main couple were so cute together. I felt relaxed while watching this couple figure out things without too much drama. I have watched this series more than once, and it always puts me in a good mood all the time.

#9 – Before We Get Married

img_0660Zhou WeiWei is about to marry her long term boyfriend, Li Hao Yi. Chu Ke Huan has been dating his girlfriend Gao Zi Yuan for ten years but has no plans of getting married. After a coincidental meeting between WeiWei and Ke Huan, everything changes. They begin to develop romantic feelings towards each other, and although they try to stay friends, fate has other plans for them.

I already wrote a review, so go check it out 👉🏼 BEFORE WE GET MARRIED: Drama Review. This was the only Taiwanese drama aside from Someday Or One Day that caught my attention this year. What sold this show was the couple’s chemistry. They were phenomenal together, and I definitely would not mind watching it again. I also enjoyed the beautiful soundtracks. The reason for it being #9 on my list can be known if you read my review ☝🏼.

#8 – Her Private Life

img_2322Sung Deok Mi is a talented chief curator at Cheum Museum Art Gallery, but in private, she is a fanatic fangirl of White Ocean’s Cha Si An. Ryan Gold is an artist who can no longer paint. After the current boss of the museum gets involved in an embezzlement case, Ryan becomes the new art director. Due to a sasaeng fan’s post, rumours about Deok Mi allegedly dating Si An begin to spread. To ward off Si An’s fans who threaten to harm her, Ryan suggests that he and Deok Mi pretend to date.

This is my best romantic comedy series for this year. The main couple had very natural interactions, and the development of their relationship was not too stressful to watch. I have also written a review for it, so go check it out 👉🏼 HER PRIVATE LIFE: Drama Review. This is low on my list because the storyline is quite a cliche in comparison to the remaining dramas that are to be listed.

#7 – Angel’s Last Mission: Love

img_2344Lee Yeon Seo is cynical and arrogant. She was a prima ballerina, but after an accident that took away her sight, she had to give up her dream. After her parent’s sudden death, she does not trust anyone since there are a lot of people lurking around her to steal her wealth. Kim Dan is an optimistic, carefree angel who is always getting into trouble. To return to heaven, he is tasked with a mission to find true love for the talented but emotionally distant ballerina.

👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Kudos to Shin Hye Sun. The lady can act. Her scenes made me cry. I seriously connected with her character on a spiritual level. And L also impressed me with his acting. He keeps getting better with each project he works on. The storyline for this drama is quite unique. The cinematography and detail of the ballet performances were incredible and captivating to see as a viewer. The only reason why this series is in the second half of my list is because, towards the end, the pacing became a bit slower than necessary. The original soundtracks for Angel’s Last Mission are beautiful but still have a hint of sadness all over them. My favourite OST that never fails to make me cry is “A welcome rain” by Lee Moon Sae.

#6 – Le Coup de Foudre

78648d65-aefe-4e6e-b11a-f02c5b1287f1-7224-0000053c7c73af6fZhao Qiao Yi and Yan Mo may have been high school classmates, but the only thing they had in common was the desk they shared in class. One a top student, the other failing miserably. These two could not have been more different and yet, it does not take long for a strong bond to form between them. This is a story about a pair of lovers from their high school to adult life.

Naturally, I automatically fall in love with anything that has Janice Wu’s name on it. I find her cute, and she is also a good actress that has the potential to become better with time. Le Coup de Foudre is a sweet romance story. The leads were incredible together. This drama was realistic and down to earth, so it felt relatable. I got more emotional about the story after discovering that it was based on the author’s actual experience. I did not start this show with much expectation. I was simply looking for something new to watch, but it really surprised me. Apart from romance, I also admired the bond that the siblings had. The comedic scenes were also quite wild. I laughed way more than I was supposed to. The only thing I can point out as a negative is the weird haze-like style of videography that was used. Apart from that, I will recommend this series to anyone who wants to enjoy a slow-burn, romance story. 

#5 – Doctor John

img_2320A drama about doctors that specialize in pain management. Cha Yo Han is a genius anesthesiologist, who goes by the nickname “10 Seconds.” Referring to his ability to figure out his patients’ problems in the ten seconds that it takes for them to enter an examination room and walk to their seat. Kang Shi Young is a legendary anesthesiologist, who was always at the top of her class throughout medical school. But due to an accident, she leaves the hospital. During her leave, she meets Cha Yo Han, and everything about Si Young’s life totally changes.

Ji Sung never disappoints. This was an excellent medical drama. It was nice to see something different from the regular focus on surgical departments. Lee Se Young continues to impress me with each project she takes on. I love her growth throughout the series, and she really did well in creating chemistry between her and Ji Sung. I could feel their longing for each other. Also, this series focused on a sensitive topic, which is euthanasia. The debate concerning this procedure has been going on for a long time, and everyone has their distinct opinions about it. I think they did a fantastic job of bringing some light to the topic and showing different perspectives from the doctors to the patients.

#4 – Hotel del Luna

img_2318Jang Man Wol is the CEO of Hotel del Luna. A unique hotel with a timeworn appearance situated in downtown Seoul. Man Wol made an error many years ago and has been stuck at Hotel del Luna ever since then. She is a beautiful and greedy lady. Goo Chan Sung worked as the youngest assistant manager ever at a multinational hotel corporation. Due to an unexpected case, he begins to work as a manager at Hotel del Luna. This hotel’s clients consist only of ghosts.

The main reason why I really love this show is because of the ghost element and Man Wol’s fashion. Yes, the storyline is also amazing, but I feel that 2019 did not give me enough ghost stories to quench my horror drought, so I was super grateful for Hotel del Luna. Aside from that, this was a beautiful drama. The story was refreshing, the actors brought their A-game, and the cinematography was stunning. IU definitely proved her worth as a lead actress with this series. I feel she has been doing amazing and growing with each work, but I am glad that a good number of people finally saw her potential with this role. Yeo Jin-goo also did great. It is always a pleasure watching him on screen. All the cast members brought a nice touch to this project, and I sincerely loved it. Also, can I just rant about the soundtrack for a while? This definitely has the best OST album for Korean dramas in 2019. Every song was beautiful and so well fitted.

#3 – The Untamed

586bb009-faf9-458a-9e8e-19eb17c4968d-7224-0000053cd3643fdcLan Wangji was born in the prominent Sect of the Gusu Lan. He is seen as a hero and the role model of everyone in the cultivation world. While Wei Wuxian, the Yiling Patriarch, was a name that was feared by everyone. He has done many heroic deeds but also cruel ones. In the end, Wei Wuxian was killed by his brother after he became too evil to exist. Or at least that is what the legend says. Sixteen years after his death, Wei Wuxian suddenly reappeared again at the Mo Village. Was Wei Wuxian really as evil as the legends portray?

Another drama that definitely deserves all the hype it gets. The entire cast did a fantastic job. I loved watching every moment of it. The comedic typing was perfect, and the emotional scenes broke my heart. I did shed tears in those hard episodes. My poor baby, Wei Wuxian. This series introduced me to so many amazing talents, and I hope that they all got their big break. I have some information concerning the upcoming dramas for Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, but I have not heard much about the rest of the cast. I will do my research before the year runs out. The Untamed will forever have a place in my heart. I LOVE WEI WUXIAN.

#2 – Love and Destiny

img_2316 Fifty thousand years ago, Jiu Chen, the god of war, fell into a deep slumber after sealing away the demon lord. Ling Xi accidentally wakes him from his sleep, and they fall in love. It is discovered that Ling Xi was born with an evil miasma that can help the demon lord break free and rise to power. Jiu Chen refuses to kill an innocent and tries to change Ling Xi’s fate.

Honestly, if I did not already have my number one, this drama could have quickly taken that spot. I feel many people misjudged this show based on the actors and short trailers. When I first started watching, it had no English subs, but I could already see the potential for it to be awesome if they kept up with the same momentum of the first few episodes. I had to wait a bit, and thankfully Viki got the license, but the number of unnecessary comments on the main actor’s looks was insane. Right from the first episode, I found him to be one of the most handsome older guys I have seen. He is among that Chen Kun category to me and I am glad that the naive ones finally accepted the awesomeness that is Chang Chen by the end of the series. This role was specifically created for him, and he nailed it. Also, the visual goddess Ni Ni held her part down. Every single person that took part in this project was a joy to watch. I usually never complete god-themed shows, but this was an exception. I was so happy about how the story progressed, and the ending was perfect. Although I would have loved to see their wedding but all the same, I am satisfied. If you have not seen Love and Destiny already, what are you waiting for?

#1 – The Story Of Ming Lan

fd5b3660-173e-4002-8189-aaed3f4fd089-4969-000004a6ab46f042The Story of Ming Lan follows the concubine-born sixth child of the Sheng household from her childhood into adulthood. Ming Lan first meets Gu Ting Ye, the second son of the Gu Family, as his rival in a game of Touhu. But when she reencounters him in a time of need, he goes to great lengths to help her. This dynamic plays out on a grander scale when they meet again as adults. Both Ming Lan and Ting Ye are unfavored children who suffer as a result of internal scheming in their households.

Hands down one of the best series I have ever watched. Yes, it started airing on the 25th of December, 2018, but ran till February 13th of this year. Some people complained about the slow story progression, but honestly, the drama clearly has a slice of life tag, what do you expect? For me, the pacing was perfect and essential to understanding the family dynamics for each character and following Ming Lan’s story. I have rewatched this drama numerous times, and I never get bored. You know a show is too good when you still cry at the emotional scenes even after watching it up to five times. All the actors and actresses did a fantastic job. Also, the cinematography, most notably the lighting for the houses, was spot on. I have a lot of great things to point out about this series, but time will not permit me to do so on this post. If you have not seen it, go watch it and be patient for the epicness to develop.

Other Notable Mentions include:

  • Graceful Family
  • The Legend Of White Snake
  • The Crowned Clown
  • The Fiery Priest
  • Search: WWW

If you also enjoyed any of these listed dramas, please spam me with comments about what you loved. And if you have not seen any of these dramas, please grab some popcorn and have yourself a merry movie night or day.

Once again, MERRY CHRISTMAS.🎄🎄🎄



TEN YEARS LATE: Drama Review

Ten Years Late is a 2019 Chinese TV series that tells the story of six young individuals and their different approaches to building a new life in the big city.

Sypnosis: Jin Ran gives up his high-paying position in Japan for the sake of love. He takes up a job as the Chief Operating Officer of a tourism company and gets reunited with his first love Yuan Lai as he jumps at the chance to pursue her again. Career woman Xu Xin Yi crosses paths with professional gamer Ding An to start their lives as a couple, but things do not turn out as planned. Zhao Cheng Zhi, a lawyer, making strides in establishing his own practice, butts heads with intern Shen Shuang Shuang and her bright and bubbly personality brings excitement to his otherwise monotonous life (Source: MyDramaList).

My Expectations: This was definitely one of the dramas I was looking forward to watching in 2019. I love Shawn Dou, and I was committed to checking out all his leading roles for 2019. I even downloaded the iQiyi app to watch this show in full HD. In conclusion, my expectation was remarkably high. I also know a few other faces among the main cast, so I was assured that it was going to be a good watch.

(Warning – spoilers ahead)

Review: This was a great series to watch, but I will have to say that it was just there. Let me break it down by starting with the couples in the show. Here is my ranking of the three couples –

#1. Ding An and Xu Xin Yi3518d7bb-dc21-4ca4-92b5-79f01153779f-4007-00000393b00ed19aThey had CHEMISTRY. This pairing was the complete package, and if given the opportunity, they could be the main couple. Their story was compelling, and the love they shared for each other was evident for all to see. They made the show for me.

#2. Zhao Chen Zhi and Shen Shuang Shuang0b15ce0d-c1f2-40c0-a76c-db52c4af02b6-4007-00000393b97b9628This two had the typical characteristics of secondary couples. I still love them, though. They were cute and funny together. They brought out the best in each other and were very supportive of each other until the end.

#3. Jin Ran and Yuan Laif143fe40-9016-4145-8663-cb4dbdee531a-4007-00000393c3a7efcfUnfortunately, the main couple was my least favourite. Something was definitely missing. The constant on-off was a bit unbearable for me. It made me feel like they were never officially dating. I mean, the other two couples had more romantic scenes and spent more time together compared to our leads here.

Here are the elements and moments I truly enjoyed while watching Ten Years Late –

  • One thing that kept me wanting more of this series was Ding An and Xin Yi’s relationship. I just loved watching them together. They were my anchor, and, sadly, they did not get to have a happy ending like the other couples.
  • I also lived for the sweet little moments between the other two pairings.
  • I admire the friendship, loyalty and trust they all had. Jin Ran, Yuan Lai, Chen Zhi,  Shuang Shuang, Ding An and Xin Yi were like a family that always lent a hand to each other in times of need. This very fact brought comfort to me after Ding An’s death because I knew that Xin Yi had people to look after her.
  • This is not too important, but I like that the progression of Xin Yi’s pregnancy was made to look as realistic as possible.
  • The cinematography for this drama was stunning. I love the colour palette for the show, it was so clean and captivating. I absolutely loved the snow scenes in Japan and the island scenes that were used during the tourism work.
  • Another thing was the fashion. Everyone’s outfit in the show was well chosen. It fitted each character’s trait to wear the clothes they had on throughout the series. I also would not mind stealing a few pieces from the ladies’ wardrobe.
  • Lastly, the soundtracks for this show were lovely. My favourite is “Fortunately, We Meet Again” by Juno Su. I featured this OST as my song for last week. If you have not read that post yet, use this link to check it out 👉🏼 Juno Su – Fortunately, We Meet Again: Song Of The Week

Now here is a list of somethings that led me to conclude that Ten Years Late was not anything exceptional but only an okay drama –

  • Like I mentioned already, the main couple did not do much for me. They did get engaged in the last episode, but throughout the rest of the show, all they did was resolve countless misunderstandings. I will admit that they still had a few lovely moments together, but I needed to see them interact more as a couple because I was not sold. I just accepted the fact that Jin Ran and Yuan Lai are an item. The leads are supposed to carry a show, so when that is not happening, there is a problem.
  • The last few episodes were quite frustrating to watch. The sudden and intense focus on Chu Yun and Gu Sa was not necessary. Also, what it led to was heartbreaking to watch. I feel they could have spread out this tension more instead of packing all this angst into the last few episodes. Gu Sa could have been a closed chapter mid-series, and Chu Yun should not even be a character. This is just my personal opinion.
  • Ding An’s Death – This was a big blow to me. Just three episodes in and they killed off my favourite character. I get that they wanted to prove the point that time waits for no one, so hold on dearly to your loved ones while you still have the chance, but I am still pissed. I kept on praying for him to survive. His death reminds me of Xiao Qiu’s last-minute death from the Chinese drama – Across The Ocean To See You. I kind of understand the writer’s decision for Ding An, but as a viewer, I was still disappointed and heartbroken.
  • Overall, while watching this drama, the storyline was not just flowing as expected. It kind of dragged. I found my self skipping some scenes to avoid being bored with irrelevant dialogues.

Character Analysis:

Gülnezer Bextiyar – Yuan Lai. 1e1907e3-cb00-4e5d-b8db-61992fe62086-4007-00000393f89f8da3I feel Gülnezer Bextiyar is an actress with potential, but most times, her characters tend to be quite flat. I hope that she gets a role that finally showcases her skills. She was okay as Yuan Lai, but this was definitely not her best. I also understand that it was hard for Yuan Lai to fully trust Jin Ran because of all the new findings that came up about him. But at the same time, I did not appreciate how she would just completely ignore him instead of directing asking him about what she had heard or seen. Some of the misunderstandings could have been cleared if she spoke up. All the same, Yuan Lai was brilliant and fabulous at her job. She was also very supportive of her friends. So an okay character, I guess.

Shawn Duo – Jin Ran. af6a4477-ebb2-42ab-9ced-f10cf5ad23c0-4007-0000039445f1c150Shawn did a fantastic job as Jin Ran, but again the chemistry between him and Gülnezer was not as strong compared to the other two couples. They did not give me that feeling of a leading couple, so I was kind of disappointed in that aspect. That aside, Jin Ran is someone who has made a few mistakes and was ready to start afresh and live differently. I feel that most of the misunderstandings between him and Yuan Lai could have been prevented if he was more open. Before even trying to rekindle their relationship, he should have told her about his time in Japan. At least that could have prevented all the constant time offs the main couple experienced throughout the series.

Kanazawa Hao Kim – Ding An.aa5861e7-c6e4-4188-a399-20080d7f50ff-4007-00000393d961abcaDing An… Ding An. I just cannot accept the writer’s decision to kill the best character of the series. After all the work he put into dating Xin Yi and getting married to her… SAD. He was finally going to get his family together, and he did not even get to see his child… SAD. Kanazawa Hao Kim did a fantastic job of portraying such a beautiful character. I love that he always went for what he desired, both with his career and love life. The chemistry between him and Wang Rain was superb. I will love to see them as a leading couple in a new drama because they indeed sold this series for me. Ding An truly loved Xin Yi with all his heart, and it really broke my heart that they could not be together till the end.

#4. Wang Rain – Xu Xin Yi. 43350cc7-d081-48c6-964b-53d6d457e056-4007-00000393e079a0a5I absolutely love her character. This is my first time watching Wang Rain, but I will be checking out her other works soon. She is an exceptional actress. I admired Xin Yi’s independence. Initially, she did not want to depend on Ding An in a way, but with time she learnt to let him in a little bit. She allowed him to be her emotional support. I love how she was always sure of what she wanted and did not compromise at any moment, but my one wish was for her to be a bit more understanding towards Ding An. Yes, they had a lot of sweet moments together, but most of their arguments were blown out of proportion because of their inability to hear each other out. She was definitely my favourite girl in the group. I live for her no-nonsense character.

#5. Jeremy Jones Xu – Zhao Cheng Zhi. afe98086-cdd9-4d2a-b3f4-37195c1d2033-4007-00000393ef6311c3I am so glad that his role was not made to be the frustrating third wheel to Jin Ran and Yuan Lai’s relationship. I hate when people refuse to let go of things that are clearly not working out for them. So I am so happy that he had the opportunity to get closure and move on to his own relationship. He still cared a lot for her as a friend, which was great. It took him a while to give in to his feelings for Shen Shuang Shuang, but he was fully committed once he did. I think he fell in love with her after that spider incident that almost killed him. Even though he did not want to be a lawyer, he was a great one, but in the end, he decided to chase his dreams of photography.

#6. Cecilia Boey – Shen Shuang Shuang. 5b117ed0-ebe5-44d6-a99e-8ade567b716e-4007-00000393e7b8e57cMy first drama of Cecilia Boey was Walk Into Your Memory, which was also released this year. I think she did great on that show, so I was super excited to see her in a new series. Her character as Shen Shuang Shuang started out a bit annoying and over the top, but with more episodes, she got better. She showcased how smart and depending she could be when situations called for it. I love how she easily fused into the friend circle. Her bubbly and caring personality definitely brought some diversity and balance among the girls in the group. At some point, I found her pursuit for Cheng Zhi to be quite overbearing, but for a character like his to take notice of Shuang Shuang, I believe her method was essential. I also appreciate how she changed her strategy from pursuit to making him work for her attention. He honestly needed to put in that work. Shen Shuang Shuang was also an excellent support system for Cheng Zhi and also a means to help him loosen up more. I definitely came to appreciate her presence by the end of the series.

Overall, my rating for Ten Years Late is 7.5/10 because although it was a good watch, it failed to meet my expectations. It had a good number of exciting moments but could not capture my attention all the time, so I found my self skipping some scenes. The acting was okay, the storyline was promising, but there were a few misses with the execution. I still will not mind rewatching it, so that is why I gave it a 7.5.

Personally, anything below seven is not rewatchable.

That is all I have for this post. I simply wanted to give a quick review of this drama since I just finished watching it. Feel free to leave your thoughts about this series in the comment section.


My Pictorial|Poster Faves: All About Elegance and Extravagance

I am back with another set of my favourite pictorials/posters. I have a theme for this post. I tried my best to pick pictures that gave of a mysterious, extravagant and elegant feel. So I hope you all enjoy these new sets of photos.

(Please Note: none of the pictures are mine. I got them from official websites and social media sites.)

First on my list is the one and only Zhao Liying, also known as Zanilia Zhao. 0dc6e2d4-c89b-432b-bc85-ebb86b34947b-28876-0000175e883203bbe7fbcf33-e689-4909-b0f7-d76808de3ec2-28876-0000175e4eb04fdb019ebe3d-7773-4719-a864-48b21f253944-28876-0000175e8e3a4643

I was so mesmerized when I first saw these photos of Zanilia. She was photographed by the brilliant and creative Chinese visual artist – Chen Man.19e8b048-25bd-4245-8ed1-70d1a75f53e6-45295-0000255eba7dc63b


c646a00c-248f-4eec-94ee-d53fed32dbfd-28876-0000176767818705128f024d-b707-4249-a6a0-61c617fc01ca-28876-0000176740e18bf067f59e01-2999-451b-aaaf-123a2368b891-28876-0000176750b8779aAnother beautiful work by Chen Man. Guan Xiaotong features in this Tang Dynasty inspired photoshoot for Harper’s BAZAAR China. She almost looks like a painting in the second picture.


4da09d51-3f94-4166-8b16-d611abfd52a8-28876-00001768e45f42c3Zhang Yuxi for INMO SNAPimg_2043I would love to buy the shirt she is wearing, but I bet it will cost me a fortune.


Chinese actress Qi Wei models the vintage-styled qipao collection from Muzkin. I really love her hair and makeup for this shoot. I have plans to watch her latest drama – No Secrets. It is a remake of the Korean drama – I Hear Your Voice.


d3af6a22-da3f-48e7-8428-9e44f0d93344-28876-000017656635acf03ef6b304-4db9-4c5c-82ee-9f5974c4c8f0-28876-00001765844052ecZheng Shuang looks like a goddess for her cover of JALOUSE China. These sets of photos are definitely my favourite from her.


acc84882-c96a-4d03-9fba-b5a1bbf0f091-28876-0000176431f0200aLiu Tao for Harper’s BAZAAR. This photo gives me swan princess vibes. This could be the perfect transformation dress for a new swan princess animation.


Next up are the promo photos of Liu Yifei for Mulan.


This photoshoot by Harper’s BAZAAR actually mirrors the ballad of Hua Mulan. Apparently, each photo represents a line of the song. There are more pictures from this shoot, but these are the ones that really stood out for me.


8e4c25f5-e982-44d8-94fd-032f53fd4d96-22354-0000108627fa6110This picture of Chinese actress Ni Ni looks like a painting to me. How could someone be so beautiful? 36ec3d53-56ec-4386-86c0-b4a36d504971-45295-00002556f5f54423e5d29096-4d67-4d8e-a70e-5885024dee2b-45295-000025575c14582777eed5ba-83f6-4300-8434-f55f1b4e0089-45295-00002556fb9757a6685f6530-9ca6-4a72-949e-0565affe0533-45295-0000255716342b78Can I just point out that Ni Ni is definitely one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen? The lady is stunning in every way. Even when dressed casually, she still looks great. Also, Chen Man once again brought her brilliance to this creative shoot for Harper’s BAZAAR.

That is all I have for this post. I tried not to make it too long. 💕💕💕



My Pictorial|Poster Faves: Time For Some ART Appreciation!!

I have always had an interest in photography, but recently, I have been obsessing over magazine pictorials. So I decided to post a few of my favourite photos on here. I will also add in movies/drama posters that I like. (Please Note: none of the pictures are mine. I got them from official websites and social media sites.) This post is just for fun.

First on my list of celeb editorial pictures is known other than the amazing Chinese actor – Chen Kun.
9e9f6a1e-430d-4d2f-aa1f-71b7ca72dd46-28876-0000176a9f25e392The way the light hits his face in this black & white photo is stunning.


img_1890Character Poster for Chen Kun’s upcoming film – Fengshen Trilogy. He looks good. The long hair and beard are doing him justice.


15cc85ae-7db4-4468-a61b-6c8dee32c47d-28876-000017695add7233Character Poster for Ruyi (played by Zhou Xun) for the Chinese drama – Ruyi’s Royal Love In The Palace, everything about this poster screams elegance.


Lee Hi looks incredible in the June 2019 Issue for Harper’s BAZAAR Korea.


img_2014The beautiful Jisoo graces the latest issue of Harper’s BAZAAR Korea.


I am so glad that I discovered another amazing actor this year. After watching the Chinese drama – Love and Destiny, I am now a big fan of Chang Chen.


img_1812The glow is real for Jang Ki-Yong in this HIGH CUT shoot. I also love how the colour of his blazer blends into the background.


5dbea98b-d0e8-4653-b1aa-5ba6ea25e9b0-42578-000023acce6811d4a6af9150-68da-4d82-8c4b-f4dcd4b6449a-42578-000023acdc726f70The details and colours for the costumes caught my attention. The title of this drama is Ming Dynasty. It just started airing, and I am excited to check it out. I have been waiting for this series for so long.


img_1770img_2018Han Hyo-Joo’s stance for these pictures is so good. She gives the feeling of power and control.


These are exclusive photos from GQ’s 10th birthday party. The main thing that won me here is the concept.


img_1788Yang Se-jong for Harper’s BAZAAR Korea. All I have to say here is – EYES AND LIGHTING, such an incredible shot.


6fc5aaa4-0faa-49b7-8693-aa94342a509a-39130-0000217556541e9bThe first poster for the 2020 Chinese drama – Love Is Sweet. I love how cozy they look in this picture. They seem very peaceful.


img_1810img_1809Taeyeon looks gorgeous in these shots for HIGH CUT. Blonde is her colour.

And last on my list for today is another stunning angel. Chinese actress of Uyghur descent – Gülnezer Bextiyar, also known as Nazha.d2aeaf79-5744-4969-acb4-c43548afe764-35915-00001ea10ec3ab50She looks like a diamond, so shiny

Like I mentioned earlier, this post is just for fun. I wanted to share my recent interest with you all. I have more pictures saved on my phone, so I might be creating a similar post soon.



Hello everyone,

Recently I have been giving a lot of thought into how I can accomplish my goal of writing more drama/movie reviews, and I now have a new idea.

Personally, I prefer very detailed reviews, so I usually take notes of things I need to point out from episode one to the end. The only problem is that I tend to watch a lot of dramas at the same time, so keeping notes on each one can be quite tricky. Sometimes after the series’ finale, I rewatch or skim through to get all the information I need. This method definitely produces a well-detailed review, but it also consumes a lot of time. Therefore, I cannot continue to work in that manner. It is time to try something new.

Here Is The Plan: Instead of waiting till the end of the drama, I want to try writing reviews based on the weekly or bi-weekly episodes. (Please note that this will not be recaps). Then during the week of the series’ finale, I will include an elaborate paragraph that summarizes my overall opinion.

Now when reviewing any drama that is not currently airing, I will continue to use my usual method of writing about everything at once. I hope this new system works because I genuinely want to be more frequent with my drama discussions on this blog. That was my main reason for starting it in the first place.

Feel free to let me know what you all think about this new plan. Remember, the comment section is open for use.😊😊


Things Might Not Have Gone As Planned But OH WELL…


WOW, in just a few days, 2019 will be over. I am ready to move to new and better things. There might still be adversaries to face in 2020, but I am excited to step into the next phase of life.

Personally, 2019 has been a very experimental year for me, and that has also reflected on my blog. I have made a lot of important decisions this year, some were quite risky, but I am holding onto faith that all my choices will yield good fruit in the coming year.

Anyways I made my decision to start this blog in 2017. I created a site and got my domain name in July of that same year, but I never made any official post until May 2018. After posting my introduction, I went “MIA”(missing in action) because I did not have enough time. I was also uncertain about how to arrange my content. But finally, in December 2018, I gathered the courage to just write. I was not sure if what I was putting down was making any sense or if anyone would actually care to read. I tried to do my research from other bloggers in the same spectrum, but I was still confused about what approach to take and how to really let my personality show in my writing. So if you have been a long-time follower of Drama Snacked, you will notice that I was not posting frequently until September of 2019. I feel that was when I really got into my groove. I decided to let go of all my research and just wing things. So I started posting about whatever interested me at the moment. Also, I switched to a more informal style of writing, and now I have a template for how things should look on my blog. By doing me, people started visiting this blog more. Of course, this does not only attribute to that but also to how frequently I was posting. From 2018 to 2019, I have experimented with many different approaches for writing. I played around a lot with the design/theme for my blog, and I also tried to add new exciting elements.

All the same, I truly enjoyed every moment. This blog has really been a safe space for me through the second half of this year. I was going through a lot personally, but whenever I started drafting a post, I felt the hope of something actually moving forward for me. I felt at peace here, and I have experienced a lot of growth this year. So even though things did not go as planned from the beginning, I am glad that I took this journey with all my readers. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT. 


Now that I am sure of how to go about things, I will continue to improve with time.

In 2019 I had planned a lot of drama reviews, but I could not keep up. In 2020, I will give more attention to the drama section because it is begging me for love at this point. Later today, before I go to bed, I will make a list of all the dramas I want to watch and categorize them according to their year of release. By doing that, I can prioritize the most recent shows and start going down from there.

Concerning Variety shows, I am currently in search of something interesting to watch. So if anyone has good recommendations, please leave it in the comment section. Now I really need to enjoy a show to come on here and recap it for you guys, so I want something exciting. I also have plans for the Anime|Manga section. So no worries, I have been jotting things down. All I pray for now is time to do it all. The Music section will continue as usual because I like how it looks so far.

Spoiler – I have a few specials planned for next year, and Star Showcase will now be more frequent. I plan to introduce a new artist to you all on a bi-weekly schedule, so stay tuned.

Now even though I want to post a lot of exciting content for my readers, I still do not want to put too much pressure on myself. So my motto is, “I do as I can.” I have already created a posting schedule that I plan to start following as soon as possible. There is no need for a new year resolution, I might as well start now. If ever I go “MIA” for a while, just know I am busy with school and other random stuff that pops up in life. But once I come back, I will give you all a rundown of why.


  • To get more feedback and engagement from my readers. Please use the comment section respectfully😊. Thanks.
  • I really want to include a forum on this blog. It was part of my initial design for Drama Snacked, so I hope to accomplish that next year.
  • I want to continue to post frequently and, if possible, invite other writers on the blog because I might be requiring a village to keep up during my busy school schedule.
  • I want to start a YouTube channel as an extension of this blog, so let us see how that goes. Wish me luck.
  • Most of all, I want to continue to enjoy what I do here. This will not be a problem so far as I do not put pressure on myself.

That is all for now. I honestly had a lot to say, but I made it as brief as possible. I was also contemplating if it was too early to write an end of year reflection, but I felt like posting one now. To all my readers, please continue to show your support, I really appreciate it. Take care💓💓💓.




Kono Etsuko’s Fashion Board

While watching Pretty Proofreader, I was really impressed by the styling for Ishihara Satomi’s character. Etsuko’s outfits were not too over the top. Instead, they were simple, colourful and well put together. I could definitely take some inspiration from her and go about my regular day without looking like I am about hit a runaway. Watching her on-screen really made me appreciate Japanse fashion.

So because I really loved the styling for Etsuko, I decided to make a post about my favourite looks from her.

#. One of my top looks from her was whenever she wore a long overcoat with a thick muffler. I like how the scarves shaped her face, and the coats were always elegant and colourful.Screenshot (149)

  • I absolutely loved this yellow trenchcoat on Etsuko. Yellow is not a colour I usually gravitate to when shopping, but I would not mind purchasing this. The choice of white for the inner clothes really adds to the elegance of this outfit.  She looked stunning. I also love the beads and earrings she had on.img_1201Screenshot (148)
  • Here is another example. I love the grey muffler. I really need to get something similar for this coming winter.Screenshot (144)
  • A blue blazer overcoat with floral embroidery on it. The muffler for this outfit is cute, and I like how Etsuko’s hair was styled for this look.Screenshot (127)Screenshot (123)img_1163img_1175

#. Still on coats:

  • I really want this red trenchcoat. She was wearing a simple t-shirt underneath, and her shoes are perfect. I do not have the stamina for pointy heals, so chunky heels are my go-to.img_1219
  • I used to be into berets, but I left most of mine back home before moving to Canada. My two favourite pieces of this outfit are the coat and her boots. I plan to search online for something similar.img_1196
  • Here are other beautiful coat outfits from Etsuko’s wardrobe – img_1133img_1149

#. Now moving to jackets:

  • When it comes to jackets, I gravitate more towards jeans and leather because I feel that they can be paired with anything. And then I eventually purchase other styles just to boost up my wardrobe. Etsuko rocked a few impressive jacket looks, so here are my favourites –

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

#. Two-pieces outfits:

  • This is one of my favourite outfits from her. I love everything about it. The pieces of jewelry she had on were stunning, and I want her purse. I will probably have to search for something similar. Honestly, Asian dramas make me spend unnecessary money. Sometimes it is fashion, and then other times it is food.😂😂😂
    img_1214Screenshot (156)Screenshot (155)
  • Nowadays, people tend to wear pants more often than skirts, and I am included in that group of people. Most of the styles I see in stores are not what I like and shopping online can be confusing due to size variations.
  • I love how Etsuko rocked skirts in the drama. The only thing that threw me off was the socks with heels. That is a no for me.
  • These are my favourite skirt and blouse outfits from Etsuko –img_1176img_1195img_1095img_1130
  • I like the accessories for this particular outfit. From the round glasses to the neck scarf and her jewelry. Everything looked great on her.Screenshot (133)
  • More two-piece looks –img_1091img_1094img_1117img_1172

#. And finally the dresses –

  • These are the few dresses worn by Etsuko that I would definitely want in my wardrobe.img_1115img_1097img_1123img_1104

Another notable thing to mention about Kuono Etsuko is her hairstyles. She always had a different hairstyle for each outfit. They really did a lot with her hair, and Ishihara Satomi looked pretty with every one of these hairstyles.

  • My favourite is this  –Screenshot (159)
  • And here are a few other hairstyles I was able to capture –

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That is all for this post, guys. This is a bit different from my regular stuff, so if you enjoyed it, please let me know in the comment section.

Until my next post, take care.💖💖💖


Pretty Proofreader, also known as Jimi ni Sugoi! Koetsu Garu Kono Etsuko is a 2016 Japanese drama that focuses on Kono Etsuko’s career life. Etsuko has always loved fashion, so she applies to a publishing company with dreams of becoming a fashion editor. But instead, she gets assigned to the unlively proofreading department.

Pretty Proofreader is based on Koetsu Garu, a novel written by Ayako Miyagi.

The drama has a total of eleven episodes, and it is 13+ restricted. All episodes of this show are available with English subtitles on Viki – Pretty Proofreader – full episodes

My Expectations: I discovered this drama while searching for entertaining Japanese shows to watch. Although I noticed it a few times, I skipped because I did not feel it was going to be good. Finally, after some time, I decided to give it a try because of the main actress. I absolutely adore Ishihara Satomi, she is an amazing actress. Also, Japanese dramas are short and straight to the point, so I had high hopes of not being too disappointed.

(Warning – spoilers ahead)

Review: This has definitely become one of my favourite shows. It has everything I usually look for in a drama. I can confirm for sure that it exceeded my expectations. I thought it was going to be another classic romantic comedy, but instead, I got a perfect slice of life storyline with excellent acting. Everything was well structured. The writing is brilliant, and the show is very educative. In each episode, we got different stories that were really heartwarming, sincere and lesson filled. Although this drama had a bit of romance here and there, it definitely was not the main focus because the main couple does not start dating until the last episode. Still, I really admired how they both supported and encouraged each other. They were adorable together. The drama focused more on character growth, support and acceptance between co-workers and friends.

There is a lot to be learned from Kono Etsuko’s career journey. One of the most prominent lessons is to never give up on your dreams BUT always remember that everyone is allowed to have more than one purpose, so do not remain stuck for too long on the plans that fail. Find your fulfillment in something else. I will outline more lessons later on towards the end of the review.

After watching Pretty Proofreader, I have really come to appreciate how much work goes into publishing a book. It was sad to see that the proofreading sector hardly got recognition for a job well done, but once a mistake was found, it was ultimately their fault. Now I know for sure that editors get a lot of credit for their work, but I am not sure if all publishing companies have proofreading departments and how well they appreciate the members of that department. All the same, it gives a lesson that we should value the unsung heroes in various work fields. This is why I was so excited when Yukito decided to write his book about professions that hardly get recognition for how much they contribute to society.

Another thing I truly enjoyed about this drama is the cinematography. The landscape scenes were stunning. It definitely made me want to visit Japan even though I already have the country on my bucket list for travels. 

Also, the opening theme for the series is cute. The song is catchy, and the scrapbook animation they used was fun to watch. I was able to find a short recording section of the opening song on YouTube – 

Character Analysis: 

#1. Kono Etsuko –Screenshot (134)Ishihara Satomi is beautiful. I have seen her in 5-Ji Kara 9-Ji Made, Dear Sister, and I am currently watching Takane no Hana and Heaven. She definitely brought life to her character in this drama. All her scenes were believable, and her expressions were great.

Kono Etsuko is shown to be smart, confident, determined, extremely honest and funny. She is also quite tactless, but as the show progresses, she becomes better. I love that even though she did not get her desired job, she was still very passionate and hardworking. Etsuko tried her best to perfect each task assigned to her. She went out of her way to verify the facts and also met with writers to make sure that everything written in a manuscript is logical and correct. While working in the proofreading department, she still maintained her glamorous fashion sense and gradually began to appreciate her job as a proofreader. She always had the best comebacks whenever someone tried to belittle her. And her cheerful personality never failed to brighten up the mood of everyone around her. I find it cute that whenever Etsuko got super excited, she would start talking very fast in a high pitched voice. I really loved a good number of her outfits in this show, but I will talk more about her fashion in a separate post. All these great qualities are what quickly made her enter my list for top female lead characters. Her story showed that sometimes adversaries in life can be an opportunity for growth. Another key lesson from her is that even though certain things in life do not go according to plan, it is still up to you to make the best out of your current situation.

One of my favourites scenes of Kono Etsuko is when she puts a few rude guys in their place by showing them that women are not only concerned with sweets and fashion – 

By the end of the show, I could tell that Etsuko was meant for the proofreading department. Yes, she loves fashion, but there was a different kind of pleasure she got from proofreading. I am glad that they made out a way for her to take part in both sectors.

#2. Orihara Yukito –Screenshot (124).pngThis is the first drama I have watched from Suda Masaki, so I do not really know much about him, but he impressed me with his role as Orihara Yukito.

Etsuko perfectly describes this character. This is what she said to Yukito – “you are always honest to yourself and living a slow life at your own pace.” 

Honestly, I did not care much for Yukito at first, but as the story progressed, I began to appreciate how insightful and considerate he was. Yukito is a very mature and chilled character. He does not get angry quickly, but that also affects his ability to express his discomfort with specific situations. This became an issue when he had to deal with his new editor, who kept staying in his house till late and doing unnecessary chores. I honestly wish he had said something to the editor himself, instead of having Etsuko frustrated to the point that she had to storm in and point out how uncomfortable she was with the situation. But overall, he is a charming character. One of his good qualities that I admire was how quick he apologized whenever he hurt Etsuko’s feelings. I also found his smile to be very cute. He is one of those people that make you want to smile once they smile.

His insightful nature became more prominent with his choice of topic for his new novel. His book was really inspiring and informative. The scene where he shows his latest work to Esuko is my favourite moment of the entire series. Yukito got inspired by how much passion Etsuko put into her work and how frustrating it was for her that members of the proofreading department never get the recognition they deserve. This goes to show that as people, we never know who we are impacting or inspiring, so do not ever feel like you are irrelevant or unimportant. Keep doing your best because there might be someone who looks up to you. 

I was so happy that Yukito finally found what he was passionate about. I understand how frustrating it can be to not know what direction to take. Also, working on something interesting does motivate you to achieve the best result.

#3. Morio Toyoko – Screenshot (114).pngMorio gave me a lot of mixed feelings for a good number of episodes. I was very skeptical about her. At first, it seemed like she looked down on Etsuko and was always avoiding her but also felt comfortable enough to hang out in her house. And when I discovered that the man she was dating was already married. I was quite confused and concerned.

As the story progressed, I got to understand Morio more. I love such characters because of the development and growth they go through. If the writing for her had taken a wrong turn, she would have come off to be the typical one-dimensional second lead lady, but I am so glad that they killed that cliche.

Yes, she felt inferior to Etsuko, but with time she grew past that and began to focus more on herself. This change made her realize that she did not need to beg a married man for love and that she was neglecting a sincere friend just because of envy. She also started showing more passion and sincerity towards her work and others. I definitely warmed up to Morio Toyoko by the end of the series.

#5. Kaizuka Hachiro –img_1107Hachiro and Etsuko always bickered like an old married couple. I love the nicknames they had for each other. She called him octopus, and he called her Kou Etsu because her name in some way translates to proofreading.

He might seem annoying to some viewers at first, but he is actually a great character. As an editor, he cares about his writers and goes the extra mile to make sure that their books come out perfect. He really impressed me by not giving up on Yukito and continuously encouraging him to try and write something substantial again. Also, when octopus met a writer who he had disappointed in the past, he tried his best to help out. So kudos to a character that was willing to own up to his mistakes and work to better himself. Here is a clip of my favourite moment from him – 

#4. Co-Workers in the Proofreading Department –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Etsuko had a significant effect on her colleagues and the entire mood of the office. Evidence no. 1 – Office decor: img_1197I find it so funny that I did not take much notice of how different the office looked compared to when it was first introduced. I saw her bring in a few decors here and there but never took to heart the final result until it was pointed out in episode ten.

Anyways she made other members of the department start taking extra measures to verify the facts for each manuscript. Even Ms. Fujiwa, who was always against Etsuko’s methods, went out of the office for research. Ms. Fujiwa and Etsuko’s relationship is an excellent example of how unlikely connections can blossom into a good friendship. I was so impressed by how everyone in the office supported and cared for each other. They helped Etsuko when she made mistakes and were so worried about her the one time she did not dress up as usual or give her daily cheerful greeting.

Lessons learned: 

There were a lot of gems given out in each episode. I have already mentioned a few, so here are more lessons that could be learned from this drama.

  • Everyone struggles at some point, that is life. So do not undermine another person’s pain just because you cannot understand or relate to it. Be kind, and if you are capable, try to be a sound support system through someone’s struggles.
  • Refrain from making assumptions or speculating based on what you see.
  • Communication is essential. Do not expect people to know exactly how you feel, voice it out.
  • Envy and jealousy can ruin you, Be yourself.

These are the little things which we might not really pay attention to, but as humans, we are prone to go against most of these lessons. Sometimes I also fall to the disease of making very drastic assumptions, but I try my best to stop it once I notice.

Before I end this post, let me share with you all a very hilarious moment in the show. I call it Etsuko’s bad outfit day –

I honestly laughed way too hard at this scene. The sequence of Etsuko’s realization took me out.

Okay… overall, this drama was very positive and inspiring. It made me very happy. There was no unnecessary tension. It was perfect from start to finish, and I could definitely rewatch it. I really recommend this series. So my rating for Pretty Proofreader is 10/10.


I cannot believe that I have not written a drama review since July. Honestly, sometimes dramas become too repetitive or similar, so I usually take a break and then come back when I find something interesting. Currently, I have a good list of dramas that I plan to review.

For today, I will be reviewing Before We Get Married. Also known as Wo Men Bu Neng Shi Peng You (We Cannot Be Friends). It is a 2019 Taiwanese drama that stars Puff Kuo and Jasper Liu as leads. The drama’s plot is adapted from an original novel of the same name, written by Fang-Yun Tsai (pen name – Ayamei).img_0660Sypnosis: Zhou WeiWei is about to marry her long term boyfriend, Li Hao Yi. Chu Ke Huan has been dating his girlfriend Gao Zi Yuan for ten years but has no plans of getting married. After a coincidental meeting between WeiWei and Ke Huan, everything changes. They begin to develop romantic feelings towards each other, and although they try to stay friends, fate has other plans for them. This is a romantic drama about love, betrayal, and friendship.

Before We Get Married has a total of thirteen episodes. It is 18+ restricted because of some mature scenes. Although I bet that most people will not follow that rule. Going into this drama, I was definitely expecting infidelity. I also knew that this was a more matured concept compared to the regular romantic comedy storylines. And although I was not pleased with the idea of them cheating on their respective partners, I decided to give the show a chance mainly because of Puff Kuo and Jasper Liu. I also hoped that since the story was focused on such a delicate topic, then the entire team must have put in more effort into creating a standard series.

(Warning – spoilers ahead)

One thing that really threw me off was the forceful actions of Chu Ke Huan in the first two to three episodes. I am glad that he was not portrayed like that throughout the entire show because I dislike watching such scenes. It reminded me of the forceful wrist grabs in Korean dramas. Honestly, there is nothing romantic about those slow motioned wrist grabs, absolutely nothing. That aside, the chemistry between the leads was electrifying. Of course, this is not their first time working together, so that is expected. They previously starred in the 2014 Taiwanese drama – Pleasantly Surprised. And they have also maintained a good friendship outside of their work scene, so I definitely expected their chemistry as a couple to be intense.

Before We Get Married is the first Taiwanese drama to have caught my attention in a long time. It was refreshing to watch, and the actors did an excellent job of bringing their characters to life. I was frustrated at who I was supposed to be frustrated at, and I also came to love the characters that were meant to be appreciated. So kudos to the actors and the entire production crew for a job well done.

This drama’s main plot is settled around two couples and betrayal. But before judging based on the infidelity involved, try to take into consideration that these two couples were already unstable from the start. And although cheating is still in no way justifiable, the drama really does well to show what caused both couples to drift apart. 

In Chu Ke Huan and Gao Zi Yan’s case, they were both aware of the lack of love in their relationship, but they left things vague for too long. That made everything harder to untangle when Ke Huan decided to break off the relationship. And in Zhou WeiWei and Li Hao Yi’s case, one partner was always going along with the other’s decisions and plans. In the long run, it caused the opinion of the overcompensating partner to be disregarded entirely. Both couples were already ticking time bombs waiting to go off. I do not condone cheating, but I can clearly see how their situation led them to make mistakes.

Now, although it was a refreshing drama to watch, I must admit that the story got a little bit slow towards the end. I am happy that the episodes were kept short because if the drama had run any longer, it would have lost its quality. Also, there are a few issues that remained unresolved by the end of the series. The first is the sudden disappearance of Chu Ke-Huan’s best friend, Yang Bai Yang. I know that he was transferred, but after that incident, he was utterly erased from the drama. Even his role as Han Ke Fei’s potential boyfriend was written off. So I guess the writer had to boost up Liu Da Wei’s character to fill up the void. I just felt that his disappearance was abrupt and could have been handled better. The second issue is the abortion case of Gao Zi Yuan. So we got to know that the relationship between her and Ke Huan began to deteriorate after she aborted their baby without his permission. But what was never mentioned was her reason behind doing so. Maybe they decided to skip that because they felt it was irrelevant. But in my opinion, they should have included it as a way of giving her a fair judgement.

For a more detailed review, let us talk about the main characters –

#1. Puff Kuo – Zhou WeiWeiimg_0782Right from the first scene with Zhou WeiWei and Li Hao Yi, I could tell that there was something off about their relationship. But from WeiWei’s perspective, her relationship was perfect. Honestly, when you become accustomed to a pattern, you can hardly tell if it is wrong or right unless you take a time-out and check yourself. So, in this case, the reality check that WeiWei needed came from Chu Ke Huan. Then later on in the drama, her best friend Han Ke Fei also played the same role. Once she realized what was wrong, the need for change became a frustrating battle for her. I love that she tried all she could to save her relationship with her fiancé, but unfortunately, Li Hao Yi was not ready to accept his faults and make the necessary changes. So I support her for breaking off such a toxic relationship. Here is a clip to show how far wrecked the relationship was, and whenever she tried to resolve things, it all landed on deaf ears – 

Personally, I wanted WeiWei to be on her own for a while, and I am glad that she actually did so. Going straight into a relationship would be taking past baggage and negative auras into a new phase of life. She needed time to heal and rediscover herself.

#2. Jasper Liu – Chu Ke Huan Screenshot (57)The major mistake he made was staying in a relationship for ten years when he clearly knew that he no longer loved his girlfriend. I know he stayed to fulfill his promise to her late mother, but by doing so, he enabled Gao Zi Yuan’s obsession over him. He then started using WeiWei as an escape from his reality. So even though he played a significant role in getting WeiWei to see the wrongs in her relationship, he had a hard time dealing with his own issues. Thankfully Zi Yuan’s younger sister helped him realize that to ultimately be free, he needed to cut Zi Yuan off completely. Forget the promise and just leave her alone.

And although his forceful actions at the beginning of the series were unpleasant, he managed to show many redeeming qualities as the story progressed. He became a good friend to WeiWei whenever she needed someone that could understand and comfort her. He also learnt to be patient with her and give her space. He was willing to wait for her to achieve her goal of becoming WeiWei 2.0 before starting a new relationship. I really love Chu Ke Huan’s character because after the final confirmation that he was emotionally invested in another woman, he broke things off with Gao Zi Yuan immediately. Now concerning his relationship with WeiWei. It started out as lust, but it developed into a good friendship, which involved mutual love and respect for each other.

Pardon me because my next statement is a bit off-topic.


#3. Steven Sun – Li Hao Yiimg_0825Yes, he over plans and puts way too much emphasis on saving up money, but that does not necessarily make him a horrible person. Li Hao Yi’s main flaw was his pride and inability to listen or make changes. A relationship involves two people, so how can one person make all the decisions without consulting the other party. That is simply disrespectful.

Such a flaw can be worked on, but when nothing is done, it becomes toxic and unbearable. After the breakup, Li Hao Yi’s character took an extreme 360 turn, and he lost all his redeeming qualities. He became more stubborn, violent, rude and still did not want to listen before jumping to conclusions. And even though he calmed down at the end, I feel that he still did not learn anything. I say this because of the statement he made to Wei Wei before leaving Taipei. I quote – “You always make me watch you leave, now you should be the one to watch me leave.” To me, that statement proves that he took no lesson away from the breakup but instead felt that it all happened because Wei Wei fell in love with someone else. Maizi really summed up what I wanted to tell Li Hao Yi. She said – “Comparing yourself to others or blaming others for all your problems is never the right way to go about things. First, look within yourself and find out if you also hold some blame.” Hao Yi, unlike Gao Zi Yuan, had a chance to make things right, but he let his pride shoot him in the foot before finishing the race. 

#4. Nital Lei – Gao Zi YuanScreenshot (75)She was such a one-dimensional character; even till the end of the series, she remained the same without any glimpse of hope. Her character’s issues should have been resolved faster. But I really love the actress because she did an excellent job showing all of Gao Zi Yuan’s flaws.

Zi Yuan is manipulative, selfish, inconsiderate and obsessed. She continuously used the excuse of doing things for Ke Huan’s good to get away with her excessive lifestyle. Also, trying to guilt-trip him with the promise he made to her late mother was terrible. She was fully aware of how bad their relationship had become, but she decided to remain in denial. Watching her actions was like trying to pour water into a broken jar. Even when her younger sister advises her, she shuns her sister’s words and continues on her path of destruction. How does one come back from all these? There was no character development for her at all. That is why I wish they provided the reason for her aborting the baby. Maybe that would have made this character have more depth. 

#5. Pheobe Yuan – Han Ke Feiimg_0821I started out this drama not being the biggest fan of Han Ke Fei, but by the end of the series, I appreciated her presence. She sincerely wanted the best for WeiWei and was always ready to defend her no matter what. She also calls WeiWei out on her actions by asking her the right questions. Some examples include – Are you satisfied? Do you really want to get married? Are you sure you have no feelings for Chu Ke Huan? Questions like these are essential before jumping into marriage.

I know most people did not like how thirsty how her character was, but if you ask me, her behaviour was quite realistic and straightforward. She did need some toning down, but who am I to judge. I also saw comments of people slut-shaming her, which was unfair because where was that same energy when Chu Ke Huan was going after an engaged lady. Double standards😒. I am glad she found the right partner and settled down. Here is my favourite scene from her –

Overall I really enjoyed this drama. Most of all, for its complexity. The final result was not just to arrive at someone being right or wrong but rather to realize that everyone was in some way at fault for the demise of their own relationship. And by acknowledging your mistakes, you can move forward. Like I already mentioned, the acting was great and believable.

The background scores for this drama were always perfectly placed. Here is a good example –

I also loved the original soundtracks that were used. My favourite OST is the ending theme song by Bii.  If you do not know about my intense admiration for Bii yet, then you must be a new reader. The song “I Miss You More” is from Bii’s latest album, which was also released this year. It is such a soft and calming piece, so it naturally became one of my favourite things about the show.

Another worthy mention is “I’d Like To Hear The Details” by Fang Wu. I do not know much about the singer, but the chorus on this song really caught my attention. It is also very relaxing.

To end this review, let us discuss the ending. A lot of people had mixed feelings towards the finale. The writers trolled all of us big time. From the previews, I thought it was going to be Ke Huan and WeiWei’s wedding, but it was not. Personally, I think the ending was perfect and realistic. Getting married at the end would have been too predictable.

After the one year skip, we know that they both resolved the issues with their previous partners. They are now free from anyone’s control and can date whoever they please. Also, WeiWei asking Ke Huan if she could buy him a coffee tells all the attentive viewers that they plan to start dating officially. In episode one, Chu Ke Huan asked her the same thing, and he said when someone says that, it is code for wanting to start a relationship. With all this knowledge, I am assured of them ending up together. Therefore, I have no problem with the ending. 

Before We Get Married was everything I expected and more. Yes, there were a few unresolved issues, and the story became a bit slow towards the end, but none of these strongly affected my viewing experience. Plus, I would not mind rewatching it, so my rating for this drama is an 8/10.

All thirteen episodes are available on Viki: Full Episodes of Before We Get Married.




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Her Private Life is a 2019 Korean drama series that aired on TVN. The story is based on a Korean novel called Noona Fan Dot Com. img_2922Synopsis: Sung Deok Mi is a talented chief curator at Cheum Museum Art Gallery, but in private, she is a fanatic fangirl of White Ocean’s Cha Si An. Ryan Gold is an artist who can no longer paint due to Stendhal syndrome. After the current boss of Cheum Museum gets involved in an embezzlement case, Ryan becomes the new Art Director of the museum. Due to a sasaeng fan’s post, rumours about Deok Mi allegedly dating Si An begin to spread. To ward off Si An’s fans who threaten to harm her, Ryan suggests that he and Deok Mi pretend to date. Unfortunately, the same sasaeng gets a job as an intern in the museum and vows to prove that Ryan and Deok Mi are a fake couple. Both now have no other choice but to continue the couple act even at work.

Going into this drama, I was not expecting much because this “fake to real couple” plotline has been overused. The only difference here was the fangirling aspect. So I went in with the mindset of “I just need some lighthearted romance story to refresh myself.” The drama also had a promising cast, so that was a plus. And like many others, I was super excited to finally see Kim Jae Wook in a lead role.

(Warning – spoilers ahead)

I absolutely enjoyed watching this series. It was exactly what I needed, not much suspense, just some feel-good romance. Although I feel that some parts of the story could have been omitted and also a few questions are still left answered. So I am going to make a little paragraph on that.

Okay, time to officially get into this review.

As I already mentioned, Her Private Life is nothing new plot-wise, but it felt fresh and exciting to watch because of how well the drama was executed. I fell in love with almost every character as the story progressed. The entire film crew and actors really brought their A-game on this one. I really enjoyed watching the comedic scenes, the extraness of it all gave me a good laugh. I also love how animated the depiction of the fansite world was made to look. It was a little bit “cheesy,” but I think that is what made it funny to me.

Now I am not sure if I should be giving praise to the director or the writer for what I am about to mention, but anyways Kudos to whoever came up with the idea. There are some particular scenes between our main leads where no music or background score is used, the entire scene is just completely silent. I LOVED IT. The use of silence to show the tension between Ryan and Deok Mi was the best idea they could have come up with because it just makes it feel more real. Some people might not like the awkward feeling it gave, but I enjoyed it. Here are the scenes where I noticed that use of silence – 

Another thing to comment on is the fantastic dialogue, most notably during heartfelt scenes. In the last episode, there is a scene where Deok Mi’s mom and Ryan’s mom sit for a while and talk with each other. The dialogue from Ryan’s mom was absolutely beautiful. She said, “A woman who has lost her husband is called a widow. A man whose wife has died is a widower. A child who had lost his or her parents is called an orphan. But a parent who has lost a child…the sorrow is so great that there is not even a word that can be used to describe the person”. I am not sure if these words are directly from the writer or from another source, but they really touched me. If anyone knows the original source, please let me know in the comment section. For a more detailed review, I will go ahead and analyze a few characters.

First, our main leads – Kim Jae Wook as Ryan/Han Yoon Jae and Park Mi Young as Sung Deok Miimg_3194This drama portrays a very mature romance story, so the chemistry between Ryan and Deok Mi was intense and beautiful from start to finish. Their relationship felt more real and natural as the drama progressed. I also discovered that most of the intimate scenes towards the end of the series were actually improvised by the actors themselves, so I guess that’s why it felt very natural. I loved how understanding and considerate they both were to each other. There was hardly any misunderstanding between them, and anytime they had an issue, it was resolved very quickly. I honestly hate when little problems are dragged and dramatized for many episodes, so it was nice seeing that change here.

I also like that the secret about her being a fangirl was not hidden for too long after they officially started dating. The writer did a great job in making Ryan smart enough to figure out that Deok Mi was the fansite manager for Si An is My Road. And because Ryan already knew, the reveal was not a big issue for them. Although I still wish Deok Mi revealed it to him personally instead of hiding all the time. That aside, Deok Mi is still a very lovable character, she is an amazing daughter, a very supportive friend. I love that she could always tell if Ryan was not in the best mood and what exactly was bothering him without him actually saying anything. Also, Ryan had one of the most admirable traits ever. He was always quick to apologize whenever he realized that he was wrong.

I appreciate the wardrobe choices for the lead characters. My favourite outfit for Ryan is definitely the three-piece suit he wore in episode 13. Also, Deok Mi outfits were great. Her clothes, shoes and jewellery were always well put together. But I wish they had blended her hair extensions properly like they did in the last episode. All the same, I would love to have her wardrobe for a week at least.

To close the chapter for our main leads, please permit me to fangirl a little. KIM JAE WOOK, no words needed –img_3195img_3196Alright, alright, I am done. LOL, I had to respect myself and not add all the screenshots I took.

Next on, the second leads – Hong Seo Young as Choi Da In and Ahn Bo Hyun as Nam Eun Gi img_3191img_3200Honestly, I feel that these two characters should have been introduced just as friends or family to Ryan and Deok Mi because it would not have made much of a difference for their roles in the drama.

I initially found Nam Eun Gi annoying, and I knew that because of the brotherly relationship he had with Deok Mi, they definitely could not end up together. So the fact that he tried to control what she was doing with Ryan on the claim that he knew her better than Ryan was annoying to watch. Growing up with her or knowing a lot about her does not automatically give you the right to a relationship. Love is really not a first-come, first-serve matter. Towards the end of the drama, I noticed some significant character development with him. He really surprised me and made me love him as a character. He is a fantastic friend and brother to Deok Mi, and I was happy when he found someone that loves him as well.

Now onto Choi Da In, I honestly do not have much to say about this character. It felt like the writer just used her as a catalyst to make Ryan realize his true feelings for Deok Mi. But after that, I did not see the point of her character any longer. At first, I thought it was going to be the usual troupe were both second leads fall in love with each other, but it did not turn out that way. I feel that she did not have to be presented as a second lead because she could have made Ryan realize his feeling just by being a friend and saying something. If anyone has a different opinion on her character, feel free to do so in the comment section.

To close the section for the second leads, I will put it out there that I am a bit biased against second leads because I am tired of Korean dramas and their dead-end love triangles. The only show that ever made me love the second lead more was School 2015.

Deok Mi’s One and only idol – Jung Je Won as Cha Si Animg_3202At first, Cha Si An did not stand out to me. It felt like he was just there as the idol that Deok Mi loved, but by episode 14, I had a big realization of the importance of his character. His talk with his mom after the discovery that Ryan was Heo Yoon Jae (her lost son) showed how much of a loving and caring person he is. I realized that right from the beginning, he has been the bridge connecting our main leads, and he also served as the bridge for Ryan to meet their mom. I remember in the very first scene between Ryan and Deok Mi, she kept on staring at him because he reminded her of Si-An, and they start the fake dating because of Si An’s scandal. Many other instances of such connection come to mind, but I cannot list all. His character definitely brought tranquillity, knowledge and understanding for other characters around him. He always seemed to know about things that you would hardly expect him to know of. I guess it took me a while to notice Si An, but I am glad that I did. I find it funny that somehow he was always on the elevator with Ryan or Deok Mi.  At some point, I wondered if he was living on that elevator. Also, I knew right from the start that Si-An and Ryan were brothers, so the reveal was not a big surprise to me. Here is one of my favourite scenes of him on the elevator – 

Kim Bo Ra as Cindy/Kim Hyo Jin and Kim Sun Young as Uhm So Hyeimg_3203Before I even start to go in on these two characters, I would like to share one of my favourite scenes which happens to have both characters in it. Here it is – 

Kim Sun Young is such an amazing actress. I first saw her as one of the mothers in Reply 1988. She really did a great job as Uhm So Hye. In scenes where I was supposed to hate or be irritated by the character, I definitely was and also in the scenes where I was supposed to laugh, I did. The entire look for her role was funny, from the hairstyle to her outrageous outfits and her personality, I just could not take her seriously. Thankfully she became less hateful during the few last episodes.

Cindy really started off as the annoying sasaeng fan, but I am grateful for the addition of her character. Her character portrayed how disturbing actual sasaeng fans can be. I mean, there is a difference between being a fan and fangirling over your preferred kpop groups, but when it gets to the point of invading their privacy and stalking them during their personal time, then that is just wrong and uncalled for. Honestly, the stories I have read about a few kpop idols and their sasaeng fans are alarming. That aside, Cindy grew on me. I like how her obsessive passion was channelled into something more productive in the long run. I was actually surprised that she ended up with Nam Eun Gi. She developed into a great character, and one of my favourite scenes from her is when she confronts her mom about the celebrity collection exhibit that the Art Gallery was planning for. Here is that scene – 

Finally, here is my little paragraph on what I felt could have been excluded and the questions I still need answers to. First of all, did they really have to make the leads know each other as kids? I mean do not get me wrong, I absolutely love how maturely that part of the story was handled, but this is just an overused cliche. I am not a writer, so I try not to be over judgemental with a storyline. If I do not enjoy it, I just drop it and start something else, but this time around, I just have to point it out. It is getting old and tiring because a lot of Korean dramas are using the same plot, I need to see something new. PLEASE.

Another thing, the drama is called Her Private Life, but it did not really focus on her private life. Now that does not bother me much, but I was hoping that they would reveal to her co-workers and even Si An that she is the manager for Si An is My Road fansite. I cannot believe that it was not made into a big reveal. Also, what happened to the people that adopted Ryan. Are they alive, dead or even still in contact with him? I would love to know.

Okay, l am going to leave that and end this review on something else that I enjoyed, which is OSTs. When watching any drama, the one thing that always draws my attention is the soundtracks. There are two specific songs that I really love from Her Private Life. The first is “Maybe” by Lee Hae Ri of Davichi. Davichi always has the best drama OSTs, their voices are so beautiful. The second song is “Think of You” by Ha Sung Woon. I do not know much about Ha Sung Woon, but he is also a great singer. Here is the link to the music videos for both songs –  Official MV for Lee Hae Ri – Maybe     Official MV for Ha Sung Woon – Think Of You.

Overall I will rate this drama an 8.5/10. It was a good watch, and I would not mind rewatching it again. So before I go, I will leave you all with two more clips of my favourite scenes with Ryan and Deok Mi. ENJOY, and until my next post, take everyone.

First Encounter: Do You Want Me? 

Fake Dating Photoshoot