Song Of The Week – “Stranger” by Paul Kim

“Stranger” is one of my many favourites from Paul Kim. Since I listen to him religiously, I decided to choose one of his songs as my recommendation for this week.

To me, Paul Kim’s voice feels like drinking a warm cup of French Vanilla (I don’t drink coffee😂) on a cold or rainy day. His voice gives off such a natural warmth that embraces each listener and makes them feel every emotion that a song might entail. This particular feature is what gives him a genuine standout from other artists. His music touches the soul, and I love him.

I picked “Stranger” as this week’s recommendation mainly because I’ve been playing it a lot more lately. I love the melody and serene atmosphere of this song. Also, the progression of the instrumental is beautiful, the lyrics are profound, and some listeners could relate to every feeling described in this song. Plus, I also feel it gives a sense of hope and direction. It’s an assurance to anyone who feels lost, letting them know that they’re not alone. So, I hope you all enjoy listening to “Stranger” by Paul Kim as much as I do.💕

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