SUPER JUNIOR’s Yesung Wishes Us All A “Beautiful Night” – Album Review

On May 3rd, SUPER JUNIOR’& rsquo; s YESUNG released his 4th mini-album, Beautiful Evening, which contains 7 tracks’. Let & rsquo; s solve into my evaluation because’I & rsquo; m prepared to be honored with outstanding vocals!!!

(Please keep in mind –– this is a real-time review. Indicating I am typing down my precise ideas while paying attention to every song.)

Reaction to Title Track/Official MV:

  • Yesung’& rsquo; s voice always takes me on a flight. He appears attractive, + the snazzy important makes this song also better for me.
  • The music video’& rsquo; s visuals are terrific as well. I like the starlet, and they both look lovable with each other.
  • Whoever is playing the trumpet or saxophone on this track went off (I’& rsquo; m unsure on the specific instrument or if I listened to both). On the whole the manufacturing high quality for this song is superb.
  • “& ldquo; Beautiful Night & rdquo; is a feel-good love song, and I truly took pleasure in listening to it.

Album Testimonial:

  1. Beautiful Night – — I enjoy this tune a whole lot. The crucial + Yesung’& rsquo; s effective as well as velvet-like voice developed outright bliss.
  2. Phantom Pain –— This was a beta to the cd. I already paid attention to it. “& ldquo; Phantom Pain & rdquo; leans towards the neo-soul/R&& B genre, which is my favourite lane of songs, so I appreciate this song a lot. Also, I love the production quality, as well as Yesung stands unbeaten since he offers gorgeous vocals regularly.
  3. Corazón Perdido (Lost Heart) –— The tune for this track is peaceful, however I can inform it’& rsquo; s an unfortunate one from the title. Also, the singing style made use of below is exciting. I love just how Yesung appears on the track, and also the instrumental is equally incredible. Up until now, all the tracks have actually been amazing, but I assume “& ldquo; Corazón Perdido(” Lost Heart )& rdquo; might be at the extremely leading of my list in the meantime
  4. . Fireworks – — From the introduction, I can currently inform I’& rsquo; m going to love this tune. And also, it has a slightly vintage ambiance which constantly leads to a pleasurable groove anthem. I am savouring the production top quality of this album since every facet of this track is offering rich benefits. “& ldquo; Fireworks & rdquo; is a vibe. Say goodbye to Love – — I think Yesung plans to serve bops from beginning to end. Every tune has actually gotten on point, which is the type of quality that I love. It’& rsquo; s unusual to have albums that wear & rsquo; t have a miss out on, so I & rsquo; m going to indulge in every min of this record “. & ldquo; No More Love & rdquo; is a sluggish R&B track, as well as Yesung seems breathtakingly attractive. I’& rsquo; m most likely a busted record now because I can’& rsquo; t stop matching his voice.
  5. Like Us – — This tune has a wonderful guitar critical, as well as Yesung sings extremely carefully. Truthfully, I have nothing much to say because I’& rsquo; ve poured all my compliments into the previous tracks, and also this one follows up beautifully as well. “& ldquo; Like United States & rdquo; has a much less complex production than the remainder, however it’& rsquo; s still similarly fantastic as well as an ideal cool vibe.
  6. A Letter in The Wind – — Okay, we’& rsquo; re finishing up with a power ballad, as well as you all know how much I enjoy this design of songs. I believe Yesung particularly made this cd for me 😊. It completely suits my preference, and also I enjoyed investing my twenty-six minutes with his gorgeous voice. “& ldquo; A Letter in The Wind & rdquo; is a fantastic close.

Final Ideas:

The title for this mini-album is really proper because what other word can I use to explain what I simply experienced than lovely. From start to finish, this document showcased exceptional vocal as well as important quality. The general production is simply pleasant to listen to, so I have no complaints. All seven tracks are incredible, yet if I must choose a favourite, it will need to be “& ldquo; Corazón Perdido (Lost Heart)”& rdquo;. That tune had some extra benefits that I can’& rsquo; t refute. Paying attention to YESUNG‘& lsquo; s fourth mini-album, Beautiful Evening, was really a joyous experience. Therefore my rating for it is 10/10.

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