DAY6 – ‘The Book of Us: Negentropy – Chaos swallowed up in love’ Album Review

On April 19th, DAY6 released their 7th mini-album, The Book of Us: Negentropy- Disorder engulfed in love. This cd is the 4th as well as last chapter of Guide people series. The record has seven tracks, consisting of the title track – “– & ldquo;

You make Me & rdquo; (Please keep in mind– this is a real-time testimonial. Suggesting I am keying down my precise ideas while listening to each tune.)

Reaction to “& ldquo; You make Me & rdquo;

  • Official MV: Instantly, I love the cinematography for this music video. The colouring + views is stunning.
  • As expected from DAY6, the vocals as well as instrumentalization are on factor. I can never ever get burnt out when paying attention to them sing, particularly Wonpil’& rsquo; s soft voice that remains puncturing my heart. Likewise, Dowoon’& rsquo; s drum areas for this tune are incredible.
  • They all look outstanding, but that hair colour and length on Jae is serving big time.
  • I love just how they switched over up the chord progression and also melody for the bridge. That generated some brand-new and amazing aspects to the track.
  • I think “& ldquo; You make Me & rdquo; will produce a great auto racing track. Is it my favourite title track from DAY6? No, yet taking it just as a track from them, I ENJOY IT.

Album Evaluation:

  1. everyday we fight – — I’& rsquo; m obtaining mild disco vibes from this tune, and I love that for me. Once again, the vocals and also instrumentalization are top-notch. I like the tune and also harmonization for the carolers; it’& rsquo; s so lovely 😍. Dowoon & rsquo; s drum sections get better and better with each return; the male remains serving 👏 🏼. Additionally, the guitar areas on this track are exquisite.
  2. You make Me – — Paying attention to the sound, I can value the vocals a lot more. They all sound incredible, as well as 100% this track is a vibe. I already included it to my playlist.
  3. Healer – — This has a really intriguing introductory as well as instrumental in general. I enjoy that it’& rsquo; s groovy, as well as I & rsquo; m also delighting in the unique melody + the sing-along chorus. The manufacturing for this tune is pleasant.
  4. Just – — The introductory for this tune is exciting and rather R&B-ish. The vocals as well as melody are so stunning. I’& rsquo; m amazed of their voices now, and I almost believed my child Dowoon obtained some lines at the 1:15 mark. Nevertheless, after confirming on YouTube, it’& rsquo; s Young K singing, and also he seems amazing in that area. “& ldquo; Only & rdquo; is a charming track. above the clouds– I am gradually observing that this album makes use of several audios from nature. I like the peacefulness that brings right into the document. The crucial of “& ldquo; over the clouds & rdquo; ignited a fascinating but hefty feeling in me, so I went ahead to check out the lyrics. This tune has to do with yearning for the spirit of a dearly departed to hinge on over the clouds while recollecting the pleased minutes you as soon as had with them. My feelings were so on point. In general, I truly appreciated the guitar areas on “& ldquo; above the clouds & rdquo;, as well as it & rsquo; s a great track. ONE –– I like the rhythm of this tune, as well as the manufacturing high quality gets on factor. DAY6 constantly serves the best cds. Up until now, every track showcased distinctive components and also had various feelings, however the entire record still seems natural. It’& rsquo; s merely a well-balanced body of work.
  5. so allow’& rsquo; s like– An excellent sluggish tune to shut things, as well as the vocal shipment on this one is lovely. I enjoy the cool vibe of “& ldquo; so allow & rsquo; s enjoy & rdquo;. It & rsquo; s something I might pay attention to each day.

Final Ideas:

My favourites from this album in no specific order are – “– & ldquo; everyday we fight”& rdquo;, & ldquo; You make Me & rdquo;, “& ldquo; Only & rdquo;, & ldquo; above the clouds & rdquo;,

as well as & ldquo; so let & rsquo; s enjoy & rdquo;. The tune that left a long-term impact on me due to the lyrics is “& ldquo; above the clouds”& rdquo;. I check out that Jae wrote it for a friend that passed away. It’& rsquo; s such a heartfelt and also calming track.

As discussed previously, DAY6 constantly has the best albums. In my point of view, this 7th mini-album, Guide people: Negentropy- Chaos swallowed up in love, is an excellent and well-thought-out body of job. All seven songs offered what they were supposed to give, + the exceptional manufacturing quality. Let’& rsquo; s not even discuss vocals and also instrumentalization because they constantly come appropriate because division. With all that stated, this record obtains a strong 10/10 from me.

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