Catching Up With Recent Comebacks: HyunA|KYUHYUN|U-KNOW & Yang Da Il

Back to the grind with the 2nd collection of my “& ldquo; catching up & rdquo;

collection– HyunA – “– & ldquo; I & rsquo;

m Not Cool & rdquo; This song is the title’track of HyunA & rsquo; s 7th mini-album– I & rsquo; m Not Awesome. She looks sensational in this video. I enjoy her makeup and the vibrant colours for the music video; I can tell they invested cash!!! The choreography is rather wacky but still strikes tough. As for the tune, it’& rsquo; s memorable yet not precisely my ambiance. In this situation, I put on’& rsquo; t even mind the heavy EDM components, however my problem is that the knowledgeables do not have adequate substance while the chorus is a bop. Thus the entire tune isn’& rsquo; t hitting the appropriate area. Perhaps “& ldquo; I & rsquo; m Not Cool & rdquo; might grow on me a lot later on; who recognizes?

Overall this is a solid mini-album from HyunA. The title track did improve for me with each new pay attention, however I still choose the B-sides. My ranking for the songs in this EP is as follows – “– & ldquo; Event, Feeling, Love & rdquo; “– & ldquo; – “BLOSSOM SHOWER & rdquo; – “– & ldquo; Program Home window & rdquo;– & ldquo; GREAT GIRL & rdquo; & & ldquo; I & rsquo; m Not Cool & rdquo;. I assume this

document is worthy of a rating of 9.5/ 10. KYUHYUN– & ldquo;

Going on & rdquo; You all recognize I like ballads, so this song is right up my street. KYUHYUN has such an effective as well as emotional voice, so he delivered “& ldquo; Going on & rdquo; so wonderfully. The actors likewise succeeded with showcasing the views of their functions. From the verses, I can inform this is a breakup song, however the video additionally makes me seem like the boyfriend handed down??? I’& rsquo; m uncertain, however I enjoy this song just the same. It’& rsquo; s for certain going on my playlist.

U-KNOW – “– & ldquo;

Eeny Meeny & rdquo; The beat for this tune is a groove +the carolers is super catchy. U-KNOW is serving smooth vocals, as well as the choreography is perfect taking into consideration the tempo. I likewise love the video’& rsquo; s visuals. I was wishing that Seulgi would certainly sing, but I appreciated her cameo; she looks gorgeous. “& ldquo; Eeny Meeny & rdquo; is a bop that I will certainly be repeating for a long time.

Yang Da Il – “– & ldquo;

Hurt & rdquo; This tune is the title track for Yang Da Il’& rsquo; s 2nd unabridged cd – — our pleasures and sadness. “& ldquo; Hurt & rdquo; is an austere ballad, and also I like the music video. The stars did such an amazing job conveying the feelings of this song. Yang Da Il’& rsquo; s singing delivery is impressive; his voice pierces the heart.

“& ldquo; Occasionally” & rdquo; & ldquo; Sometimes & rdquo; is a beta solitary for the album and a just as attractive ballad. I & rsquo; ve observed that most Oriental ballads tend to be regarding breaks up, however I don’& rsquo; t mind because they & rsquo; re constantly so enjoyable. This tune has an extremely chill instrumental; thus Yang Da Il’& rsquo; s singing shipment is a lot more relaxing and also not as well power-driven like in “& ldquo; Pain & rdquo;

. & ldquo; Darling & rdquo; Another pre-release, and I remember paying attention to this when it dropped. It’& rsquo; s such a touching track as well as has a totally different storyline from the previous 2. “& ldquo; Darling & rdquo; is about an older guy recollecting the moment spent with his now-deceased partner. I love this song, and the visuals for the music video are so calm. Obviously, Yang Da Il’& rsquo; s wonderful vocals are what absolutely drive home the sentiments of this beautiful item.

“& ldquo; Understand” & rdquo; & ldquo; Understand & rdquo; is an electronic solitary from the earlier months of 2020. I enjoy the moody colouring for this video as well as just how the video clip events occur behind-the-scenes as Yang Da Il sings his heart out. He appears unbelievable on this track, the vocal work on this one are pure bliss. The stars for his videos are constantly so good, and of course, I am living for this calm power.

“& ldquo;

My Love & rdquo; One more tune that was released previously, yet this one is from 2019. By now, if you’& rsquo; re not currently knowledgeable about Yang Da Il, you would certainly have recognized that he is a core ballad singer. As a result our happiness as well as despair is a full-on sluggish pace album. “& ldquo; My Love & rdquo; is not a breakup tune however rather like a recognition letter to that unique someone who makes your world extra beautiful daily. I like the aesthetic appeals of this music video, the scenery for every scene is sensational.

This album is excellent in every form as well as kind and also deserving of a 10/10 rating. Yang Da Il served vocals and feelings on all twelve tracks, + every single tune had something noticeably gorgeous that captivated me. I love an excellent ballad record because I can play it behind-the-scenes on repeat while doing anything, and also it places me in one of the most relaxed room. So do I like our delights and also despair, YOU SURE BET I DO. There are additionally some excellent cool neo-soul tracks on this document, which implies I obtain an exceptional combine with this set.

Alright, that’& rsquo; s all for catching up with the current resurgences. You all will possibly see more of this type of article during the very first fifty percent of this year due to the fact that I’& rsquo; m active with institution as well as can’& rsquo; t respond to every little thing quickly. Still, I’& rsquo; m doing my ideal to appear as usually as feasible, as well as I’& rsquo; m grateful for the support up until now. 💕 💕 💕

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