Epik High is Here!! With “Rosario” (Feat. CL & ZICO)

On January 18th, Epik High returned with a new cd titled Epik High is Here (Component 1). This record has ten tracks, consisting of both title tracks – “– & ldquo; Rosario ft. CL & ZICO & rdquo; as well as & ldquo; Based upon A Real”Story ft. HEIZE & rdquo;. I couldn & rsquo; t avoid evaluating this famous hip-hop group, so let’& rsquo; s solve into it.

(Please note –– this is a real-time review, suggesting I am typing down my precise ideas while listening to every tune.)

Response to “& ldquo; Rosario & rdquo;(Feat. CL, ZICO) –

  • Authorities MV– They are back with their trademark upright video clips, as well as for some reason, I feel like I’& rsquo; m enjoying a 3D clip. Maybe this results from the way they filmed this music video.
  • Okay, I am 0.26 secs in, but I already understand that this tune is a certified BOP.
  • I love the mild Spanish impact, and also DJ Tukutz’& rsquo; s acting is on factor. Attempting to take note of both the lyrics and visuals at the same time is impossible. For my first pay attention, I’& rsquo; m mosting likely to concentrate on the visuals alone.
  • Wow, the beat for this track + that guitar behind-the-scenes is charming.
  • Tablo is flowing as expected. I enjoy just how they magnified the bass throughout his 2nd knowledgeable.
  • CL entered into the mix efficiently. I like her scratchy voice, as well as her outfit is offering QUEEN VIBES!!!
  • Congratulations to whoever created the set for each artist. It’& rsquo; s so comprehensive and also spectacular 👏 🏼 👏 🏼 👏 🏼.
  • Naturally, ZICO can be found in with the warm which three-piece fit is doing him justice 😎.
  • The manufacturing on this song is serving 100% top quality, and also I’& rsquo; m crazy. The shots for this music video are outrageous. Did you see the method the camera moved during ZICO’& rsquo;
  • s scene? From what I & rsquo; ve seen, I seem like this video has a much deeper meaning. Hopefully, I can get the essence of this once I review the verses otherwise, I’& rsquo; ll watch an explanation video on YouTube later on.
  • CL absolutely brings the correct amount of sauce to the carolers area.
  • Currently it’& rsquo; s Mithra & rsquo; s rely on kill points. Oh, the beat got even nastier on his part, and I love his intensity.
  • This video looked easy initially because of the vertical format but Nah!! This is some A+++++++++ instructions as well as filming work.
  • I enjoy the critical outro after Tablo states “& ldquo; moment of silence.”
  • & rdquo; After paying close attention to the lyrics, I feel they’& rsquo; re calling out people that rudely criticize every little thing stars do. These same people end up being hypocrites once something dreadful takes place to the same artist they once despised. They try to offer consolation and also act like they didn’& rsquo; t take part in what led to the demise. Just as Tablo stated in his knowledgeable, their actions are equal to murder.
  • I enjoy the message. Inconsiderate individuals that call themselves ‘& lsquo; fans & rsquo; require to recognize their location. DURATION!!!!
  • “& ldquo; Rosario & rdquo; is a strong title track. Every person on this tune came with as well as served.

Response to “& ldquo; Based upon A Real Tale & rdquo;(Task. HEIZE )Authorities MV –

  • — A slower track than “& ldquo; Rosario & rdquo;, and once again, I fear of the music video. It’& rsquo; s aesthetically pleasing to watch.
  • HEIZE seems gorgeous, and the pianist backing her is incredible. You all understand how I enjoy a good piano crucial.
  • I am getting cools from the relaxing harmony between the piano, violin and HEIZE’& rsquo; s
  • “vocals. & ldquo; Based On A Real Story & rdquo; offers pure happiness energy, and also I am here for it
  • . I love just how Tablo was available in vocal singing before switching into a somewhat positive rap area.
  • Nah, at this moment, Epik High is just disrespectful, however what did I expect? They are eliminating the production on these tunes. Every element screams quality, from the vocals to the rap sections, the beats, as well as most notably, the violin & & piano areas on this track.
  • I believe this music video’& rsquo; s recording design comes off fairly personal, which makes feeling considering this track’& rsquo;
  • s title. I keep getting goosebumps since the melody for this track is so beautiful.
  • The verses for “& ldquo; Based On A Real Story & rdquo; are sad, yet I truly took pleasure in every secondly. Big approximately Epik High and HEIZE 👏 🏼 👏 🏼 👏 🏼 👏 🏼.

Album Evaluation:

  1. Lesson No –
  2. — Rosario (Task. CL, ZICO) –– No need for way too many words since this is my track!!!
  3. Based On A True Tale (Task. HEIZE) –– It still gives me chills, such a beautiful song.
  4. Acceptance Speech (Task. B.I) – — Okay, Mithra Jin began this track right off the initial second, + the beat was available in hard. It’& rsquo; s wonderful to hear B.I & rsquo; s voice after so long. He toenailed the carolers area, making me recollect the “& ldquo; Born Hater & rdquo; age. Yet another song with deep-felt verses. When you’& rsquo; ve met a great deal of phony people in life, you start to build up wall surfaces as well as, subsequently, come to be immune to anyone that attempts to tinker you again. The depressing facet is that these fake buddies often tend to feel entitled as if you owe them something.
  5. Leica (Accomplishment. Kim Sawol) – — Rather a fascinating keyboard access for this tune. Tablo is riding the beat so well, as well as his flow is ill. The tune for the critical is very appealing. I assume this is my very first time hearing anything from Kim Sawol, as well as she has such a calm vocal tone. I require to have a look at even more tracks from her. “& ldquo; Leica & rdquo; has a trendy beat; it makes me intend to body-roll. Nah, this was as well brief. I needed even more time with such an amazing track. From the lyrics I read on genius.com, I think this track has to do with staying in the moment as opposed to being taken in with storing everything in a photobook or taking numerous images on a cam.
  6. In Protection (Accomplishment. Woo, Nucksal, CHANGMO) – — Ooo, this is a hardcore rap zone, and also I live for this sort of energy. I like how Woo came into the mix, and also his flow is impressive. All the features on this track are offering it warm. “& ldquo; In Protection & rdquo; provides me cypher feelings due to how rapidly they relocate from one rapper to the next. No time at all to lose on this beat, and also this tune is LIT 🔥. I believe this track is hinting at the high degree of competitors in the music industry and also exactly how disorderly it can end up being + simply showcasing that Epik High led the way for several various other rap artists.
  7. Real Criminal Offense (Task. Miso) – — Open up your upper body for another individual’& rsquo; s enjoyment 🤨? Since & rsquo; s some poisonous relationship, in my genuine point of view. I love Miso’& rsquo; s soft voice and exactly how the EDM drop wasn’& rsquo; t as well intense due to the fact that the lyrics seem dark. After reviewing the English translation, I assume my first take was incorrect. This track is about two individuals in love that are slammed continuously due to societal norms? Until now, “& ldquo; Real Criminal offense & rdquo; is my the very least favorite. I require more time to value this tune’& rsquo;
  8. s sound. Social Range 16 – — An additional track however really befitting for our present times with the constant lockdowns, social distancing, mask life, depression and also uncertainties relating to the COVID-19 vaccine.
  9. End of the World (Task. GSoul) – — Alright, allow’& rsquo; s discuss it due to the fact that I & rsquo; m confused. He was G.Soul, then it switched to Golden, as well as now he’& rsquo; s backto GSoul!.?.!? Anyhow, I love the guitar intro on this track, and also GSoul’& rsquo; s impressive vocals stay continuous despite the phase name. This tune is my kind of ambiance, I like the crucial, and the vocals + rap areas are groovy. Tablo’& rsquo; s flow on this one is pleasant, and also Mithra Jin entered on his verse. GSoul’& rsquo; s vocal runs are pure eargasm, and also I might listen to this man sing throughout the day. “& ldquo; End of the Globe & rdquo
  10. ; is that track!!! Desire You – Were– Okay, this is an outro; for this reason I don’& rsquo; t mind that it & rsquo; s just 1 minute as well as 33 seconds long. We obtained some smooth vocals, a trendy beat, Haru’& rsquo; s wonderful voice as well as straightforward verses. “& ldquo; Wish You Were & rdquo; offered its function as the perfect closing to this superb cd.

Last Thoughts:

I had to take my time on this evaluation since when Epik High launches anything, they serve feelings and also offer free life lessons. I am happy to have them back, and also I hope every person enjoyed reviewing this article. There’& rsquo; s no requirement for me to comment more at this moment. Epik High is Below (Part 1) is a cd that promotes itself as a total work of art. For this reason it obtains a bulletproof 10/10 from me.

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