XIA (Junsu) Returns After 4 Years With ‘Pit A Pat’

Lately, I haven’t been feeling up to writing reviews or making any post in general because I have a lot on my mind. All the same, I’m taking each day slowly and praying for the best. So pardon my late reviews😊; I will get back into the groove of things with time.

Alright, on November 10th, XIA released his 2nd mini-album, Pit A Pat. This EP has four songs + two instrumentals. The title track of the album is also called “Pit A Pat”

Kim Jun-su, popularly known by the stage names XIA or Junsu, is a South Korean singer, dancer and musical actor born on December 15th, 1986. He is a member of the pop group JYJ and was part of the original member line-up for TVXQ. C-JeS Entertainment currently manages him.

(Please note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to each song.)

Reaction to Title Track/MV:

  • No English subs. I sometimes forget to pay attention to the lyrics anyway, so it’s no big deal.
  • I don’t know if I’m about to use the right word, but I love the pixeled edit for this music video.
  • This song is quite heavy on the electronic sound.
  • Xia’s voice is strong and beautiful, as expected.
  • The choreography is intricate and well-executed.
  • My favourite outfit is the red suit. It complements Xia’s skin tone so well.
  • Overall, “Pit a Pat” is a solid dance track, but I think it’s one of those that I need more time with because I’m not too in love with it after my first listen.
  • Okay, I gave it a second listen, and It does get better with each new play. I enjoyed the instrumentalization more this time around, and Xia’s vocal runs towards the end are lovely.

Album Review:

Highlight medley videos –

  1. Pit A Pat – Yea, this song is a grower because every replay leads me to notice something new and exciting.
  2. Days – Okay, this is the kind of soothing energy that my mood desires right now. Also, it starts with a piano, which I always adore. Xia’s voice is so beautiful and calming. I love how we got some smooth drumbeats/guitar riffs to lighten things a bit during the hook. This song has a graceful melody, and I could hear this playing in the background for a romantic Kdrama scene. Ooo, I love how the guitar came forward towards the end. “Days” is my first favourite on this album. I LOVE IT.
  3. Writing you – Yes to another ballad. I am living for the serenading section going on right now. Bless me, XIA, bless me!!! Awww, his voice is so beautiful and powerful. His control is top-notch, and it’s like he’s singing to me personally. Hold up; I wasn’t expecting that guitar riff after the chorus. This song is pure bliss. I LOVE IT SO MUCH😢. The instrumentalization + production on “Writing you” is excellent. 
  4. When it snows – Ooo, another ballad. You all can’t even imagine how happy I am right now. I’m getting three therapeutic songs in a row. What did I do to deserve all the beauty??😆Once again, with a soothing keyboard entry. I’m in love with this song; in fact, I’m in love with this album. I’m inspired to create a winter playlist. Xia got my creative juices tingling. Wow, the vocal runs on this track are like butter. Nothing more to say here because Xia served👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.
  5. Pit A Pat (Inst.) – This is just an instrumental, but I love that he left in some backing vocals. Many Chinese artists tend to include instrumental tracks with all their backing vocals, so it’s nice to see Xia doing this.
  6. Days (Inst.) –  Similar concept but without the inclusion of backing vocals.

Here is the album on Spotify:

Final Thoughts:

I’m so glad I reviewed this album. Honestly, I was considering skipping it, but this record was worth my time. It gave me a sweet mood reset. After hearing XIA serve pure vocals on each song, I feel very light and at peace. You can tell that the ballad tracks were my favourites, and those will be on replay for a long time.

On that note, XIA‘s 2nd mini-album, Pit A Pat, gets a 10/10 from me.

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