Mamamoo – TRAVEL: Kpop Album Review

The other day, MAMAMOO returned with their 10th mini-album titled TRAVELING, and also I’& rsquo; m super fired up concerning this return. I appreciated their beta solitary, “& ldquo; Dingga & rdquo;. It was a fun/refreshing song + an outstanding dance number. Currently, this brand-new album has five tracks, consisting of the title track “& ldquo; AYA & rdquo;. The teaserslooked scary as well as fierce, so I am ready to have a good time with this review.

(Please keep in mind –– this is a real-time review, implying I am inputting down my specific thoughts while listening per tune.)

Reaction to Title Track/MV:

  • The introduction instruments are providing me Arabian vibes.
  • I adore the color scheme for this video. It looks very grand.
  • Whoever designs Mamamoo is a monster. They constantly look excellent!!! + each participant has a nice touch of their uniqueness in all clothing.
  • Vocals get on factor, as anticipated. I like the growling impact they made use of at details factors in the song.
  • I am taking pleasure in the balanced guitar and also deep rolls in the background. Once again, all these aspects add to the majestic vibe of this song.
  • The production on this track is excellent, and the MV is gorgeous, however I’& rsquo; m still not fully into the track.
  • The choreography is great, and they’& rsquo; re truly in sync with the professional dancers.
  • Moonbyul’& rsquo; s flow always offers me life. She is bae.
  • Wheein with that said enchanted Fedora hat is a whole queen ambiance. The clothing in this music video are stunning.
  • Okay, I definitely was not expecting such a switch up at the end, but that section was still fire.
  • In general, “& ldquo; AYA & rdquo; is an excellent track because the manufacturing is amazing. Nevertheless, I can’& rsquo; t confidently say that I like it. I require even more time with this track.

Album Review:

Highlight medley –

  1. — Traveling –– Oh, I wasn’& rsquo; t expecting such a pop-ish sound. The deep drumbeats and also their voices make such a smooth/beautiful mix. I was hesitant at first, but I enjoy this song. Once more, Moonbyul is true blessing my ears with her outstanding rapping abilities, + she’& rsquo; s also singing. & ldquo; Traveling & rdquo; is a groove, such a great dancing track. They all sound so excellent; I ENJOY IT!!! Once again, gorgeous manufacturing.
  2. AYA –– 3rd time listening, allow’& rsquo; s see if it expands on me. Okay, it does load a better punch this time around around, so I will certainly involve appreciate it even more with each replay.
  3. Chuck –– Wow, I love the instrumental on this song. I wear’& rsquo; t recognize the technical terms for the beats or instruments utilized, however this track appears extremely funky. I love the melody + the singing mix is superb. The one consistent point that keeps exciting on this album is the manufacturing. I’& rsquo; m living for every single secondly of this quality. I think “& ldquo; Chuck & rdquo; may be my much-loved so far. Mamamoo is true blessing me with smooth vocals and also raps. This tune is A QUALIFIED BOP!
  4. Ruby –– Wait a min, this document keeps improving in the direction of the end. I predict an additional bop. The crucial on this one is entrancing, + the sultry vocals are so soothing. Yessss!!! This song is an entire ambiance, as well as I am appreciating every second of it. Moonbyul keeps coming for my neck this era, as well as I’& rsquo; m not grumbling since sis is serving. “& ldquo; Diamond & rdquo; gets on an outstanding sultry goddess degree.
  5. Great Night –– I enjoy the cricket sounds for the introductory. It gives off a good tranquil feeling. This tune additionally starts with some tricks, as well as now, the majority of people know that the piano is one of my favourite instruments. “& ldquo; Good Night & rdquo; is a wonderful soft song to close things off. It still has a pale upbeat rhythm to it, which blends well with the album’& rsquo; s theme. The vocal runs and also layering on this track are charming.

Right here is the cd on Spotify:

Final Ideas:

I admit that after listening to “& ldquo; AYA & rdquo;, I wasn & rsquo; t too certain, yet I stand corrected now. I should have born in mind that MAMAMOO always comes right. I like this record, and I concerned appreciate the title track much more after hearing the complete body of job. THE PRODUCTION ON THIS RECORD!!! THE TOP QUALITY, I LOVE IT. The vocals, instruments, to the beats as well as layering, each aspect collaborated so completely. The video for “& ldquo; AYA & rdquo; is also really visually pleasing, + the women looked stunning in every shot.

MAMAMOO’& rsquo; s 10th mini-album – — TRAVELING, gets a solid 10/10 from me. I really delighted in assessing this cd.

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