The Vocal Queen!!! Ailee Is Back With Her 5th Mini Album

The vocal queen is back, and I’m super excited!!!

On October 6th, Ailee retuned with her 5th mini-album titled I’m. This record has five songs, including the title track “When We Were In Love”

(Please note – this is a real-time review, meaning I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to each song.)

Reaction to Title Track/MV:

  • Okay, this is an eleven-minute music video. That’s a lot of minutes but let’s see what it has to offer. Luckily, I have English captions.
  • The keyboard intro is beautiful. I am a sucker for piano entries on songs. So if this title track is a ballad, I will be really pleased.
  • The dog is fluffy and adorable.
  • Ailee looks beautiful in this music video.
  • I thought I had subs, but it seems to be only available for dialogues.
  • The serenity of this song just gave me goosebumps all over my arms.
  • Plus, the visuals for the MV are stunning.
  • Woah, I’m still getting chills all over. The melody + Ailee’s voice is pure bliss.
  • I’m guessing “When We Were In Love” is about longing to spend more time with the people we love, but we can’t always keep in touch due to work and other commitments.
  • Is he giving the dog away for adoption? Why?
  • Awww, this is sad. At least take proper care of the dog.
  • Wow, so she broke off contact with her former lover. Started focusing solely on her career and got a whole new man that proposed to her. After being broken for so long, her ex travelled abroad, and Lui is now a stray dog who happened to find his way back to his former owner’s house.
  • THIS IS TOO SAD😢. At least she reunited with the dog.
  • This reminds me of the Chinese film – Adoring. That movie is so beautiful. I even reviewed it; here’s a link 👉🏼 Adoring: Movie Review. Pet lover or not, you’re bound to cry a few times while watching.
  • I truly enjoyed this music video; it’s heartwarming. I also love the song. Here is a live performance for anyone interested –

Album Review:

Highlight medley –

  1. One Day by Chance – This song also has a beautiful keyboard entry. I absolutely adore ballads + Ailee is going to serve vocals, so I am already in awe. This track is soothing, and the orchestra backing adds to the tranquillity. I missed Ailee’s voice. The power/control this woman has is beyond words. If you need a smooth ballad, “One Day by Chance” is for you.
  2. When We Were In Love – This title track is another excellent relaxation song. Ailee sounds lovely, and I love how the tempo was intensified towards the end with the introduction of drums and the orchestra’s full volume. I also noticed that the orchestra dropped out often to allow Ailee’s voice soar. The instrumental progression/production on this song is incredible.
  3. Beautiful Disaster – This is slightly upbeat than the previous two, but it still has some classic ballad properties. Thus, why I believe that I’m is a ballad album. I love how rhythmic the piano sounds on this track compared to the previous songs’ flowy/smooth feel. “Beautiful Disaster” has a captivating melody, and I think it might be my favourite so far. Also, Ailee’s voice on this track is A++++++.
  4. What about it – Now we’re back to a soft ballad song, but this is slightly on a higher tempo than the first two tracks. The pianist keeps replaying the same notes, and Ailee’s vocals seem very breathy. I think this my second favourite on the album because the melody is so charming. Ooo, the shallow drums introduced for the second chorus are insane. Did I just get a modulation? Wow, Ailee’s vocal runs on this song are superb. I love the production.
  5. What If I – This is the gifted soft R&B track, and I ain’t complaining. It stands out from the rest due to the guitar entry and is also on the groovy side. Ailee is serving smooth vocals consistently. The chorus is catchy – “so sad, so sad…” Plus, her falsetto notes are blessing my ears. I am in love with this song, and I think it’s a perfect closing. At this moment, let us welcome “What If I” into the hall of BOPs 👏👏👏.

Here is the album on Spotify:

Final Thoughts:

I love how this album started out slow and gradually progressed into higher tempos with each track. It showcases a well-thought-out and beautiful arrangement. Production-wise, I’m is an excellent album. Although I haven’t checked out the English lyrics, I believe this record gave the best in all departments. From vocals to instrumentalization, I rate it an A+. Even though Ailee gifted me with a sweet R&B track, I still consider I’m a solid ballad record. Therefore, it will be going on my playlist immediately. I genuinely enjoyed listening to all five songs. If I was to rank them from this first listen, this would be my list – 

  1. Beautiful Disaster
  2. One Day by Chance
  3. When We Were In Love
  4. What about it
  5. What If I

Alright, with all that said, Ailee’s 5th mini-album titled I’m, gets a 10/10 from me.

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