Take A Sip Of CHAI’s Alright🍵: Song Of The Week

The song I’m sharing with you all this week is from the beautiful artist – CHAI“Alright” is my favourite track from her 2019 single album titled Give and Take.

Crystal Yi, also known as Lee Soo-Jung, is a Korean-American singer born in 1993. She goes by the stage name CHAI and is currently signed to Antenna Music. In 2016, CHAI flew into Korea to participate in the fifth season of K-pop Star and emerged as the winner. After the show, she returned to the States and completed her senior year of University. On June 19th of 2019, CHAI officially debuted with the single album – Give and Take. A few people might recognize this singer from the song “Oh My Angel”, an original soundtrack for the Korean series – Angel’s Last Mission: Love.

“Alright” is a chill song, and that’s one of the main reasons I enjoy listening to it. Take the relaxing vibe + CHAI’s beautiful voice and the reassuring message that everything will be okay; What else is needed? It truly has it all.

I usually leave this song on replay while working at home or right before going to bed. I even listen to it while on the bus. It’s a very peaceful track, so I hope you all find some comfort in it as well. Also, feel free to check out more songs from CHAI because she has the voice of an angel.


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