Catching Up With September Comebacks: eaJ|MOONBIN & SANHA(ASTRO)|TREASURE| punchnello

(Please note –– This is a real-time evaluation, indicating I am typing down my specific thoughts while listening per song.)

“& ldquo; It simply is & rdquo; by eaJ x Seori(Task. Keshi & rsquo;

s Strat)Response to Official MV:

  • I’& rsquo; m incredibly fired up regarding this partnership. I’& rsquo; m new to Seori, I uncovered Keshi with Jae, and also I like his songs + you all should understand that Jae is from my favorite band ever, DAY6.
  • Alright, just from the introductory, I can inform that I’& rsquo; m going to enjoy this tune
  • “. & ldquo; It simply is & rdquo; has such a chill vibe+Keshi is serving excellence on that particular guitar.
  • Seori has a stunning voice, and also this computer animated music video is captivating.
  • Wow, the background vocals/layering for Seori’& rsquo; s area is captivating.
  • This beat, this melody & hellip; PURE BLISS!!!
  • Additionally, Jae’& rsquo; s voice appears way superficial than common, and I like the sultry sensation he’& rsquo; s emitting
  • . It & rsquo; s authorities, I AM IN LOVE with “& ldquo;
  • It simply is & rdquo; The manufacturing on the track is tight as well as perfect. I can & rsquo; t simply listen to this tune as soon as; there has to be a replay prior to providing my ranking.
  • Say goodbye to needs to be said, “& ldquo; It just is & rdquo; by eaJ x Seori(Feat. Keshi & rsquo; s Strat) obtains a solid 10/10 from me.
  • Currently all I need is for them to put this song on Spotify.


)Reaction to Title Track –– Negative Idea:

  • This is my 2nd time having a look at something from ASTRO, so I’& rsquo; m kind of thrilled.
  • I enjoy the guitar riff introduction; it’& rsquo; s
  • catchy. Right off the bat, the shallow drumbeats are offering me life.
  • The visuals for this music video are absolutely magnificent.
  • The vocals !!! Yessss!!! serve it like it’& rsquo; s hot,
  • children. The black outfits and also Moonbin in that match is perfection + the choreography is smooth.
  • I truthfully wasn’& rsquo; t anticipating to like this track this’much. It & rsquo; s such an awesome BOP. The lights as well as overall cinematography for the MV are extraordinary.
  • Moonbin’& rsquo; s voice on this song is pure eargasm. Can he sing me to bed daily?
  • Currently I am even more pumped for the album.

Cd Testimonial: IN-OUT is MOONBIN & & SANHA & lsquo; s device launching EP, and also it has 5 tracks. Here is the highlight medley –

  1. — Eyez On U – — Odd but amazing introductory. Of course, their voices was available in perfectly. The development on this track is fairly unpredictable. I love that it keeps offering me surprises at every corner. WOW!!! Beautiful falsetto notes + well-placed support vocals. I enjoy this track.
  2. Negative Suggestion – — This right here is my jam. I’& rsquo; m simply going to groove. 💃 🏼 💃 🏼 💃 🏼
  3. Alone – — Ooo, this is about to be a BOP. The introduction beat says it all as well as, once more, the vocals !!! I am living for the production quality and also calm ambiance of this track. And also, the piano on this track is excellent. “& ldquo; Alone & rdquo; is my 2nd preferred after “& ldquo;
  4. Bad Idea & rdquo; All I Wan na Do– I enjoy the continuous finger breaks. At this moment, I seem like a broken record, but there is something about their harmonization that melts me. Wait, the carolers on this tune must be made unlawful. I wasn’& rsquo; t anticipating a slow-moving body roll section, yet I LIKE IT. At this moment, I’& rsquo; m adding the entire
  5. album to my playlist. Dream Catcher– A sluggish song to close points, and I wear’& rsquo; t mind. I intend to quit ranting concerning vocals, once again, the consistencies !!! 😳 🥰. What did I do to deserve such beauty this evening? Okay, sufficient of me being extra lol, but honestly, this track is wonderful. Moonbin as well as Sanha are serving pure happiness on this track.

IN-OUT by MOONBIN & & SANHA(ASTRO) is the excellent cd to play on a cool day or whenever you need some soothing R&B benefits. I like every single track on this EP. Therefore it gets a strong 10/10 from me.

This album is available on Spotify –


Reaction to Title Track –– I ENJOY YOU:

  • I took pleasure in the songs from Chapter One, so I have high hopes for TREASURE this time around around.
  • The introduction is stunning, and also I love the boyish vibe of this tune.
  • Wow, the video visuals throughout the chorus is ridiculous.
  • Whoever generated the suggestion of adding that right into the MV is brilliant.
  • The carolers is groovy, and the rap areas that followed were smooth.
  • HARUTO!!! 🤩 🤩 🤩 EVERY TIME !!! This kid keeps coming for my neck.
  • I am not that purchased TREASURE yet, yet Haruto is officially my predisposition since his circulation and voice obtain me in my really feels.
  • Their rap artists are very impressive, and I’& rsquo; m certain they will certainly get even better with time.
  • I like the little choral section to close off. It’& rsquo; s quite appealing. Okay, TREASURE. I see you, and also I like this energy.
  • I can see myself concerning “& ldquo; I LOVE YOU & rdquo; as soon as in a while, so it obtains a 9/10 from me.

Reaction to B-Side –– B.L.T (BLING LIKE THIS):

  • This also had their traditional boyish charm.
  • I enjoy the melody for the pre-chorus.
  • Contrasted to “& ldquo; I LIKE YOU & rdquo;, this doesn & rsquo; t have such an enormous carolers decrease, and I value the variant.
  • Also in this song, Haruto tried to come for my neck 😂.
  • The melody for the pre-chorus is definitely lovely, and the singers are eliminating that area.
  • In general, “& ldquo; B.L.T(BLING LIKE THIS)” & rdquo; isn & rsquo; t precisely my vibe, so I’& rsquo; ll need to provide it a 7.5/ 10.

“& ldquo; penalty! & rdquo; by punchnello (Accomplishment.

Youngster Milli )Response to Authorities MV:

  • The soft rolls that started this song are incredibly catchy.
  • Punchnello was available in so smooth + the follow-up beat is such a cool groove.
  • The music video is slightly weird, but I love it.
  • I’& rsquo; m appreciating myself. “& ldquo; fine! & rdquo; is appropriate up my street.
  • The entire track really feels great, as well as the rap flows are blessed.
  • I’& rsquo; m so delighted I inspected this out due to the fact that I would have lost out on a great playlist addition.
  • This song was created me. Thanks, punchnello 👏 👏 👏.
  • “& ldquo; fine! & rdquo; by punchnello (Feat. Kid Milli) obtains 10/10 from me.

Alright, which’& rsquo; s a wrap. Have a goodnight, everyone. 💕 💕 💕

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