It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Korean Drama Review – Episode 1 – 6

It’& rsquo; s Okay to Not Be Okay is a 2020 NETFLIX original manufacturing that stars Kim Soo Hyun and Search Engine Optimization Ye Ji as leads. It informs the tale of a neighborhood wellness employee at a psychological ward who resides on 1.8 million won ($ 1,520) a month while looking after his autistic bro and also a storybook writer suffering from an antisocial individuality problem. A guy who denies love and also a lady that doesn’& rsquo; t recognize love defy destiny and also autumn in love while locating their spirits and also identities while doing so (Resource –– MyDramaList). All episodes of this dramatization are offered on NETFLIX.

Assumptions: This is just one of the dramatization that I had on my listing back from 2019 when the title was still Psycho, However I’& rsquo; m Okay. During that time, only Kim Soo Hyun was the confirmed actors. I intended to watch it generally as a result of him as well as the story. Once Seo Ye Ji came on board, I was even more delighted because she is such a great actress. Right from the best, I dived into the first six episodes before pausing to allow it conclude.

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The animated intro for episode one gave me spooky, yet serene vibes. The computer animation style resembles Tim Burton’& rsquo; s animated movie– Remains New bride, as well as it offered It’& rsquo; s Okay to Not Be Okay a great attract attention from various other Korean dramatization. The second variable that piqued my interest was the elaborate shooting design. I noticed that they were recording from windows as well as glass representations rather than taking straight shots on the stars. I really fell in love with the editing and visual representations in this dramatization. Take, for instance, in episode one exactly how they showcased Mr. Lee’& rsquo; s string of messages to Gang-Tae in video clip layout. It made the scene method much more humorous to me. I can go crazy on about the gorgeous cinematography of this show due to the fact that they brought major A+++++++ game in that division.

Carrying on to the story, I can inform that this is mosting likely to be a touching and also wholehearted collection. I like that within all the intensity, we still get some lively comedic scenes. Due to the usual mental health and wellness style, I am obtaining ‘& lsquo; It & rsquo; s Okay, That & rsquo; s Love & rsquo; feelings. I hope the author gives us a befitting delighted finishing 🤞 🏼. Up until now, all the actors are doing a fantastic job, as well as this includes the young counterparts and also cameo stars. Additionally, our beautiful leads are showcasing great chemistry.

I enjoy how each episode merges in Ko Mun-Yeong’& rsquo; s storybooks, and also the lessons from each chapter are extremely extensive –

  1. — The Kid Who Fed on Nightmares.

    “& ldquo; So don & rsquo; t fail to remember any of it, Remember everything as well as overcome it. If you put on’& rsquo; t overcome it, you & rsquo; ll always be a kid whose soul never expands.” & rdquo; I can prove that some poor encounters need to be faced head-on prior to the pain can totally disappear. After all, if life stays smooth regularly, exactly how can we find out and grow? Nevertheless, I still recommend everyone to pick their battles very carefully.

  2. Zombie Child Raising a child doesn’& rsquo; t just require giving their basic necessities like food, clothing or sanctuary. Being mentally present is just as vital. Shower your youngsters with love since, in the end, that’& rsquo; s what stick with them for life. I sobbed when they read out this storybook. Not because it relates to my very own personal experience however out of compassion towards youngsters that put on’& rsquo; t have any individual revealing them actual love.

Currently let’& rsquo; s explore a couple of personalities that stuck out to me throughout these 6 episodes.

–– Seo Ye Ji as Ko Mun-yeong

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Can we just talk about Search engine optimization Ye-Ji’& rsquo; s beautiful shallow voice? I love her deep tone. Additionally, every clothing for Ko Mun-Yeong is a statement. She looks lovely in every scene. Mun-Yeong is wild, and also she somewhat advises me of Jang Man-wol fromHotel del Luna. I love her intense and simple character. Though, I think she’& rsquo; s unsteady and also quite manipulative. Mun-Yeong acts all challenging, but she is frightened. Essentially, everybody in this dramatization has their satanic forces, but Mun-Yeong manages hers well and barely cares what others need to say. I can’& rsquo; t wait on the show to disclose more regarding her moms and dads. Her mommy was definitely the chief psycho of the family members, or why else did she restrict and also isolate more youthful Mun-Yeong that a lot. A minimum of since Sang-tae and Gang-tae are living with her, Mun-Yeong will get a much better feeling of what family indicates. Here are a few of my favorite minutes from this character –

–—- Kim Soo Hyun as Moon Gang-TaeIt’& rsquo; s depressing that Moon Gang-Tae was born as a backup to take care of his autistic brother 24/7. He can’& rsquo; t reveal real emotions because Sang-Tae reads his face. Gang-Tae has to grin and also make believe to be satisfied or satisfied regularly. Exactly how could their mama location such obligation on a little child? A minimum of currently, Mun-Yeong exists to question his afraid and pretentious way of living. Typically, I locate the childhood years links to be unneeded, however I such as just how it’& rsquo; s playing out in this drama. The author introduced it from the first episode with significant function, as well as now it doesn’& rsquo; t seem like a motto used to connect the major leads.

–– Oh Jung Se as Moon Sang-TaeHe is an incredible actor. Significant kudos to him for playing an autistic personality faultlessly 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏. Sang-Tae is an extremely loving and also pure person. He took my heart when he informed Gang-Tae concerning conserving cash to purchase a van. By doing this, they wouldn’& rsquo; t have to look for a brand-new home regularly. I am interested to uncover what the butterflies indicate for him. I assume it has a link to their mother’& rsquo; s fatality and might have something to do with Ko Mun-Yeong. I hope the health center director helps him encounter his concerns.

–– Park Kyu Young as Nam Ju ri I still don’& rsquo; t know just how to feel regarding Nam Ju-ri. Other than the reality that she additionally suches as Gang-Tae, she simply appears off and weird to me. Hopefully, as the story progresses, I might come to appreciate her role extra. Honestly, I require to see some backstory that clarifies her personal problems with Mun-Yeong. Just the same, her sobbing scene in episode five was quite adorable and amusing to me.

Generally, I am delighting in the current rate and also tale progression. I currently recognize this will certainly be a legendary dramatization that I can always go back to. And also, the OSTs are attractive. The good news is for me, I can locate the soundtrack cd on Spotify since the collection has finished airing. My favourites today are “& ldquo; Hallelujah & rdquo;

“by Kim Feel– & ldquo; In Your Time & rdquo;

& “by LEE SUHYUN– & & ldquo; In Silence & rdquo;

by Janet Suhh– If you’& rsquo; ve started or already completed this dramatization, what are your thoughts on it?

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