Nothing But Thirty: Chinese Drama Review – Episodes 1 – 20

Only Thirty is a 2020 female-centred Chinese dramatization that stars Maggie Jiang, Tong Yao and also Rachel Mao as leads.Synopsis: This drama complies with three greatly various women as they experience an unstable start to their thirties.

Gu Jia is a full time homemaker with solid abilities. She handles her small household and also hubby’& rsquo; s company in an orderly fashion. Nevertheless, it is this extreme search of perfection that makes individuals around her feel emphasized. At the very same time, her happy marital life obtains interfered with by a third party.

Wang Guy Ni is a rebel, convinced that she has both the face and also brain that is worthy of the most effective in life. Nevertheless, she also has her very own difficulties.

Zhong Xiao Qin lives a care free and conventional life. Her spouse is dedicated to his job as a public slave, and she keeps a normal job herself. However, due to her spouse’& rsquo; s relatively indifferent character, interaction troubles develop. (Resource –– MyDramaList)

Assumptions: I saw the trailer on YouTube earlier this year. I liked the premise, so I made a decision to give it a go. Plus, the female-centred plot is always something I appreciate.

(warning –– spoilers in advance)


The first episode for this dramatization was most definitely well thought out. I enjoyed exactly how they provided each woman by revealing us a look of their life as well as family characteristics. An additional point I delighted in was the introductory. It’& rsquo; s elegant, elegant and free of spoilers. The moment I listened to the soundtrack, I knew this dramatization was mosting likely to serve. I appreciate that Chinese shows are switching over towards imaginative as well as artistic introductions that don’& rsquo; t totally hand out the story. Nothing But Thirty has one of one of the most stunning introductories I have actually seen a while –

— Primarily, this dramatization concentrates on the struggles of the adult years. The decisions you need to make and the lesson you adapt after every mistake. It’& rsquo; s an exceptional piece of life collection that shows how females hitting their thirties fight with culture’& rsquo; s conventional versus their own individual beliefs. It also demonstrates how these 3 ladies slowly find out about who they are and also grow into far better people. They have to face their weaknesses, concerns as well as instabilities in regards to their families and also occupation.

I think the tale progression and pacing thus far is exceptional. Every actor is doing an extraordinary job of bringing their characters to life. Their communications are very natural, and also the cinematography is breathtaking. I can tell they put good money, time and effort into the production phase. I took pleasure in seeing how the writers brought Gu Jia, Zhong Xiao Qin and Wang Male Ni with each other. Gu Jia as well as Xiao Qin were already buddies, so I enjoyed exactly how the link slowly developed with Man Ni till all three ultimately satisfied. To additionally malfunction my ideas on episodes one to twenty, let’& rsquo; s have a look at each’woman & rsquo; s

story arc. Character Evaluation:

–– Maggie Jiang, as Wang Guy Ni Male Ni, has lived and worked in Shanghai for eight years. She is an ambitious lady with high criteria. I like her go-getter personality as well as exactly how she stands up for herself at the office, yet I likewise feel she obtains as well money-hungry sometimes. Take, as an example, the older girl that was available in to buy the costly jewelry in episode 3. Obviously, I didn’& rsquo; t want Male Ni to lose her opportunity at such a massive sale, but I was anticipating her to a minimum of state a couple of words of convenience to the lady. I could inform that she battled to shut down her principles as well as make the sale, hence why there will certainly be a great deal of growth for this character. Concerning her sweetheart, Liang Zheng Xian,

I discover him very questionable. He’& rsquo; s either married or keeping different ladies in every city he goes to. My trust degree weakened even more after he spoke about not classifying their relationship. Additionally, Man Ni’& rsquo; s intuition tells her that there’& rsquo; s something wrong, and also she & rsquo; s also settling for his perfects. I recognize she isn’& rsquo; t staying for the cash because she maintains her standard on what to accumulate from Zheng Xian. I simply fear she’& rsquo; ll be heartbroken ultimately because she really loves him.

–– Tong Yao, as Gu JiaGu Jia, strikes me as the greatest of the team due to her radiance and also resourcefulness. A little bit too ambitious and rarely material with her household’& rsquo; s economic standing, but Gu Jia makes every effort to offer security for them out of fear. She has a lively individuality. Even when pleasing others to garner favours, Gu Jia never ever allows anybody look down on her. As a lady of high ethical conduct, she’& rsquo; s able to make modifications once she recognizes her mistakes. I really hope that Gu Jia slowly develops into an extra material character.

Regarding her husband, I genuinely appreciate her chemistry with him, hence why I dread the cheating facet of their story. He has actually definitely repressed a whole lot due to how Gu Jia runs their family, however that should be communicated as opposed to going out to cheat. My preferred scene of Gu Jia is when she beats up those mamas that harassed Zi Yan –

–—- Rachel Mao, as Zhong Xiao Qin She is the weakest web link among the three girls, so I am intrigued to see her development. Xiao Qin is a piece of cake as well as can’& rsquo; t seem to make crucial choices on her very own. Her spouse does not help issues because he is a bit controlling and also turns nose up at her intelligence.

Yes, Xiao Qin requires to become elder, but Chen Yu is also a frustrating personality. The significant issue with this couple is communication. Chen Yu has individual traumas that lead to instabilities and emotional detachments concerns. If he talked about things with Xiao Qin, she would certainly be even more understanding of his intents. I was so frustrated when he recommended they abort the youngster, knowing deep down that Xiao Qin wanted to maintain the child. It is not as if she purposefully tried to obtain pregnant. To make issues worse instead of soothing her when she lost the infant, he quickly goes off about organizing the womb cleansing surgery. Of course, the procedure is important, yet your other half is sad. Why can’& rsquo; t you be mentally existing very first and then bring in logic once she settles down?

This is why when people ask me what my strategies are for marriage, I tell them I am not psychologically prepared. It’& rsquo; s not a child & rsquo; s play due to the fact that these 2 are not prepared. They love each various other, however there’& rsquo; s excessive luggage that has to be dismantled separately before developing a union.

Generally, Just Thirty surpasses my expectations. I like seeing female empowerment as well as assistance. Although something I’& rsquo; m yet to understand is the objective of that household at the end of each episode. I observed that they are constantly delighted and web content, no matter just how little they have. So are they a creative means of showing that simplicity as well as hard work can be fulfilling? I’& rsquo; m not too anxious regarding them. As the story proceeds, I will progressively realize why that family members was included.

Now that I have gone over whatever about the tale, I have to offer credit score to the songs supervisor of this series. Each and every single soundtrack as well as history rating is remarkable and also completely suitabled for each scene. I adore the comforting and also chill ambiance of the OSTs. I know the hardcore psychological scenes are going to be tough to enjoy without wrecking since I can currently visualize the kind of tracks they’& rsquo; re mosting likely to utilize. The good news is for me, I was able to discover the full soundtrack album on Spotify after much search –

— Prior to I wrap up, below is another much-loved scene of mine. I titled it ‘& lsquo; A Mommy & rsquo; s Love & rsquo; due to the fact that it properly describes what coming to be a mommy suggests for most ladies and also how much they quit to for their families.

That’& rsquo; s all I have for this article. I know it & rsquo; s a little bit prolonged, but I had to get all my point of views on this lovely collection out of my system.

All episodes of this dramatization are readily available on Viki with this web link 👉 🏼 Nothing But Thirty with English subs.

For those who have started this collection, what are your thoughts on the story?

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