ATEEZ Is Back With ‘ZERO: FEVER Part.1’ – Kpop Album Review

On July 29th, ATEEZ came back with a mini-album called ZERO: High temperature Part. 1. It has seven tracks including the dual title tracks “& ldquo; CREATION & rdquo

; as well as & ldquo; THANXX & rdquo; I am extremely hyped for this cd, so let & rsquo; s dive in. If anyone requires an account on this team, use this link 👉 🏼 ATEEZ –– PRIZE EPILOGUE: Action To Answer: Cd Evaluation.

(Please keep in mind –– This is a real-time testimonial, suggesting I am inputting down my exact ideas while paying attention to each tune.)

Response to INCEPTION MV:

  • Alright, it is time to fangirl right into neverland. I found ATEEZ during their last return, as well as I have actually been consumed ever since.
  • My predispositions are Seonghwa and also Hongjoong. However, San as well as Wooyoung have been collapsing my heart with this era’& rsquo; s teaser images. 🤩 🤩 🤩
  • My boys are looking excellent, as well as I AM HAPPY TO BE AN ATINY!!!!
  • Okay, let’& rsquo; s start the video. Currently, I love the pleasant singing intro and Yeosang with blonde hair is beautiful.
  • Thankfully, KQ Home entertainment always supplies English belows.
  • Look at Seonghwa!!! 🗣 🗣 He looks remarkable.
  • Every participant came appropriate in this era. I love their hair colours and also sizes.
  • Yep, I know that I’& rsquo; m prejudiced. 😊 😂 🤣 The visuals for the music video are best, most notably the illumination for each scene.
  • The vocalists are eliminating points, and Hongjoong can be found in efficiently with his rap section. That blue hair!!!
  • The beat on this song goes hard, and I am listening to it with headphones.
  • The start of the chorus tossed me off a bit, but I got involved in the melody after a few secs.
  • Awww, Jongho. His voice is so powerful that it surprises me on every ATEEZ track.
  • Okay, this carolers is ill. The means it closes with Seonghwa’& rsquo; s breathy note is stunning– & ldquo; Every day & & evening, I & rsquo; m gon & rsquo; chase you & hellip
  • ; I & rsquo; m crazy. & rdquo; What? I wasn & rsquo; t anticipating an instrumental-only section or dancing break this soon. The entire collection for this video is
  • sensational. YESSSS!!! CAUSE THE CHOREOGRAPHY 💃 🏼 💃 🏼 💃 🏼
  • Yeosang is finally below. I was waiting on your lines, boo. What is that dance move he simply did on the flooring?
  • Mingi !!! His deep voice was what made me fall in love with ATEEZ throughout my evaluation of “& ldquo;
  • Solution & rdquo; This video clip is a flick experience. Many things are taking place, as well as I simply started.
  • My favorite scene is them dancing in water with all those traffic signals.
  • Wooyoung is disrespectful with those hot dancing actions. Person, I’& rsquo; m right here for the songs. 😒 😏 😂 😂 🤣
  • Now Seonghwa is following together with all the ab blinking. Children take it easy, please.
  • Yunho appears so lovely in this song. Plus the orange hair, WOW.
  • San as constantly does one of the most with his facial expressions, and a sis isn’& rsquo; t complaining. I like him for that.
  • The high notes are flawless. These kids brought their A-game genuine.
  • Alright, I’& rsquo; m mosting likely to replay this video and also pay more focus to the songs.
  • On the 2nd listen, yes, I truly like this song. The chorus is appealing, as well as the critical progression is incredible. The vocals are smooth as well as soft on my ears. The choreography and also visuals are outrageous.
  • I can’& rsquo; t wait to watch the real-time efficiency since these kids brought all the emotions and also A+++++ energy to this tune.
  • At the beginning of this review, I had my fingers went across since I wanted an excellent track. Regardless of just how much I stan them, if this song didn’& rsquo; t fit my preference, I would be ahead of time about it like constantly.
  • I’& rsquo; m thrilled that ATEEX didn’& rsquo; t dissatisfy.
  • Nonetheless, before I study the cd, I am off to view some reaction video clips on YouTube. 😊

Album Evaluation: Here is the album preview –

  1. — Beloved Journal: 2016.07.29 – — Alright, I’& rsquo; m back, as well as I have been playing “& ldquo; INCEPTION & rdquo; on repeat all this while. This is simply a spoken introduction, and the message is gorgeous. I love the incorporation of music once the words became enthusiastic and also delighted.
  2. FEVER – — I already love the instrumental for this track, which smooth vocal run access gave me life. “& ldquo; HIGH TEMPERATURE & rdquo; will be a certified BOP. I am constantly up for some sweet R&B flavour. The chorus is lovely, and also I enjoy the melody so much. Yunho is seriously coming for my throat this era. Hongjoong as well as Mingi are best with their rhythm and circulation. The singing runs as well as high notes on “& ldquo; HIGH TEMPERATURE & rdquo; are ludicrous.
  3. THANXX – — Oh, appealing guitar entrance on this set. I love that – “– & ldquo; ah yah & rdquo; behind-the-scenes– one more song with a memorable tune. DELAY, TIME OUT, RESET, WHY??? Did Hongjoong need to come in that tough? I wasn’& rsquo; t all set, but my ears are living their ideal life 💃 🏼 💃 🏼 💃 🏼. No one can quit my groove now. The drums on this song are so great, and the rap artists are going off!!! I can’& rsquo; t wait on the video to drop. “& ldquo; THANXX & rdquo; is 🔥. Jongho just blessed me with the most wonderful high note ever before.
  4. TO THE BEAT –– I feel it in my bones that this is about to be lit. I like the extreme claps, and it’& rsquo; s rather amusing to me – “– & ldquo; To the beat, to the beat, relocate your body to the beat & hellip; & rdquo; YE !!! YE !!! Nah fam, I’& rsquo; m over this disrespect 🚶 🏽‍♀& zwj; ♀ ️ 🚶 🏽 & zwj; ♀ ️ 🚶 🏽 & zwj; ♀ ️. Do you all hear that beat decrease as well as those whispers? I didn’& rsquo; t register for this, however GO OFF !!! “& ldquo; TO THE BEAT & rdquo; is my brand-new twerk anthem. Nothing extra requires to be said since I AM IN LOVE. My Nigerian side simply came out with the YE!! 🤣 🤣 🤣 😂 😂 😂. The critical on this track is a certified BOP and also a fifty percent. I assume this tops all the various other songs for me.
  5. INCEPTION –– All four tunes so far are outstanding. I fear of ATEEZ. They are beasts, and I wish that more individuals start focusing on them.
  6. Great Lil Young Boy –– This is a little bit more chill. I think it’& rsquo; s not done in your face like “& ldquo; THANXX & rdquo; and & ldquo; TO THE BEAT & rdquo;. I enjoy the choral vocal singing design, and the rap artists are genuinely on point for this cd. The instrumental development goes over with just how the guitar switches up in pace for different areas. Oh, the vocals on this are stunning, as well as consistencies are coming via likewise. I have actually danced a lot that I now really feel hungry. I’& rsquo; m getting something to eat right after I round up this review.
  7. One Day At Once – — Last song already, is it going to be a slow one? Okay, it’& rsquo; s on a chill tempo up until now and has that common pop groove. The vocals are lovely therefore soft. I love the chorus due to the sweet consistencies. “& ldquo; Eventually Each Time” & rdquo; is an ideal method to close this album. Nevertheless the partying, a sweet relaxing tune is needed. I likewise like the message of being together as well as assisting each other in everything because life is one day at a time. Good work, young boys 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏.

Last Thoughts:

This album took me on a trip and danced means too hard since every track was such a vibe. ATEEZ DID NOT COME TO HAVE FUN WITH ANY PERSON IN THIS PERIOD. So all those that are sleeping on them, require to awaken !!! Don’& rsquo; t be late to the celebration.

ZERO: Fever Part. 1 came with as well as offered it hot on all 6 songs. Leading on my listing is most definitely “& ldquo; TO THE BEAT & rdquo;, yet overall, the entire record is playlist worthwhile. As a result it obtains a bulletproof 10/10 from me. I will be waiting for part 2 while appreciating this on repeat.

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