Catching Up With Recent Comebacks: SOYOU|Jessi|YOON DU JUN

(Please keep in mind –– This is a real-time testimonial, indicating I am inputting down my specific ideas while listening per track.)

“& ldquo; GOTTO GO & rdquo;

by SOYOU– Reaction to Authorities MV:

  • The beat is the type that makes people wish to move.
  • Soyou sounds beautiful, and she looks terrific in her clothing.
  • I love the pre-chorus section. The way the beat dropped out as well as Soyou’& rsquo; s voice just merges my ears. That’& rsquo; s stunning My initial listen, as well as I am not the biggest follower of the chorus.
  • I like the melody for the verses and the pre-chorus.
  • The choreography is excellent. Soyou will most definitely kill this on stage.
  • The chorus certainly seems far better on the 2nd listen, and I love how the song switches up after it.
  • The beat on this track is very ahead of time in your face, and also I like it.
  • “& ldquo; GOTTO GO & rdquo; is a beautiful dance tune. I like it, however I wear & rsquo; t see myself playing it a great deal. For that reason it obtains an 8.5/ 10.

    “& ldquo; NUNU NANA –

    & rdquo; by Jessi– Reaction to

    • Official MV: Despite the fact that this begins slow-moving, I know the beat is going to strike later on.
    • I love Jessi’& rsquo; s vocal singing voice
    • . I understood the beat drop would be hard. I LOVE IT.
    • All this upfront, in your face EDM beats, are sort of celebration anthems.
    • Jessi looks magnificent because eco-friendly and black bikini type of outfit.
    • Her flow on this song is an entire vibe. I am already obstructing, and I like exactly how she sings much more on this.
    • The choreography for the carolers is ill. The dancers are killing things.
    • I am paying attention to this with headphones on the greatest volume, as well as it’& rsquo; s an entire party. 💃 🏼 💃 🏼 💃 🏼
    • Hyori looks incredible. I can’& rsquo; t think she & rsquo; s 41, wow. & ldquo; NUNU NANA & rdquo; is a certified BOP as well as a half.

    Cd Evaluation: This cd is labelled “& ldquo; NUNA & rdquo; as well as has six songs. Here is a preview

    1. — NUNU NANA – — This tune is going to get on replay for a long period of time.
    2. STAR –– Oh, this is a slow track, as well as she’& rsquo; s vocal singing. I enjoy her singing tone, it’& rsquo; s deep. I live for a good slow-moving as well as emotional rap tune, they constantly struck the heart differently. “& ldquo; CELEBRITY & rdquo; is an additional much-loved from this cd.
    3. Put it on ya (Task. BM of KARD, nafla) –– Every track on this cd appears to be a BOP. The beat on this is groovy and makes me intend to body roll. The melody for the carolers is appealing. BM and also nafla killed their parts hard. An additional much-loved individuals.
    4. Numb – — This has a very different vibe from the remainder. It began rather poppish, and I ain’& rsquo; t grumbling because every record needs a tasty variety of tracks. I enjoy the melody, as well as the instrumental is fire. “& ldquo; Numb & rdquo; is an ambiance but not
    5. a favourite. That Dat B –– I have actually heard this already, and I ENJOY!!! It. Jessi’& rsquo; s circulation on this track was a full power journey, as well as I live for the message. She doesn’& rsquo; t treatment what any person has to claim due to the fact that, in the end, she’& rsquo; s still going to do her.
    6. Drip (Task. Jay Park) –– An additional old track, I even evaluated it 👉 🏼November Comebacks/Debut –– Jessi|VICTON|HINAPIA|(G)I-DLE|BVNDIT. “& ldquo; You ain & rsquo; t f *** with my drip!!!” & rdquo; Both Jessi as well as Jay Park came hard on this track 💃 🏼 💃 🏼 💃 🏼.

    NUNA by Jessi is a solid album. Avery tune is a vibe, as well as I will certainly be repeating this cd ‘& lsquo; disrespectfully & rsquo; for a very long time 😂. It obtains a bulletproof 10/10 from me. My very first time listening to a Jessi record and she impressed me majorly.

    “& ldquo; Lonely Night & rdquo;

    by YOON DO JUN– Response to Authorities MV:

    • I most definitely needed captions for this set, and they came with.
    • First off, he looks GOOOOD!!!
    • I enjoy the colour palette for this video clip. I see a great deal of brown/red tones, and also generally the visuals are glossy, mature as well as very sophisticated.
    • The instrumental is smooth as well as trendy. Yoon Du Jun’& rsquo; s voice is literally sliding on the beat.
    • His voice is true blessing me now. It’& rsquo; s so soothing to hear this right after Jessi’& rsquo; s hardcore cd.
    • Ability overflows from this man. He is a singer as well as additionally a good actor.
    • I didn’& rsquo; t see any kind of teaser for this launch, so I thought he was going to provide us a power ballad, but I am happy with this R&B cool groove.
    • “& ldquo; Lonely Evening & rdquo; is going on my playlist right now. I hope the cd additionally comes via because I REALLY LIKE THIS SOUND.

    Cd Evaluation: This cd is titled Sunrise and has 5 tracks. Right here is a sneak peek –

    1. — 0:00 am –– Yes, this is a comparable ambiance. I love me a good R&B document, and also Yoon Du Jun’& rsquo; s soft vocal is attractive. It feels like his voice is melting into my ears. I desire this track was longer, however it serves as a great introductory.
    2. Lonely Evening –– Do I need to claim more? NAH! This is a BOP.
    3. Fool of Love (Feat. MOON) –– Another smooth one, and also I enjoy the piano on this track. The tune is really bouncy, and also the vocals are extremely soothing. I might listen to this before bed and also seem like I’& rsquo; m drifting in my dream.
    4. Save Me –– I enjoy the guitar introduction. This is such a good switch up from the previous tracks. I can not stop applauding Yoon Du Jun’& rsquo; s voice. He seems charming, and also I will certainly be coming back to this cd a lot just for his peaceful voice. This may be my leading out of all tracks.
    5. Be My Light –– I love the sensuous ambiance of this one. I can simply imagine what a video could resemble. The tune is beautiful, it makes me intend to sing along. The easy guitar as well as drums critical are perfect. Wow, the high notes just hit my spirit.

    I certainly took pleasure in paying attention to all 5 tunes on Daybreak, yet the last 2 satisfied in a different way. I think this is YOON DU JUN’& rsquo; s first album, correct me if I’& rsquo; m wrong. He did a superb task 👏 👏 👏. This album obtains a strong 10/10 from me.

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