Eric Nam – The Other Side: Album Review

Honestly, procrastination has been my second name just recently. I have been cooling without assigning time to work on this blog. Henceforth, I decline to fall to that illness, so right here I am. Let’& rsquo; s look into Eric Nam & rsquo; s new album 🎉 🎉 🎉. On July 30th, he came back with his 4th mini-album called The Other Side. It has 5 tunes, consisting of the title track – “– & ldquo; Heaven & rdquo;. I have actually been looking forward to this release!!!

If you need a profile for this musician, utilize this link 👉 🏼 Eric Nam –– PRIOR TO WE BEGIN: Album Review.

(Please keep in mind –– This is a real-time evaluation, implying I am keying down my exact thoughts while paying attention per song.)

Reaction to Official MV/Title Track:

  • The intro melody is appealing, and also Eric Nam’& rsquo; s voice is beautiful.
  • Good rolls. I like exactly how they heighten as the song progresses.
  • The carolers additionally has the same hefty drums yet with an EDM feeling. This instrumental is intriguing.
  • I presume “& ldquo; Heaven & rdquo; is a virtual reality video game?
  • Hmm, I wear’& rsquo; t see several Erics 🤩 😍 🤩.
  • He looks great in that flower fit. I honestly can’& rsquo; t think this man is 32.
  • Regrettably, this video does not have English belows, so below is a link for the Romanized as well as English verses 👉 🏼 Color Coded Lyrics: Eric Nam-Paradise.
  • The video’& rsquo; s visuals are nothing mind-blowing, yet they are alright for the provided idea.
  • I put on’& rsquo; t know why this tune felt short to me. Allow me pay attention to it again before offering my last thoughts.
  • “& ldquo; Paradise & rdquo; is wonderful, but it took a few listens for it to really kick in. Possibly I would have appreciated it a lot more if I remained in a very active state of mind, but generally, it’& rsquo; s most definitely a grower.

Cd Evaluation: Below is the full cd –

  1. — Problem With You –– Wow, this tune started right now. No crucial intro or anything, just Eric’& rsquo; s voice instantaneously, and also I don’& rsquo; t mind.” & ldquo; Difficulty With You & rdquo; matches my existing vibe a lot more. It & rsquo; s positive but still has a cool melody. The history vocals are incredible. Eric Nam sounds superb on this track. The breathy notes are so charming to listen to, as well as the song for this line – “– & ldquo; difficulty with you & hellip;” & rdquo; is extremely catchy. Oh, I will be overplaying this since it’& rsquo; s way also brief. How could he make it only 2 mins as well as 33 secs long? It’& rsquo; s constantly the very best tracks that musicians determine to leave us desiring much more on. This is my initial favourite.
  2. Paradise –– Considering that I am utilized to the pace, it appears terrific.
  3. Just how You Been –– I enjoy the intro for this set. It produces a tranquil ambiance, and also because it’& rsquo; s late over below, I am everything about this kind of power. Oh, I wasn’& rsquo; t anticipating the pace to alter. Anyways, outstanding progression and Eric Nam’& rsquo; s high notes are remarkable. The important construct for this track is incredible. This is one more favourite of mine. Much like “& ldquo; Difficulty With You & rdquo;, this track is upbeat yet chill. Although I really feel “& ldquo; How You Been & rdquo; is way smoother. Yet another track on this EP that it’& rsquo; s hardly 3 mins long. Why is Eric Nam offering me short bops? 🤦 🏼‍♀& zwj;
  4. ♀ ️ Down For You –– This sounds like a classic R&B summertime bop, and I am currently dancing. Okay, whoever makes Eric’& rsquo; s beats is very cutting-edge. If he does it himself, after that congratulations 👏. The pace variants in this EP always caught me unsuspecting, yet that made each track interesting. I am living for allure influence on this track’& rsquo; s important. It is bassy as well as truly trendy. Right from the start, I was relocating my body 💃 🏼 💃 🏼 💃 🏼. YESSS!!! Eric, please honor me with those smooth vocal runs. This tune is a whole ambiance.
  5. Love Die Youthful (Oriental Version) –– This is from his English album –– Prior to We Begin, so there isn’& rsquo; t a lot to claim because it was among my favorites on that particular document. I’& rsquo; m simply going to take pleasure in – “my time below– & ldquo; Please wear & rsquo; t allow this love die young & hellip; If I’& rsquo; m going to like someone, after that let it be you.” & rdquo; Lol, I am utilized to the English variation.

Final Ideas:

Right here is my ranking for this EP –

  1. — Love Pass Away Young (Oriental Version)
  2. Exactly how You Been/ Difficulty With You (Don’& rsquo; t mind me, I couldn & rsquo; t decide 😊)
  3. Down For You
  4. Paradise

I absolutely delighted in listening to this album. The manufacturing of every track is of high quality. Eric Nam seems remarkable as expected. His voice is the perfect R&B flavour that never ever fails to bless my ears. The only song that I can state fell a bit brief for me in the beginning is “& ldquo; Paradise & rdquo;, which is why it’& rsquo; s that low in rank. However, the entire body of job is solid. For that reason this 4th mini-album –– The Opposite obtains a 9.5/ 10 from me.

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