Intense Love: Chinese Drama Review

Intense Love is a 2020 Chinese dramatization that stars Zhang Yuxi and also Ding Yuxi as leads. Run-throughs: Starlet Su Jin Bei and also the genius medical professional, Zhou Shi Yun, were betrothed to each various other from a young age. Now, as adults, they both decline the suggestion of a set up marital relationship. Yet destiny has other prepare for them as they fulfill together and start to fall in love.

(warning –– spoilers ahead)


Intense Love is a sweet romance story. I genuinely enjoyed every minute of it, including the tacky elements. I really appreciate what Chinese dramas have been doing just recently with their modern love tales. They show even more all-natural skinship and also discussions, so the couples appear really real, unlike Korean programs. No color, it’& rsquo; s simply a monitoring. The major couple in Intense Love had fantastic chemistry instantly, as well as I personally assume this is just one of Zhang Yuxi’& rsquo; s ideal pairing. Su Jin Bei and also Zhou Shi Yun were cute and also fairly mature together since they never dragged out their misunderstandings. I also love that there wasn’& rsquo; t much emphasis on love triangles. Both leads ensured what they wanted as well as remained concentrated up until the end. While viewing, I couldn’& rsquo; t get over exactly how beautiful Jin Bei as well as Shi Yun were together. Truthfully, both stars are remarkably great looking. The only component of their story that tossed me off was Jin Bei’& rsquo; s meant pregnancy in the last episode. I don’& rsquo; t bear in mind when they revealed or indicated that this couple made love, so the maternity performers was absolutely misplaced for me. Was I the just one confused, or did I miss something? Allow me recognize in the remark section.

The side couples were also excellent with each other. Although I didn’& rsquo; t care much for Zhou Su Ying and also Xu Jia Wei’& rsquo; s connection because of how both characters started out. Most of us have to admit that Su Ying was quite rude in the beginning with all her systems to break up her sibling and Jin Bei. Of course, she got better, yet by then, I was no longer bought her story. Nevertheless, I was still satisfied that she matured and got a pleased end. Currently in Jia Wei’& rsquo; s case, I didn & rsquo; t value how he kept informing Shi Yun that he was the better companion for Jin Bei as a result of their similar professions. I additionally did not recognize why he went on to prepare the big confession event while unsure of Jin Bei’& rsquo; s sensations. A minimum of have a small talk with her prior to going all out. He was most definitely a pleasant sustaining character, yet his earlier actions did not abrade well on me.

Carrying on to Xiao Yuan Song and Wu Di –– As much I love these 2 together, their arc and story development did not have me captivated in them 100%. Just the same, they were fun together and also cancelled each various other’& rsquo; s characters flawlessly. I love that this dramatization showcased very assertive girls with both Wu Di and also Su Jin Bei. Both ladies were willing to take the initial steps for certain things in their partnerships.

Personality Evaluation:

I just wish to discuss 3 duties, beginning with Gao Zi Tong –

  • — Her rage as well as bitterness were absolutely lost. I simply couldn’& rsquo; t comprehend her disgust for Xu Jin Bei due to the fact that she was well aware that Jin Bei only took into consideration Jia Wei as a coworker. While viewing, I offered her a great deal of possibilities to boost, but she constantly let down. Currently once she went better to assault Jin Bei’& rsquo; s and Shi Yun & rsquo; s connection, I was done and cleaned with this character. I’& rsquo; m happy she transformed and carried on at the end, yet I wouldn’& rsquo; t intend to go across paths with such a person in the real world.

Zhou Shi Yun –

  • — He started out quite chilly and also couldn’& rsquo; t care less concerning BeiBei, or a minimum of that is what he wanted every person to think. As the tale advances, he comes to be extra accepting of Jin Bei. I delighted in just how he played along with BeiBei’& rsquo; s remarkable antics although he recognized she was fabricating the majority of the moment. This reveals Shi Yun’& rsquo; s encouraging and recognizing character. While watching, the only defect I could tease was that Shi Yun seemed also perfect. Though, prior to the program covered, we saw that he can additionally do some wrongs when he doubted Jin Bei’& rsquo; s capability to get a duty through her very own hard work. In the end, he apologized, as well as we got our satisfied end.

Last is my much-loved personality, Su Jin Bei

  • — She is very innocent, kind, understanding as well as rather ignorant to unfavorable people around her. However, that does not make her weak because she isn’& rsquo; t quickly bullied. I definitely appreciated her dramatic personality. Whenever she had those unusual stream of consciousness or all the many times she attempted to attract Shi Yun, I stayed laughing. How can a person be that charming? 😂 Specifically when she started calling Shi Yun –– Zhou infant(honey)😂 😂 😂. Another thing I loved concerning this character is that she acknowledged her problems as well as did her finest to service them.

To assemble, here is a collection of my preferred minutes from this drama –

— Additionally, my favorite ost from this show is “& ldquo; When Love Comes & rdquo;

by Li Ruo Xi– With all that stated, my ranking for Intense Love is 9/10. It was a lovely tale throughout, but I still assume they could have done a far better work with the side couples. To get a far better understanding of just how I rank each flick or drama, click 👉 🏼Drama|Motion Picture Ranking Guide. All English subbed episodes of this series are available with this web link 👉 🏼 Intense Love on YouTube.

If you have actually seen this dramatization, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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