Catching Up With Recent Comebacks: EXO-SC|Crush|JEONG EUN JI

(Please keep in mind –– This is a real-time evaluation, indicating I am inputting down my exact ideas while paying attention to each song.)

“& ldquo; 1 Billion Sights & rdquo; by

EXO-SC(Feat. MOON)Response to Authorities MV: I like their drip and also clothing. They both be looking great.

  • Chanyeol’& rsquo; s voice at the beginning tho, It & rsquo; s so deep as well as sexy 😏 🤭.
  • I value the vocal layering on this track. It feels like an eargasm 😂.
  • As both rap artists in EXO, I was expecting them to take the hardcore rap route, however they are providing us smooth retro vocals.
  • My favourite clothing are the blazer looks.
  • I love the video’& rsquo; s visuals and also the arcade idea.
  • This line 👉 🏼”& rdquo; I cry I cry, I sob & hellip; & rdquo; is so memorable. The entire carolers makes me wish to sing along. Oh, I failed to remember that this song has a featured musician until she was available in. I like her voice; it blends well with Chanyeol as well as Sehun.
  • Finger clicking in any type of tune promptly catches my attention, as well as this set makes me want to dance.
  • I don’& rsquo; t need to claim a lot, I ENJOY “& ldquo; 1 Billion Sights & rdquo; from EXO-SC. It obtains a 10/10 score from me.

    Reaction to beta single “& ldquo; –

    • Telephone & rdquo;– Love just how this started right now, and the critical is bouncy.
    • Truthfully, the vocal layering on both songs is so seamless.
    • It’& rsquo; s additionally wonderful to hear just how well Changyeol and also Sehum harmonize.
    • The computer animation for this music video is charming.
    • I live for when Chenyeol goes into his lower register. It’& rsquo;
    • s so sensual. 🥰 I want Sehum & rsquo; s vibrant coat
    • “. & ldquo; Telephone & rdquo; is the excellent head-bopping track.
    • Okay, that black sweater view on Sehun is a grand mood, as well as let’& rsquo; s not even talk about just how great he looks with his hair slicked back.
    • WHAT??? I was not anticipating the included artist once more. 10cm just blessed me with his high pitched voice.
    • It is such a sweet background vocal to Chanyeol and Sehun’& rsquo; s harmonies.
    • I enjoyed every min of this song; consequently, it obtains a 10/10.
    • Now let’& rsquo; s look into their cd.

    Album Evaluation: The album is additionally entitled 1 Billion Views and also has 9 songs. Here is a preview –

    1. — 1 Billion Sights (Accomplishment. MOON)
    2. Claim It (Feat. PENOMECO) –– This also complies with the very same upbeat circulation and vocal singing design. “& ldquo; State It & rdquo; is a BOP, and also I am currently grooving. Considering that this is a put together article, I wear’& rsquo; t want to write much, so I will certainly just upright the fact that I enjoyed this song.
    3. Rodeo Terminal –– I like the melody, as well as the history vocals are relaxing. The beat additionally adheres to the exact same retro influence. The production on all 4 tracks I have actually listened to thus far is excellent, most noteworthy with the vocal layering. It is so interesting to me. “& ldquo; Rodeo Station & rdquo; is one more wonderful track on this document.
    4. Telephone (Accomplishment. 10cm)
    5. Jet Lag –– Currently, this has a slower pace contrasted to the remainder. I can’& rsquo; t quit ranting regarding the vocal quality of this album. “& ldquo; Jet Lag & rdquo; may just be my preferred up until now. The carolers is exciting. I value the smooth and also cool ambiance.
    6. Fly Away (Feat> > Gaeko – )– The start for this is rather enchanting. I love the rap-talking design on this track and vocals & hellip; WOW. Gaeko is true blessing my ears. No tune on this album has actually let down. It keeps getting better as anticipated from EXO members. All I need currently is a light adhere to completely jam out. THE PRODUCTION!!! & hellip; I feel like I’& rsquo; m really flying.
    7. Nothin’ – & rsquo;– The important for this set sticks out a lot from the remainder, however it still fits the cd principle. Already, I LIKE IT. The guitar on this track goes off, as well as I am below for all that power. I honestly put on’& rsquo; t intend to analyze these songs so much because I might create way too much considering that they are all similarly fantastic. Chanyeol and also Sehun deserve an A+++++++ for this cd.
    8. On Me –– OH JUST FROM THE INTRODUCTORY, I RECOGNIZE THIS IS ABOUT TO BE 🔥. This one is the hardcore rap track on a traditional catch instrumental. I am in top of the world today, all I require is an audio speaker since it is event time 💃 🏼. It’& rsquo; s not heavy EDM, however it simply makes me intend to show up.
    9. 1 Billion Views –– Critical

    1 Billion Views by EXO-SC is an exceptional album from beginning to end, and also I will certainly be going back to it a great deal. I do have my favourites, however I appreciated each and every single track on here, so my rating is a solid 10/10.

    “& ldquo; OHIO & rdquo;

    by Crush– Reaction to Official

    • MV: Oh, I wasn & rsquo; t expecting an upbeat beginning. I believed this was going to be a slow-moving track because I didn’& rsquo; t check out any of the teasers.
    • I love the beat, and I feel this is about to be an excellent one.
    • His voice is fantastic, as constantly.
    • That little dancing Crush did, in the beginning, was so charming.
    • So this is about him going for it on partying to forget his broken heart?
    • The melody for this song is appealing and also extremely lively. It makes me intend to take out some weird dance moves.
    • Enjoyable reality, Tablo from Epik High created the verses for this track.
    • I enjoy that little breakdown clapping area. The rhythm is so great.
    • The pianist is additionally going off behind-the-scenes. I am enjoying allure influence we have going on with the critical.
    • Okay, Crush is going off vocally. He isn’& rsquo; t doing anything too insane, yet his flow as well as smooth vocal runs are such a vibe.
    • “& ldquo; OHIO & rdquo; is, for certain, taking place my playlist. It is such a groovy song, and I already intend to sing along.
    • And also, Crush’& rsquo; s insane dance in the video is a delightful visual feast. 😂 😂 😂
    • “& ldquo; OHIO & rdquo; gets a 10/10 from me.

    Testimonial of B-side – “– & ldquo; Allow Me (Feat. Dean Morrison)”

    • & rdquo; Oh, I guess this is the softer track.
    • It seems to be entirely in English.
    • This track is so fragile, as well as I already love it.
    • I authorize of the instrumental blend with the keyboard and shallow drum beats.
    • “& ldquo; Let Me & rdquo; is a charming track, and I am here for this kind of power.
    • It advises me so much of songs I would certainly learn through the 90s American young boy groups.
    • Wow, whoever is doing the support vocals has an abundant deep voice. Is that Dean Morrison, or is he just the producer? Kindly allow me recognize in the comment section.
    • Crush’& rsquo; s voice on this track feels like butter melting into my ears.
    • “& ldquo; Let Me & rdquo; truly complies with the classic 90s/early 2000s R&B style.
    • I LIKE IT. My score is 10/10.

    “& ldquo; AWay & rdquo;

    by JEONG EUN JI– Response to Authorities MV:

    • I’& rsquo; m depressing. 😥 There are no English inscriptions on this video clip.
    • All the same, I am right here for this sunny ambiance.
    • Her voice is so gorgeous, as well as I enjoy how the crucial brings high energy into the song.
    • The chorus didn’& rsquo; t drop as I anticipated, but that makes points more interesting.
    • Plus, I assume the melody is catchy and also simple to sing along.
    • The cinematography for this music video is sensational. The colours stand out with a soft radiance impact.
    • I am appreciating the general vibe, and I wish I can go on a trip while obstructing to this.
    • Jeong Eun Ji’& rsquo; s cosmetics is quite.
    • Her cosmetics musician went in. Vocal smart, her high notes are uncomplicated. I also listen to some beautiful whistle notes behind-the-scenes.
    • Eun Ji is very skilled as well as blessed with a powerful voice.
    • “& ldquo; AWay & rdquo; gets a 10/10 from me
    • . Now allow’& rsquo; s inspect the full album she dropped.

    Cd Review: This EP is entitled Simple and has 6 tracks. Here is a sneak peek –

    1. — Simple is the best –– I love the soft ambiance of this one. The piano is on it is brilliant. I might pay attention to simply the crucial by itself as well as still enjoy every second since it’& rsquo; s that fascinating. I love exactly how the tempo switched up throughout the tune but came together as a best mix. Jeong Eun Ji also appears breathtaking on this track, and also the overall manufacturing is outstanding.
    2. AWay
    3. Whoo –– This is way extra cool compared to the previous tracks. I like Eun Ji’& rsquo; s vocal tone. It almost seems like a neo-soul design to me. It’& rsquo; s like a breath of fresh air that hits you in at the appropriate moments. I’& rsquo; m guiding back and forth while paying attention to this track because it’& rsquo; s that calming with the superficial vocals and soft guitar important. “& ldquo; Whoo & rdquo; is my favourite song so far.
    4. Remain –– This is a full-on ballad with the classic piano access and also entrancing vocals. I think this may be my second favourite. It feels like a lullaby that might rapidly place me to rest, and I live for this type of loosening up tunes. I’& rsquo; m simply going to stop inputting as well as enjoy every secondly of this one.
    5. Moisturising –– Another soft track but with a guitar entrance. The progression of this is appealing. It’& rsquo; s not as well positive yet not really reduce like “& ldquo; Stay & rdquo;. The guitar and drums give it an extra cheerful significance. I feel like it was also brief, or possibly the 3 minutes as well as 25 seconds simply passed as well rapid for me.
    6. A Slow Child –– Oh, this will be a whole state of mind simply from the initial couple of seconds. I like the deep balanced drums, as well as the means Eun Ji was available in was sophisticated. This track makes me really feel light, virtually like I’& rsquo; m floating. Additionally, the incorporation of classical tools took the song to a grand lev. “& ldquo; A Slow Kid & rdquo; is my third preferred tune from this document.

    Jeong Eun Ji genuinely impressed. The EP –– Simple is marketed, and also it will get on repeat for some time. My score is a precise 10/10.

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