Chen Linong – This is How I Feel You: Song Of The Week

The track I have been going back to a great deal throughout today is “This Is Exactly how I Feel You” by Chen Linong.

Chen Linong is a Taiwanese vocalist as well as star. He was born upon October 3rd, 2000, which makes him 20 this year. He took part in the Chinese audition program– Idolizer Producer, and also debuted as a participant of the resulting boy group called Nine Percent. The contract for 9 Percent officially upright October 6th of 2018, and all the participants proceeded to there respective groups or solo jobs. Although Chen Linong had actually launched a few songs and also included on some OSTs, his main solo debut got on Might 29th of 2020. He launched an unabridged cd titled 格格不入(Out 0f Location). This record has twelve songs consisting of the title track “This Is Exactly how I Feel You”

I bear in mind seeing the MV teaser for “This Is Exactly how I Feel You” on twitter, and also I took a screenshot. I paid attention to the track a week after it went down, and I was absolutely wowed by the power of Chen Linong’s voice. I have actually never paid attention to him sing before. I did like a few of his photos on twitter, however I don’t follow his songs career religiously. So picture the disappointment I felt when I realized that I had actually been disregarding such a treasure ♀ ♀ ♀. Therefore I embarked on my research until I located the complete cd on Spotify.

“This Is How I Feel You” is a beautiful song, as well as when I first heard it, I got goosebumps. It starts out slow-moving as well as progressively advances right into this extreme guitar instrumental prior to fading out once again. The various other eleven songs on the album are similarly impressive. It has a mix of ballads, pop as well as R&B songs, as well as I have never missed a track when listening to the full cd. That’s how remarkable Chen Linong’s launching is for me. Below are the other tunes from 格格不入(Out 0f Place )that have official music videos:”Unclear”(Quality Lala Hsu)–“Preference Of Summertime”–“Lost In

You”– “Uncover”–” Masterpiece “(Includes

Hailee Steinfeld)– And Also

here is the unabridged album for any individual interested– I wish you all enjoy paying attention to”This Is How I Feel You

“by Chen Linong. Make sure, every person.

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