Lost Romance: Taiwanese Drama Review – Episode 2

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(warning –– spoilers ahead)


In this episode, specific things didn’& rsquo; t sit well with me, however I attempted not to over-analyze them because this is a fantasy series. For instance, how was He Tian Xing able to grab Zheng Xiao En’& rsquo; s hand while in a coma? Likewise, I assume Zheng Xiao En need to have published the video anonymously or reported the event anonymously. I obtain that she’& rsquo; s frightened, but just how do you see something so grisly and also understand that they are trying to cover it up yet still claim absolutely nothing? Her decision made me examine this personality’& rsquo; s ethical grounds, yet I presume the author wanted to use her sense of guilt to lead us right into the novel’& rsquo; s world.

As a result I relax my instance. Currently in worries to He Mingli, I assume we & rsquo; ve all verified at this point that she is a pure psycho. Previously I assumed the uncle was just trying to keep eyes on her, yet after this episode, I fear he has his own exclusive schedule. He most likely chose He Mingli since she is not as well knowledgable concerning the business, which means, he can conveniently take over.

Carrying on to the novel’& rsquo; s globe. It was fairly amusing when Zheng Xiao En understood that she wasn’& rsquo; t the major lead however actually among the mean side personalities. In my opinion, the real female lead is cringy. Her extremely innocent and awkward individuality is sort of off. Plus, the fact that He Tian Xing was about to date her in the real world was a lot more unusual. Now, if his sibling He Tian Jian loves the lead in the real world, will that cause a trouble between both kids in the future? I wear’& rsquo; t believe the author will certainly take that route, but we will certainly see. I likewise saw that the writer made use of the unique’& rsquo; s world to call out a great deal of sayings in love stories and also dramas. Starting from the random screams for handsome men to the wall surface pin from the lead person to the awkward women lead that frequently trips, and in some way a male is always all set to capture her. These are the traditional Oriental romance performers, and in this unique’& rsquo; s globe, we get to see just how cringy as well as impractical they are.

In the meantime, I currently do not have any kind of strong feelings towards this drama. I am not in love with it yet, neither do I dislike it. I’& rsquo; m still watching due to the fact that the upcoming episode looks encouraging. Nevertheless, I am more than ready for the story to grab as well as take me to the point that totally records my attention.

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