HEIZE – Lyricist: Album Review

On June 10th, HEIZE launched her sixth mini-album labelled Lyricist. The album has five songs, consisting of the double title tracks, “& ldquo; Lyricist & rdquo;

and also & ldquo; Points are working out & rdquo; Jang Da Hye, recognized by the name Heize is a South Korean rap artist, and singer-songwriter handled by Stone Songs Entertainment. She formally debuted on March 21st, 2014, with the self-titled EP –– Heize. She climbed to appeal after participating in the second period of the rap program –– Unpretty Rapstar. Her stage name, Heize, is really a German word that equates to ‘& lsquo; heating something up or making something warm.’

& rsquo; (Please keep in mind– this is a real-time review, suggesting I am keying down my exacts thoughts while paying attention per song.)

Response to Title Tracks/Official MV:

  • I believe this video incorporates both title tracks.
  • I enjoy the guitar as well as the snazzy crucial.
  • Heize has such an one-of-a-kind vintage voice. I definitely adore her audio.
  • Is “& ldquo; Lyricist & rdquo; is the first song on the video clip? Whichever one it is, I remain in love. It & rsquo; s so relaxing, and the visuals for the songs are best for it.
  • I wish I had English subtitles, yet I can look for it later.
  • This track is such a soothing groove. It’& rsquo; s most definitely taking place my playlist.
  • Heize appearances lovely.
  • I like how the very first track faded out with a soft piano at the end.
  • Oh, the shift right into the next track is BEAUTIFUL.
  • The key-board gamer has skill flowing via every finger on this tune.
  • I am right here for this R&B drumbeats, and Heize looks great in red.
  • I know that I am going to take pleasure in the mini-album because this style is right up my alley.
  • Once again, HER VOICE is offering me life. The means she smoothly goes through each note is impressive.
  • Also, the vocal layering for this 2nd tune is exceptional.
  • Great task, Heize 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏. I genuinely appreciated this.

Cd Review:

Below is the cd on Spotify –

  1. — Lyricist –– I was right, “& ldquo; Lyricist & rdquo; is the first song on the video. I live for the snazzy vibe of this track. It’& rsquo; s very calm as well as an entire state of mind.
  2. Points are working out –– Yes, I reach hear that gorgeous piano intro once more, and also the roll that obtains me in my feels. Heize’& rsquo; s voice on this track is pure gold. This is such a simple pay attention kind of tune. Your Call ft. ASH ISLAND –– I believe there’& rsquo; s a video for this tune, yet it is not out yet. I love the intro on this track, and also her voice is like smooth velvet. It is very pleasing to listen to. I am right here for this tempo, and also the instrumental is well generated. All the songs on this cd appear to have some jazz influence combined with R&B and neo-soul feelings. The rap section from ASH ISLAND came in at the best point, as well as I enjoy his circulation. “& ldquo; Your Name & rdquo; is another smooth and soothing groove. I would certainly play this is the history when I just want to chill as well as not do anything.
  3. 1/1440 ft. Ji Chanel –– Oooh, the crucial is really interesting on this. It also appears denser as well as much more positive contrasted to the rest. Still, Heize’& rsquo; s voice is like butter. I like that I can hear Ji Chanel doing some history consistencies during the introductory knowledgeable, as well as he also sang throughout the tail end. The beat on this is 🔥, and the vocal runs that pair with it are too excellent. The reality that I can hear Ji Chanel throughout the whole tune is giving me life. I simply love the blend between both voices.
  4. Not to see you once more –– Wow, the key-board introductory on this tune is providing me cools. I think this was what they made use of as the shift between both title tracks in the video. My negative, it is not an introduction however a complete instrumental-only track, and it’& rsquo; s so BEAUTIFUL. I enjoy that she selected to close the album with such serenity. This is definitely crazy and calm.

Last Thoughts:

From my review, you all can tell that this album was an outstanding pay attention for me. It really felt rather brief since we only obtained four complete tracks, however I still like the vibe, vocals as well as total production on it. I usually just paid attention to songs from Heize, however I will start paying more attention to her since ability overruns from this lady.

With all that said, my score for Heize’& rsquo; s sixth mini-album, Lyricist, is a bulletproof 10/10.

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