Kpop Music Review Compilation: NU’EST|BVNDIT|TXT|KIM WOO SEOK|PUNCH

As guaranteed, my 2nd part of the missed out on evaluation compilation.

(Please keep in mind –– This is a real-time review, indicating I am typing down my exact ideas while listening to each song.)

“& ldquo; I & rsquo; m In – Problem & rdquo; by Nu & rsquo; est– Reaction to Authorities MV: I like the means this tune started, as well as the beat is groovy.

  • This is my first time listening to Nu’& rsquo; est, and also I like their
  • ambiance. I & rsquo; ve understood about them for a long period of time, however I never ever had the opportunity to pay adequate attention to them.
  • Lastly, I am here currently and also really prepared.
  • Their vocalists are outstanding.
  • I like just how their different singing tones mix so well with each other.
  • Some of the members seem familiar to me, however I wear’& rsquo; t understand
  • where I & rsquo; ve seen them.
  • The video set is lovely. I like the melody for the carolers, and also the choreography
  • is slick and also on point. The important is an entire state of mind, and also I enjoyed just how they executed a lot more bass towards completion.
  • I love this track.
  • My score for “& ldquo; I & rsquo; m In Problem & rdquo; is definitely a
  • 10/10. Alright, time to have a look at their 8th mini-album –– The Nocturne.
  • The EP has 6 tunes, and also all are equally remarkable. I didn’& rsquo; t feel disappointed with anybody.
  • I value that they included some slower songs that showcased even more of their vocal ability.
  • I believe I simply discovered a brand-new team to contribute to my long checklist of favorites.
  • My score for NU’& rsquo; EST & rsquo; s 8th mini-album– The Nocturne is a solid 10/10.
  • “& ldquo; FOREST & rdquo; by BVNDIT– Response to Official MV: I loved

    • their beta single “& ldquo; Children & rdquo;, and also I had strategies to take a look at BVNDIT & rsquo; s album yet never ever got to it. 🤦 🏼‍♀& zwj; ♀ ️ 🤦 🏼 & zwj; ♀ ️
    • 🤦 🏼 & zwj; ♀ ️ Anyways, I & rsquo; m below currently, so let & rsquo; s begin with their title track. Damn, that deep voice appeared of nowhere. That is the initial vocalist?
    • I love the huskier voices as well as scratchy tones I am learning through these girls.
    • I’& rsquo; ve saw something lately. Virtually every kpop team is adjusting the heavy electronic/trap noise.
    • It definitely benefits some, yet it additionally feels off for the majority of groups.
    • Plus, as a person that responds to an excellent number of these artists, it does obtain quite repetitive for me.
    • This is not a direct comment in the direction of this tune by BVNDIT but instead an observation on the present trend in Oriental idol music.
    • The beat drop for the carolers is good. I like just how the drums produce the vibe of a marching band.
    • I have seen several of this video’& rsquo; s settings in Jessi’& rsquo; s MV for & rdquo;
    • Who Dat B. & rdquo; They possibly shot at the exact same area as well as the visuals are stunning.
    • The beat got intense for the bridge, and also the dancing break was a fantastic touch.
    • “& ldquo; FOREST & rdquo; is an excellent tune for BVNDIT because it showcased the woman’& rsquo; s singing power, and also their power was perfect.
    • My ranking for it is 8.5/ 10 since despite the fact that I hear all the impressive qualities, it’& rsquo; s not a track that I see myself playing commonly. Now I’& rsquo; m going to look into their second mini-album– Carnival.
    • This EP has five tracks. “& ldquo; Children & rdquo; and also somehow & ldquo; Come and also Obtain It & rdquo; are the ones that captured my interest.
    • So my rating for BVNDIT’& rsquo; s 2nd mini-album– Carnival is an 8/10.

    “& ldquo; Can & rsquo; t You See – Me? & rdquo; by TXT– Response to

    • Authorities MV: An additional first time pay attention
    • . They & rsquo; re from Big Hit Enjoyment & hellip; okay.
    • This team absolutely has amazing vocalists. I am taking pleasure in the soft singing runs and background harmonization.
    • Their choreography remains in sync.
    • The crucial development is fantastic, as well as the means the beat switched up after the carolers was pure 🔥 🔥 🔥.
    • The vocals are making me love the track extra.
    • Honestly, “& ldquo; Can & rsquo; t You See Me & rdquo; is not my normal ambiance,’but I & rsquo; m in fact in love with
    • it. At first, I was like, ehhh, maybe this is not my field. After that it concerned just simply valuing skill due to the fact that TXT has that.
    • Why are they tossing tomatoes as well as berries all over?
    • Lmao and also next point, your home gets on fire. 😂 😂 😂
    • Hmmm & hellip; I’& rsquo; m sort of stuck between a 9 or 10 for this one. Okay, I’& rsquo; ll provide it a 9/10 for now.
    • I understand they likewise released a mini-album labelled The Desire Chapter: INFINITY. I’& rsquo; m going to inspect it out currently
    • . This EP has six tunes, and also just from the first track, I’& rsquo; m satisfied.
    • Wow!!!, the falsetto is insane on “& ldquo; Fairy of Shampoo” & rdquo; Plus allure aspects are best up my street.
    • My rating for The Dream Phase: infinity is a bulletproof 10/10.
    • Lol, I actually had two tracks from their The Desire Phase: MAGIC cd on my playlist. I have a tendency to find tunes randomly on Spotify, however I’& rsquo; m mosting likely to take my time and look into more tunes from TXT.

    “& ldquo; Red Moon & rdquo; by Kim Woo Seok– Reaction

    to Official MV:

    • I have no suggestion that he is, yet I was captivated by the teaser photos and videos.
    • I did a little research study, and I figured out that he is part of UP10TION and likewise completed second on Generate x 101. Was also a component of X1, which has actually currently disbanded.
    • Now let’& rsquo; s check his solo launching song.
    • Alright immediately, he has an amazing set of pipelines as well as is a talented professional dancer.
    • Likewise, I do see the visuals. Kim Woo Seok is good looking.
    • The beat is fat on this tune, and also I am living for it. I SMELL A BOP.
    • The choreography is glossy and suitable for this type of sultry sound.
    • That chorus, the music video visuals, his voice and also moves just put me tough in the face at the exact same time.
    • I AM FORMALLY A FAN. Nothing can change my mind now.
    • His clothing are also well collaborated. Big approximately his stylist.
    • Wow, MY MAN, chill with the hip persuades.
    • Sexy songs are my normal infants, so of course I LIKE “& ldquo;
    • Red Moon & rdquo; The section right after the carolers, where he says, “& ldquo; yeah, yeah, yeah & hellip; & rdquo; must be made illegal.
    • This music video is sensational. Most significantly, the outdoor tents scene where Kim Woo Seok is dressed in full black under the chandelier.
    • Wait, the failure is ridiculous. This is also great, and also the vocals are also unbelievable.
    • I hear all the history harmonization and also singing runs. Kim Woo Seok is smooth on this tune.
    • This is another bulletproof 10/10 from me. Time to check out the album labelled 1ST NEED [GREED]
    • This EP has seven songs, as well as right from the first track, I SCENT TEMPTATION.
    • Kim Woo Seok appears to be out for my head, and also given that this ambiance is what I like one of the most, I can’& rsquo; t help but succumb to his voice. I’& rsquo; m obtaining my groove on right here. 💃 🏼 💃 🏼 💃 🏼 1ST DESIRE [GREED] obtains a strong 10/10.

    Response to “& ldquo; State Yes & rdquo; by Strike (Task. MoonByul of MAMAMOO):

    • Oh, I was not expecting this to be a remix of her soundtrack from the Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.
    • That drama was so heartbreaking, and also I reached value IU a lot more as an actress while seeing it. Additionally, Lee Joon Gi is one of my top Oriental actors, for this reason why I wouldn’& rsquo; t mind obtaining a 2nd season.
    • MoonByul sings so well, as well as I like her deep, rapping voice.
    • “& ldquo; oh, oh, oh, & hellip; I need you & hellip;
    • Love holds true. & rdquo; This is among my favourite OSTs, as well as both musicians are doing wonderful with their harmonization.
    • I will certainly be adding this variation to my playlist, and also of course, “& ldquo; Say Yes & rdquo; gets a 10/10 from me.

    Reaction to “& ldquo; Say hello &

    • rdquo; by Punch: I love the piano opening.
    • I wish this track relieves me since I just checked out some discouraging and frustrating information that made my spirit boil. 😤
    • Punch seems remarkable as constantly, and also I like the slight modulations that she’& rsquo; s doing within one verse. The breathy notes during the chorus are stunning.
    • This tune makes for such a simple pay attention.
    • Ballads really help calm me down, and for that reason, I’& rsquo; m grateful that I & rsquo; m evaluating this now. I enjoy the vocal layering. It’& rsquo; s done so well, and the instrumental progression really supports Strike’& rsquo;
    • s voice. A pleasant finishing with the fading key-board notes.
    • This really felt really brief, however every little thing concerning “& ldquo; Greet & rdquo; is soothing and smooth.
    • I like that I might see Punch in the studio, and also the vocals were not greatly processed on this track, which clarifies why I could hear all her breathy notes properly.
    • My rating for it this song is most definitely 10/10.

    Last Thoughts:

    I appreciated writing this testimonial, and I likewise found some new skills to adhere to, so I’& rsquo; m off to go examine them out currently prior to I fail to remember once more. 😂 😂 😂

    What do you all think about the songs I examined?

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