Victoria Song – VICTORIA: Album Review

Courses are back in session, so I have actually been a bit tight on schedule, however let’& rsquo; s see what I can get done prior to going to bed.

Ultimately, Victoria Track’& rsquo; s first solo album is readily available on worldwide systems, so I am right here to offer my evaluation. I already responded to the title track. That blog post is readily available with this link 👉 🏼 Victoria Track –– Up To Me: Music Evaluation

(Please note –– this is a real-time review, suggesting I am keying down my exact ideas while paying attention to each track.)

Below is the album on Spotify –

— Considering that the majority of the tracks are written in Chinese, I’& rsquo; m mosting likely to detail them by track numbers when evaluating.

Album Review:

  • # 1 – “– & ldquo; Great Things & rdquo; seems to be totally in English. I like the constant claps on the instrumental. The beat progression behaves. This track started with one constant drum beat, and then a lot more variants were added in after each knowledgeable break. The tune for the pre-chorus is quite appealing. I am living for the hefty piano used in that section. “& ldquo; Excellent Things & rdquo; is absolutely a trendy track, and also I & rsquo; m appreciating Victoria & rsquo; s voice on this. I knew I was mosting likely to like this track when I heard it on the album highlight. I am vibing to this more than the title track. The manufactured electronic sound for the primary chorus is likewise best. I like the brief silence that comes right prior to she sings each knowledgeable. She sounds sexy on this track, as well as I love that I can recognize her. Victoria completely nailed the soft vocal runs at completion. “& ldquo; Good Things & rdquo; is, for sure
  • , taking place my “playlist. # 2– & ldquo; As much as Me & rdquo; is the title track. This notes my third paying attention to it after my preliminary review, and my ideas stay the same. It’& rsquo; s a terrific song yet not my cup of tea.
  • # 3 – — This track’& rsquo; s title converts to “& ldquo; Fond memories & rdquo; I enjoy the soft keyboard entrance. If you’& rsquo; ve read my testimonials, you & rsquo; ll know that I adore ballads, for this reason this track is right up my alley. Victoria & rsquo; s voice is lovely. The Chinese language makes her sound sophisticated and calming. I enjoy how the tune advanced efficiently with the inclusion of classic stringed instruments. The history vocals on this track are divine, and the means her voice ascended a little as she got in the carolers is gorgeous. I like how they used the drums to modulate the speed of the song from the 2nd carolers. After that we obtained a best soft closing with the key-board. The music video for “& ldquo; Nostalgia & rdquo; will certainly be released later today.
  • # 4 – “– & ldquo; I Miss You & rdquo; likewise caught my interest when I paid attention to the album highlight. So allow’& rsquo; s see how it goes. Another piano entry. I am falling for Victoria & rsquo; s soft tone. While in f(x), I never got to value her vocals appropriately, so it’& rsquo; s good that I can pay more focus currently. There is some rapping in this, as well as I such as the speed. I likewise appreciate the drums on this track. “& ldquo; I Miss You & rdquo; is a cool track. Both Victoria as well as the included musician praise each various other truly well. It’& rsquo; s a good tune, yet I am presently 50/50 on it.
  • # 5 – “– & ldquo; Perfect Phony & rdquo; began fairly sluggish yet then can be found in with a full beat after 0.24 secs. I such as the instrumental. Victoria does an outstanding job of moving in between various singing varieties on this track. She starts out with her full voice and afterwards mosts likely to a greater tone prior to consisting of some falsetto notes. This is another good track on the album, and I’& rsquo; m certain that many people would appreciate it. However, I am likewise 50/50 on “& ldquo;
  • Perfect Phony & rdquo; # 6– I enjoy the crucial for “& ldquo; Blame On You & rdquo; because it & rsquo; s really bouncy. This song is also completely in English. I love the light singing layering. I am captivated by just how Victoria’& rsquo; s history vocals sound very airy on this track compared to the rest. I am definitely grooving to this more than the previous two tracks. “& ldquo; Blame On You & rdquo; is a good club tune if you want to hand pump the entire time.
  • # 7 –– I was really expecting this track after listening to the preview, so I hope it comes through. A lyric video clip equated the title to “& ldquo; Capability to Dominate” & rdquo; Immediately, I love the finger snaps and also the drumbeat for this track. Oooh, the beat just obtained denser and also groovier. Is this going to be my third favorite song on the cd??? The audio promptly required my attention. I like the build-up right into the carolers, and also we are obtaining a nice electronic beat drop during that section. I enjoy that Victoria is slightly rap-singing some components of this tune. This is an amazing track, yet It doesn’& rsquo; t beat & ldquo; Great Stuff” & rdquo;
  • or – & ldquo; Fond memories & rdquo; for me. # 8– The translated title I found for this tune is & ldquo; Diagonal Line & rdquo; Do I listen to an electronic guitar? The beat goes hard on this track. I listen to EDM with some rock affects. The bass on this is impressive. I wager some dancers could style to this tune. Wow, the beat all of a sudden switched up in the direction of the eleventh hour and then came right back to the normal pace. I would certainly love to see Victoria do a dancing video clip for this track. If I heard this tune at a party, I would certainly get involved in dance mode as well as enjoy myself to the greatest. Nevertheless, it’& rsquo; s not something I would certainly play frequently. Perhaps I simply require some visual stimulation???
  • # 9 –– Another track that captured my attention on the highlight collection. Fingers crossed 🤞 🏼 🤞 🏼 🤞 🏼, please wear’& rsquo; t dissatisfy. It appears she’& rsquo; s slowing down things back down with “& ldquo; Broken Wings & rdquo; I like the soft piano start, as well as this is one more English tune. Victoria seems incredible on this track, as well as the background vocals are speaking with me. I love the instrumental development. This is a soothing track, and also I am appreciating it. Alright, the 2nd knowledgeable generated some drums. The drums quit once again during the chorus, as well as I just enjoy the tune. Okay, “& ldquo; Broken Wings & rdquo; & hellip; I see you. # 10– Alright, this is the last tune and also something I definitely enjoy. “& ldquo; Roof covering On Fire & rdquo; is an older song from Victoria Song and a full-on BOP. I’& rsquo; m just going to appreciate myself with this track. 💃 🏼 💃 🏼 💃 🏼

Final Ideas:

This album gives me mixed feelings. I am perplexed because I want to like it, yet I also want to give my real testimonial. I can’& rsquo; t claim I am heavily satisfied because most of the songs did not encourage me 100%. I discovered that I needed to offer some tracks a few even more pays attention prior to I might value their noise. I wear’& rsquo; t mind that, yet the reality is that out of the 10 tracks, I rather suched as six, and my favourites are only 4. Therefore why VICTORIA lacked the wow factor, I was anticipating.

All the same, I can hear the development in Victoria Tune’& rsquo; s voice, and also because this is her 1st cd, she has tremendous room to develop also much better songs in the future. I will be waiting on her to offer me a work of art. Currently make no mistake concerning my evaluation since this record does have great tracks, but unfortunately, they put on’& rsquo; t suit my taste.

Therefore, my score for Victoria Song’& rsquo; s 1st Solo cd –– VICTORIA is 7.5/ 10.

My Much-loved songs are –

  1. — Great Things
  2. Roofing On Fire
  3. Fond memories
  4. Broken Wings
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