Heart Signal 3 (Korean Verison): My Thoughts on Episode 4

Okay, I am back with episode 4, so let’s get right into it –

  • I hope we get to see more of Seo Min Jae and Lee Ga Heun in this episode.
  • I’m excited to see who ends up with who on each date.
  • At least the product placement in the Korean version is a bit more subtle compared to that of China.
  • Everyone looks beautiful and prepared for this blind date.
  • I find it interesting that they always have a cat on the roof in every episode.😂
  • YESSS!!!! Seo Min Jae picked Jun Eui Dong’s card. I have been waiting to get more interactions with these two.
  • Min Jae is so happy about her choice.
  • They are awkward, and Eui Dong seems disappointed. Screenshot (65)
  • Well boy, you better get with the program and have a proper and friendly conversation with the lady beside you. 🗣YOU HEAR ME.
  • Lmao, the production crew, must have asked him to bandage his tattoos because they’re tired of blurring it out when editing.😄😄😄
  • Seo Min Jae is trying to communicate, but he’s not on her pace yet.
  • Ahhhh!!!! the scene where Jun Eui Dong asked Seo Min Jae if she wanted him to make kimchi for her made me go doki doki even though it shouldn’t have. LOL –
  • The food looks so delicious.
  • I love that Seo Min Jae is easy going and Jun Eui Dong is starting to talk more.
  • The temple they visited is very peaceful and beautiful. Screenshot (66)
  • Now onto Lee Ga Heun’s date.Screenshot (67)
  • All the guys seem disappointed at first that they didn’t get Park Ji Hyun. So the dates are starting out awkward.
  • Lee Ga Heun is direct and bold. She made Cheon In Woo get all smiley and shy.
  • Most of the guys are actually compatible with the other ladies, but I guess the heart wants what the heart wants.
  • The ladies on this season are outgoing, but the guys seem very careful with what they say and do.
  • Wow, Lee Ga Heun is fierce🔥🔥🔥 –
  • She doesn’t hold back or subtly throw hints. She simply goes all out with full force.
  • Alright unto the next date with Park Ji Hyun and Im Han Gyeol.
  • What’s up with all the random cat shots???
  • I’m really enjoying this episode because everyone got equal screen time. Finally!!!
  • Honestly, there are way too many flashbacks in this season, and the editing is quite sloppy.
  • The cafe that Ji Hyun and Han Gyeol visited is gorgeous. Screenshot (69)Screenshot (70)
  • Im Han Gyeol is really a classy kind of guy, and I love his choice of spots for a first date.
  • Personally, I would want a balanced mix of all three dates.
  • Alright, I don’t have much to say about Park Ji Hyun and Im Han Gyeol’s date, so let’s check out the texting results – Screenshot (71)

– YESSS!!! Lee Ga Heun texted Cheon In Woo, and he also sent a text back.

– Im Han Gyeol and Park Ji Hyun texted each other as well.

– YESS!!!🎉🎉🎉 Seo Min Jae and Jun Eui Dong sent text messages to each other.

  • Finally, things are switching up a bit, and it will get more heated up once the remaining housemates arrive.
  • Also, I feel that Park Ji Hyun texted Im Han Gyeol out of courtesy and not really because she’s interested in him.

Overall, this was a better episode compared to previous ones. We got equal screen time, and I got to see Lee Ga Heun and Seo Min Jae shine with their outgoing personalities. Also, we now have new possibilities for love lines. Therefore, I am now super excited to see what comes next.

As always, here is a link to the English subbed version of this program: Heart Signal (Korean Version) on Viki

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