Heart Signal 3 (Korean Version): My Thoughts on Episode 3

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I haven’t been watching this show or Youth With You 2 because I needed a break. Sometimes when I’m juggling too much on here plus my regular daily activities, it gets a bit stressful, and I don’t want to bring that energy to my blog. I want this blog to be a lighthearted space for both my readers and myself. So once I notice that my workload is affecting my mood, I put some things aside for a while.

Youth with You 2 has gone very far ahead, and I’m not sure if I can catch up, but we’ll see about that. All the same, I am officially back to watching Heart Signal 3 (Korean Version). This week, I plan to get through episodes three to seven.

Now let the marathon begin –

  • I think I just saw the hand-mic during the panel studio scene. They probably mistakenly moved the camera outside the required frame.
  • Jun Eui Dong is so adorable and precious.
  • Are they really going to blur out his tattoos the entire season?
  • I hope they share the screentime equally in this episode.
  • So Park Ji Hyun, Jun Eui Dong and Im Han Gyeol are going to do groceries together. I feel like Ji Hyun is started to pay more attention to Eui Dong, but I won’t read too much into it.
  • I’m really missing the Chinese panel’s vibe. The panel members were hilarious and very insightful with their commentaries.
  • I appreciate that Jun Eui Dong isn’t being forceful with getting Park Ji Hyun’s attention. He gives her space but also tries to have casual conversations with her.
  • Park Ji Hyun admits to purposely not choosing Cheon In Woo’s gift in the last episode because she didn’t want her feelings to be too obvious. At the same time, she also regrets her decision.
  • I can understand how she felt at that point. She must have been scared to put her feelings out openly, so she simply avoided the situation.
  • Alright, I’m halfway through this episode, and Seo Min Jae hasn’t been shown. Also, Lee Ga Heun barely had 2 – 4 minutes of screen time.
  • I love Park Ji Hyun, but the producers need to do better. Honestly, the other two ladies haven’t had the opportunity to show their personality to the viewers.
  • Plus, they are also wasting too much time replaying the same scenes whenever one a housemate talks about who they like.
  • I feel since we’ve already seen those parts, they could just let them talk about their feelings and move on to the next person.
  • Jun Eui Dong is such an organizer, and he’s very creative. I’m a pretty organized person myself; hence I admire people who manage their space effectively.
  • Also, what Eui Dong wrote in his diary was so beautiful and insightful – “The way it blows in the wind was like a shy little girl. I will be that wind.” I am a poem lover, so I felt those words.
  • I love that he’s getting more screen time in this episode.
  • P.O just said something very insightful about Jun Eui Dong’s character – Just continue being yourself and be sincere because whoever you like does take notice. If it’s meant to be, it will be.
  • Finally, after 50 minutes, I get to see the other ladies. Thank you.
  • I love that Lee Ga Heun is forward and confident. She got all shy when Cheon In Woo complimented her looks. So cute.😄
  • Jun Eui Dong’s screen time in this episode makes me feel that the producers are setting him up for something big.
  • So it’s time to predict the love lines. Here are my predictions –

– Cheon In Woo, Jun Eui Dong and Im Han Gyeol will all text Park Ji Hyun.

– Park Ji Hyun and Lee Ga Heun will both text Cheon In Woo.

– Seo Min Jae will text Jun Eui Dong.

  • Now let’s see if I guessed all right.
  • Final Results –Screenshot (62)

– As expected, Cheon In Woo, Im Han Gyeol and Jun Eui Dong all sent text messages to Park Ji Hyun.

– Another correct prediction. Park Ji Hyun sent a text message to Cheon In Woo.

– I was wrong about Lee Ga Heun. She sent a text message to Im Han Gyeol.

– YESSS!! I guessed right. Seo Min Jae sent a text message to Jun Eui Dong.

  • Lee Ga Heun noticed the signs during dinner and decided not to waste her text. LMAO.😂😂😂
  • She knows her worth and kept her pride by not texting either Cheon In Woo or Jun Eui Dong. Good job, girl.👏👏👏👏👏
  • I like that Lee Ga Heun and Seo Min Jae are not putting their heads in only one basket because it’s way too early in the game for all that.
  • Honestly, I really don’t mind that all the guys are currently focused on one person since this always happens in Heart Signal, but I am super excited for things to switch up once the remaining two housemates come in.
  • Ooooh, it looks like the next episode is going to be for the first dates. This is perfect because now everyone can have some one-on-one time.
  • The guys all wrote a date card, and I guess the girl will have to randomly pick.
  • LOL, they’re playing rock, paper, scissors to decide who chooses a card first.
  • I’m excited to see how the dates turn out.Screenshot (63)

Overall the one thing I have an issue with is the division of screen time. Lee Ga Heun and Seo Min Jae deserve more scenes. They are equally as interesting to me, and I want to get to know them better. Yes, all the men are focused on Park Ji Hyun, but these two ladies should still be allowed to shoot their shots.

We currently have six housemates, but yet we get to see only three each episode. Then how will things become when all eight housemates are in the Signal House??? The production team needs to do better at allocating scene time and editing the episodes.

As always, here is a link to the English subbed version of this program: Heart Signal (Korean Version) on Viki

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