DAY6 – The Book of Us: The Demon: Album Review

DAY6 just released their sixth mini-album entitled The Book people: The Devil. It has 8 tracks, including the title track “& ldquo; Zombie & rdquo; DAY6 is a South Oriental band handled by JYP Entertainment. The team currently has 5 participants: Jae, Sungjin, Youthful K, Wonpil and also Dowoon. In 2015, they debuted as a six-member band with the EP –– The Day. Former member, Junhyeok left the group in 2016. All members of DAY6 are directly involved in the manufacturing of their songs. Generally, they compose as well as compose their very own songs.

On May 10th, DAY6 announced their choice to put on hold all group activities till additional notification because some members are handling anxiousness. So, regrettably, The Book of Us: The Devil will not be getting any kind of promotion, but I put on’& rsquo; t treatment regarding the kids are healthy and safe. That’& rsquo; s all that absolutely matters to me as their follower. For even more details, read this post 👉 🏼 DAY6 Briefly Suspends Group Activities To Concentrate On Mental Wellness.

(Please note –– this is a real-time review, suggesting I am keying down my exacts ideas while listening to every tune.)

Reaction to Title Track/Official MV:

  • Thankfully I have English belows.
  • I put on’& rsquo; t exactly know what to anticipate from this tune since I attempted my ideal to prevent the cd sample and music intros.
  • Great, we’& rsquo; re starting with some hefty drums. I see you, Dowoon.
  • Young K is taking the lead on this track, and he sounds terrific as always.
  • My infant Jae, he constantly looks great blonde. 😍 😍 😍
  • Yess, Wonpil. Please bless my ears with your smooth vocals.
  • The verses are extremely relatable. There are times when life all of a sudden becomes an unsavory headache.
  • One minute you’& rsquo; re satisfied, and after that you gradually fall under a down period without realizing why for a long time. Everything ends up being a concern, and nothing appears amazing any longer.
  • I have really felt that discomfort and irritation, so I know it strikes hard, yet I can assure you from personal experience that the recovery procedure is definitely gorgeous.
  • So to anyone whose current feelings mirror that of this song, please bear in mind that you’& rsquo; re doing terrific, and also it & rsquo; s all right to take things one action at a time. Try to take a step back and relax your mind.
  • Everybody requires a break from strenuous routines. Your mental wellness and also internal peace are way more vital than anything else. Keep in mind, “& ldquo; THIS TOO SHALL PASS.” & rdquo; I ENJOY YOU ALL. ❣ ️ ❣ ️
  • ❣ ️ I’& rsquo; m so delighted they included the English verses promptly because it assisted me connect much more with this track.
  • Currently, let’& rsquo; s obtain
  • back to the music. Woonpil & rsquo; s initial component generated much more melody right into this track, as well as I enjoy how Sungjin can be found in during that area. Sungjin appears to have fewer parts in this song.
  • I am slowing entering into the vibe of “& ldquo; Zombie & rdquo;, yet let & rsquo; s see exactly how the chorus appears. Jae & rsquo; s voice, however. 💕 His tone is versatile, and also the means he messes around the notes always obtains me.
  • I enjoy that this tune is completely various from their previous return, as well as they’& rsquo; re still eliminating it. The chorus is great as I expected. Not extremely upbeat but still great.
  • The critical is beautiful and well-produced.
  • I like the graphics as well as visuals for the music video.
  • The tune for the line – “– & ldquo; Yeah, we live a life & rdquo; is so catchy.
  • The way Jae sang – “– & ldquo; This worthless life” & rdquo; offered me life. 😊 I understand this is a melancholic song, but that part made me thaw. Yess, Sungjin is lastly on the chorus. His voice constantly fits the climax of their tracks.
  • This second carolers appears a bit extra intense than the initial drop.
  • I have to go back and confirm it.
  • Yep, I was right. The very first chorus didn’& rsquo; t include guitars up until the critical solo, however this 2nd decrease came right in with a solid guitar riff.
  • It’& rsquo; s official, I enjoy “& ldquo; Zombie & rdquo;. It took me a while, but once I listened to that & ldquo; yeah we live a life & rdquo; tune a couple of times as well as the chorus, I FELL IN LOVE. As always, DAY6 didn’& rsquo; t disappoint, and also I am ready to completely approve this age’& rsquo; s sound and vibe
  • . Yesss, Wonpil, come via with your calming vocal.
  • I love the bridge. WAIT A MINUTE & hellip; did I simply listen to a discreetly modulation? Wow, I’& rsquo; m in love. I enjoy just how the drums left after the inflection. After That Young K and Jae efficiently took us throughout with simply a piano.
  • That was a calming and best way to close such a stunning track.
  • “& ldquo; Zombie & rdquo; is absolutely going on my
  • playlist. Thanks, DAY6, for producing such a beautiful as well as relatable track.
  • Also, congratulations on charting Top 10 on Melon. 👏 👏 👏
  • Thank you to JYP Enjoyment for placing the well being of kids initially before any promotion.
  • I hope they come back much healthier as well as stronger.

Cd Testimonial: The Book people: Degeneration is my much-loved from them now, but let’& rsquo; s see if The Book of Us: The Demon can beat it. Below is the album sampler– Day –

  1. and also Evening –– I love the important, most specifically the drumbeat. DAY6 never ever stops working to bring something new each time they release an album. Their voices make me thaw because they all audio gorgeous. “& ldquo; Day and Night & rdquo; is groovy, but I recognize the lyrics will certainly be deep. I will review the English translations for the B-sides when I’& rsquo; m done with this review. In the meantime, I just wish to take in the songs. I love this track’& rsquo; s tune. Truthfully, they are such great authors and songwriters. Wow, the vocals on this are giving me life. I wish I can sing along. Also, I wish to go to a DAY6 show so negative. Oooh, the tempo suddenly increased a bit for the bridge. The singing runs in the history are ideal, and currently we’& rsquo; re ending points on the routine rhythm. I ENJOY THIS TRACK, I was swinging back and forth the whole time. This is such a strong start for the cd. I need to listen to “& ldquo; Day and Night & rdquo; again. I just saw that Dowoon is vocal singing throughout the phone call and feedback sections. Nice.
  2. Zombie –– I am mosting likely to listen to this one for a while prior to moving on. Once more, can I simply praise DAY6 for producing the most charming as well as appealing tunes? 👏 👏 👏 👏 The closing of this song obtains me in my feels.
  3. Tick Tock –– Nice superficial guitar entry. And also, the beat drop on Youthful K’& rsquo; s vocal access is perfect. Truthfully, DAY6 & rsquo; s entire discography is a masterpiece, in my viewpoint. Guide people: The Satanic force absolutely concentrates more on deep verses and also dark/mixed emotions, so I like this age. I could include the lyric video clips at the end of this blog post for anybody interested. Wonpil’& rsquo; s voice makes me feel like I & rsquo; m drifting overhead. His singing operate on this track are light as well as peaceful. Yes, Sungjin come through with your raspy and also effective tone. I enjoy just how they sing – “– & ldquo; tick-tock,” tick-tock. & rdquo; DAY6 keeps, giving me bop to bop. “& ldquo; Tick Tock & rdquo; has a snazzy ambiance, and I am living for this slow-moving groove.
  4. Love me or Leave me –– Another track with a guitar access, but this is extra sharp compared to the last one. WOW!!! The way Wonpil came in gave me cools. I like whatever that repetitive altered voice is in the history. Okay, I am living for those deep rhythmic claps. WAIT A MINUTE & hellip; this tune is extremely different, and also I like it. The manufacturing on this track is insanely great. I like exactly how they’& rsquo; re vocal singing in unison. The consistencies are blessing ears. The synthesized important for the pre-chorus section is so excellent. Dowoon, I hear you on those drums. He is as well excellent, and also he came through big time on this track. The carolers is an ambiance. This is 🔥 🔥 🔥. I love the digital sound. All songs up until now have actually been extraordinary, yet “& ldquo; Love me” or Leave me & rdquo; took things to a whole brand-new degree that I can & rsquo; t even describe in words. The accumulation prior to the chorus is too damn impressive. “& ldquo; Child, enjoy me or leave me tonight.” & rdquo; 💃 🏼 💃 🏼
  5. 💃 🏼 STOP– Are we going acid rock on this? I wear’& rsquo; t mind. Oh, I see it currently & hellip; we are in the upbeat area of the album. All I require currently is to be in a vehicle while blasting this song on the greatest quantity. I enjoy the rhythm, as well as the instrumental is fire. Plus, the carolers decline simply transferred me to an additional universe. Good touch with a single person beginning a line as well as all the children can be found in at the end together. It’& rsquo; s so good to hear their harmonies. I likewise hear some gorgeous background harmonization, which is providing me life. I’& rsquo; m simply right here dancing because “& ldquo; QUIT & rdquo; is a JAM, people !!! This song really fits Sungjin & rsquo; s voice, as well as he didn’& rsquo; t involved play either. THIS IS MY FAVOURITE ON THE ALBUM, AND ALL THE SONGS BE GIVING ME MAJOR LIFE 👏 👏 👏. I ain’& rsquo; t carrying on to the following track just yet. This is mosting likely to be delighted in fully.
  6. 1 to 10 –– Fascinating beginning. It’& rsquo; s like with every comeback, Dowoon improves due to the fact that the drums are talking to my soul. This is one more positive track, and also I already enjoy the tune – “– & ldquo; 1 to 10,” 1 to 10. & rdquo; Coming from & ldquo; QUIT & rdquo; practically made me miss out on the distinct features of this song because I was comparing both. So allow’& rsquo; s restart & ldquo; 1 to 10 & rdquo;. Alright & hellip; The guitar players are plainly finessing their skills. Young K appears so remarkable on the chorus. The tune and also time out they make use of when singing “& ldquo; no one loves you & hellip; more than me child.” & rdquo; really asks for the listener’& rsquo; s interest. I love just how the extreme critical left for the bridge, and now we have this heavily manufactured noise as well as some falsetto singing. This is pure eargasm. Dowoon did such an excellent work on the finishing drums. He absolutely possesses this track.
  7. Afraid –– Okay, this is the slowest track on this cd and additionally a great close because the following track is an English variation of “& ldquo; Zombie & rdquo; The soft guitar beginning and drumline design beat is stunning and also extremely suitable. I like the “& ldquo; oooh”, oooh, oooh & rdquo; in the background. Youthful K is actually eliminating the hooks on this album and Jae with that “& ldquo; I’& rsquo; m so terrified, I & rsquo; m so terrified & rdquo; is a whole state of mind. This track is kicking back however also intense on the chorus. I enjoy the slight beat switch up during the bridge and also how they reduced things down prior to returning to the routine tempo. “& ldquo; Afraid & rdquo; is lovely.
  8. Zombie (English Version) –– A minimum of, I can press this version on my good friends who are not right into kpop, LOL. I also enjoy this version as much as the Korean one.

Last Ideas:

Guide people: The Demon IS AN ALBUM. 🙌 🏼 🙌 🏼 🙌 🏼 🙌 🏼 🙌 🏼 DAY6 created a masterpiece. They brought their A+++++ ready this return, as well as I took pleasure in every minute spent paying attention to them slay my life with each song. I was very excited concerning this brand-new album, so I rejoice that it measured up to my expectations. I wear’& rsquo; t understand yet if this beats The Book of Us: Entropy for me. However, what I’& rsquo; m sure of is that this cd is impressive, PERIODTTTT. Therefore, my score is a strong as well as wholesome 10/10.

Once again, I wish the kids to really feel much better and also return more powerful. Now, I’& rsquo; m off to go read the English lyrics.

Lyric videos remain in the exact same order as the cd –

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