Triad Princess: Taiwanese Drama Review

Set of three Princess is a 2019 NETFLIX Original Taiwanese dramatization that stars Jasper Liu as well as Eugenie Liu as leads. It has 6 episodes. Run-throughs: Growing up in the shadows of her set of three employer father, Angie Ni longs for an independent life of her own. Angie chooses to resist her daddy’& rsquo; s desires as well as runs away from home. She handles a gig as a covert bodyguard for a renowned starlet. She needs to find out to navigate the unknown world of glamour, beauty, and even like.

Expectations: I’& rsquo; ve had this dramatization on my watch list for a while now, and also given that I sanctuary’& rsquo; t been feeling inspired to do much, I chose to give it a go the other day night. My main factor for seeing this series is Jasper Liu. Most of his dramas are wonderful, so I had high hopes.

(warning –– small looters ahead)


Overall, Triad Princess was an alright show. The tale progression wasn’& rsquo; t exceptional, yet it was fun to view. This was a six episodes collection; thus everything occurred quickly. The major actors did their best with the manuscript as well as time they had.

My preferred element of this series was the comedic action scenes. Eugenie did a great task portraying Angie Ni. She was credible as somebody that grew up in a gang. On the other hand, Jasper Liu’& rsquo; s personality Yi Hang really felt flat. There wasn’& rsquo; t much deepness to him; consequently, I couldn’& rsquo; t circulation with his activities 100%.

There went to the very least 3 primary story arcs in this drama. If I am to place them according to individual choice, I will certainly choose the actress Ling Yun and also her blackmailing ex-boyfriend as leading. It behaved to see a personality that wasn’& rsquo; t excellent from the start. She made errors and attempted her ideal to make something better of her life. From the appearance of points, I think there’& rsquo; s going to be a season two, so I hope she finds her kid as well as finally clears herself of the troublesome ex-boyfriend. Also, I appreciate her relationship with Angie. A wonderful depiction of women companies without any poisoning or betrayal.

My second-ranked arc is that of the main pair, Angie Ni and also Yi Hang. They had chemistry, but their love story progressed as well swiftly. This is most certainly as a result of them having only 6 episodes. Some of this pair’& rsquo; s scenes were cheesy and corny, most specifically the airport terminal scene at the end. They additionally had a couple of misconceptions here and there, however it looks like they came back with each other at the end of the collection. I chose them as second because I see possible from both actors in making a remarkable onscreen pair. I just wish that the author and supervisor do a better work with the following period’& rsquo; s narration.

The last arc that I type of cared for is that of the talent manager, Sophia Kwong. Her story with her ex-husband and their child was fairly unfortunate. Nevertheless, I still located her a little bit also managing with her artists’ & rsquo; personal life. I obtain that it’& rsquo; s show biz, but she isn & rsquo; t giving her artists enough liberty to be their authentic selves. Maybe that’& rsquo; s why Ling Yun couldn & rsquo; t open to her concerning her past.

Any type of other personality or story arc in the drama did not matter a lot to me since they weren’& rsquo; t fascinating enough. I located myself avoiding a great deal of scenes. Therefore I can claim that although I appreciated enjoying Set of three Princess, it lacked substance. It isn’& rsquo; t the best high quality drama I have seen, however I wouldn’& rsquo; t mind enjoying the 2nd season just for the story arcs I stated above.

My ranking for Set of three Princess is 6.5/ 10. To get a far better understanding of just how I rate each flick or drama, click 👉 🏼 Dramatization|Flick Ranking Overview. All six episodes of this collection are available on NETFLIX.

If you have seen Set of three Princess, what are your ideas on the tale???

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