Cast Of The King: Eternal Monarch For NETFLIX.

(Please Note: none of the images are mine. I got them from official websites and social media sites.)

Group pictures with Kim Go Eun, Lee Min Ho, Woo Do Hwan, Jung Eun Chae and Kim Kyung Nam. img_5063img_5064_originalimg_4902_original


Couple shots – Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eunimg_5068img_5067img_5066


Bromance shots – Lee Min Ho and Woo Do Hwanimg_5069img_5070


Personal – Lee Min Hoimg_5074



Personal – Woo Do Hwan img_5078img_5077


Here are a few bonus photos of our main leads:

First off is Lee Min Ho for Seven Luck Casino Advertisement

Up next is Kim Go Eun for ELLE Magazineimg_4909img_4914



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