XX (2020): Korean Drama Review

XX is a 2020 South Oriental web drama. It has ten episodes, with each just running for twenty-five minutes. Synopsis: A well-regarded bartender called Yoon Na is the head bartender of the speakeasy bar, XX. She has control over everything, consisting of the interior decoration and also food selection for the bar. Her preliminary objective was to conserve up and get XX, yet the owner all of a sudden offers it to another person. The new owner is Lee Roo Mi, who made use of to be Na Na’& rsquo; s best friend in university, however she betrayed her.

Assumptions: After seeing the trailer for this dramatization, I included it to my must-watch checklist since the concept felt fresh. And also, the major characters seemed strong and promising. So when I lastly had the opportunity to sit down as well as enjoy the whole thing, I was thrilled.

(warning –– spoilers in advance)


I delighted in every min of this drama. It was simple as well as pleasant. One point that instantly attracted attention to me was the cinematography. It really felt mystical and also elegant, plus the scene changes were really outstanding. The background scores/sound impacts also matched the momentum of each scene. I appreciate the storytelling strategy the author taken on. Visitors were teased previous events yet never ever showed whatever at once. We got extra glance right into the past as the personalities opened up in the here and now.

With all those base elements aside, I should state that the main stars for this collection are all the upper class. Bae In Hyuk, that played Danny, completely took my interest whenever he appeared. Really, every personality in this brief series was well portrayed. None of the stars came off flat to me.

Beginning XX, I had a feeling that there would be extra to the story of Roo Mi’& rsquo; s betrayal. When they ultimately exposed what happened, I was upset at Na Na’& rsquo; s ex-boyfriend for causing such a break in between the ladies. Nevertheless, Roo Mi shouldn’& rsquo; t have accepted be with him. You wear & rsquo; t simply jump into a connection with your buddy’& rsquo; s ex lover although you liked him initially. Plus, if truly they broke up, it was still prematurely. I do recognize that Roo Mi had her issues with wishing to be liked, however she might have kept to code and also stayed clear of the entire situation.

I enjoy that both Na and also Roo Mi were strong characters, however both still had their imperfections to grow out of. It was always interesting to see their vicious bickering because they worked as crucial mental difficulties per other’& rsquo; s means of managing things. I was so satisfied when they ultimately resolved whatever as well as came to be buddies once again. Their character development was attractive to witness. Na discovered to encounter tight spots rather than constantly going back and also remaining peaceful. Yes, silence is power, however interacting just how you truly feel is also power. All of us got to find out how to balance both reactions. Roo Mi, on the various other hand, learnt her well worth as well as loyalty to close friends.

Proceeding, allow’& rsquo; s review the primary subject of this dramatization, which is unfaithful. Truthfully, people that make justifications when they obtain caught truly annoy me. No person simply slips wrongly into one more female or male’& rsquo; s bed. It was definitely a deliberate activity. So kindly conserve your “& ldquo; tales that touch.” & rdquo; The major cheaters– Search engine optimization Tae Hyun and Jung Gyu Minutes threw me off big time when they attempted to emotionally guilt journey their partners. You made the mess, so why are you changing the blame? Scenes with Seo Tae Hyun were tough to sit through due to the fact that my insides were raving. Therefore you all can imagine my contentment once the cheaters got offered what they plainly was worthy of 😂 😂 😂. My favourite was the other half that faxed her separation documents through her spouse’& rsquo; s office equipment. I died during that scene 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂, AYYY LMAO!!!

An additional thing I put on’& rsquo; t understand is why cheaters don’& rsquo; t simply separate and move on to the next individual rather than playing games. What is incorrect with people? or as Na calls them “& ldquo;

Garbage. & rdquo; Hmmm, currently unto an extra beautiful mental area with the charming element of this collection. I adored the development of Na and Danny’& rsquo; s connection. Their chemistry was charming and also reassuring. At once, I recognized that Danny had feelings for Na Na. It was articulated from the means he looks at her. I literally thawed when he ultimately admitted his feelings to her. It went like this – “– & ldquo; Associate Danny or Park Dan Hee as a Guy? Which do you choose Na Na? & hellip; I like you” & rdquo; My heart went doki for that scene, I squealed and claimed, “& ldquo; GIRL YOU IMPROVE NOT DECLINE HIM.”& rdquo; 😂 😂 😂 I obtained method too delighted as if I was the one he asked out, LOL. So when they lastly ended up being main, I was in heaven. Their intimate scene at the end was valuable. 😍 😍 😍

To conclude, below are my two-cents concerning each primary personality –

— Hani as Yoon Na Na: She felt extra harmed by her good friend’& rsquo; s dishonesty than the dishonesty ex-spouse; thus she still had a soft place for Lee Roo Mi. Yoon Na is a pure vicious with her returns throughout debates.

Hwang Seung Years as Lee Roo Mi: She is not as bad as she lugs herself to be. She is merely a lady that needed to find out vanity, and also I enjoy her style sense.

Bae In Hyuk as Park Dan Hee/Danny: He is really insightful, caring as well as smooth with his words. I couldn’& rsquo; t aid however stare at his face all the time.He is really informative, caring as well as smooth with his words. I couldn’& rsquo; t help however stare at his face regularly.

Lee Jong Won as Wang Jung Deun/Jayden: Although I didn’& rsquo; t discuss him a lot, I like this personality. Jayden is such a state of mind as well as an awesome buddy to Yoon Na Na.

My Preferred OSTs:

SUNMI – “– & ldquo;

Got ta Go & rdquo; “Jukjae– & ldquo;

Fixx Me & rdquo; Sorry individuals, I actually prepared to make this evaluation short, yet I got too right into it as well as composed away as usual. Anyways, my score for XX is a strong 10/10. It was excellent, as well as I plan to see it again very soon. To obtain a far better understanding of just how I rank each film or drama, click 👉 Dramatization|Movie Score Guide

If you are interested in seeing this dramatization, use this link 👉 XX on Viki with English subs.

If you have currently seen this web series, what do you think about the tale?

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