My Pictorial|Poster Faves: Cecilia Liu and Ni Ni Exclusive

This post is focused on two equally stunning Chinese actresses, Cecilia Liu and Ni Ni. I will be sharing my favourite picks from their latest editorial shoots. Also, if they have any ongoing projects, I will share some information about it.

(Please Note: none of the images are mine. I got them from official websites and social media sites.)

First off is Cecilia Liu on the cover of L’Officiel China – April|May joint Issue. img_4747She looks like art, and the image finishing is gorgeous. img_4743In this second picture, she looks like a well-pictured sunflower. So captivating.img_4744

img_4742I did my research, and I discovered that Cecilia has one drama slotted for 2020. It’s titled To Dear Myself, and there is no definite release date for it yet.


Moving on to my big-time lady crush, Ni Ni. She takes the cover of T Magazine China – April Issue. img_4734img_4733img_4737I love the inclusion of her natural surroundings and the casual makeup look. She is glowing.

img_4729The black and white images are striking. I love how sharp they are. img_4736img_4731Ni Ni also has one drama slotted for 2020. It is called Last Romance, and there is no specified release date yet.

That is all I have for you guys in this post. Take care until my next one.💕💕💕

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