The Beauty Inside: Korean Drama Review

I lately did a rewatch of this drama, so I’& rsquo; m here to give you all a quick review. This is mosting likely to remain in point type of what I delighted in, what I really felt was a disappointment and also my favorite scenes.

The Elegance Inside is a 2018 South Korean television drama remake of the original 2015 movie version. This collection starred Search engine optimization Hyun Jin and Lee Minutes Ki as leads. Run-throughs: Han Se Gye is a top actress with numerous rumours around her. To others, her life is an enigma, but actually, her physical look entirely changes for one week monthly. Se Gye comes across Search engine optimization Do Jae, a top executive at an airline company. He appears to have it all, but he additionally has a trick. Do Jae experiences Prosopagnosia (the failure to recognize faces) but he handles to conceal this from the world. Search engine optimization Do Jae’& rsquo; s life starts to transform when he runs into Han Se Gye. She is the only individual he can constantly recognize, however with Han Se Gye’& rsquo; s consistent disappearance as well as arbitrary physical modifications, how much time can she maintain her very own key?

Expectations: I had already seen this drama, so I was just enjoying it again to pass time as well as likewise since I missed out on Lee Minutes Ki and also Seo Hyun Jin’& rsquo; s onscreen chemistry

.(warning– spoilers in advance)


Here are the facets of the show that I absolutely appreciated –

  • — First of all, I simply intend to put it out now that Lee Min Ki’& rsquo; s brown eyes are so beautiful. Whenever the light hit his pupil, it was pure happiness for me. I put on’& rsquo; t care what anybody states, he is handsome. 😍 😍 😍
  • The cinematography for this dramatization is gorgeous. Every scene was vibrant and captivating. Kudos to the manufacturing group for that.
  • The story was dealt with correctly, there are a couple of things I still doubt, but I’& rsquo; ll discuss them later. That aside, the personality advancement for each and every character in the drama was ideal. The pacing was likewise wonderful, I didn’& rsquo; t feel like the tale was dragging.
  • The chemistry between Han Se Gye and Search Engine Optimization Do Jae was amazing. They were magnetic and also cute with each other. They had a lot of tacky scenes, however I genuinely appreciated every minute they shared on display. Lee Minutes Ki and also Search Engine Optimization Hyun Jin did a fantastic task of making their time as a couple really credible.
  • Total every star in this dramatization provided their best performance. Most significantly, the stars that had to be Han Se Gye whenever her look transformed. They all did an amazing job of keeping real to Se Gye’& rsquo; s character, despite the sex or age. My favorite cameos for the modifications were Moon Woo Jin in episodes 8 & & 9, Kim Min Seok in episodes 5 & & 6, as well as Ra Mi Ran in episode 10.
  • I likewise felt touched by all the psychological scenes in this series. I wept and smiled a great deal.
  • This series is among the group of rare Kdramas where the moms and dads, relative and pals of the lead characters are all good as well as encouraging. It was a breath of fresh air to see.
  • I likewise appreciated that the women characters for this program were solid as well as strong. They can hold their own and also weren’& rsquo; t whiny or constantly waiting on a man to conserve them.
  • The style for the main personalities was always on factor. Search Engine Optimization Hyun Jin and also Lee Da Hee’& rsquo; s wardrobes were impressive. Both women were providing me life with every attire.
  • I like that they didn’& rsquo; t consist of any type of second woman or male cause disrupt the main ship. I was thankful that I didn’& rsquo; t have to deal with unnecessary love triangles due to the fact that they stress me out majorly. That’& rsquo; s why I prefer dramatization with 2 standard couples.
  • I enjoy about this dramatization’& rsquo; s main message. We should all like ourselves and all our blemishes because there’& rsquo; s is a reason for every bachelor’& rsquo; s existence.
  • The initial soundtracks for this series are all lovely. My leading favourites are “& ldquo; Beautiful” Moment & rdquo; by K.Will and & ldquo; LUV Etude No. 1 & rdquo; the variation by 2morro.
  • I previously showcased “& ldquo; Beautiful” Minute & rdquo; as my tune for the week. You can view the video as well as review my thoughts with this web link 👉 🏼 K.Will –– Attractive Moment: Track Of The Week
  • Here is the video for “& ldquo; – LUV Etude No. 1 & rdquo;– This song is soothing, and I always obtain psychological listening to it.

The Letdowns –

  • — Personally, I feel they might have left out the 1 year separation story device. I obtain that Se Gye really felt guilty for creating Seo Do Jae’& rsquo; s accident, however her reaction could have been managed a bit differently. I wear’& rsquo; t appreciate that they took the cliche route of breaking up and also getting back together later on.
  • One more facet that wasn’& rsquo; t appropriately addressed was the factor behind Se Gye’& rsquo; s constant physical adjustments. By the end of the drama, they pointed out that the number of times she alters has reduced. Therefore I was expecting them to dive deeper and provide the viewers a lot more explanation behind her condition or why it was unexpectedly decreasing.
  • An additional saying aspect is the Prosopagnosia (the inability to identify faces). This condition was overused in dramatization that certain year, yet I put on’& rsquo; t care much because it did not affect my watching experience.

My Favorite Scenes –

  • — The Highest Point in The Sky:

This was a very touching scene. It was such a pleasant gesture from Search engine optimization Do Jae, and also I also shed rips when they revealed the sky. And also, the soundtrack seemed so lovely during that moment. It might be a cheesy scene for lots of people, yet it was truly comforting.

  • Disregarded Search engine optimization Do Jae joins the hug:

This was just one of the cutest scenes for me. The method he comfortably snuck in for that back hug was too lovable for words. Like I mentioned already, their chemistry was gorgeous to view.

  • Reassuring Buddies

I appreciate just how helpful her buddies were throughout this series. This funeral scene actually damaged my heart, however I’& rsquo; m delighted that Se Gye had Woo Mi and also Eun Ho calming her during such bumpy rides. Their relationship is also among my enjoys the dramatization.

  • Dramatic Drunks Vs. Traumatized Drunks

This was one of the most amusing scene. It interested see both pairs act like they hadn’& rsquo; t seen each other for several years versus the others in the area who were definitely ashamed by their public display of affection. 🤣 🤣 🤣

Overall The Beauty Inside was an extremely captivating drama from beginning to end. I wouldn’& rsquo; t mind rewatching it time and again, so my score is 9/10. To get a far better understanding of just how I rate each film or drama, click 👉 🏼 Drama|Flick Rating Overview

This dramatization is readily available with English Belows utilizing this web link 👉 🏼 The Appeal Inside on Viki

If you’& rsquo; ve currently seen The Elegance Inside, what are your ideas?

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