Park Shin Hye for MOJO.S.PHINE

Korean actress Park Shin Hye recently shot two campaigns for the spring and summer collections of the clothing brand MOJO.S.PHINE. So here are my favourites photos from both seasons.

(Please Note: none of the images are mine. I got them from official websites and social media sites.)

’20 Spring – L’odeur des fleurs img_4446img_4445img_4447img_4443img_4442The pink/peachy rose concept is so attractive, and Park Shin Hye looks beautiful in every outfit. These five are my ultimate picks from the Spring collection but here is a video that teases the other outfits –

Fun fact: I recognize one of the spring collection gowns from the ongoing Korean drama – Find Me in Your Memory. I believe it was in episode one, the pink one-piece that Moon Ga Young and Kim Yura’s characters were arguing over on set. Maybe MOJO.S.PHINE is one of the drama’s sponsors.


’20 Summer – Bruit de Foretimg_4437img_4423img_4424img_4433img_4432img_4429img_4438img_4436img_4431img_4430img_4426img_4427I love the vibrant feel of the summer collection. They used different types and colours of flowers this time around, but I noticed more yellows, oranges and greens. These are colours that naturally make you think of the sun and heat, so it is fitting. I also love the blurry effect. I know a bit about photography, so I think the blur isn’t an after take edit. It could have been done during the shoot, directly from the camera.

Park Shin Hye looks gorgeous in every outfit, and these are only a few of what she showcased for this campaign. Here is a video that gives a tease of the remaining summer collection –

Overall, I absolutely love the classy, elegant and simple look of this clothing brand, and I wouldn’t mind investing in a few of their blouses, blazers and gowns.


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