OVAN – Happiness: Song Of The Week

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My picked song for today is “& ldquo; Happiness & rdquo; by OVAN. I discovered this song through a random Spotify radio playlist, and also I truly like it. Jo Kang Seok, stage name –– OVAN is a South Korean hip-hop/ R&B artist. He debuted in 2017, and he is presently signed to Enchanting Manufacturing facility. He has launched a great variety of songs that included various other musicians. “& ldquo; Happiness & rdquo; is among his electronic songs from 2018.

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As pointed out already, I stumbled upon this song randomly, as well as I right away fell in love with it. I ended up being interested in learning a lot more regarding the artist due to the fact that also without the English verses, I could tell that it was a sincere track. Fortunately, the video has English subtitles. Obtaining a full understanding made me get in touch with OVAN extra.

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In this tune, he is primarily saying that he really feels weak. He’& rsquo; s tired of acting to be an adult, yet fortunately he now makes more money, so he can offer his family members rather than always extracting from them. He takes place to thank everyone who had actually helped him eventually during his journey to becoming OVAN. He still laments on exactly how he wishes to feel happy as well as liked currently, yet he still handles insecurities.

“& ldquo; Happiness & rdquo; is a raw and also psychological shipment from OVAN, and it is come with by a soft piano crucial, so I wish you all enjoy this track as much as I do.

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