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On March 28th, Vincent Blue released his first EP titled Graffiti. It has 5 tunes, including the title track “& ldquo; LTNS & rdquo;, which features Verbal Jint.

I showcased the title track from this EP as my song for recently. Therefore I will not be reacting to the video because I have already seen it. Here is a web link to that post 👉 🏼 Vincent Blue feat. Spoken Jint –– LTNS: Tune Of The Week. You all can watch the video there and also checked out a brief account for Vincent Blue.

(Please note –– this is a real-time review, indicating I am typing down my exact thoughts while listening to each tune.)

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Album Testimonial:

I love this cd cover. I’& rsquo; ve discovered that a lot of the aesthetic covers for his tracks incorporate Vincent Van Gogh’& rsquo; s painting– Starry Evening. Obviously, his mother is a musician, and also she illustrated the majority of these covers.

I had to discuss that since I discovered it remarkable. Currently let’& rsquo; s get into the EP.

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  1. Dream –– Okay, I hear some altered radio signals, and there was a comparable noise in the title track. It appears to be an ongoing theme. I enjoy exactly how Vincent came in, humming the tune. His vocal tone is relaxing. Whenever I listen to his tunes, I feel the requirement to close my eyes as well as lay back. This song started rather smooth, but it rose a little bit when a guitar was presented into the crucial. I am being serenaded. This track seems like a trance-like experience. No surprise it was called dream. The piano having fun on this is lovely. Things simply obtained groovy, they introduced drums this time. Every component is collaborating completely, such an excellent production. The instrumentalization is great, however Vincent’& rsquo; s voice makes it 10 times better. That altered sound is back once more. “& ldquo; Dream & rdquo; is a smooth intro to the continuing to be tunes. I LOVE IT.
  2. J –– I like the start for this tune, it’& rsquo; s appealing. I wear & rsquo; t even recognize what will come, but I am already bobbing my head. It kind of offers me a classic feeling for some reason. The melody is lovely. I recognize why it gives me fond memories. It sounds like some tunes that my dad used to play in his cars and truck when I was younger. This track is totally in English, as well as it appears like we are going to get a Korean variation at the end. Yet again, Vincent is offering me that serene vibe. His voice is smooth. He makes the vocal runs, and also high notes look too simple. The critical for this song is so good. I enjoy just how Vincent stops and then goes extremely slow prior to returning to the normal rhythm of the tune. Nice technique. My favourite component is “& ldquo; from me & hellip;
  3. . from me, from – me, yeah. & rdquo; LTNS(feat. Spoken Jint)– The cool breathing sounds he makes at the beginning of this track are appealing. This track really examples the standard Vincent Blue appear that you should get out of the majority of his songs. The guitar on this is superb. In fact, the entire production is excellent. “& ldquo; LTNS & rdquo; has elements of jazz, R&B and also Cuban music. This is an excellent slow dancing tune. I enjoy just how he sings “& ldquo; ooooh & hellip; allow me enjoy you & hellip; let me hold you & hellip;”. lonely, lonesome & hellip; & rdquo; Verbal Jint also was available in extremely perfectly and also offered his little knowledgeable. What I like regarding Vincent Blue is that unlike other vocalists, he doesn’& rsquo; t stress way too much toughness when hitting high notes. He simply plays around with the note in an extremely floaty fashion. I am enjoying myself. The final of this song goes hard with the Latin impact.
  4. Came from you –– This is one more slow one. Is this likewise entire in English? The verses are gorgeous, as well as I love that the instrumental isn’& rsquo; t also challenging. In this way, more focus is put on Vincent’& rsquo; s voice. HIS VOICE & hellip; THAT’& rsquo; S ALL 💓 💓 💓. This is a much simpler track, so I am just going to unwind and appreciate it. He makes me want to sing along with him. His falsetto finishing notes in this are pure eargasm. “& ldquo; Came from you & rdquo; shows that you wear & rsquo; t demand to do too much to make an excellent song. I LOVE IT.
  5. J (Oriental Variation) –– Okay, the final tune on the album, which is a Korean remake of the initial. I truly love this version too, it doesn’& rsquo; t sound uncomfortable or out of place. I would have liked it if he added a sixth track, yet I wear’& rsquo; t mind given that this is an outstanding EP. I am just seeing now that this tune has some country aspects. Nice.

Right here is a sneak peek for those who have not paid attention to this EP yet –

— Final Thoughts:

Graffiti is a very soothing EP. I genuinely delighted in every moment. All five songs are unbelievable, and also Vincent Blue’& rsquo; s voice is out of this world attractive. I have already included the whole EP to my personal playlist. LOL, my playlist is so long now due to all the testimonials I do.

My score for Vincent’& rsquo; s initial EP is 10/10. I will be anticipating more releases from him.

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