YOOK SUNGJAE – 3X2=6 Project Part 3: Kpop Music Review

Yesterday, BtoB’& rsquo; s YOOK SUNGJAE launched two brand-new tracks as component 3×of his continuous 3 & times; 2= 6 Task. Both new tunes are labelled & ldquo; HMHN” & rdquo; and also & ldquo; Hypnotized & rdquo;. I currently had a look at among the tracks from component 2. If you place’& rsquo; t checked out that article already, here is the web link 👉 🏼 YOOK SUNGJAE –– W.A.U: Songs Review.

(Note –– this is a real-time testimonial, indicating I am keying down my specific ideas while listening to each track.)

Reaction to Official Lyric Video Clip for HMHN:

  • So this is the title track for 3×& times; 2 = 6 Project Part 3, as well as it includes BtoB’& rsquo; s
  • ILHOON. To know what this song is about, read the description box of the video.
  • I like that all of SungJae’& rsquo; s videos have English captions. I truly appreciate the initiative to accommodate international followers.
  • This is already a groove right from the start.
  • The voice layering going on in this track is delightful to listen to.
  • The critical is actually excellent, it is so addictive.
  • SungJae’& rsquo; s regulate over his voice is superb, as well as Ilhoon’& rsquo; s rap tone likewise enhances the design of this song actually well.
  • I love that they are beginning and ending each various other’& rsquo; s lines throughout the carolers. Almost like a telephone call and also action technique.
  • Ilhoon is my bias in BtoB, so I constantly take pleasure in hearing him rap, as well as he never ever lets down.
  • Yook SungJae has an extraordinary voice. I am actually impressed, and people need to start paying more interest to this job.
  • There is bound to be one or more tunes that anybody can enjoy.
  • “& ldquo; HMHN & rdquo; is a slow-moving tempo song, yet it still has a splendid R&B/ hip hop beat.
  • I love it, so my rating is 10/10.

Response to Authorities Verse Video for Hypnotized:

  • BtoB’& rsquo; s PENIEL is included in this tune. I love exactly how he’& rsquo; s including his participants.
  • The tone of the piano produces a dismal ambiance. Although, I feel it’& rsquo; s trying to throw me off from what the tune will in fact seem like.
  • I am enjoying these computer animated video clips that he has been making use of.
  • I know I have complimented him a lot already, however I absolutely like SungJae’& rsquo;
  • s voice. The history vocals on this track are so lovely as well as very trance-like.
  • Yesss & hellip;. this is what I am talking about. That defeated button as well as the method Peniel was available in was so perfect.
  • I am absolutely appreciating this song greater than the “& ldquo;
  • W.A.U & rdquo; This requires body rolling 💃 🏼 💃 🏼 💃 🏼. “& ldquo; Hypnotized & rdquo; is a BOP– & ldquo; ok what, alright ok whoop, ok yeah.”
  • & rdquo; WHAT ??? & hellip; SHUT UP, what just occurred after he claimed – “– & ldquo; drop the beat, let & rsquo; s go.”
  • & rdquo; The crucial in this song goes hard, and also I am living for it.
  • THIS IS A GROOVE. I am sold, this is my jam for the entire week.
  • Peniel was available in and did his thing. Sungjae additionally returned with his stunning vocals to serenade my soul. I am in awe of this track.
  • I recognize I said I required to hear something better from him after “& ldquo; W.A.U, & rdquo; but he didn & rsquo; t have to go this tough. I AM SHOCKED 😲 😲.
  • “& ldquo; Hypnotized & rdquo; is a well-composed track. The means the beat changes up when getting in a new section is impressive.
  • I like the trap/EDM components for the instrumental. This is taking place my playlist.
  • The details on what this song has to do with can be found in the description box of the video clip.
  • Nah, I wish you all can see my face at this moment. Peniel went also tough on this tune.
  • Additionally, SungJae’& rsquo; s singing runs at completion were not aiding. This tune has me hypnotized genuine.
  • The strength at the end is as well good. That guitar riff. LORD & hellip; I’& rsquo; m out 💀 💀.
  • They can not disrespect me such as this. How am I supposed to examine other tunes currently with this standard in mind?
  • PENIEL and also YOOK SUNGJAE did an exceptional task on this track. They nailed every second, so my score for “& ldquo; Hypnotized & rdquo; is a strong 10/10.

I definitely enjoyed listening to both tunes. Go examine the 3×& times; 2-6 Project if you place’& rsquo; t already done so.

That is all I have for this article, take care. 💕 💕 💕

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