Solar x Kassy – A Song From The Past: Music Review


I have a great deal to catch up on. I need to complete music and drama evaluations, selection show discussions/recaps and a winter months playlist. Ideally, I can get whatever done by Sunday. To begin the marathon, allow’& rsquo; s check out Solar and also Kassy & rsquo; s newest partnership. The intro poster for their new track caught my attention, so I made a note to check it out as soon as I have sufficient time. I currently recognize Solar from Mamamoo, however I do not understand much regarding Kassy.

I did a little research study on her as well as below is what I found –– Kim So Yeon, recognized by the name Kassy is a South Korean vocalist and also rap artist. She debuted in 2015 and also in 2016, she took part in the hip hop survival fact show –– Unpretty Rapstar 3. Until now, she has launched two extended plays and a great number of songs. She is currently managed by Nextar Enjoyment.

Okay, on January 16th, Solar x Kassy released an electronic single labelled “& ldquo; A tune from the”

past & rdquo; (Keep in mind– this is a real-time testimonial, implying I am keying down my precise thoughts while listening to this tune.)

Response to Live Version Video:

  • I currently like the tune.
  • Kassy has a beautiful voice, and also I understand that Solar is mosting likely to sound great.
  • They are both stunning ladies, and I love this hair colour on Solar.
  • Wait, I just got cools. The refined critical switch-up and Kassy’& rsquo; s breathy notes throughout their access to the carolers section is so good.
  • The carolers area is my favourite component of this track.
  • Yes, to the divine harmonies.
  • Lol Solar can not be major for as well long, I guess.
  • Love her delighted vibes even when singing an emotional ballad.
  • Oooo, extra harmonies. 💓 💓
  • I need to look into even more of Kassy’& rsquo; s tracks due to the fact that her voice keeps on giving me goosebumps.
  • The high notes in this song are not also climactic, yet they are very effective and secure.
  • Wait a minute & hellip; Did they just subtly regulate on me? I was not anticipating an inflection at this moment, as well as it was done so rapidly.
  • I am appreciating this track.
  • Yes & hellip; Solar been available in with those chilling high notes.
  • Likewise, the method she smoothly changes back into her reduced register is impressive.
  • Awwww, they finished in harmony & hellip; SO BEAUTIFUL.
  • I claimed it. Solar can not hold back her pleased vibes.
  • Promptly they quit singing, she began giggling. I can’& rsquo;‍♀t bargain. 🤦 & zwj; ♀ ️ 😂 😂
  • 😂 I am mosting likely to have a 2nd pay attention prior to offering my rating.
  • Although I do not have the English translation currently, this song gives me some sense of peace.
  • I might see myself paying attention to simply the instrumental of this track because it has a really soothing and lovely tune.
  • WOW. Solar and Kassy easily toenailed every second of this track.
  • I took a look at the English translation, as well as the lyrics are so reassuring.
  • I additionally watched their actual online efficiency on Yu Huiyeol’& rsquo; s Sketchbook:
  • Their voices go so well with each other.
  • I remain in love, this is for sure, taking place my playlist.
  • So my score for “& ldquo; A tune from the past” & rdquo; by Solar x Kassy is 10/10.
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