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Taeyeon simply released the repackaged version of her Objective cd, and also I am thrilled to look into the three brand-new songs. Given that I have currently provided my response to the previous 10 primary tracks and 2 B-sides, I will certainly not be discussing them on this post. If you still need to review my testimonial for the original album, use these links 👉 🏼 TAEYEON –– PURPOSE: Cd Testimonial & & TAEYEON– FOUR PERIODS: Music Review.

This repackaged cd has fifteen tracks. The new songs are – “– & ldquo; Attracting Our Moments & rdquo; “– & ldquo; My Misfortune & rdquo; “and the title track– & ldquo;

Precious Me & rdquo; (Please note– this is a real-time testimonial, indicating I am typing down my precise ideas while paying attention to every song.)

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Reaction to Official MV for Beloved Me:

  • Yesss & hellip; I have English Inscriptions readily available.
  • I am constantly captured by a superb guitar beginning, so I think I may really appreciate this one.
  • I like the fall colour combination of the music video. It matches Taeyeon’& rsquo; s voice as well as likewise includes some sort of calm ambience for the listener.
  • She is so beautiful.
  • I love the encouraging message.
  • Essentially, she is telling us to fight with whatever that comes our way, so that one day we can all claim – “– & ldquo; I made it, I love myself and I trust myself & hellip
  • ; I am well currently. & rdquo; The hope of claiming such words should be what maintains the light burning in us to proceed living.
  • I am also at a factor in life where all is not what I anticipated, but I try to focus on the good as well as not overthink. So I genuinely appreciate this message from Taeyeon.
  • Did anybody notification that the verse development reveals that it requires time to obtain vanity and also well worth? Taeyeon begins by singing –– I wish to tell myself these words because I did not hear them before to lastly concluding that currently she has actually expanded as well as can wait herself to claim such words freely.
  • That is some excellent writing, as well as she sounds extremely relaxing on this track also.
  • I like exactly how the tone of the guitar switches over up for each section of the tune. It complies with the feeling of the lyrics.
  • When the lyrics are depressing, the guitar seems soft as well as austere. Then when Taeyeon sings enthusiastic words, the guitar heightens.
  • Additionally, good touch with the addition of timeless tools from the 2nd knowledgeable.
  • I simply want I could listen to more of her history vocals in the direction of completion.
  • However I understand it was an artistic option to reduce the volume, to ensure that is not a big concern.
  • Because I am not reacting fully album once again. I will rank the tunes individually.
  • Generally, I took pleasure in listening to this tune. What actually obtained my interest was the message. “& ldquo; Precious Me & rdquo; is a letter to any person sensation down and tired of life.
  • Likewise, with all Taeyeon has actually been via, this is an effective declaration 👏 👏 👏.
  • When it comes to the music by itself, it is a well-produced and impressive track.
  • Yet directly, “& ldquo; Dear Me & rdquo; comes under my terrific tracks group. It does not make it to the astonishing top tracks area.
  • For that reason my ranking for it is 9/10.

My Catastrophe –

  • — This has a strange begin, yet alright.
  • Taeyeon sound a lot more powerful in this track.
  • The constant note on the key-board makes me have high wish for the drop.
  • I enjoy how they layered her vocals for this track. It has a gorgeous result on the ears.
  • The decrease is not what I anticipated. It is means slower, however I love the bass and also drums that was available in.
  • She sounds perfect, as constantly.
  • I was not expecting that switch-up for the bridge, yet her best voice as well as the high note offseted it.
  • That manufactured key-board audio from the beginning is back again.
  • Ooh, they added a fascinating result on her voice. It feels like she is breaking short due to a bad link.
  • I am going to pay attention to “& ldquo; My Tragedy & rdquo; one more time before providing my rating.
  • Okay & hellip;. this tune is refraining much for me. Perhaps if I check out the English translations later, I might have a various viewpoint. Yet I still do not think I will certainly pay attention to it frequently.
  • So my ranking for “& ldquo; My Misfortune & rdquo; is

    7/10. Attracting Our Moments –

    TAEYEON - PURPOSE: Kpop Album Repackage Review photo 2
    • — With any luck, I like this another.
    • I enjoy how it starts out. Really relaxing.
    • It is always a satisfaction to hear singers make use of the phone call and also response technique.
    • The little humming she does is lovely.
    • Okay, I am certainly enjoying this track much more.
    • It is soft and very comforting.
    • Absolutely nothing much is going on with the instrumental for now, so all emphasis gets on Taeyeon’& rsquo; s gorgeous voice.
    • I love this, and also I am not also halfway in.
    • The means the new beat can be found in was so perfect. Not anything too extreme, however I can absolutely hear some new components in the crucial currently.
    • Outstanding production.
    • I love all the little singing runs, as well as her voice has additionally been layered in this track.
    • Oooo, I was not expecting a modulation, but it fits.
    • Each area of this track flows perfectly well into the next. It is also great.
    • Yesss, I believe I just discovered THE track for me. I am right here for this design and also structure.
    • Taeyeon is blessing me with her pitch-perfect high notes and history vocals.
    • My ranking for “& ldquo; Attracting Our Moments & rdquo; is a solid 10/10.

    Last Ideas:

    I have currently included “& ldquo; Dear Me & rdquo; and also & ldquo; Drawing Our Moments & rdquo; to my personal playlist. Sadly, “& ldquo; My Catastrophe & rdquo; is not my cup of tea.

    Just the same, these three tracks were excellent additions and stuck with the theme of the original album. So I could go check out what new goodies been available in the real physical duplicate of the repackaged cd.

    That is all for this blog post, make sure. 💕 💕 💕

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