Someday Or One Day: Taiwanese Drama Review – Episode 1 – 7

Someday Or Eventually is a recurring Taiwanese drama that airs every Sunday. It started transmitting on the 17th of November 2019. It is set to have thirteen episodes. Sypnosis: The year is 2019. Huang Yu Xuan crave the love of her life, her long-time partner, Wang Quan Sheng. She consistently checks his social media web pages, hoping he will call her, asking to come back together. However one eventful night, Huang Yu Xuan obtains hit by an automobile. She reclaims awareness and also sees a man she believes to be Wang Quan Sheng sitting by her medical facility bedside. She thinks she has actually lastly been reunited with her cherished Wang Quan Sheng! Yet there’& rsquo; s a massive twist. She is no longer a 27-year-old lady however is currently a high school trainee called Chen Yun Ru. The year is currently 1998. As well as the man by her bedside is not her guy, yet a schoolmate called Li Zi Wei. Trapped in what appears to be the past, living an additional person’& rsquo; s life, she eventually involves understand that the traffic “& ldquo; accident & rdquo; that landed Huang Yu Xuan in the health center might not have actually been a mishap nevertheless. And Also Chen Yun Ru’& rsquo; s own reasons for being hospitalized are additionally shrouded in secret. (Resource –– Viki).

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Assumptions: This got on my watchlist method before it started airing, so I do have really high hopes for it. The storyline seemed appealing, and if performed effectively, it could be an exceptional drama. Plus, Alice Ke is the lead actress, and also her performing is common, so I have a solid sensation that I will not be let down. My only anxiety is that it could be up to the exact same dragged-out speed issue that a lot of Taiwanese collection face, but I want to provide it a shot.

(warning -spoilers in advance)


This dramatization absolutely has all the components of a well-written task. It showcases love, thriller, comedy, spins and time-travel. The complexity maintains you intrigued and continuously questioning what could be showing up following. What theories might be the appropriate one, as well as that is who precisely? I am truly delighting in every minute.

Prior to I start to rant concerning my ideas and also the aspects that I like, allow me discuss something that might be enhanced. The pacing. A substantial portion of episodes one and also 5 seemed like fillers. Not a lot of crucial information existed, so in my opinion, it was rather sluggish. The total pacing for this drama is all right, but I still think they can choose points up a little bit much more by minimizing the length of some useless scenes. Ride more on the thrilling feel, or else people might really feel that points are taking as well long to untangle. Another point, Taiwanese dramas have a tendency to have these over-exaggerated characters that are placed in to brighten up the mood. An exceptional instance of one in this program is Ah Tuo. I either love or do not like such personalities relying on their scenes. Until now, they have actually disappointed much of him, so I have no ideas regarding his function. Currently unto the great stuff –

— I am delighting in the OSTs. I absolutely like every tune, so I needed to include them all to my playlist. The short cameos that occurred in the very first episode were excellent. It behaved to see Joanne Tseng as Sunny, the fake pet whisperer. However she was right regarding Jesus and 32, so possibly her radar is just faulty. 😂 😂

Alice Ke did not disappoint as constantly. She is an incredible actress. She did an outstanding task of representing the vastly different feelings and also expressions of Huang Yu Xuan and also Chen Yu Run. All the various other stars were additionally amazing due to the fact that their interactions were really natural. I value the funny scenes. They were not much but absolutely sufficient to assist release the stress on would like to know who the awesome is. I also applaud exactly how ahead the personalities are with their sensations. Absolutely nothing was dragged out for too long. Issues that could have led to a fight or misunderstanding were managed quickly. Perfect. I like seeing fully grown shows similar to this.

After viewing the very first 2 episodes, I sensed that Wang Quan Sheng could really be from the past, as well as you all should have seen my face when it was lastly verified to be real. Which indicates all this while, Li Zi Wei was the one dating Huang Yu Xuan. Although I had actually anticipated it, it was still a little bit shocking to see exactly how it occurred. My next assumption is that possibly after the airplane collision, Li Zi Wei’& rsquo; s spirit went back to his original body that was probably in a coma all this while. Initially of the drama, I was interested in recognizing what attached both timelines. Now, I can inform that it is the walkman that allows them to time travel. Additionally, the duration spent in the past or future is not definite.

Okay, allow me state clearly that I was not thrilled about having buddies fight over the same lady. I have mentioned a couple of times in previous blog posts that love triangles emphasize me. The good news is points proceeded in different ways with this drama, so I really hope that they can make some modifications to what took place in the past. Because Mo Jun Jie suches as Chen Yun Ru, as well as Li Zi Wei suches as Huang Yu Xuan. So I wish that both couples will certainly get an opportunity to be together by the end of the drama. Additionally, it appears like Mo Jun Jie was jailed for the murder of Chen Yun Ru, yet I do not believe that he killed her. The awesome might be that class monitor that occurs to be Huang Yu Xuan’& rsquo; s doctor in 2019. He is a whole lot of scary, as well as the reality that he likely killed Cai Wen Rou is evidence. Additionally, he tracks as well as hallucinates about Yun Ru & hellip; HE REALLY SNEAKS ME OUT.

The relationship of the three from the previous upright a heartbreaking note. One is incarcerated for the murder of one more, as well as the enduring person suffered 2 serious mishaps. I regards wish that this moment travel can help settle points. Also, among the key reasons I desire Yun Ru to live is since the woman was so depressed. I desire her to find back as well as see that she was in fact liked. At least Huang Yu Xuan has helped boost her partnership with the mommy and brother. Although Mo Jun Jie still stays the only person who really misses out on the actual Chen Yun Ru.

With seven episodes, we are currently midway via the program. I wonder what will occur next. I think they may focus on transforming the past and also finding out who the real awesome is. The situation with Chen Yun Ru’& rsquo; s murder could be a whole lot more complicated than it seems. I sense that there will certainly be a twist, or at the very least I am hoping for one. Six more episodes, so I wish they keep up. Please do not dissatisfy me.

I will do my routine personality evaluation on my next testimonial. Feel free to allow me understand your ideas on Someday or Eventually in the comment section.

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